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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Cardiologist . Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication t......more
Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Cardiologist . Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care.
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alchemist is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Mir, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in Srinagar. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 48 patients.


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What Are The Symptoms Of PCOD?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Hyderabad
What Are The Symptoms Of PCOD?

What is PCOD?

PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a disorder that causes innumerable hormonal disorders. It causes disruption in the normal menstrual cycle, often delaying it. Having been diagnosed with PCOD makes a woman prone to diabetes, cholesterol and cancer. A large number of cysts develop on the ovaries which enlarge when afflicted by this condition. PCOD can increase the chances of severe muscle spasms during one’s periods.

Causes Of PCOD-

  1. The cysts are mostly caused due to hormonal changes and fluctuations.

  2. It could be genetic.

  3. PCOD can also be a result of an unhealthy lifestyle that includes little rest, inadequate sleep and unwholesome diet lacking in the right nutrients.

Symptoms Of PCOD-

  1. Acne

  2. Excessive growth of facial hair

  3. Weight gain

  4. Difficulty in losing weight

  5. Excessive hair on body as well, including chest, stomach and back

  6. Irregular menstrual cycle. Women may miss their periods, or bleed more than once a month

  7. Extremely heavy bleeding

  8. Severe pain and muscular cramps during menstruation

  9. Problems getting pregnant

  10. Infertility

  11. High blood pressure

  12. High cholesterol

  13. Depression

  14. Other serious hormonal disorders

  15. It can lead to diabetes

  16. It can lead to repeated miscarriages

  17. A major risk of PCOD if left untreated, is that it can lead to endometrial cancer

Diet For PCOD-

A healthy diet along with physical activities and abstinence from smoking can help to reduce the symptoms of PCOD and prevent the disease.

  1. Increase the intake of fresh, green vegetables.

  2. Cutting down on junk, fried food and most importantly, processed food.

  3. Abstaining from or greatly reducing the intake of alcohol.

  4. Including lots of fibre, roughage in the diet.

  5. Cutting down on sugary, aerated drinks.

  6. Including lean proteins in the diet.

  7. Reduce dairy products as milk may raise the levels of testosterones in the body.

  8. Reducing or eliminating consumption of caffeine may help to increase chances of a fertile reproductive system.

  9. Prevent yourself from giving in to unhealthy food cravings. Eat small healthy meals at regular intervals.

  10. Include fruits, nuts and colourful veggies in your diet.

Emotional And Physical Causes of Frigidity

BHMS, Certificate Course In Clinical Research
Homeopath, Pune
Emotional And Physical Causes of Frigidity

Frigidity is commonly referred to as low sex drive in women. But it is often emotionally mistaken as on Non-responsiveness to partner's sexual advances. It is often considered as the psychological problem in person's subconscious mind. This has to be addressed at the earliest. 

It has been differentiated into two types:

  1. One is the condition where the women fail to respond .
  2. The other is the condition where the women may have difficulty in being aroused. This causes feeling of pain and discomfort. 


Most common causes are menopause-related hormonal changes. Few other causes are : 

Emotional Causes of Frigidity: 

  1. Past traumatic sexual experiences such as sexual assault or rape.
  2. Fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Emotional distance from the partner.
  4. Emotions like depression, anxiety or boredom in a relationship.
  5. Communication problems like an unresolved emotional issue that takes place between partners.
  6. Lack of confidence or low self-esteem.

Physical Causes of Frigidity: 

  1. Discomfort or pain during intercourse. 
  2. Lack of foreplay. 
  3. Poor sexual performance in male. 
  4. Fatigue or Exhaustion, Insomnia and Vaginal dryness.
  5. Effects of prescribed medications, alcohol abuse.
  6. Hormonal imbalance 
  7. Menopause.


(I) Natural Treatment 

  1. Intake of avocados, eggs, oysters, olive oil, soy, sesame oil, pumpkin seeds, nuts, sprouts chocolates, Zinc rich food and Vitamin E in your diet. 
  2. Include Herbs such as Siberia Ginseng, Chive, Damiana, Kava, Muira Pauma, Wild Yam, Ginger root, Sarsaparilla.
  3. Dong Quai are very effective in curing women frigidity. 
  4. Regular yoga and exercises boost overall sexual health. 
  5. Read erotic books or watch erotic movies along with your partner. 
  6. Quality sleeps and de-stress spas and body massage. 
  7. Avoid sugary food items, red meat and poultry. 

(II) Seeking professional help

  1. Eradicating relationship issues with the help of counseling. 
  2. Psychotherapy in order to get rid of your hidden fears. 
  3. If required, do see a gynaecologist for proper examination and assessment. 

