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Dr. Nitesh S Borhade


Ayurveda, Thane

11 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
Dr. Nitesh S Borhade BAMS Ayurveda, Thane
11 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
More about Dr. Nitesh S Borhade
Dr. Nitesh S Borhade is a popular Ayurveda in Sapphire Hospital, Thane. He has helped numerous patients in his 11 years of experience as a Ayurveda. He has done BAMS . You can visit him at Sai Clinic in Sapphire Hospital, Thane. Book an appointment online with Dr. Nitesh S Borhade on has a number of highly qualified Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 43 years of experience on Find the best Ayurvedas online in Thane. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


BAMS - R. A. Podar Ayurved Medical College, Mumbai, - 2006
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I am 25 year. My four up teeth is in out side direction from mounth and also there is gap b/w them. I need a solution. But I don't want teeth chilp. Any other method please suggest me?

Dentist, Pune
U need a checkup followed by a orthodontic treatment (braces treatment) to realign your malaligned teeth.
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Hello doctor, I have alopecia in my beard. I ate many medicines and took injection of canacot but its not remove. How can I treat it.

M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai
What is the size of alopecia you have on your beard, is in single or many, accordingly the treatment should be done if necessary go for a beard transplant too.
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What is the est solution for reduce vulgar pimples from face. It is really vulgar. I suffer from this frim tha last 2year. Now I am 18year old. Please send me the solution.

Ayurveda, Ujjain
Change food habites. Avoid too oily end ghee prepretions, prikales, fast food. Take simpal veg food home made with vegitabales salad. Wash face with neem face wash daily two times.
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My elder brother is of 47 years and he snores while sleeping. Is there any permanent treatment to get rid of snoring?

General Physician, Bangalore
Snoring self-help tips: •Maintain a healthy weight and diet. Being overweight by just a few kilograms can lead to snoring. Fatty tissue around your neck squeezes the airway and prevents air from flowing in and out freely. •Try to sleep on your side rather than your back. While sleeping on your back, your tongue, chin and any excess fatty tissue under your chin can relax and squash your airway. Sleeping on your side prevents this. •Avoid alcohol before going to bed. Alcohol causes the muscles to relax more than usual during a normal night's sleep. This added relaxation of the muscles makes the back of the throat collapse more readily, which then causes snoring. •Quit or cut down on smoking. Cigarette smoke irritates the lining of the nasal cavity and throat, causing swelling and catarrh. If the nasal passages become congested, it's difficult to breathe through your nose because the airflow is decreased. •Keep your nasal passages clear, so that you breathe in through your nose rather than your mouth. If an allergy is blocking your nose, try antihistamine tablets or a nasal spray. Ask pharmacist for advice, or see GP, if you're affected by an allergy or any other condition that affects your nose or breathing, such as sinusitis. Commercial stop-snoring devices There are a range of stop-snoring treatments and devices on sale. These include nasal strips, which open the nostrils wider, throat sprays and devices known as mandibular advancement devices (MAD), which reposition the jaw to ease airflow.
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I have pimples on my face, I use many creams but no result, so you tell me which cream I should use.

MD - Dermatology, DNB (Dermatology)
Dermatologist, Ahmedabad
Hello for acne, which all creams have you used earlier. Complete history, medications done in past and photographs are recquired to decide future plan of action and good results.
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Lybrate | Dr. Chaithra Shenoy speaks on IMPORTANCE OF TREATING ACNE EARLY

Dermatologist, Bangalore
Play video

Lybrate | Dr. Chaithra Shenoy speaks on IMPORTANCE OF TREATING ACNE EARLY 

How do I cure Epididymitis, feel slight swelling and pain on my right testicular vein. Is it because of this my sperm count too came low on semen analysis.

Master in Psychology, MD - Ayurveda, Dems, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
How do you know that you r suffering from epididymitis? if you r having any investigations then please share them. I wud like to avoid fried, spicy n oily food. You may start with varunadi kwath 20ml twice a day with equal amount of water after food. Tab neurobion fort once a day. For more suggestions n treatment you may consult me.
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How to control appetite if someone on diet? If feel urge what kind of food should I eat? I am diabetic. Which kind of food low calorie could give me energy?

General Physician, Chandigarh
If you feel hungry in between the meal time you can have dome salads or soup or fruit ete that will be low calorie and won't hurt your diabetic status.
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My wife is losing weight after pregnancy (now baby is one&half year old). Doctors advice us if you stop breastfeeding; you'll gain reasonable weight. Is it true?

Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
I think you are mixing up two issues. Breastfeeding is a separate issue. If your wife is losing weight at a fast rate, then you need to find out the reason. Get her complete body checkup done. Also consult a dietitian to verify if her current diet is sufficient or not. She should be on a proper healthy diet.
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Day by day my weight is reducing. I am eating normally only. Please provide some tips to increase my weight.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
homoeopathic treatment with following tips will help you - Here are some tips to follow, *daily in the morning in empty stomach have a glass of cold water mix with half spoon of honey and few drops of lime juice. *you can add milk, ghee, butter, lassi and curd in your daily food. *also add dry fruits and nuts in your food. *have a sweet daily. *sleep well in night and also in day time. *you can also add bakery foods and jam. *you should be a lover of chocolates and icecreams. *weekly once have a cakes, pizza and burgers. If you follow these you will surely put on 2kgs in 10 days
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Which type of shampoo is best for dry and frizzy hair. Can you please suggest me.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello- Hello, scalp is like our skin, if you won't apply oil properly your scalp will get dry, hair will become rough and frizzy and thin, and you might also face dandruff problems, it is similar to your skin as in winters where you apply moisturizing lotion to the skin to prevent scaling. Here are some ayurvedic tips for you- a) Less shampoo and more oiling proportion should be followed. B) Avoid fast food and fried and spicy food. C) Avoid hair dyes and smoothening shampoo as it weakens your hair roots and causes hair fall. D) Use Presoria ayurvedic hair shampoo and Vatjatadi hair oil.
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How to improve my body. Sir I'm 22 years old and my body totally low. So please help me. How to improve my body and my fitness?

General Physician, Mumbai
Ideal sleep duration is maximum six to seven hours a day. It is best not to depend on sleep medicines for sleep disturbance as in long run, they lead to dependency and increased disturbance. The following tips help one to maintain sleep times: a) have bath regularly in evening after coming from work or before going to bed. Early to bed and early to rise (awake) is a nice process for natural sleep cycle. B) do not engage mind in active work or stressful talking at night before bed time. C) do not engage mind in too much of computer work in night before bed time (for example, do not do stock market work in night). D) do not read or view illicit or pornographic material at any time preferably. E) do not take heavy meals in night. Best is to have heavy breakfast, lighter lunch and lightest dinner to maintain stomach rhythm which affects sleep. Vegetarian diet is best for good sleep. F) do not over engage mind in television in night. H) do not smoke cigarette, chew tobacco, tobacco containing masala, or similar intoxicants which can disturb rhythm of mind and disturb sleep cycle. I) no tea or coffee in night (preferably cocoa and caffeine containing drinks should be totally avoided for best results). J) listen to relaxing music and even then if you do not get sleep, then hear soothing stories or nice talks. K) read books which not only calm the mind but also nourish the thinking process.
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I have high blood pressure, how can I get remedy from the high blood pressure at my age of 29?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, Lifestyle changes can help you control and prevent high blood pressure, even if you're taking blood pressure medication. Eat healthy foods. Consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry, fish and low-fat dairy foods. Eat less saturated fat and trans fat. Decrease the salt in your diet. So, avoid eating processed foods, such as canned soups or frozen dinners which contains extra salt in it. Keeping a healthy weight, or losing weight if you're overweight or obese, can help you control your high blood pressure and lower your risk of related health problems. Increase physical activity which can help lowering your blood pressure, manage stress, reduce your risk of several health problems. Get indulged in regular exercising (if your doctor allows you). Limit alcohol. Even if you're healthy, alcohol can raise your blood pressure. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Don't smoke. Tobacco injures blood vessel walls and speeds up the process of hardening of the arteries. Reduce stress as much as possible. Practice healthy coping techniques, such as muscle relaxation, deep breathing or meditation. Getting regular physical activity and plenty of sleep can help, too. Monitor your blood pressure at home. Medication: Take Schwabe’s Essentia Aurea/ thrice daily which is a cardio-tonic which helps in maintaining blood pressure, improves muscle tone of the heart and narrowing of blood vessels.
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I have small stones in my right kidney. Presently there is no pain or bleeding. Pl inform what Ayurvedic medicine I can take. I am taking kulthi detection by soaking overnight. How about Neeri syrup or crush tablets ?

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Take 1 cup of horse gram + Add ½ L water + Heat the mixture till water level reduces to 1/5th + Strain and collect the soup + add 2 tsp of crushed pomegranate + Mix well + Drink once a day...take shool gaj kesari ras twice a day..take gokshuradi guggul & punarnavadi mandoor 1-1 tab twice a day...
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Hello Dr. 3 years back I got my knee twist while I was on a trek after that I am not able to do any activity involving pressure on knee. My x-ray shows that the gap between my knee joints is less that the normal, Kindly suggest me some exercise and medicine as I am experiencing a constant pain in my inner side of the joint.

