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Dr. Anil Gaikwad Sexology Clinic, surat

Dr. Anil Gaikwad Sexology Clinic

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Sexologist Clinic

101 UMANG appt. tadwadi rander road a above aditya medical store ve surat
1 Doctor · ₹400 · 1 Reviews
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Dr. Anil Gaikwad Sexology Clinic   4.5  (61 ratings) Sexologist Clinic 101 UMANG appt. tadwadi rander road a above aditya medical store ve surat
1 Doctor · ₹400 · 1 Reviews
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Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health....more
Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health.
More about Dr. Anil Gaikwad Sexology Clinic
Dr. Anil Gaikwad Sexology Clinic is known for housing experienced Sexologists. Dr. Anil Gaikwad, a well-reputed Sexologist, practices in surat. Visit this medical health centre for Sexologists recommended by 67 patients.


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101 UMANG appt. tadwadi rander road a above aditya medical store ve
surat, Gujarat - 395005
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6 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, D.P.M - Sex-Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Surat
6 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

We always think of wearing something cosy to bed to get a good night's sleep. We even dress up kids to be comfortable and bundled up so they can get a sound sleep. Studies have shown that contrary to popular belief, sleeping nude is the best way to a sound sleep.

In addition to good sleep, there are other benefits that have been identified too, as listed below:

  1. Improves sleep quality: While most of us think of keeping ourselves cosy in our nightwear leads to good sleep, science believes otherwise. A reduced core body temperature is what leads to better sleep. This happens when you sleep with no extra layers of clothes to keep you warm. Research conducted showed better depth of sleep and reduced number of awakenings when there are no extra clothing layers.
  2. Better skin and hair health: Melatonin and growth hormone are essential for anti-aging and they are released when the body temperature is cooler, which happens when sleeping in the nude. Growth hormone is essential for bone mineralization, improved immunity, and muscle mass building. Melatonin is a good hormone regulator, and manages the functioning of other hormones essential for our body. The armpits and groin area are always covered, and sleeping without clothes can help these areas breathe and feel fresher. The chances of yeast infection are also reduced.
  3. Reduced stress levels: The stress hormone cortisol is also optimal, both in release and function, when the body gets a good sleep. This is essential for better immunity and cognitive function, better sugar regulation. Reduced stress leads to reduced chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. Therefore, sleeping without clothes helps to better equip you with fighting stress.
  4. Weight loss: Our body has two types of fat, both brown and white. While fat helps to keep the body warm, sleeping without clothes burns more of this fat and thereby, increases weight loss. Another mechanism is the  good sleep that you get when sleeping without clothes helps improve metabolism, reduce fat and sugar cravings, thereby further adding to weight loss.
  5. Improved relationships: Needless to say, getting into the habit of sleeping without clothes will help your sex life. The science behind it is the improved release of oxytocin, which is the cuddle hormone.
  6. Better sperm quality: The testes produce better sperm quality when body temperature is cooler, thereby improving male fertility. Warm clothes at night also has a bad effect on testosterone, which is essential for boosting libido and other male sexual features.

There you go, a lot of valid scientifically proven reasons to drop those night suits and pajamas off  what is more, there is also a cost saving here!

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Erectile Dysfunction - Multiple Ways It Can Be Treated?

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, D.P.M - Sex-Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Surat
Erectile Dysfunction - Multiple Ways It Can Be Treated?

With age it becomes difficult for many men to achieve an erection and maintain it. This is known as Erectile Dysfunction. This is not necessarily related to a lowered libido. In many cases, a man may desire sex but not be able to have an erection rigid enough for intercourse. Men with a history of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and smoking are at a higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction as they get older. However, this condition can be treated. 

Ayurvedic Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

Gold Bhasma

Gold Bhasma also known as Swarna Bhasma is prepared from pure gold. Nowadays, the use of technology has mitigated many tedious steps, which one had to undergo during ancient time to prepare it. It is highly effective and is used for the treatment of infertility, sexual weakness, tuberculosis, cancer, asthma and many other fatal diseases.

Silver Bhasma

Silver Bhasma is also know as Rajat Bhasma or Raupya Bhasma is a calcified Ayurvedic medicine used not just for treating erectile dysfunction, but also for a number of diseases such as, jaundice, frequent urination, enlargment of spleen, etc.

Both Gold & Silver Bhasma are mixed with other Ayurvedic medicines for effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Other Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction can be treated in a number of ways. Some of these are:

Viagra is usually the first form of treatment for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is a type of drug also known as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. These drugs increase the blood flow into the penis and thus enable an erection. Levitra and cialis are other forms of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. However, Viagra is a temporary treatment and has a side effect that it is a habbit forming drug.

Penile Injection:
If a man cannot take oral medication, a penile injection is the best form of treatment. Here, medication is directed into the side of the penis. This dilates the arteries and allows blood to flow in. thus it instantly initiates an erection.

