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Dr. Masroor Ahmad Wani - Sexologist, Srinagar

Dr. Masroor Ahmad Wani

93 (4312 ratings)

Sexologist, Srinagar

23 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹350 online
Dr. Masroor Ahmad Wani 93% (4312 ratings) MD Sexologist, Srinagar
23 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹350 online
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
More about Dr. Masroor Ahmad Wani
Dr. Masroor Ahmad Wani is a well experienced and successful Sexologist. He has an experience of 21 years in the field of sexology. He completed his MD with distinction as a Gold Medalist. He believes in informing all his patients about health care, treatment plans, services and insurance coverage. Dr. Masroor Ahmad Wani has completed his MD (Gold Medalist) from Med College, Kolkata in the year 1995. He has professional memberships in various prestigious institutions such as Diplomate American Board of Sexology (USA), Member Council of Sex education & Parenthood, South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine (SASSM), World Association for Sexal Health (USA), Certified Medikon Sexual Science Mumbai and Fellowship CSEP (Int.) to name some. Earlier he worked as a Sexologist at Healthzone Sexology Clinic, Srinagar where he treated various patients with varied maladies. Dr. Masroor Ahmad Wani specializes in Treatment of Male Sexual Problems, Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, Treatment of Male Sexual Problems, Men?s health, Pre-Marital counseling and Vasectomy. He commits to treating his patients with care and understanding.


MD - Med College Culcatta - 1995
Past Experience
Sexologist at Healthzone Sexology Clinic
Languages spoken
Professional Memberships
Diplomate American Board Of Sexology (USA)
Member Council of sex education & parenthood (I)
South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine (SASSM)
World Association For Sexual Health (USA)
Certified Medikon Sexual Science Mumbai
Fellowship CSEP (Int.)


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How To Treat Female Dyspareunia?

Sexologist, Srinagar
How To Treat Female Dyspareunia?

Female dyspareunia refers to painful intercourse. It is estimated that 8 to 21% of women experience this at some point in their lives. Pain during or after intercourse is disturbing and restricts partners need for intimacy. It leaves the partners with an unpleasant experience and may lead to frustrations, anxiety and fear of sex. There is little awareness among couples about dyspareunia and thus a painful experience is sometimes confusing for the other partner and often invites fights and arguments rather than support and understanding.

Women with dyspareunia suffer pain in genitalia or deeper in the pelvis, vulva or vagina. It is more common among women after menopause; however, many women experience pain right from their first sexual attempt or just after initiation while some at deeper penetration.

Causes of Dyspareunia could be medical, psychosocial or both. Medical conditions can be cured but often there are underlying personal and psychological factors which need to be addressed usually by counsellors or sexologists.

Diagnosis of the problem begins with a physical examination of the vulva. Apart from this an internal pelvic examination may also be required. A doctor takes into account the nature, extent and duration of pain in determining possible causes and deciding the mode of treatment. During interaction with the patient, various other psychosocial factors are also revealed that must be addressed for holistic treatment.

Medical conditions that could cause pain during or after intercourse are many including lesions, thin skin, scar tissues or ulcers. Infections like UTI, herpes, yeast infections, Chlamydia, trichomoniasis can also cause pain.

Treatment of infections is through drugs and creams.

  • Apart from this, infections of the fallopian tubes or conditions like ovarian cysts, fibroids, tumours or endometriosis could be a reason for deeper and intense pain. In most of the cases, surgery is the option.
  • Lack of oestrogen is another major cause for this type of pain. Oestrogen deficiency can cause lack of lubrication making vaginal area dry. This can cause painful friction during intercourse. Along with lubricants, an oestrogen treatment is given.

Apart from medical causes, fears or anxieties associated with sex can sometimes lead to pain. Lack of harmony in relationships can lead to loss of desire for sex leading to vaginal dryness and discomfort. A traumatic sexual experience of the past may also inhibit a partner to be at peace in the act and may invite psychosomatic problems. It is important for the partner to be sensitive and lend a hand of support. Understanding how a partner wishes to be caressed and touched and making efforts towards providing a sexually exciting experience can go a long way in removing partner’s inhibitions/fears and introducing positive sparks in the relationship. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Anorgasmia And Its Symptoms!

