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Jaundice Or Surgical Jaundice!

MCh - Surgical Gastroenterology/G.I. Surgery, MBBS, MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Noida
Jaundice Or Surgical Jaundice!


Jaundice is yellowish discoloration of the sclera of the eye, It occurs due to excess biliary pigments accumulation when Red blood cells are destroyed these pigments are produced in the liver and secreted in the bile. Bile produced in the liver reaches to duodenum part of the small intestine through the common bile duct (a tube connecting from liver to duodenum), Whenever there is an obstruction in this passage of bile from the liver to duodenum it is called as obstructive or surgical jaundice. Obstruction can occur at any point at this passage and the reason for obstruction can be either intrinsic or external compression of the bile duct. Intrinsic factor includes such as biliary stricture, Stones in the common bile duct or intraluminal mass causing obstruction. There can be any external mass which may compress the bile duct from outside and may cause obstruction. Patient present with jaundice, dark-colored urine, the feature which distinguishes it from medical jaundice is pale colored stools, the patient may have itching and anorexia. Liver function test revels predominant raised conjugated bilirubin level, Ultrasound abdomen can confirm the cause of jaundice as obstructive and can also tell the site and cause of obstruction.

Treatment depends on the cause of obstruction and managed accordingly.


Clean The Larder!!

Dt. Nidhi Nigam 88% (56 ratings)
PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, Diploma in Dietetics and Health Nutrition, Health Coach
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
Clean The Larder!!

Time to clean the Larder!!

We all know that no guests come unannounced these days then why to hoard five packs of different types of namkeens and chocolate cookies and nutty biscuits and chips?

Remember no one comes without calling first, so when you do have guests, pop by the supermarket and pick up whatever you need. If you hoard all this junk, it will be YOU eating them... not your guests!


What to Eat and What Not to Eat?

Dr. Bilkish Zardi 87% (10 ratings)
BAMS, Diploma In Naturopathy
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
What to Eat and What Not to Eat?

What to Eat and What Not to Eat?

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5 Tips On How To Get Dad To Eat Healthy

Dr. Vinod Raina 89% (5866 ratings)
MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi

5 Tips On How To Get Dad To Eat Healthy

How do you get dad's to eat healthy?

We celebrate Father's Day in June and it's a great day to celebrate all that our dad's do for us. And, if your kids are like mine, they want to have their dad around for a long time. So why not show dad you care about him and his health 365 days a year? Sounds great right? The question is; how do you get your husband/dad to eat healthy? I mean most men "know everything" and won't even stop to ask for directions, right? Well here are a few things I've done to encourage healthy habits for everyone in the family, Dad included!

1. Lead by example!

Dads are stubborn and that can be a good thing when they're advocating for their children or sticking with a DIY project, but not when it comes to resisting healthy eating. I know from my experience with Jeff, that if I tell him what he HAS to eat, it will go in one ear and out the other. I don't take it personally; it's just the way men's hearing works. I guess they have a built-in filter that affects their listening ability once they hear words like "must", "have", "don't" etc. (It's the same with teenagers, but that's for another blog.) So what's a concerned healthy wife do to encourage the father of her children to accept healthy eating? Don't tell them what to do, show them what to do and how to eat. One of the easiest ways to do that is how you shop for food.

2. If you don't buy it, they won't eat it.

Sounds so simple right? Fill your house with healthy choices and your husband won't be able to snack on processed foods, because they aren't in the house to eat. You don't have to go crazy and start throwing out all the junk food in your house today. Just stop buying processed food and replace it with healthier choices. Some of my favorite snacks are almond butter, lentil chips, gluten-free organic cereal and square protein bars. Summer is an excellent time to start this process with all the beautiful and tasty fruits and veggies available. Why, you can even go on a family trip to your local farmer's market. Get your kids involved and have them ask dad for his expert advice on what looks good and then buy it!

3. Children want to be like their dads.

Unfortunately, 70% of dads under 40 are overweight and almost 80% of dads over 40 are overweight! Those are scary statistics and we need to do something quickly to improve those numbers, not just for dads, but for their children. Dads are an important part of their children's lives and need to be healthy so they can live long, meaningful lives and share in their children's accomplishments. If they are sick with digestive issues, diabetes, heart disease and physical limitations, how involved will they be able to be in their children's lives? What kind of example will they lead for their children? So, encourage your husband or Dad to eat the way they want their kids to - because there's a good chance that their kids will follow in their footsteps.

4. You may not be able to control what he eats outside of home, but make delicious healthy meals at home.

I know many of us are so busy and find it hard to find the time to make healthy meals, especially lunch, but it really doesn't take that long. I know it may seem like stopping at a fast food restaurant on the run or on the way home is quicker, but that's not always the case. Start simple with fresh in season ingredients and go from there. Once you get the idea, just let your imagination soar.