(III) How can your rekindle her lost passion

Here are pointers as to how to help a woman know she is loved. From this will flow astounding benefits, including bringing her to the peak of her sexuality.

  1. Praise her. Regularly find things you like about her physical appearance, her character and her abilities, and verbalize your admiration. Appreciate all that she does for you and freely express your gratitude.
  2. Be loyal to her. Don’t say negative things about her behind her back. Defend her if anyone speaks negatively about her. Don?t undermine her authority in front of the children.
  3. If you use humor that puts her down, be extremely careful. She might, laugh but at times your words could be damaging her. Try to wean yourself off such humor.
  4. Seek to discover her inner feelings. Try to be sensitive to her needs. This is a huge challenge for most men.
  5. Giver her time: Recognize and make allowances for times when she is tired or upset or not her usual self.
  6. Respect her opinions. You might not always agree with her, but try to. Thoughtfully consider her views. Never rubbish them.
  7. Consult your wife before making decisions. Share your plans and dreams with her. Be open and honest with her about every aspect of your life
  8. Regularly ask her such things as:
    • What can I do to make you feel more loved?
    • What can I do to boost your confidence and help you feel good about yourself?
    • What can we do to make sex more exciting and fulfilling for you?

Perhaps you are scared to ask such questions for fear she will say something like, “Help more around the house”. Be brave! If this really is high on her priorities for feeling loved, then it is important. More is at stake than a bit of housework. It touches her emotional well-being and your entire marriage. Only she knows the critical elements in making her feel loved. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Boils - How To Deal With Them?

Diploma In Dermatology & Venerology And Leprosy (DDVL), MBBS
Dermatologist, Chennai
Boils - How To Deal With Them?

A boil or a skin abscess is a type of bacterial skin infection that leads to formation of a pus-filled red bump on the skin. It usually starts in an oil gland or a hair follicle on the face, the armpits, the neck or the shoulders. If a cluster of boils appears, it is called a carbuncle and this is a more severe infection than a boil. However, most boils are caused by minor infection and can be healed with simple treatment at home. Listed below are the various ways to deal with a boil:

  1. Boils are not entirely preventable but normal daily hygiene can reduce the frequency of the occurrence of boils.
  2. When you notice a boil formation, you should apply a hot compress on it. The heat helps to prevent the formation of too much pus by helping it drain faster. When the blood circulation to the area is improved by the heat, the antibodies help to draw out the germs.
  3. The boil usually drains on its own. You may try draining it yourself but only when it is soft. Poking a hard boil can be extremely painful; it may bleed and make the infection worse. It is usually best to let it drain by itself.
  4. When the boil starts draining, you can clean the infected area with an antibacterial soap daily till the boil is drained and flattened. You may clean it with some rubbing alcohol in order to prevent the germs in the pus from spreading to other areas of the body.
  5. The infected area can be kept covered with sterile gauze coated with antibiotic ointment.
  6. Penicillin-based antibiotics can be used to treat the boil but only if it is a severe infection. 
  7. 7. If the boil is excessively painful, you can use pain relievers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.
  8. Avoid sitting in one particular position for too long because this increases the pain.
  9. It is important to wash your hands every time you touch the draining boil because the bacteria is extremely contagious and can spread to other areas of your skin as well as to other people.
  10. All the articles which have been used to treat the boils like the gauze, cloth, cotton and hot compress should either be discarded or disinfected to avoid spreading of the infection.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Homeopathic Remedies for Headaches!

Diploma in Gastroenterology, Diploma in Dermatology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Homeopathic Remedies for Headaches!

Headaches occur for various reasons such as tension, worry, hunger, heat or cold. It can often be accompanied by a fever too. But when headaches become regular and occur at anytime without a reason, it is known as migraine for which one needs to seek medical help. Painkillers are mostly prescribed and homeopathy as a treatment option is most often overlooked for this condition. However, one must know that painkillers only provide relief for some time, they do not cure a headache completely. Painkillers may never be needed again if one chooses homeopathic treatment.