Intraurethral Suppositories:
This involves placing a soluble medicated pellet into the urethra. This increases the blood flow into the penis and will create an erection in 10-15 minutes. This form of medication is rarely used.

Vacuum Pump:
A vacuum pump is another common form of treatment for this condition. It consists of a plastic cylinder that is placed over the penis and a pump that removes the air within the cylinder thus forcing blood to flow into the penis. An elastic ring is then slid onto the base of the penis to hold the erection. The ring must be removed after a maximum of 30 minutes.

Surgical Implants:
There are two types of surgical implants that can be beneficial to men who have not benefitted from medication. The first is an inflatable pump that can manually pump fluid into cylinders within the penis. The second is a malleable prosthesis.

Lifestyle Changes:
Obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, excessive alcohol, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle can also be the reason a man cannot hold an erection. Addressing these factors by making conscious lifestyle changes can improve a man's ability to initiate and maintain an erection. These changes include a healthy diet, regular exercise, lowered consumption of alcohol and losing excessive weight. Living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to lower the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction in the later years. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist.

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Foreplay - 5 Moves For You

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, D.P.M - Sex-Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Surat
Foreplay - 5 Moves For You

For a healthy relation it is important that we learn to communicate our feelings with our partners. Foreplay not only plays an essential role in sexual arousal prior to the act of sexual intercourse, but it also has a number of health benefits for both men and women, which are both physical and emotional in nature. It also works towards increasing intimacy between couples and often leads to a higher level of sexual satisfaction, again for both sexes.

Here are some foreplay moves you can use to make your time in the bedroom more satisfactory:

  1. Engage in conversation: Communicating with your partner is often a great way to get things started. Talking dirty not only increases intimacy between the couple, but also makes it more fun for both, thus reducing stress level, it often reduces the performance anxiety disorder, especially in men.
  2. Take it slow: Taking your time during foreplay, with prolonged periods of kissing and sexual stimulation, can exponentially increase levels of arousal for both sexes, and thus add to the chances of reaching orgasm in the ensuing act of intercourse. Many women have also reported that climaxing during foreplay itself increases the probability of achieving multiple orgasms, due to release of a high number of endorphins, thus inducing feelings of euphoria.
  3. Try to provide equal attention to all erogenous zones: Spending time in stimulation of each and every erogenous zone of the body such as the neck, breasts and clitoris (for women), penis and scrotum (for men), etc., can often prove to be very useful in sexually arousing your partner and increasing chances of achieving an orgasm.
  4. Erotic massages work great: Deep and sensuous massages, especially of erogenous zones, coupled with small breaks to kiss your partner can lead to high levels of arousal due to the friction between your hands and their skin, which aids the release of several arousal hormones, and works great to maximize pleasure.  
  5. Engage in oral sex: Though many may be averse to the idea of engaging in oral sex, it has been found that it has a number of health benefits. It not only acts as a stress buster but also helps regulate blood pressure levels, increases chances of conception, relieves pain, and even reduces chances of prostate cancer in men. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.
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6 Positions For Sex During Pregnancy

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, D.P.M - Sex-Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Surat
6 Positions For Sex During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body is subjected to several physiological changes including increased hair fall, continuous indigestionheadaches, development of varicose veins, skin pigmentations and so on. The growing baby bump hinders free movement as well. Quality time with your husband or partner is helpful but is not the best way to relax you. During pregnancy many partners stop having sex due to body issues. Intercourse is extremely important to comfort an expecting mother. Going by a few sex positions cited below, partners can enjoy pregnancy without a speck of stress.

1. Spooning- In spooning a woman lies on one of her sides while the male partner lies behind her on his left or right side. Both partners should lie on the same side or if not they will end up turning their backs at each other. Penetration happens from behind. This position enables shallow penetration which is good for the baby.

2. Do it like a clip- In this case two bodies should align like a clip. The man lies on his back while the woman is on the top facing him. Her knees are folded next to him and she is in the shape of an arch. Her hands serve as support as they are firmly placed on the bed behind her arching back. There is ample space for the bump.

3. Perch on him- It is healthier to avoid pressure on the abdominal region when pregnant. Make your man sit on a stable surface; say a stool or a chair. Sit on his lap with your back against his chest. This way the woman can regulate the depth of penetration by moving backward and forward. She is on her toes and her abdomen faces no weight. 

4. Do it the Amazon way- The Amazon style of intercourse needs to be carried out on a chair or a stool. The male partner remains seated while the woman sits on his lap facing him with her legs across his sides. The baby bump is comfortably positioned between the partners and the lady takes charge by moving up and down. 

5. Doggy style- The doggy style keeps the expecting mother away from exertion. She crouches on her hands and legs while the male partner enters her body from behind. 

6. Living Room style- Let your rounded belly rest against the softness of the living room couch. Kneel on the couch to suit your feasibility while your partner penetrates you from behind. The pregnant woman balances her body by holding on to the couch with her hands. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.

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Sexual Health Tip

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, D.P.M - Sex-Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Surat

Sex is fun but stay with one.

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