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Dr. Vimla Talwar

Gynaecologist, Sirsa

Dr. Vimla Talwar Gynaecologist, Sirsa
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Vimla Talwar is a trusted Gynaecologist in Sector 21, Sirsa. She is currently practising at Dr Vimla Talwar's Clinic in Sector 21, Sirsa. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Vimla Talwar on has a number of highly qualified Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 42 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Sirsa. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I had a unprotected sex but he pulled out before ejaculate this was done on or before jan 18th n I got my periods on jan 29th. But I missed my feb month periods .its march 15th but I did not get periods. Is there any chances of pregnancy.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
I had a unprotected sex but he pulled out before ejaculate this was done on or before jan 18th n I got my periods on ...
Dear user. TO CAUSE PREGNANCY on a woman, sperm should be ejaculated inside the vagina or fresh sperm should be inseminated inside the vagina with some means during the fertility period of the woman. There are many determinants of pregnancy. You should be sexually matured. Your partner should be sexually matured. The period of your partner should be in the fertile stage. Her egg and your sperm cells should healthy enough. Then her uterus should be capable to get conceived. If all these were satisfied, the pregnancy could be a result. In the given case, there are chances of pregnancy. Take care.
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केले के उपयोग :

M.Sc - Psychology, PGDEMS, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Delhi
केले के उपयोग :

* पके केले को मंद आंच में पकाकर नमक,काली मिर्च मिलाकर दमा के रोगी को खिलाने से लाभ होता है।
* जिन स्त्रियों को श्वेत प्रदर की शिकायत हो,उन्हें पका हुआ एक केला पांच ग्राम घी के साथ कुछ दिन सेवन करने से लाभ होता है।
* बार-बार पेशाब लग रही हो तो बार-बार केला खाना चाहिए।
* टायफायड बुखार उतरने के बाद छोटी इलायची के चूर्ण के साथ रोगी को पका केला खिलाना चाहिए। इससे बुखार से आई दुर्बलता दूर हो जाती है।
* पीलिया रोग में रोगी को कम से कम चार पके केले नित्य खाने चाहिए तथा कच्चे केले की सब्जी का सेवन भी करना चाहिए।
* पेट में जलन हो तो पका केला खाएं।
* आधा कप गाय के दही में एक केला तथा छोटी इलायची का चूर्ण मिलाकर दिन में दो-तीन बार चाटने से मुंह के छाले ठीक हो जाते हैं।
*पका केला शहद के साथ प्रातःकाल सेवन करने से हृदय बलवान बनता है,दिल की धड़कन तथा दिल के दर्द में लाभ होता है।
* पके केले के लगातार सेवन से सूखी खांसी,गले की खराश तथा गुर्दों की कमज़ोरी दूर हो जाती है।
* पका केला कृमिनाशक है। इसके सेवन से रक्त की खराबी दूर होकर त्वचा के रोग नष्ट हो जाते हैं।
* दाद,खाज,खुजली में पके केले में नींबू का रस मिलाकर मरहम बनाकर लगाएं।
* जलने पर पके केले का गूदा मरहम की तरह लगाने से जलन शांत होगी तथा फफोले नहीं पड़ेंगे।
* पके केले के गूदे में आटा मिलाकर पानी के साथ गूंथ लें। इसे गरम करके सूजन वाले हिस्से पर बांधने से सूजन दूर हो जाएगी।
* चोट पर केले का छिलका बांधने से आराम मिलता है। घाव पर केले का पानी लगाकर पट्टी बांधने से घाव जल्दी भर जाता है।
* जो बच्चा मिट्टी खाता हो,उसे पांच ग्राम शहद के साथ एक केला प्रतिदिन खिलाएँ। इससे पेट की मिट्टी बाहर आ जाएगी तथा बच्चे की मिट्टी खाने की आदत छूट जाएगी।
* बच्चा कांच की गोली,सिक्का आदि निगल जाए,तो उसे केला खिलाना चाहिए।
* केले को दिन में ही खाना चाहिए क्योंकि गरमी में यह जल्दी पचता है। रात में खाया केला जल्दी हजम नहीं होता।
* खाली पेट केला नहीं खाना चाहिए। खाने के बाद या भोजन के साथ ही इसे खाएं।
* केला खाकर पानी न पिएं बल्कि दूध या छोटी इलायची खाने से केला जल्दी हज़म हो जाएगा
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My periods were irregular before marriage. Now after marriage they got normal. Is it good to become pregnant soon? As we are trying to conceive from last 6 months by doing sex weekly thrice.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
My periods were irregular before marriage. Now after marriage they got normal. Is it good to become pregnant soon? As...
Hi, nothing is to b panic. You r 30 at present, you must think to b pregnant, now. Homoeo care: tk both of you sulphur 30- 5 drps in d morning, once a wk./ 4 doses i. E for a month. Only. He, should tk acid phos 200--5drops daly for 15 days, your partner should take: apple, mango, almond, carrot, milk along wth d regular diet. If possible he shoild go for a walk in the morning. Report after 15 days. Tk care.
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I am married from last 3 years with a baby of 2 years. I am not so much interested in having relation with my husband for many days. I have not any interest in sexual life. What is the reason behind this.