Sexologist, Srinagar
Anorgasmia And Its Symptoms!

The reduced ability to orgasm or the inability to orgasm post sufficient stimulation is called anorgasmia. This disorder is quite common in women. In fact, most women cannot orgasm with vaginal stimulation alone. Some require clitoral stimulation by rubbing or oral sex.

What are the types of anorgasmia?

  1. Generalized anorgasmia: Orgasms are not achieved with any partner, be it in any situation
  2. Lifelong anorgasmia: No orgasms have ever been felt
  3. Acquired anorgasmia: You have climaxed before but due to certain factors, be it emotional or physical, you have stopped getting orgasms
  4. Situational anorgasmia: Here you may have been able to orgasm before but only in certain positions or a particular partner.

What may cause anorgasmia?
Orgasms can be complex things. It involves the combination of physical, emotional and psychological factors. Anorgasmia can occur if any of the above is affected.

Physical causes

  1. Medical illnesses: Diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis can result in anorgasmia.
  2. Medications: Medicines, for example, antidepressants, anti- histamines, cardio-vascular agents can meddle with climaxes.
  3. Smoking and Alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can mess with the ability to peak; smoking constraints the blood vessels, thus having a similar impact on both the sexes.
  4. Gynaecologic issues: Surgeries such as hysterectomy or surgeries of carcinoma can hamper with the capacity to accomplish climaxes.

Mental Causes:

  1. Poor self-perception
  2. Embarrassment
  3. Anxiety or dejection
  4. Financial issues and stress
  5. Fear of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or pregnancy
  6. Past passionate or sexual mishandle

Relationship issues

  1. Fights or clashes in the relationship
  2. No fascination toward the partner
  3. Lack of association
  4. Infidelity
  5. Poor association with partner in regards to sexual needs

What are the symptoms of anorgasmia?
The symptom of anorgasmia is the inability to achieve orgasms in spite of sufficient sexual stimulation. It could be because of your partner or because of the position that does not really hit your spot.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Is a Curved Penis Better for Sex?

Sexologist, Srinagar
Is a Curved Penis Better for Sex?

Have you been worried about your curved penis? There is nothing to fret as having a curved penis is as normal as having a straight one and there are innumerable men all over the world with a curved penis. Curved penis may affect men who possess it, but not always in a bad way. If your penis is slightly bent, you cannot call it a broken penis. On the other hand, there are many claims which say that having a bent penis has advantages over the straight one. Some women are of the opinion that bent penis has the ability to reach the much coveted “G-spot”.

Top Advantages of a Curved Penis

  • Could you ever think that having a curved penis could lend you some advantages? Though women do not care much about the size of the penis, they are careful about its shape.
  • Besides having a unique appearance, a curved penis also possesses a distinct edge compared to the straight ones. As a result, it can effortlessly stimulate the pleasure spots in women.
  • What’s more, a curved penis automatically covers a larger space compared to a straight one and the person of the opposite sex feels that the one entering her is actually double its actual size.

Top Tips To Use The Curved Penis

  1. It is very important to be attentive about the point where the shaft begins to curve. The male genitals could get curved in any direction and it is not just about being bent upwards.
  2. The point of curvature is that specific point which fondles the G-spot of your partner by applying additional pressure to the area of friction to increase pleasure.
  3. If you have curved penis, you may easily seek resort to the commonly opted classic positions. While these positions are widely performed by males regardless of the shape or size of their penis, it can help those with a curved penis to maximize the level of pleasure through a grinding rhythm to the thrusts.
  4. Having a curved penis allows a man to adapt naturally to the shape of the penis in order to achieve a comfortable, snug fit. The curvature allows each thrust to come with an added ability to rub the tip of the penis against the vaginal walls as well as the G-spot.
  5. Also, having a curved penis can also increase the pleasure of having oral sex as your curviness allows you to accommodate well within her mouth without any added efforts.