Types of headaches
The regular headaches are mostly periodical and can last from half an hour to a week. Tension headaches are the most common types of headaches and are triggered by stress, anxiety, or muscle strain. However, in migraine the pain is much severe and various symptoms such as:

  • The pain can last for hours or days
  • The pain occurs every once in a while
  • The pain can be throbbing or pulsating
  • Nausea and vomiting could be experienced
  • Patients become sensitive to light and sound and prefer to be in the dark
  • In some cases, before the pain starts, some warning symptoms are seen such as flashes of light, temporary blindness or tingling sensation in the limbs
  • Sleep can provide relief

Few other most common headaches that people suffer from are:

  1. Cluster headaches: Occurring on one side of the head, these aches come in clusters. These headaches are often experienced periodically.
  2. Sinus headaches: One of the most commonly experienced headaches, which is often confused with a migraine. Some symptoms include cough, congestion, stuffy nose and pressure on face.
  3. Chiari headaches: This is a headache caused due to Chiari malformation which is a birth defect.
  4. Thunderclap headaches: Known to be a very severe headache, it develops in about a minute. In some cases, it may be a symptom of subarachnoid hemorrhage, this condition is serious and requires immediate attention.

Identification of the pain and diagnosis:
Before prescribing any medicine, doctors need to know the category of the headache. They reach a diagnosis by checking three things-
1. Modality: It is important to know what makes the pain better or worse, light or dark, warm or cold, movement or rest.
2. Location: Where the pain occurs, on top of the head, at the back or the sides.
3. Sensation: This type of the headache causes throbbing, bursting, pounding or splitting.
Based on the type of the pain and severity of the symptoms, doctors prescribe remedies.

Homeopathy Treatment:
Homeopathy treatment does not work like painkillers or allopathic tablets. These medicines use shortcuts. Homeopathy goes deep down to the problem and cures it completely. It takes some time to show results, but the patient can live a pain-free life after the treatment.
There are lots of homeopathic remedies that can be prescribed by doctors, and patients should strictly follow them.

There are some rules which need to be followed while taking homeopathic medicines to gain maximum effect.
• The pillules must be sucked or crushed in the mouth and must not be swallowed. If they are swallowed by mistake, then a second dose is required.
• For infants, these should be crushed between spoons and sprinkled on their tongue.
• Teeth should not be brushed 10 minutes before and after taking a remedy.
• Creams, lotions and ointments should be applied to the skin as directed.

Homeopathic medicines can not only cure a headache completely, they also trigger the immune system. So it is a good idea to give up painkillers and opt for homeopathic remedies for a headache. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Shower Sex - 4 Reasons To Avoid It

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Lucknow
Shower Sex - 4 Reasons To Avoid It

The frequent, passionate portrayal of shower sex in movies gives most people the idea that it is an everyday occurrence. That couldn't be farther from the truth. While shower sex helps stimulating fantasies as well as disinhibiting and developing your sexuality, mentioned below are a few reasons why one should take precautions while performing this sexual act or avoid it all together. Lastly, a lot of people find it difficult to have sex in the shower, so if it doesn't work for you, don't blame yourself.
Cons of Shower Sex:
1. Slippery floor-
All of us know that slippery and damp places are accident prone areas and the shower is no different. Both the partners must keep in mind a few precautions before getting all hot and heavy under the shower. Owning a non-slip rug is essential and goes a long way to avoid twists, cramps, shocks and painful fall glides that may break or seriously injure your arms or legs. 
2. Condoms- It is best to stay out of the shower while having sex if you still use condoms because no tests have been conducted to see if condoms can withstand soap, shampoo or any other type of cleansers mixed with hot water. It could get away with water, increasing your risk of pregnancy.
3. Lubricant- Shower sex can be very uncomfortable for women because the water washes away all the natural lubricant produced. Moreover, for women (usually those who opt for birth control pills) who cannot produce enough lubricant, shower sex can be painful. 
However, there are silicon based lubricants in the market that make having sex in the shower easier and more comfortable. Do not use water based lubricant because the water can wash it away easily. 
4. Security- Being secure is a very important factor when it comes to having sex in the shower so that one doesn't harm or injure himself or herself while in the throes of passion. Only the wall should be used as support. During such sessions try to hold on to something that is firmly attached to the wall to improve support. Do not seize railings, pipes, shower curtains, etc. as they may break or come apart. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

My hemoglobin is 4. I'm 25 years old. I have start the treatment with Ayurveda but my parents suggesting me to check other options. Please kindly suggest.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), DNB (occupational health)
My hemoglobin is 4. I'm 25 years old. I have start the treatment with Ayurveda but my parents suggesting me to check ...
Dear lybrate-user hb 4 means very low how it happened. No treatment will work go for blood transfusion before it is too late. Thanks.
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Hello sir, My urine become yellow after taking MULTIVITAMIN. I am 22 year male. Is their any problem.

