5 Pregnancy Complications That You Should Not Ignore!

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5 Pregnancy Complications That You Should Not Ignore!

Pregnancy is a blissful period, even with all the discomfort associated with it. And with proper awareness and caution, it is possible to keep pregnancy-related complications at bay to have a smooth sailing experience till you deliver the little bundle of joy.

Some women have health issues during pregnancy, while others suffer from disorders before pregnancy, leading to complications at the time of the pregnancy. It is very crucial for women to receive proper health care, both before and during pregnancy to reduce the risks of complications. Here are some common pregnancy complications that you should know about before you start planning a family.

  1. Anemia: Anemia is a condition where you have lower than the desired number of healthy red blood cells. To deal with this condition, it is important to treat the underlying cause of anaemia. The most common symptom of this complication is feeling tired and weak even with the slightest physical exertions. You will have to eat a proper diet that consists of folic acid and iron supplements. Your healthcare provider will have to regularly monitor the iron levels during the time of pregnancy.
  2. High blood pressure: Chronic high blood pressure before as well as during pregnancy puts the mother and the baby at risk. It is associated with increased maternal complications such as placental abruption, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes. It puts you at risk of preterm delivery and even infant death. It is crucial to handle this condition before pregnancy to mitigate the complications.
  3. Obesity: Recent studies suggest that the heavier a woman is before pregnancy, the greater are her chances of developing pregnancy complications. Research suggests that obesity during pregnancy is related to increased use of health care services along with longer hospital stay after the delivery. It may also cause complications like gestational diabetes and stillbirth.
  4. Urinary tract infections or UTI: A urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. The common symptoms of this disease include fever and shakiness, pain and burning sensation at the time of passing urine, a pressure in the lower belly, an urge to use the bathroom often along with reddish and cloudy urine. If you think you have this complication, you should consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor will most likely prescribe treatment for the same.
  5. Placenta previa: Placenta previa occurs when a baby's placenta partially or totally covers the mother's cervix — the outlet for the uterus. Placenta previa can cause severe bleeding during pregnancy and delivery. You'll need a C-section to deliver your baby if the placenta previa doesn't resolve.

Talk to your gynaecologist if you think there is even the slightest chance of suffering from one of these complications to avoid the further dire consequences. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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