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A Brief Insight Into The Recent Advances In Diabetes Management

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A Brief Insight Into The Recent Advances In Diabetes Management

Diabetes refers to a particular state of the body where the ability of the body in producing the insulin hormone is damaged. As a result of such impairment, the glucose level in the blood starts to increase due to the carbohydrates’ abnormal metabolism. It is through proper diabetes management that restoring the carbohydrate metabolism to its normal state becomes possible.
The medical procedures of managing diabetes have come a long way and have met many advancements recently. A few of the recent advances in the management of diabetes are:

  1. Oral Drugs: Oral medications had always been available for controlling diabetes. But, as a recent addition, various latest drugs with more effective results have been introduced. Medications and tablets become necessary after a period, generally for treating the blood sugar levels of the Type 2 diabetes patients. And the introduction of new powerful drugs has shown the diabetes patients dependent on tablets a new ray of hope.
  2. Insulin products: The term insulin refers to the peptide hormone that is produced by the pancreatic islets' beta cells. Regulating to the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrate, it is used for treating diabetes for years. But, with the progress of diabetes management procedures, various newer insulin products have become available now. Utilized by the type 1 diabetes patients and sometimes by the Type 2 ones, these preparations come with different levels of onset and duration of effectiveness.
  3. Insulin Injector Devices: Gone are the days when injections used to be the only quick way of inserting insulting in the body. As a hopeful result of the recent advances in diabetes management, there are now various insulin delivery devices found. As a replacement for the insulin pen devices, there are now insulin pumps and insulin patch, inhaled insulin liposome-entrapped insulin, etc. for better managing the severity of diabetes. People suffering from severe insulin deficiency, find the insulin pump helpful.
  4. Surgical Solutions: For a long time, weight loss surgery used to be associated with treating obesity only. However, a relation has been found between this surgery and treating diabetes. Recently, studies have shown that by performing weight loss surgery, Type 2 diabetes can be put into remission. Though an experimental treatment, there is also the Islet transplant option for treating Type 1 diabetes for preventing the severe hypos.

Causing a considerable rise in the blood sugar levels, diabetes is a lifelong physical condition. However, it is through following the modern diabetes management procedures, that controlling different types of diabetes has been possible. As a result of recent medical advances in the management of diabetes, more physiological and individualized therapies are now possible so that diabetic patient can lead as close to a normal life as possible.

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