5. Just like with your kids, make healthy eating a teaching lesson whenever you can.

Jeff and our daughter Kellie recently went to China. He doesn't like hot drinks and wanted to drink soda in the morning to get him started. Now I could have said, "You know you shouldn't drink soda, it's bad for you." Instead, I gave him an idea and said, "You traveled all the way to China why not try some green tea." His response was to remind me that there was only hot tea and he didn't like warm drinks. "What about asking for some ice and making it a cold iced tea?" Now that was a solution he could live with! A simple and healthy choice without telling him what he had to or should do.

My dad has always eaten healthy.

Papa Salamone gave me a foundation of healthy eating. He ate good food, didn't binge and always cooked with the freshest and best ingredients. When I started cooking, I naturally followed his example and go to my dad for cooking tips. For example, I recently read that we (as in we ALL of us-including you) need to eat more sardines (ugh). My dad and Jeff love sardines and I needed some new ideas for sardines. He told me to make a sardine tomato pasta sauce, called Puttanesca with zucchini pasta. So I guess my original thought of showing, not telling is right on the money (or food). The more you expose your husband, your family AND friends to healthy foods, the more willing they will be to eat them! It's as simple as that!

Help your children embrace their dad's on Father's Day and every day.

Embrace them with love and good food. Shower them with love and healthy whole foods. Include them in picking out veggies and fruit. Have them start a garden with your children. Start dad's day with a healthy breakfast like Buckwheat Pancakes or a Cacao Avocado Superfood Smoothie. Make a healthy delicious Collard Quinoa Wrap for lunch. How about some Roasted Broccoli with dinner? Remember lecturing won't get past their ear drum to their brain, but sharing healthy food will get to their gut, which is connected to their brain, which is connected to their overall health! Everything is connected to their guts; you just have to get the healthy stuff there. Adding raw, organic and fermented probiotic foods is an easy, tasty way to help dad get healthy. Once they replenish their good gut bugs and get their guts balanced they won't miss eating processed foods!

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What Should You Eat and What Not?

Dr. Kanica 90% (19 ratings)
Homeopath, Bahadurgarh
What Should You Eat and What Not?

What Should You Eat and What Not?

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Examination Anxiety - How Can You Handle It?

Dr. Chadha 95% (786 ratings)
Ph.D, M.Phil - Psychology
Psychologist, Mathura
Examination Anxiety - How Can You Handle It?

The exam season has arrived. Students can be seen immersed in their books and notes. Excitement is in the air and so is anxiety. While the former is a good thing to see, the latter raises concerns in the minds of parents and teachers but the fact is that anxiety before exams is a normal thing. The pressure to perform will make students experience nervousness, which is alright, but only if it is up to a limit. If it reaches an unhealthy level, it needs to be managed. If a student experiences the following symptoms before exams, then the anxiety is unhealthy and it is time for a session with a psychologist.

  1. Excessive sweating
  2. Fast heartbeat
  3. Nausea
  4. Headache
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Difficulty in breathing
  7. Lightheadedness
  8. Dizziness
  9. Dry mouth
  10. Gastrointestinal discomfort

These symptoms are an indication of the student being in the grip of panic and fear. Nevertheless, it can be managed and controlled with the following tips.

  1. Make a study plan for preparation: In some cases, students get anxious because they are not ready with the preparation and days before the exam, they feel at a loss as to how they will answer the questions in the exam. To avoid this, students should make a plan for preparation, devoting adequate time to each topic so that the entire syllabus is covered and their preparation is complete.
  2. Meditate and try breathing techniques: Meditation is a great relaxation technique that soothes the mind and body. Also, taking deep breaths (inhaling and exhaling) for 15 to 20 minutes can go a long way in controlling the symptoms of anxiety. In addition, meditation gives you confidence, removes negative thoughts and also improves your concentration and memory.
  3. Exercise regularly: Getting involved in physical activity before an exam seems like a waste of time to many but it is necessary to avoid tension and stay healthy. So, if sports cannot be indulged into, one should go for exercises such as stretching and aerobics as they relax the tensed muscles and keep fatigue at bay.
  4. Eat green vegetables and light food: Eating healthy is also important during exam preparation. If one skips meals or takes recourse to fast foods, it makes anxiety worse. In fact, junk food makes one drowsy. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are light and easy to digest. They also provide complete nutrition and ensure the sustained release of energy during the study sessions.
  5. Sleep well: Many students compromise on sleep thinking it would help in studies but lack of sleep leads to poor focus and concentration which further affects the studies. It also makes one irritable and drowsy. So, one should make sure that one is getting 6 hours of sleep every day.