In spite of all these advantages, it is important to consider that a curved penis is beneficial only when it can hold its erection for a long time with proper girth. Also, having a slightly curved penis is not so much of a concern, but when you feel that the curvature is significantly larger, you should talk to an expert to undergo a suitable treatment package.

A larger curved penis comes under Peyronie's disease and it needs to be consulted by a sexologist or to start medications by sexologist. Talk to an expert to undergo a suitable Penis Straightening package.


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Premature Ejaculation - Tips For Better Control Over It!

Sexologist, Srinagar
Premature Ejaculation - Tips For Better Control Over It!

Premature ejaculation refers to the inability to retain the erection until the end of the intercourse and usually happens when the male ends up ejaculating sooner than planned, or immediately upon penetration. Premature ejaculation is a condition that many men suffer due to the advancement of age as well as low pelvic strength and other ailments. Also, it can be caused due to stress and panic regarding one's performance. Whatever be the cause, it is an embarrassing situation that calls for help if it persists for too long. Here are a few tips to ensure that you gain better control over premature ejaculation.

  1. Deep breathing Exercise: Sometimes, too much of excitement can lead to a variety of problems including premature ejaculation. If this becomes a normal occurrence, you can try practicing deep breathing during the act of sex to calm yourself down and slow down the frenzy so that you are more attuned to your surroundings and partner rather than yourself and the panic you may be feeling. Taking deep and slow gulps of air can ensure that you focus on the act rather than getting caught up in the excitement.
  2. Medications: There are broadly two kinds of medical treatments - local application anaesthetic gels that numb the area around the tip of penis and tablets that prolong ejaculation time. One needs to consult a sexologist, psychiatrist or a urologist to know more about them.
  3. Stop and Start: This is a method that many sexologists recommend. The stop and start method is one that will have to be practiced individually so that you are able to retain more control over your ejaculation when you are with your partner. Basically, in this method, you are required to start the process of masturbation and stop just short of ejaculation. After doing this several times and on a regular basis, you will find that your brain reacts in the same way when you are having intercourse, which will delay the ejaculation to a normal period.
  4. Kegel: If you thought that kegel exercises are only for women, then you need to think again. Premature ejaculation also signifies low pelvic strength for many cases and you would do well to invest time in a few exercises like the kegel, which will build up your pelvic strength so that you are able to control premature ejaculation in a better way.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Blood in Semen - Indeed, Its A Cause Of Concern?

Sexologist, Srinagar
Blood in Semen - Indeed, Its A Cause Of Concern?

Blood in semen occurs due to a variety of factors. It is also called 'hematospermia.' It mainly affects men after 30 years of age. After 50 years of age, blood in semen is caused due to prostate enlargement. Blood in semen is caused due to injuries, inflammation and blockage near the male reproductive system. Blood in semen can be linked to other diseases which might not be known by the affected person.

What can cause blood in semen?

  1. Blood in semen can be caused due to infections, tumors and stones.
  2. Abnormal body structure generally due to an autism spectrum disorder can also cause blood in semen.
  3. Prostate biopsy (removal of tissues from the prostate region which produces semen) also leads to blood in sperm sometimes. Though this is temporary and heals within three to four weeks.
  4. Vasectomy is a procedure done on men, which involves making small holes or slits in the scrotum so that the sperm doesn't flow during ejaculation. This is mainly done to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes, vasectomy causes blood in semen.
  5. It is also caused by infections such as Herpes, Chlamydia and Trichomoniasis.
  6. Sometimes, there are kidney stones found in the prostate called calculi, this is the most common reason for blood in semen.
  7. Blood in semen can also be caused due to parasitic infection, tuberculosis or chronic liver diseases.

Symptoms of blood in semen:

  1. Immense pain during ejaculation.
  2. Pain during urination.
  3. Acute lower back pain.
  4. Low to mild fever.
  5. Swelling in the scrotum and testes.
  6. Tenderness in the scrotum, testes and groin area.

