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Dr. Bisai

Psychiatrist, Thane

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Dr. Bisai Psychiatrist, Thane
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Bisai is one of the best Psychiatrists in Kaushalya Medical Foundation Trust Hospital, Thane. You can meet Dr. Bisai personally at Divine Brain Spine Hospital in Kaushalya Medical Foundation Trust Hospital, Thane. Book an appointment online with Dr. Bisai on has a number of highly qualified Psychiatrists in India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 40 years of experience on Find the best Psychiatrists online in Thane. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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My friend Alam, having depression problem, when he sits alone he thinks a lot, and many times feels uncomfortable, scary. He doesn't feel enthusiastic much in any work. The daily routine is same. Also he doesn't talk much at home. So please suggest what to do.

Homeopath, Murshidabad
My friend Alam, having depression problem, when he sits alone he thinks a lot, and many times feels uncomfortable, sc...
Dear lybrate user, your friend can try biochemic kali phos 6x tablets to get rid of your depression. Take 4 tablets, thrice daily, with a cup of lukewarm water.
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I feel so tired all the time in a whole day. I have some mood swing problem n also depression. I have a love life. Bu I am possessive about my love partner. All time feels angry about him any kind of small wrong incident. please give me some tips for this. Thanx

Post Graduate Diploma in Pyschology
Psychologist, Noida
I feel so tired all the time in a whole day. I have some mood swing problem n also depression. I have a love life. Bu...
Dear lybrate-user thanks for writing in. I suggest you consult a psychologist especially for the mood swings as they could be the reason behind you feeling angry and upset with your partner.
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Hey One of my cousin brother is in relationship with a girl and use to have sex twice or thrice a week and he is 19 years old So his question is does having sex stops height growth ?

L L. B..,, M.Sc psychy,, N L P, P.G.D.G.C, M.S psychotherapy,, M.A child care, M A, clinical psy, M.A,social psychiatry,, M.Phil., psychology., Ph.D .,psychology
Psychologist, Vijayawada
One of my cousin brother is in relationship with a girl and use to have sex twice or thrice a week and he is 19 y...
no sex never stops height growth. it improves personal capacity and mental health also. twise or thrice it is also not a big problem. there is no physical problems. if he addicted next time if she is not available then starts psychological problems. there is no chance of physical problems. but there is a chance of psychological problems. early stage sex addiction it is not good for personality development. if one girl is over then he searches another girl. if she not agreed then problem starts. at this without knowing anything it is good. but now generation is very fast. it destroys career life. so my opinion it is better to stop. if is ok then continue. no physical problems will not come in future also. better to take good food and relax most of the time. dont think too much about sex. dont sit alone and dont think alone. be share your personal feelings and problems with close friends and family members. be sociable all the time and be happy all the time. ok all the best.
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I want to increase my concentration power and my strength, but after increasing my meal I do not got this. Please advise me some measures for it.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
I suspect that the adolescent issues with regard to hormones may be affecting your ability to concentrate and remember. When the hormones play up, it lasts for a period of close to two years and during that time you could be influenced by three signs directly impacted by the chemical: you will tend to become aggressive and rebellious, you will become sexually active, and you will have acne and pimple problems. The hormonal imbalances may not only impact your memory because of the chemical but also bring some distractions that come with it. But you may work on the following even if the hormones kick in: Daily exercise of at least half an hour is a must. Even if you go to a gym, ask for aerobic and/or callisthenic exercises with whatever else you are doing. A healthy body harbors a healthy mind. With regard to memory, it is very important that your brain and body is ideally rested to be able to recall whatever is required, rather comfortably. Puzzles pose problems to the brain that help it to use new pathways and neurons, which give the brain considerable exercise. It taxes the left brain to use logic to solve the myriad possibilities which other activities do not stimulate. Crosswords are excellent for vocabulary learning and use. Jigsaws and Rubik cube stimulate different permutations to finally settle on the most likely one. Picture completion and anagrams help approach problem solving from several angles. Do Sudoku, and memory co-relation activities and skills. Have a good night’s sleep, have a good breakfast of more proteins, meditate often, remain free of stress, eat a lot of fiber (whole grains, fruits and vegetables), nuts, avocado, eat dark chocolate, consume less of fat and use olive oil instead, do Yoga meditation exercises, etc. You need to check out if you are stronger visual or auditory. The visual is a better mode than the auditory. However, if you combine the two modes, you will get the best concentration. Have a special place of learning, which should be well lit, with soft painted walls, well-ventilated, with no distractions. When you get bored, study by writing. If you repeat learning at least five to seven times, you will apparently remember for a longer time. Sit comfortably but do not slouch. The reading material should be of a fairly large print. Study at small intervals of about 40 minutes and then take a break or change the subject. Short-term memory is a faculty of the left brain, and long-term memory is a feature of the right brain. When people are stressed, they tend to favor the right brain and abandon the left brain, where short-term memory resides. So, it is really very simple: deal with the stress and activate left brain functions. Here are a few suggestions to activate left brain function: shut your left nostril and breathe, move your eyes from right to left and vice versa for at least half a minute at a time, and do callisthenic exercises with some form of counting, regularly. There is a new exercise called Super Brain Yoga, which is done by holding the right earlobe with your left thumb and index finger, and the left earlobe with your right hand’s thumb and index finger. In this position you must squat down and rise up and do this for five minutes every day. There are some memory enhancing techniques and study methods that your teacher will be able to guide you with. If your home life is full of distractions and stress, it is likely to affect your memory, adversely. In that case, I suggest that the family goes for counseling too. The following foods do help too: Blueberries, walnuts, turmeric, Spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, acorn squash, green tea, oily fish, boiled egg, turkey, apples, oatmeal, leafy greens, lentils, pumpkin seeds, avocado, cinnamon, thyme, sunflower seeds, and red wine. Avoid sugar and junk food.
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Homeopathic Remedies for Mental And Physical Stress!