Exam anxiety is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, it is said that a small amount of anxiety is a good thing as it motivates one to perform better. It leads to nervous energy which keeps one alert but the moment it gets out of hand, it is a cause for concern. So, one must seek help if one is experiencing the anxiety symptoms and follow the above-mentioned tips. It will surely help a student.

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Treating Eating Disorders With Homeopathy!

Dr. Prashant Sharma 90% (18 ratings)
Homeopath, Jaipur
Treating Eating Disorders With Homeopathy!

Dietary problems are a bunch of conditions portrayed by strange dietary patterns. These may include either lack of appetite or extreme food intake to the depletion of a person’s physical and emotional well-being. The two major kinds of eating disorders are as follows:

Anorexia nervosa: A mental dietary problem wherein the person does not eat enough, regardless of the amount of appetite they have. He or she, in the long run, loses enough weight to wind up being skinny.
BulimiaBulimia, also known as bulimia nervosa, is a condition wherein a person has an urge of binge eating and has a constant craving for consuming food. It is then followed by vomiting that is self-induced or done by using laxatives.

However, there are certain homeopathic cures for these mental eating disorders. These must be prescribed by a doctor before intake. The cures are as follows:

  1. Ars: Some people are extremely cautious about germs and dirt. Their anorexia is combined with the fear of being poisoned. They dread that they will catch certain diseases, so they starve. Ars, short for arsenic album, is the best homeopathic cure for this.
  2. Carc: It is helpful for people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). They dread getting extremely fat and give into their fears that are usually related to weight gain. They suffer from constant sleep deprivation and are compulsive workers.
  3. Hyos: Anorexia, in addition to craziness, madness, and the fear of being harmed, could give rise to neurotic desires, excessive worrying about one’s weight and stressing over getting fat. All these can be treated with Hyos.
  4. Ign: The fear of getting to be distinctly fat, loss of control of feelings, and blacking out can all be treated with this medicine. People suffering from these conditions are enormously dissatisfied and this is usually related to their weight.
  5. Nat-mur: This is the most frequently used cure for anorexia. Fear of being rejected, harmed, and being exceptionally reluctant are certain traits of people who require this cure. This can also be the solution for dry lips, dry skin and loss of appetite, which is caused by compulsive eating and the fear of getting fat.
  6. Phos-acid: This helps people who are miserable with loss of hunger and tend to starve after which they get indifferent to all feelings and foods.
  7. Plat: It is useful for people who are obsessed with their appearance and fear getting fat.
  8. Puls: For those who have a feeling of uselessness and depression, this is a good medicine. They have a fear of gaining weight, and even if they eat a single biscuit, they fear they have gained weight.
  9. Sep: People who have anorexia, in addition to hormonal issues, queasiness, inability to smell, are usually suitable for this type of cure. They are disgusted by most of foods and their hormones cause lack of appetite.
  10. Staph: People who feel upset all the time are given this cure. They have a deep feeling of uselessness and depression and are even self-destructive.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Levodopa - How To Maximize Its Affects For Parkinson's?

Dr. Sumit Singh 86% (37 ratings)
DM - Neurology, MD - Medicine, MBBS
Neurologist, Gurgaon
Levodopa - How To Maximize Its Affects For Parkinson's?

If you are being treated for Parkinson's disease. How can you maximize the effect of Levodopa? The effect of levodopa can be maximized by increasing its absorption from the digestive system. In particular, taking levodopa on an empty stomach is very important. 

  1. Take on an empty stomach: Do not eat anything 1 hour before taking levodopa. Do not eat anything for at least 30 minutes and if possible 1 hour after taking it. Take the pill with 2 glasses of water so that it can dissolve. If taking the levodopa on an empty stomach makes you nauseous, confirm that your medication has the right amount of carbidopa in relation to the levodopa (25%). If you continue to feel nauseous, you can eat a piece of white bread around the time that you take levodopa. Do not apply any butter, yogurt, cheese or similar high protein spreads. Protein can drastically decrease the absorption of levodopa. 
  2. Get your constipation treated: This is critically important too. Being constipated can slow down the passage of levodopa through the digestive system. In most patients, drinking adequate water and taking stool softeners is helpful. 
  3. Get your ulcer treated: It can be difficult to recognize that you have a gastric ulcer. However, if you have a burning sensation in your stomach at any time, or belch frequently, you may have a gastric ulcer. If you think you have an ulcer you should get tested (there is a simple breath test now) and treated with antibiotics (not antacids!) 
  4. Do not take levodopa with iron tablets: The iron binds to levodopa and prevents its absorption. Keep a gap of at least two hours between these two medications. 
  5. Try taking levodopa with orange juice and carbonated water (soda): Mix equal quantities of orange juice and carbonated water (soda). Take your regular levodopa with a glass of this preparation instead of water. The carbonated water hastens disintegration of the tablet, and the acidity of both things helps in levodopa absorption. There are special tablets of levodopa (dispersible levodopa, Madopar) which can be dissolved in this preparation. Talk to your doctor about it.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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6 Tips For A Younger Looking Skin!