Diagnosing blood in semen:

  1. While diagnosing blood in semen physical examinations are performed. The doctor checks for inflammation, swelling, tenderness and signs of injuries.
  2. Sometimes sexually transmitted diseases also cause blood in semen. So, the doctor takes a blood test to see whether you have STD's or not.
  3. Urine testing is also performed to see if any bacteria or abnormalities are found in the urine.
  4. MRIs, ultrasounds and CT scans can also locate any obstructions in the pelvic area which might be a cause of blood in semen.
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5 Foreplay Tips - Better Foreplay Before Sex!

Sexologist, Srinagar
5 Foreplay Tips - Better Foreplay Before Sex!

Imagine a three-course meal where intercourse is the dessert and foreplay is like the main course. Sure you can go straight to dessert, but it is all the more satiating when followed by a meal. The most common idea of foreplay is probably a lick on the ear and kisses trailing down your neck. But research suggests that sticking to one single routine can desensitize your parts and the effect just fizzles out.

Revive your ideas of great foreplay with the following tips:

  1. Aim for the area around the lips: People mostly focus on the plump part of the lips, ignoring a sensual, arousing sweet spot which borders the lips. Your lips and its periphery contain several blood vessels. Slowly brushing through that area will give you a tingling, almost ticklish sensation that will run through your spine.
  2. The little triangle: The entire neck region is a highly erogenous spot. This includes the ears and the spot behind it, the neck and the shoulders. However, the junction where the collarbone meets your neck, the little triangle, has a thinner skin enveloping it. Linger around the spot a little longer maybe, before running down to the more obvious erogenous regions.
  3. Trail the thighs: The area around your thighs is home to one of the most explosive nerves that can simply make your breath go into hyper drive. Start with supple, soft kisses around your thighs, with stray light strokes. This excites your genital area more because the nerves on the thighs directly lead to the genitals. This move will probably have your partner asking for more.
  4. Talk dirty: This act can have your partner flying off the handles if done right. You may want to test the temperature first in order to know what degree of talks does your partner like. Whether he is into low-key dirty talks or full-blown adjectives.
  5. Try the blindfold: That little accessory can really spice things up in the bedroom. It will drive your partner crazy expecting what is coming next. Try a tie or an eye mask if you don’t have a blindfold in handy.
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Problems That Can Make Sex Painful for Men!

Sexologist, Srinagar
Problems That Can Make Sex Painful for Men!

Sex is meant to be a pleasurable activity, but sometimes it can be painful for the man involved. Pain can be a symptom of a number of health conditions like an illness or infection or a physical or psychological problem.

Some of these conditions are:

Peyronie's Disease: This is commonly known as erectile dysfunction and is characterized by the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. It can be a genetic problem or triggered by a traumatic accident. This makes the scar tissue in the penis bend thus making any sort of sexual activity painful and difficult.

Prostatitis: This condition is characterized by the inflammation of the prostate gland. This causes pain, swelling and painful ejaculation. Prostatitis can affect men at any age and can also contribute towards erectile dysfunction and a lowered libido.

Urinary Tract Infections: Urinary tract infections affect both men and women. When it comes to men, it can cause pain during ejaculation and a burning sensation while urinating. It can also make the penis emit a foul smell. A yeast infection can also lead to an itching or burning sensation around the tip of the penis.

Dermatitis: The skin around the penis is thinner than skin in other parts of the body. Sometimes, the skin in a man's genital area can be allergic to soaps, creams, fragrances etc. This can trigger inflammation and itchiness making sex uncomfortable. Such allergies are noted more commonly in men who have been circumcised.

Herpes: Genital herpes can cause painful sores to erupt on the penis. This may be accompanied by an itching or tingling sensation. Herpes is also a sexually communicable disease and sex should be abstained from if you suffer from herpes.