Punjabi University, DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), NDDY(Naturopathy and Yoga)
Homeopath, Mohali
Homeopathic Remedies for Mental And Physical Stress!

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, feelings, behavior and sense of well-being.

Depressed people can feel sad, empty, anxious, worried, hopeless, helpless, worthless, irritable, guilty, hurt, or restless. They may lose interest in activities that once were pleasurable, experience loss of appetite or overeating, have problems concentrating, remembering details, or making decisions, and may contemplate, attempt, or commit suicide. Insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, loss of energy, or aches, pains, or digestive problems may also be present.

Causes of Depression

  1. Lifestyle: Lifestyle factors that may play a role in depressed moods include irregular sleep, poor diet, and lack of exercise. Poor diet may contribute to a depressed mood.
  2. Life events: Life events and changes that may precipitate depressed mood include childbirth, menopause, financial difficulties, job problems, a medical diagnosis (cancer, HIV, etc.), bullying, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, social isolation, relationship troubles, separation, and catastrophic injury. Serious injuries may predispose a person to have a depressed mood.
  3. Medical treatments: Certain medications are known to cause depressed mood in a significant number of patients. These include hepatitis C drug therapy and some drugs used to treat high blood pressure, such as beta-blockers or reserpine.
  4. Non-psychiatric illnesses: Depressed mood can be the result of a number of infectious diseases, neurological conditions and physiological problems including hypoandrogenism (in men), Addison’s disease, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, stroke, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, and disturbed circadian rhythm.
  5. Psychiatric syndromes: A number of psychiatric syndromes feature depressed mood as a main symptom.

Types of Depression

  1. Major depression: Major depression is characterized by a combination of symptoms that last for at least two weeks in a row, including sad and/or irritable mood that restricts the ability to work, sleep, eat, and enjoy once-pleasurable activities. Difficulties in sleeping or eating can take the form of excessive or insufficient of either behavior.
  2. Dysthymia: Dysthymia is a less severe but usually more long-lasting type of depression compared to major depression. It involves long-term (chronic) symptoms that do not disable but yet prevent the affected person from functioning at “full steam” or from feeling good.
  3. Bipolar disorder (manic depression): Another type of depression is bipolar disorder, which encompasses a group of mood disorders that were formerly called manic-depressive illness or manic depression. These conditions show a particular pattern of inheritance. Bipolar disorders are often chronic and recurring. Sometimes, the mood switches are dramatic and rapid, but most often they are gradual.

Complications of Depression

Depression can have a significant impact on the structure and function of many parts of the brain. This can result in many negative consequences. People with severe depression are at higher risk of suffering from anxiety, chronic depression, other emotional issues or having more medical problems or chronic pain. People with a chronic illness, such as diabetes and heart disease, who also have depression tend to have a worse outcome of their medical illness.

Treatment of Depression

Depressed mood may not require any professional treatment, and may be a normal reaction to certain life events, a symptom of some medical conditions. Lifestyle strategies that may improve depressed mood include wake therapy, light therapy, eating a healthy diet, meditation, exercise, and smoking cessation.

Homeopathic medicines for Depression

The homeopathic understanding of health is intimately connected to its understanding of the mind in general. Homeopaths don't separate the mind and body in the usual way; they generally assume that body and mind are dynamically interconnected and that both directly influence each other. Homeopaths base virtually every homeopathic prescription on the physical and psychological symptoms of the sick person. Psychological symptoms often play a primary role in the selection of the correct medicine. Trying to determine whether a person's mental state caused his physical disease or vice versa is rarely helpful in discovering the correct homeopathic medicine. The homeopath seeks to find a medicine that matches the totality of the person's physical and psychological symptoms, irrespective of "which came first."