MD - General Medicine
General Physician, Delhi
Hello sir, My urine become yellow after taking MULTIVITAMIN. I am 22 year male. Is their any problem.
Hello dear patient, the yellow color of urine after taking multivitamins is due to the color of vitamin B complex, so it's just a color and it won't cause any health problems, It's safe.
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Need a review for Healthawin Daily Rapid capsule. It shows all the required contents for a healthy life. I think this will help to cope up with the current stressful working environment where I get drained out daily. Kindly also suggest the better capsule from Healthawin Daily Rapid capsule and Revital Women Capsules for women.

Diploma In Diet & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Need a review for Healthawin Daily Rapid capsule. It shows all the required contents for a healthy life. I think this...
No Vitamin/ medicine/ supplement should be taken for over a month unless recommended by a doctor. Same rule for any general tonic. You never know what it contains. You should use healthy food, regular exercise and daily meditation to stay physically and mentally fit. No pill can guarantee a healthy life. Your mind itself has that power.
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Renal Tumors - Understanding The Benign And Malignant Types!

MCh Urology, DNB Urology, MS-General Surgery, MBBS, Diploma In Laproscopy & Urology, Basic & Advance Robotic Urology Training
Urologist, Delhi
Renal Tumors - Understanding The Benign And Malignant Types!

People often confuse renal tumors with renal cancer. Not all renal tumors are malignant in nature. Some of them can be benign as well. Mentioned below are the renal tumors, both benign as well as malignant.

Benign Renal Tumors
As the term suggests, these tumors are noncancerous and do not metastasize. The benign renal tumors can be of the following types

  1. Renal Adenoma: One of the most common types of benign renal tumors, renal adenoma are asymptomatic, low-grade, solid tumors which are quite small in size. It is yet not known as to what triggers the occurrence of renal adenoma. The renal adenoma seldom interferes with the normal kidney function. There may, however, be a problem if this tumor grows in size, where they mimic the RCC (Renal cell carcinoma) in their symptoms.
  2. Angiomyolipoma: This type of benign renal tumor is rare and often triggered by a genetic mutation (inherited). Also called as Renal Hamartoma, the tumor is often found to be a complication associated with Tuberous Sclerosis (a genetic condition that results in tumor formation in different body parts including the kidney). Angiomyolipoma, not triggered by Tuberous Sclerosis is often found to affect women who are middle aged.
  3. Renal Oncocytoma: The trigger for Renal Oncocytoma is not known. Unlike the renal adenomas, renal oncocytoma can grow quite large in size and are usually asymptomatic, with males being more susceptible to the condition. Another striking feature about renal oncocytoma is that it can occur in the other body parts as well.
  4. Fibroma: As the name suggests, fibroma is benign tumors originating from the fibrous tissues on the kidneys or adjacent to it. These rare tumors are small in size, with the exact cause being unknown. Fibroma is asymptomatic, affecting women more than men.
  5. Lipoma: Mainly affecting middle aged women, lipomas are found to originate from the fat cells located within the kidney (renal capsule) or adjacent tissues. Lipomas can be painful and cause hematuria when they increase in size.

Malignant Renal Tumors
As the name suggests, there are cancerous tumors that can metastasize to other body parts. The malignant renal tumors can be of the following types

  1. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC): Known to develop in the kidney tubules, the cancerous outgrowths can cause renal obstruction. One of the most common types of renal cancer, RCC can affect one or both of the kidneys.
  2. Depending on the microscopic observation, RCC may further be divided into
    1. Clear Cell RCC: Accounting for nearly 80% of the total RCC, under a microscope, the clear cell RCC appears clear and pale.
    2. Papillary RCC: Accounting for 10-15 percent of RCC, the Papillary RCC is characterized by the formation of finger-like projections within the tumor.
    3. Chromophobe RCC: The Chromophobe RCC are large with microscopically appearing clear and pale.
    4. Collecting duct RCC: Being quite aggressive, cancer cells in collecting duct RCC results in the formation of irregular tubes inside the renal tumor
  3. Transitional cell carcinoma: Also referred to as Urothelial Cancer or Renal Pelvis Carcinoma, the transitional cell carcinoma forms at the merger point of the kidney and the ureter.
  4. Renal sarcoma: It is a rare type of renal cancer originating in the connective tissue of the kidney.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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At the time of sex my spam is come out early at the time. Please help to solve this problem?

Sexologist, Gurgaon
At the time of sex my spam is come out early at the time. Please help to solve this problem?
Hi, Lybrate-user don't it's premature ejaculations disease, you start physical exercise daily and yoga and meditation and kegel exercise. Avoid pron video and junk food and alcohol and smoking. And for more Tab Manforce once daily at 6 pm ok.
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