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Dr. Rajendra Cauveri

Gynaecologist, Thane

Dr. Rajendra Cauveri Gynaecologist, Thane
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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Dr. Rajendra Cauveri is an experienced Gynaecologist in Dombivali, Thane. You can visit him at Mahalaxmi Hospital in Dombivali, Thane. Book an appointment online with Dr. Rajendra Cauveri on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 39 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Thane. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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food for doshas

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Faridabad
food for doshas
Vata types need foods that calm their tendency toward anxiety and overactivity. Heavy, cooked foods served warm are the most soothing. Dairy products, sweeteners, and foods cooked or served with fats and oils pacify vata. Steam veggies and drizzle with a little ghee (clarified butter) or olive oil, or stir-fry them in oil or ghee. Rice and wheat are excellent grains for vata types. Juicy fruits and vegetables, heavy fruits (such as avocados and bananas), risotto, sweet and sour veggies, and warm berry cobbler with whipped cream all help pacify vata. Avoid hot, spicy foods. Vatas can healthfully cook with more salt than pittas and kaphas.

Fiery pitta needs to be cooled down. Serve foods at cool temperatures, but not ice cold which inhibits digestion. Pittas thrive on reduced amounts of fats, oils, and salt. Sweet, completely ripe fruits and all vegetables except garlic, tomatoes, radishes, and chilies are pitta-pacifying. Moderate portions of dairy products are fine, but minimize sour-cultured ones. Coriander and mint have cooling effects. Coconuts, pomegranates, grilled vegetable salad, and rice pudding all reduce pitta.

Sluggish, cool kapha needs to be stimulated and warmed up. Light, dry, warm foods reduce kapha. Use minimal amounts of fats and oils. Sweeten foods with honey, but never cook or bake with it. Grains such as barley, buckwheat, and rye are the best for kapha types, as are light, dry fruits, such as apples and cranberries. Low or nonfat milk is good, but minimize cultured dairy products. Kapha types can eat all spices and herbs but need to be cautious with salt. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds and all beans, with the exception of the oilier soybean, are excellent.

Ultrasound - Why It is Important?

PGD IN ULTRAASONOGRAPHY, Non invasive cardiology course, MD - Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Narnaul
Ultrasound - Why It is Important?

We are mortals and changes are bound to happen in the functioning of our body and the organ's of the body with every passing day. How the body reacts to the external environment needs to be constantly studied. Therefore, It is important to keep a check of what's happening within your body and live a healthy life.

The check could be need based as suggested by doctor to diagnose a disease or for a general health! Ultrasound scan is an important diagnostic measure to check the state of the organs inside our body via sound waves. It's is also known as sonogram, diagnostic sonography and ultrasonography. 

Types of Ultrasound
Although all types of ultrasound basically work the same, but there are a few differences in the below listed types of ultrasound. Doctor's conduct the test basis the need.

  1. Doppler Ultrasound 
  2. Obstetric Ultrasound 
  3. 3D and 4D Ultrasound
  4. Echocardiograms Carotid Ultrasound

How does it work and why it is done?
It uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of some part of the inside of the body, such as heart and blood vessels, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, uterus, ovaries, eyes, thyroid, and testicles.

  1. View the uterus and ovaries of a pregnant woman and assess her foetus
  2. Diagnose gallbladder disease
  3. Evaluate flow in blood vessels
  4. Assess abdominal pain or other concerns
  5. Guides a surgeon on a needle biopsy and treatment of a tumor
  6. Kidney Stones
  7. Pelvic ultrasound for ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, uterine growth and endometriosis
  8. The thyroid gland can be imaged using ultrasound looking for nodules, growths, or tumors
  9. Detect bulging of fluid from a swollen knee joint
  10. Veins evaluation to assess whether swelling in a leg is due to a blood clot, deep vein thrombosis or another cause

Why Ultrasound is preferred over other methods 

  1. Generally painless and does not require needles, injections or incisions.
  2. Patients aren't exposed to ionizing radiation, making the procedure safer than diagnostic techniques, such as X-rays and CT scans. In fact, there are no known harmful effects when used as directed by your healthcare provider.
  3. Ultrasound captures images of soft tissues that don't show up well on X-rays.
  4. Ultrasound is widely accessible and less expensive than other methods.

It has some limitations, such as the sound waves do not transmit well through dense bones or parts of the body that may hold air or gas, such as the bowel and thus has a diagnostic limitation.

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I want to ask that is breast pressing very tightly and harshly for long time can cause any severe damage to breast? Or not;! Please tell! What r the risk it can cause! As during foreplay my bf presses my breast very tightly and harshly with both hands for long time. I am worry becoz I had listen that breast pressing can cause cancer and it can also damage my mammary glands and breast muscles please tell;! I had also listen that this tight and harshly pressing can damage veins and nerves also please tell! And please also tell some reason for your answer! So that I can be live without any fear! Please help I'm afraid! Please tell in details! Hope you will help! thanks!

Graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (GAMS)
Ayurveda, Delhi
Unless he press, squeeze or suck very hard, no harm will come. So if you have pain or if he bruise you, you need to tell him to slow down. It is your responsibility to tell him that. If you enjoy it and it feels good, just keep it that way. It can be a lot of fun having your breasts fondled. Some women can even have an orgasm from it.
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Dear sir I have question that I am going to do sex with my gf without condom. So sir what should I do for her so that they can not get any problem . Is any method or medicine available. To do sex without protection without any risk.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fellowship in Infertility (IVF Specialist)
Gynaecologist, Aurangabad
Hi lybrate user, yes their is possibility of getting pregnant with unprotected intercourse. Also risk of sexually transmitted diseases If you do sex without condom. If you want to try without condom then try in safe period.
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Hi I m a guy(age 21) i mansturbate 2-3 times a day is it dangerous for me. IF yes then in what way is it harmful? mansturbating how many times in a day is fine? how to control myself

General Physician, Mumbai
Do it once in five days If u do it daily then bcos of that your thinking will get affected which will affect your work For controlling it be with your friends and family members for day to day chores
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I am facing problem of fatigue while working in office, most of the time after lunch and early in the morning. My age is 48 and have family history of Diabetes (Mother). I am doing blood urine test every year and doctor told nil report. Please guide my next step.

Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Agree but get blood tests do not depend on urinary results also get thyroid test it is the next common condition for unexplained exhaustion.
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My period cycle 28 days for 2 month my period did not came regularly last date 8 sep n next cycle expetd on 8 oct but it cnt came?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
wait for 6 months if you ate unmarried and if it is irregular than you are case of paid and take treatment for that
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PGDFM, Fellowship in lasers and Aesthetic medicine , MBBS
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi

What are freckles?
Freckles are little brown spots on the skin that are caused by the sun. 
We all have pigment-producing cells in our skin called melanocytes. These melanocytes produce melanin pigment and feed it to the normal skin cells that form the outer barrier of the skin. When our melanocytes become damaged by the sun, we produce freckles, which are simply abnormal collections of melanin pigment in the skin.

Hi doctor, I need to ask about fluctuating dates of my period. Last month my date was 21st and this month my period came on 18th. Is that any problem? Should I take any medicine or something?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ahmednagar
Hello Lybrate user if your periods coming early two days its normal no need of any medicine bcoz normal period cycle is of 28 days so its not a problem.
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What is best period to get pregnant and should we have to sex day after other. For better result. My cycle is of 30-31 days. please help us. My husband is undergonesementest and he have 40 million/ml count. All other thing are good. Say something. I want to get pregnant as soon as possible. Plz.

Gynaecologist, Bhavnagar
Best time to get pregnant is from 10th to 16th day of menstrual cycle if your cycle is regular. You also have to care for some extra precautions to get pregnant earlier.
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My period date is 10th march but today 14th march. I have safe sex to my bf in 3rd march. Have a chance to pregnancy? If I am pregnant so which medicine take this time?

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS, MD - Community Medicine
Gynaecologist, Lucknow
Hello if you are sure of safe sex, nothing is required, otherwise do a pregnancy test after 3-4 days to rule it out. Archana gupta.
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MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Agra
Diet when breast feeding

1) focus on eating whole grains & cereals, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables. 2) go for foods providing plenty of protein, calcium & iron.
3) traditionally, breast feeding moms are given a lots of dry fruits, ghee & sugar. These high calory foods were meant to supplement the khichdi diet that moms traditionally follow after birth.
4) try dry fruits without ghee & sugar by putting them in your dalia. This way you will not be loaded with high calories.
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Hi I want to know the strone 200 tablet and antacid tablets are correct medicine to take in 37 days pregnancy. Please tell me.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
Dont take any antiacid medicenes in pregnency consult ue gynacologist any constipation problems use any mild laxatives not a antiacids medicenes you consult your gynac and take advice for that.
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I am 29 years old male we married 3 years back my is still not getting pregnant what to do?

Sexologist, Panchkula
Get your semen analysis test done after three days abstinence from sex. And hysterosalpingography for female to male out tube blockage.
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I have a problem of pcod please tel is it create any problem in conceiving? Pls advice how to get out from dis pcod.

CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical cardiology, MBBS
Cardiologist, Ghaziabad
It can cause. Do alcohol 2. Reduce body wt 3. No smoking/ tobacco 4. Diet - no ghee/ butter, have mix of vegetable oils - mustard, til, ground nut, olive oil, have more green vegetables and fruits, have whole grain atta, no fried. Fast. Spicy / processed/ junk food. Less sugar, potato, rice 5. 30 mts brisk walk daily 6. Deep breathing exercise for 10 mts daily 7. Meditation daily for 10 mts. 6-8 hrs of sleep at night 8. Expose your body to sun for 15-20 mts daily after some oil massage to get vit d. 9. Take more water you need medicine also for medicine contact on private chat. Good luck.
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My wife is 5 months pregnant. All the reports are ok but she is urinating 6 to 7 times at night. Is it a problem or its natural during pregnancy?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Is the urine routine test shows no signs of infection, she should manage her fluid intake so as to take maximum portion during daytime and avoid glassfuls of water after 8 pm. In any case, after 5th month her urine pressure should reduce as the uterus how's out of the pelvis into the abdomen.
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When we have sex during MENS any chance of pregnancy. If pregnant is a problem in children. Means my baby born healthy in condition.

Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Do not have sex during periods there maybe genital infection spoiling the chance of a conception later.
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How to increase the fertility in women's. What are the tips. What should be daily routine for healthy body.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
To get pregnant you need to have regular sex i. E. 3-4 times a week for one full year before you start seeking medical help. If you want to make her pregnant fast then you can follow this calender method. If a women’s menstrual cycle varies from 26days to 31days cycle, The shortest cycle (26 days) minus 18 days = 8th day. The longest cycle (31 days) minus 10 days=21st day Thus, 8th to 21st day of each cycle counting from first day of menstrual period is considered as fertile period.
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