Homeopathic medicines for Depression

  1. Arsenicum album
  2. Aurum metallicum
  3. Calcarea carbonica
  4. Causticum 
  5. Cimicifuga
  6. Ignatia amara
  7. Kali phosphoricum
  8. Natrum carbonicum
  9. Natrum muriaticum
  10. Pulsatilla

The homeopathic treatment for depression is customized for you so that you get long term relief. The homeopathic treatment for depression is 100% safe and proven to be effective in most of our patients. The right homeopathic medicines for depression has to be chosen by a qualified and an experienced Homeopathic doctor. So, always consult a specialized homeopath.

In homeopathy, the practitioner prescribes the medicine after considering the totality of symptoms. He takes the elaborate history. Sometimes, it is important to know whether physical symptoms appeared first or mental symptoms appeared first to differentiate between the most similar medicines.

There are about 150 medicines indicated for this purpose. To find out the similimum or the most appropriate medicine a qualified homeopathic doctor takes an extensive account of patient's case taking the process and the chose it. Always consult a qualified homeopathic doctor, as your mental health is important.

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Can anyone suggest speech therapist for curing stammering and speech disorder in adults.

Speech Therapist, Noida
Stammering can be by muscle tightening or visible difficulty speaking which causes anxiety, fear, or loss of self-esteem. Some of the strategies you can use- 1-Speak slowly and simply. Try saying one syllable words, one at a time. Strive to have each word come out clearly before moving on to the next word. 2-Monitor your speech as you talk, looking for which words or mental states might cause stuttering to occur or worsen. 3-Don't be afraid to leave pauses or silence in your speech. Go at your own pace as you practice. 4-Practice words that you notice as problematic. 5-Gradually increase the length of words and sentences. Overtime you will work towards implementing problematic words in your speech. Consult SLP.
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If any smoke 6—7 cigarettes a day so what best medicine to leave the same? ALSO WHICH TEST SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT TO CHECK health OF LUNGS AND heart?

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
You need to be checked and tobacco anti craving drugs can be given. Doing a ECG, Echo, CT chest along with Pulmonary function test will show your heart lung condition at present due to smoking. All the best.
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Hello sir/ mam My brain get switched off for mili seconds specially when I used to read books and watch movies. Anything where I used to concentrate. please tell me what is this.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear, You must be able to understand Concentration, attention span, recollection and distraction. If you are able to watch a movie for two hours continuously, if you are able to play a game for an hour, then you do not have any concentration problems. You can't be attentive towards your studies because you are not interested in it. You are able to watch movie and play game because you are interested in it. Human cannot be attentive towards anything for more than 10 minutes. Then you should study in such a way that your attention is continued and make the subjects are interesting to you. Effective learning techniques should help you. Recollection depends on anxiety, stress and other physical and circumstantial factors. Distractions while studying are plentiful. You should be able to overcome distractions or avoid distractions. Please understand the above. Change your study style and attitude accordingly. Please post a private question to me and I will help you with "effective learning" techniques. Avocados, Beetroots, Blueberries, Broccoli. Celery, Coconut Oil, Dark Chocolate etc are good for improving concentration. Take care.
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I take zolefresh every night 20 mg and pain killer I hurt my self to much I want to die.

Post Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) (A.M) (Oncology), Integrative Oncology For Physicians (MSKCC, N.Y, USA), Doctor of Natural Medicine (N.D/ N.M.D), PG Diploma In Clinical Counseling, PG Diploma In Oncology & Haematology (A.M), Ayurveda (I) Certification, Clinically Relevant Herb-Drug Interactions (CME) (Cine-Med Inc. USA), Advanced Strategic Management (APSM), B.E (Computer Sc. & Engg.)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Bhubaneswar
I take zolefresh every night 20 mg and pain killer I hurt my self to much I want to die.
Hi lybrate-user, I appreciate you seeking help. You appear to be quite depressed. Advise consult a psychologist for clinical counseling, in person. Should you be getting any side effects owing to your current medication, you can always discuss with your doc for an appropriate substitute that will suit you better. At the same time, do keep your diet and lifestyle streamlined, exercise (aerobic), de-stress/ relax adequately on a daily basis. Stay mentally strong, believe in yourself, visualize pleasant stuff, think positive and remain focused in your present. If possible, a trip to some hill station or some scenic natural place with plenty of greenery can help you relax, rejuvenate, feel blessed, think clearly and have a fresh perspective in life. Hope this helps. You can always connect for an integrative naturopathic support should you require anytime. Do take care and all the very best. Sincerely,
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I am a 37 old man. Last 5 years I am suffered from hypertension, now I am feeling that I may suffer short term memory fail means I forgot some work what I had done 15 minutes before. What may be the solution.

Homeopath, Thane
Hi, For hypertension and short term memory fail ,do yoga exercises regularly and walk for atleast 30 mins.Your problem will be solved
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