Dr. Shaurya Rohatgi 90% (5943 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Mumbai
6 Tips For A Younger Looking Skin!

A flawless skin is the first parameter of a beautiful appearance. No matter what is your colour, a glamorous skin with no spots and blackheads is a must for being beautiful. In fact, it is the dream of most women to get a beautiful skin. Your skin can look young forever, if you take care of it in a proper manner. Your skin can look young if the collagen that is produced by the cells in skin remains intact. It helps in keeping your skin wrinkle-free and holds it tight. But, as you get older, the collagen gets damaged and its production is reduced. Here’s how you can take care of the collagen fibre and keep your skin intact:

  1. Take Vitamin C: According to American Journal of Nutrition women in their mid age with sufficient amount of vitamin C had wrinkle-free skin. They looked young and vitamin. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the production of collagen. It also catalyses collagen repair. You can have food rich in vitamin C. Thus, you can eat leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits for best results on regular basis.

  2. Stop Smoking: It is always advisable to quit smoking in order to have younger and fairer spotless skin. Smoking is responsible for the release of an enzyme called metalloproteinases. This enzyme is responsible for damage of collagen fibre.

  3. Stay Away From Sun Rays: It is a known fact that sun rays are harmful to the skin. They contain ultraviolet radiations. These UV rays destroy collagen fibres, leading to loosening of the skin. Thus, it is best to avoid staying outdoors under the sun for too long on a regular basis. Or, if it is absolutely unavoidable, you must put on sunscreen lotions or creams, which protect your skin against UV rays.

  4. Take Retinol: You can apply retinoid creams. They boost the formation of collagen. These are prescription drugs. But, there are also some over-the-counter creams with retinol in lighter doses. These are useful for having a younger skin.

  5. Avoid Sweet Stuff: You must not eat too much of sweet stuff as they can cause beauty disaster. Excess sugar leads to the production of advanced glycation end products by attaching itself to lipids and proteins. This would hamper your skin and its collagen.

  6. Exfoliate: It is important for you to exfoliate your skin daily. It removes the dead cells from the outer layer and allows the skin to breathe and look fresh. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist.
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Effective Ways To Deal With Anorexia and Bulimia!

Dr. Vikas Jain 90% (148 ratings)
Psychiatrist, Delhi
Effective Ways To Deal With Anorexia and Bulimia!

An eating disorder, mostly appears when your food habits reach levels of extremity. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia are two main and the most common eating disorders found in men and women. One is the lower extreme while the other is the higher extreme in terms of food intake.

1. Anorexia: People who are affected with anorexia think of themselves to be very overweight in spite of actually being very slim and thin. Anorexia inflicted people consume less than a thousand calories per day. They exercise rigorously and try to find more ways to lose weight. They vomit a lot due to the insufficient diet and suffer more. The treatment for anorexia nervosa generally includes a mix of mental treatment, and regulated weight gain program. An anorexia patient should seek treatment as early as possible. The best ways to deal with anorexia are:

Psychological Treatment: Various psychological treatments can be used to cure anorexia of different stages. They are cognitive analytic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, focal psychodynamic therapy. A family's response is also an important psychological factor. Proper encouragement and effort should be given.

Weight gain program: This measure will guide an anorexic patient to improve his diet habits and slowly gain weight. A patient is monitored carefully, traits are recognized and a likewise diet pattern is given.

2. Bulimia: Bulimia nervosa is another category of eating disorder. The main characteristic of this disorder is  overeating in the highest level. Binge eating is observed, followed by attempts by the affected individual to lose weight. A bulimic patient is constantly trapped in the cycle of overeating and then thinking about losing weight.

Maybe you do not like the idea of binge eating and fear getting obese, but once affected by bulimia a patient cannot follow this and binge eats. Later, they adopt extreme measures for losing weight. The primary methods to deal with bulimia are:

  • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy, or talk therapy includes examining your bulimia and related issues with an expert. It is proven that these sorts of psychotherapies restrict the symptoms of bulimia. The three modes of psychotherapy include- Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Family-based therapy and Interpersonal psychotherapy.
  • Medications: Medicines such as anti-depressants can be taken by bulimia patients along with psychotherapy. Prozac is a recommended and effective medicine.
  • Proper diet plan: For bulimia affected patients, having a proper balanced diet is very essential. A diet expert should be consulted, who will make the most essential food pattern for you. Undertaking a weight loss program is also recommended.

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia should be avoided, and you should know the best ways to deal with them.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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