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MRI Scan - Spectroscopy Test

MRI Scan - Spectroscopy Test

The brain faces many chemical reactions at the time. These reactions may create some abnormal functions, so humans can acquire brain tumor, stroke or other sever transitions. The MRI Scan – Spectroscopy is a specific test that sees the condition of brain tissues. If the brain was attacked by a harmful reaction and changed the tissue's health, then the body would show some dysfunctions. Generally, if any disease related to the brain is developing its action with a normal lifestyle, then MRI Scan Spectroscopy is prescribed. The scan happens by normal MRI machine, but it specifically, clear out the images of inner organs of the brain.

The preparation for normal MRI procedure is quite related to spectroscopy scanning. Leaving valuable jewelry, watch and other metallic things are important. As the person needs to wear a hospital gown, therefore, using easy to remove costumes is helpful. The person should reach the clinic 30 minutes before the schedule and check-in at the reception. Some special tips for MRI Scan – Spectroscopy; Maintain the regular diet and scheduled medicines. Brief your case history completely. If the person pacemaker, claustrophobia, skin tattoos, kidney issues, stain or valves and allergy-related history, then the clinician should know that. Along with it, pregnant women must clarify their reality. Even if, somebody has a history of being an employee at a metal factory, then that has to be discussed as well. If any special tips have been prescribed for the patient, then don't avoid following that and describes that to the clinician.

The doctors prescribe MRI scan – spectroscopy to visualize the exact health of the brain tissue. Whether the tissue is attacked by the dangerous substances or not, how much the attackers affect the brain, how the danger is mounting, such questions get an answer through the image report.

The doctors can see the image of brain tissues and organs, where they can spot the damaged area. If the brain has tumor tissue, then MRI Scan – Spectroscopy is the only way to be confirmed. The patients that have diagnosed their damaged tissues of the brain may need MRI Scan – Spectroscopy to see the after treatment condition.

The physician would check the presence of metallic items in the body. The doctor's write-up is the next important thing to be followed. After the check-up of past reports and documents, the physician would give a hospital gown and show the technique of lying down on the MRI table. The head would be positioned properly to keep it exactly under the scanning tool. The patient would enter into the machine and he or she can listen to the instructor. 30 seconds of

breathing hold would be dictated at the middle of the scanning process. The entire process needs some minutes and the patient has to obey every step accurately.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.3500 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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