Psoriasis: Genital psoriasis can make the skin on the penis and scrotum dry and scaly. This can affect men of all ages. With friction, these scales can fall off leaving raw skin that is prone to bleeding. While non scaly plaque is more common in uncircumcised men, circumcised men are prone to scaly plaque. This condition can also be very itchy.

Phimosis or Paraphimosis: Phimosis is a congenital condition where the foreskin of the penis is too tight to completely retract over the head of the penis. Paraphimosis is a condition where the foreskin cannot be pulled over the head as it is stuck behind it. In both cases, it can make having an erection very painful and can make intercourse uncomfortable.

So ,it is always recommended to consult a sexologist regarding any of the condition of pain and uneasiness in sex before it gets worse as penis is a very delicate organ of a man...

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Please give me solution for pimples I have many dark spots in my face please give me solution.

Cosmetic Physician, Srinagar
Please give me solution for pimples I have many dark spots in my face please give me solution.
use face cream(Facelin Gel) twice daily on pimples ..And use. Melonorm lite in evening...if you didn't feel good after a month, consult us privately on Lybrate.
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My skin is soo dark and dry and many black spot (til) on my face. Dark circle around my eyes. Nothing glow on my face. Some advised me for use BETNOVATE GM. I used long time but it's not effective. I use fare and lovely in day and BETNOVATE gm in night. please suggest me what should I do.

Cosmetic Physician, Srinagar
My skin is soo dark and dry and many black spot (til) on my face. Dark circle around my eyes. Nothing glow on my face...
for dryness use any glycerine soap..lyk PARASOFT SOAP.. for black spots clean you face and use CLOUD LOTION in morning and use MELONORM LITE in evening. if you didn't feel good after a month, consult us privately on lybrate.
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7 Effects Of Over Masturbation!

Sexologist, Srinagar
7 Effects Of Over Masturbation!

Self pleasuring is a normal process during the growing up years and later on in life too. It is recommended by doctors to promote overall health. A lot of times, self pleasuring is a good way to relieve the pent up sexual feelings. The issue, however, is when people (both men and women) get addicted to it and start depending on it for pleasure.

It is a pleasurable act, and therefore especially in the early years of life, it can become an addiction. People also tend to use it to beat loneliness, when they are excited sexually, and of course, to beat boredom. Indulging in it more than 3 to 4 times a week can be normal. However, if there is an urge to masturbate multiple times daily, it is time for concern. Continued into the 20s, there are harmful physical and psychological problems as a result of over-masturbation, as noted below:

  1. Anxiety: Masturbation puts people in a very comfortable position and therefore when there is a partner to go with, there are anxiety issues relating to size, stamina, and ways to please the partner. The performance anxiety which is quite common can be very high in over-masturbators. Both males and females with this habit can face sexual exhaustion and recurrent genital infections also.
  2. Chronic fatigue: Masturbation induces the production of the steroid hormone, cortisol. This increases the rate of metabolism and therefore leads to an exhausted and fatigued feeling.
  3. Back pain or discomfort: Over masturbation reduces the production of oxytocin, DHEA, testosterone and DHT. The depletion of these neurochemicals triggers a release of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2, which is one source for lower-back pain.
  4. Groin and/or testicular discomfort and pain: There is a loop between the pituitary-adrenal-testicular glands, which is responsible for production of oxytocin and testosterone production. These have anti-inflammatory properties and over-masturbation tends to reduce this production. This leads to a groin pain which can extend into the testicles and continue chronically.
  5. Penis shrinkage: When started early in life, the amount of growth hormones in the body reduces with over-masturbation. This leads to inadequate amount of hormones for the penis to grow to its full size, leading to a smaller organ.
  6. Premature ejaculation: Again, the reduction in hormones including testosterone and other neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin leads to a weak parasympathetic nervous system. The result is a weaker erection, sperm leakage, and premature ejaculation.
  7. Hair loss: The hormone and neurotransmitter reaction also leads in high levels of prolactin and DHEA in the body, leading to hair loss.

As seen from above, over-masturbation does have a lot of side effects and it is better to treat it early on when you realize it is an issue.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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