(M.D.Accu), Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science YS)
Acupuncturist, Delhi
Height is something which is decided by our genes, so we can hardly do anything about it. But you can do exercises, eat good food (a balanced diet), stay calm and tension free and everything will be alright. Try eating healthy foods, doing moderate exercise and taking proper rest. You may also try various Yogasanas such as Tadasana or Vrikshasana or any asana that stretches your spine. Get your postures correct. Never sit or walk with drooping shoulders. Your spine should always be straight. Try to be careful with the type of exercise you are doing. Do stretching exercises more instead of focusing in building specific areas of body. This way the body becomes relaxed and it acts as a catalyst to your growth mechanism. Do not try to do extreme weight-lifting as this will make your body stiff and work in those areas more than your height growth. Also, get optimum sleep everyday. Take rests and naps between work, eat regular meal along with nutritious fruits and veggies and let your body do the work.
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I am suffering from fever for last 2 weeks and I have chest pain whenever I drink alcohol. Can you suggest what should be done?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Take homoeopathic medicine belladonna 30 at hourly interval 3 times in the morning and arsenic album 30 at hourly interval 3 times in the evening for 4 days. Take light and easily digestible food and complete rest. Drink lots of water to hydrate and eliminate toxins from your body.
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I am Divya and my granny is suffering with hair loss since 5 to 6 months so help me.

MBBS, DNB (Dermatology)
Dermatologist, Mumbai
Losing your hair can do serious damage to your self-esteem. But luckily, there are plenty of options to help you fight it. Hair loss is very common these days because of increased stress,nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise and increase intake of junk food. Other causes of hair fall could be genetic, hormonal imbalances, under-active thyroid gland, and insufficient blood circulation in the scalp. There are many treatment options for hair loss including medications, home remedies. There are various over the counter medications available for preventing hair loss, but you need the ones most suitable to your hair type to get effective results.  Home remedies would include oiling your hair more often, include Amla/Indian gooseberry in your diet to promote new hair growth, apple cider vinegar can be effective to control hair fall and it gives soft and manageable hairs.
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Hi, my blood pressure is high what is the best way to lower my blood pressure without medication. Please suggest. Thanks.

DM Cardiology
Cardiologist, Delhi
Dear High Blood Pressure What is hypertension? High blood pressure caused by a disease or another known medical problem is called secondary hypertension. Most cases of secondary hypertension are caused by kidney or hormonal problems. Normal blood pressures average 120/80 ("120 over 80") but can rise and fall with exercise or rest. The pressures are measured in millimeters of mercury, with the upper number (120) being the pressure at the end of the heartbeat (systolic pressure). The lower number (80) is the pressure at the beginning of the heartbeat (diastolic pressure). If repeated checks of your blood pressure show that it is higher than 140/90, you have hypertension. If your blood pressure is between 120/80 and 140/90, you may need treatment for high blood pressure if you have other health problems, such as diabetes. How does it occur? Many medical conditions, diseases, and medicines can cause secondary hypertension, including: ? narrowing of the arteries in the kidneys ? narrowing of the aorta, a large blood vessel that supplies blood to the lower body ? several types of kidney disease ? excess secretion of a hormone called aldosterone from the adrenal gland ? tumor of the adrenal gland ? Cushing's syndrome, a disorder in which there is too much corticosteroid hormone in the blood ? medicines such as estrogen and oral contraceptives ? abuse of drugs such as amphetamines, alcohol, or diet pills ? pregnancy. What are the symptoms? High blood pressure may not cause any symptoms. Even secondary hypertension may have few symptoms. Symptoms are usually general and may include: ? headaches ? dizziness ? fatigue ? restlessness and sleeplessness ? nosebleeds ? palpitations or an awareness of your heartbeat ? general feeling of ill health ? the need to urinate often ? round or "moon" face, excess body and facial hair, and weight gain if the high blood pressure is caused by Cushing's syndrome. How is it diagnosed? Your health care provider will ask about your symptoms and will do a physical exam. Blood tests, chest x-rays, and an electrocardiogram may be done. Your provider will want to measure your blood pressure on three different days when you are relaxed and not in a hurry and have not had alcohol for 72 hours. Your medical history is an important part of diagnosis. Your health care provider will ask about your personal and family history of high blood pressure and heart or kidney disease. How is it treated? Secondary hypertension is treated by treating the condition causing the high blood pressure. For example, if you have high blood pressure caused by Cushing's syndrome, treatment for Cushing's will lower your blood pressure. Your health care provider may recommend additional treatments to lower your blood pressure, such as diuretics or other medicines that reduce blood pressure. How long will the effects last? If the cause can be diagnosed and treated, your blood pressure should improve. If you are taking medicine to reduce your blood pressure and your underlying condition is treated, you may be able to cut down or stop taking the blood pressure medicine. How can I take care of myself? ? Always follow your health care provider's instructions for taking medicines. Don't take less medicine or stop taking medicine without talking to your provider first. It can be dangerous to suddenly stop taking blood pressure medicine. Also, do not increase your dosage of any medicine without first talking with your provider. ? Check your blood pressure (or have it checked) as often as your health care provider advises. Keep a chart of the readings. ? Don't smoke. ? Reduce the salt in your diet according to your health care provider's advice. ? With your provider's approval, start an exercise program that you can do regularly (such as biking or walking). ? Lose weight if you need to. ? Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. ? Try to reduce the stress in your life or learn how to deal better with situations that make you feel anxious. ? See your health care provider as often as he or she recommends. What can be done to help prevent secondary hypertension? Most of the conditions that cause secondary hypertension cannot be prevented. However, regular checkups can help detect many conditions before they become serious, including those that can result in high blood pressure.
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Fibromyalgia - Homeopathic Remedies For It!

