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Anxiety: Why Bust It and How?

Dr. Paresh Trivedi 86% (107 ratings)
Psychiatrist, Mumbai  •  27 years experience
Anxiety: Why Bust It and How?

Anxiety is nothing but stress and can result from everyday work-life pressure. One's body becomes alert in a stressful situation. Too much anxiety and stress is harmful for one's health and can cause severe damages.

The blood supply to the brain increases during anxiety, thereby quickening heart rate and tensing the muscles of the body to facilitate a state of high alertness. High anxiety levels can give rise to a number of health issues and why you should get rid of anxiety.

  1. Depression: Anxiety can cause a person to develop depression, which can be life-threatening. Thus, preventing anxiety can help in preventing depression as well.
  2. High blood pressure: The blood pressure rises during periods of anxiety. These temporary spikes can result in damage to heart health and blood vessels in the body. Anxiety may also cause a person to smoke or consume alcohol, which affects blood pressure.
  3. Stomach problems: Anxiety is known to cause problems in digestion as symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and an upset stomach are reported to occur. It may cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and constipation.
  4. Disorders of the respiratory system: People with respiratory diseases face complications due to anxiety. Breathing problems such as hyperventilation can cause further complications.

Because anxiety does not do any good to you and your health, it is pertinent to control it.

How to best deal with anxiety:

  1. Deep Breathing: A 5-minute breathing regime is a sure shot way to relieve anxiety. Sit straight with closed eyes and place your hands on your abdomen. First start with slow inhalation of air through the nose. Feel the breath through your abdomen and head and then reverse the process by exhaling it out through the mouth. Psychologists state that deep breathing helps to bring down stress and anxiety by lowering the blood pressure.
  2. Meditation: Meditation for a few minutes daily helps relieve anxiety. As per a research, doing meditation daily changes the neural pathways of the brain, thereby making it more flexible towards stress. Meditation is the simplest way to beat anxiety. All you have to do is just sit straight with feet on the floor and closed eyes. Next just focus your energy on reciting a mantra.
  3. Talk to someone: Distracting yourself by talking to friends and family helps. The mind starts wandering when in anxiety and alone and the effective technique to talk to some trusted person helps. The support you get from family and friends just boosts you back and wards you off the symptoms.
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