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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

5 Symptoms Of Kidney Stones!

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Dr. Nitesh JainUrologist • 14 Years Exp.MCh - Urology, MBBS
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Kidney stones can range from being the size of a grain to a pebble. These stones can be described as crystallized mineral deposits in the kidneys. Some kidney stones can be passed out of the body along with urine while others may require surgery. Symptoms of having a kidney stone vary from mild to severe. In the case of very small kidney stones, the patient may not experience any symptoms at all. The 5 most common kidney stone symptoms usually experienced are:

  1. Pain: Pain in the lower abdomen and back is one of the most common symptoms of having a kidney stone. This may be felt just below the ribs, on the centre and sides of the abdomen, in the lower back and in the groin. The intensity of pain is not directly related to the size of the kidney stone. This pain can come and go and will vary in terms of intensity. In certain cases, the pain can be severe enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. This pain is usually a sign that the stone is moving.
  2. Frequent Urination: People suffering from kidney stones may find themselves needing to go to the bathroom more often than normal. In some cases, patients may also wake up in the middle of the night with the urge to urinate. However, only a small amount of urine may be passed at a time. This is a sign that the kidney stone has moved into the lower urinary tract. Small stones may later be passed out of the body along with urine.
  3. Bloody Urine: Urine should ideally be pale yellow. Patients suffering from kidney stones may notice that their urine is darker than normal and cloudy. There may also be blood in the urine. This is known as hematuria. The colour of blood in such cases can range from pink to brown. Cloudy urine is also considered a sign of a urinary infection. This is a sign that the urine also contains pus cells or pyuria.
  4. Nausea: Vomiting and nausea are common symptoms of kidney stones. This is caused by the nerve connections shared by the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. The presence of kidney stones in the kidneys or urinary system can trigger an upset stomach. Some people also feel nauseous because of the pain caused by kidney stones.
  5. Foul Smelling Urine: Under normal conditions, urine should not have a very strong smell. Urine that smells bad is a symptom of a urinary infection. Bacteria in the kidneys or urinary tract can be the cause of this smell. It may also be caused by the high concentration of urine.

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