BHMS, MD, P.G Homeopathy
Homeopath, Ghaziabad
Fibromyalgia - Homeopathic Remedies For It!

In the recent years, with the building work pressure and the increasing stress in our everyday activities, our regular lives have become choc-a-bloc with all sorts of engagements. This often renders our bodies prone to fatigue and listlessness. This phenomenon can often be observed in an intensified form by way of a disorder called Fibromyalgia or as it is deemed in common parlance, "rheumatism". 

Fibromyalgia is an ailment, which causes pain in the body tissues. The tender and fibrous tissues like muscles, ligaments and tendons are often affected by this disease. As a consequence of Fibromyalgia, one feels incapacitated to work or perform any physical activity. Sometimes Fibromyalgia is accompanied by extreme headaches, sleep disturbances, muscle pain and consistent dizziness

The degree of chronicity of the disease may vary but the underlying cause remains the same. Given the high incidence of the disease, the treatment for the same is also widely available. However, for a more effective and lasting cure, many resort to homeopathy.

Homeopathy offers several remedies to Fibromyalgia, classified on the basis of the discrete symptoms of the disease: 

  1. Rhus Tox: Rhus Tox is an excellent antidote for rheumatism induced stillness and muscle pain. When paired with suitable exercises, it can afford a lot of relief. 
  2. Ruta Grav: Ruta Grav aids in relieving tendon pains and sustained usage helps in restoring muscle strength in case of Fibromyalgia.
  3. Rhododendron: Often the Fibromyalgia pain gets aggravated with a marked change in the season. Rhododendron mitigates the intensity of the pain. 
  4. Arnica: For any injury induced body ache, Arnica is an extremely effective cure. It also functions as the foremost option, when the precise causes or the symptoms are unknown. 
  5. Causticum: Certain forms of Fibromyalgia are accompanied with soreness, weakness and a feeling of stillness. Causticum soothes such ailments.
  6. Bryonia: Bryonia alleviates chronic pain in the soft tissues of the body. Exposure to heat needs to be avoided mandatorily in order to optimize the effect of Bryonia. 
  7. Kalmia Latifolia: When besides the obverse symptoms of Fibromyalgia, the pain in the muscle is accompanied with a feeling of cold and numbness, one of the best homeopathic cures is Kalmia Latifolia. 

Fibryomalgia is an ailment, which not only manifests physical troubles but also affects one's emotional status adversely. Therefore, to mete out the best remedy, homeopathy carefully assess both the physical and the psychosocial bearing of the patient before recommending a particular cure. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath.

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I have many big pimples on my face I use many medicine for this but dnt remove tell me any ayurvedic medicine.

MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Aurangabad
Pimples/ acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which develops due to blocking of the hair follicles in skin. For pimples and to remove scars take following med. Berberis aquifolium q. X 14 days 20 drops twice in water. Use berberis aquifolium oin any company also drink plenty water. Have green vegetables. Stop oily food. Avoid night watching. Wash face with medimix soap 2/3 times per day. Contact me after 2 weeks.
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