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7 Easy Homeopathic Remedies That Can Help Treat Depression!

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 7 Easy Homeopathic Remedies That Can Help Treat Depression!

Are you suffering from depression? Is it hampering your daily life and activities? Depression is    a mental health condition, which is very common in people of all ages around the world. It is a

Serious medical condition which may occur for several reasons, depending from person to person.   

Depression should be treated effectively for restoring a healthy state of mind. Among the various modes of depression management, homoeopathy is considered to be an effective remedy.

Here is a list of the top homoeopathic medicines which are used for tackling depression, along with the symptoms when they  are applied:

1. Arsenicum album:  This is an ideal homoeopathic medicine for people who worry excessively. It is used in people who are extremely health obsessed. Such people get  Depressed about failing to reach personal goals in life. The symptoms of such a patient Suffering from depression tend to worsen in cold weather, as pain sensitivity increases.

2. Aurum Metallicum:  This medicine is effective for workaholic people who have a tendency to feel worthless, despaired and experience suicidal thoughts after failing to achieve personal and professional goals. The symptoms worsen during the night time and during cold seasons. Calming music is beneficial for easing these patients.

3. Calcarea Carbonica: This homoeopathic remedy is commonly used in the case of people who become overwhelmed due to work, worry and physical illness of any kind. The development of fatigue, discouragement, confusion, anxiety and self-pity are also indicated in such patients. This medicine is also good for depression patients who suffer from sleep disorders or sweat profusely.

4. Causticum: This homoeopathic medicine is important for curing people who suffer from depression due to intense grief resulting from some kind of major loss. The patient may experience forgetfulness and mental dullness. The patient may tend to cry a lot and becomes extra sympathetic towards others.

5. Cimicifuga: This effective homoeopathic remedy is used for people who suffer from bipolarity. They may be quite energetic and talkative during good times, but during periods of depression, they become gloomy and dull. Neck aches, headaches and painful menstrual periods in women are also likely.

6. Ignatia Amara: This homoeopathic medicine is used in the case of people who are very sensitive and tend to suppress their feelings of grief and disappointment. They do not want to be too much defensive, moody, or vulnerable in the eyes of other people. They may burst into laughter and tears all of a sudden without a proper reason. Abdominal cramps, insomnia, and headaches are other symptoms.

7. Kali Phosphoricum:  Another effective homoeopathic medicine used in the management of depression is Kali Phosphoricum. People who need these medicines feel depression after long periods of emotional stress. Nervousness, exhaustion, insomnia, anaemia, increased cold sensitivity, and reduced concentration is experienced. These are only indicative, I would suggest referring a homoeopath for guaranteed results.

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