Homeopath, Faridabad
I am married from last 3 years with a baby of 2 years. I am not so much interested in having relation with my husband...
Hi. A woman’s libido is the desire for sexual intercourse. Common causes of lack of sexual desire include exhaustion, poor self-esteem, or an unhappy relationship. A significant cause may be hormone imbalance from childbirth, chemical birth control or other hormonal changes. Stress, melancholy along with getting older are normal cause. Medication: Take Alfaalfa Tonic and Five Phos. - both thrice daily. Management: Talk openly with your partner about your sexual dysfunction Daily exercise is helpful to increase sexual drive Try to keep your body free from obesity Take a balance diet filled with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit Learn to relax and de-stress by meditating Stop smoking Alcohol has bad affects to sexual function and desire Try to reduce the drinking of alcohol Avoid illegal and powerful sexual drugs Practice pranayam regularly for half an hour preferably in a garden early in the morning. Also, practice Pelvic floor exercise or Kegel exercise, consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. In order to locate your pelvic muscles try to stop and begin the flow of urine as using the bathroom. You can perform Kegel exercises with the empty bladder as exercising pelvic muscle with the full bladder might result in urinary tract infections. Kegel exercises are employed to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle and other muscle s of the pelvic diaphragm. Kegels can help men achieve stronger erections, maintain healthy hips, and gain greater control over ejaculation. The objective of this may be similar to that of the exercise in women with weakened pelvic floor: to increase bladder and bowel control and sexual function. Foods which increases sex drive: The truth is, there are certain vitamins and minerals that can give your sex drive a boost. After all, you need nutrients to enable your body to function properly, including because they are the building blocks of life, but they also allow you to have the best sex of your life without spoiling the fun. These includes Vitamin C (lemons, oranges, limes, kiwis, peas, potatoes, peppers, berries, grapefruit, melons and Brussel sprouts), Folic acid (avocado, sunflower seeds, asparagus, cauliflower, romaine lettuce, beets, celery, corn, almonds, peanuts and spinach), Vitamin B (brown rice, peanuts, paprika, chicken, baked potatoes, bananas, tomatoes), Vitamin E (spinach, asparagus, whole grain breads, broccoli, tomatoes, egg yolks, walnuts, chickpeas and sweet potato). Zinc deficiency means unhealthy sex life. So, eat lots of brown rice, flax seeds, pork, squash seeds, dark chocolate, oysters, garlic, crab, wheat germ, lobster, egg yolks, and kidney beans. Magnesium is a “mineral aphrodisiac,” because of its ability to increase your sex drive and performance in bed. At the same time, this nutrient helps produce sex hormones that are responsible for your urges down there, so add rice, wheat, almonds, sage, pumpkin seeds, cocoa powder flax seeds, squash seeds, sage, basil and dry roasted soybeans At the end, make sure you eat enough Selenium in your diet - sunflower seeds, flounder, salmon, Brazil nuts, scallops, liver, pork, chicken, barley, onions, brown rice and sardines to reach optimal levels of this essential nutrient.
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My friend has married since 2 years but he has no baby. He has got sperm test and find that he has no sperm count. He is worried about it. He usually eat junk food. Please suggest if it can be cured.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
My friend has married since 2 years but he has no baby. He has got sperm test and find that he has no sperm count. He...
1. Have sex & masturbate less often - the more times you ejaculate, the less dense your semen will be. Maintain a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations. 2. Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. - alcohol affects your liver function, which, in turn, causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks a day will have long-term effects on sperm production 3. Exercise regularly. Exercising your pc muscle can help you shoot further than ever before. 4. Eat nutritious food - diet that's low in fat, and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains is good for your health and for your sperm. Avoid bitter, astringent and spicy foods. Reduce caffeine intake 5. Avoid heating of testicles - wear loose, cotton boxer shorts, avoid hot baths and saunas 6. Lose any excess weight, which tends to cause testosterone/oestrogen imbalances. 7. Reduce stress levels by learning relaxation techniques - keep your mind and body healthy by regular practice of yoga and meditation. 8. Massage body with herbal oil, which improves blood circulation. 9. Try supplements - certain natural supplements promise to increase sperm production. Checkout some natural and herbal, no side effects supplements at 10. Make love in the early morning or afternoon. Sperm levels are often highest in the mornings.
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Pregnant - 3 Ways To Stay Stress Free!

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MRCOG
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Pregnant - 3 Ways To Stay Stress Free!

If you are stressed and wondering if this anxiety will affect the health of your child, you can be assured that you will have an uncomplicated childbirth and a healthy baby. It is absolutely normal to be stressed to some extent regarding the changes that are taking place in your life and to your body. But that doesn’t mean you can be stressed all the time and if this is the case with you, then you should seek professional help as high anxiety levels can adversely affect the health of your baby. This is because the cortisol or stress hormone may cross the placenta and create an impact on the emotional development of the baby.

There are various ways of staying stress free during pregnancy, and they are simple enough to be incorporated in your daily routine.

  1. Take enough rest and concentrate on your baby: It is good for you and the baby if you relax. You should sing and talk to your baby and you will be happy to know that he or she can hear you from around 23rd week. This would also allow you to bond better with your child after the birth takes place.
  2. Talk about your stress with people you trust: If you have any tension or worries regarding your child’s well-being, you can always communicate it to your best friend, your mother or anyone you faith in. You should never hesitate to be honest about your thoughts and feelings, and when you are true to yourself, you are likely to receive the support you require. You should talk to your partner as well and you may be surprised to know that both of you share similar worries and that your partner has some concerns that you are unaware about.
  3. Eat well and stay healthy: Eating tasty as well as nutritious food is good for your mind and body. Take in as many minerals, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids as you can, as these will help in elevating your mood. It is believed that the amino acid named tryptophan can help you get rid of all the tensions and boost your mood. It also helps in raising the levels of serotonin and melatonin that allow you to sleep better and make you feel well rested.

With little exercise and pampering, you will be able to reduce the stress and feel comfortable about your pregnancy. But in case you feel that you are stressed out without any control, you must consider consulting a doctor.

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I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on last month 27. Till now she did not have her periods (mensuration) came. After sex she took an I pill tab. And mostly on every month her mensuration date on last of every month. Are we in safe zone doctor? Is there any need of pregnancy check up required?

EMDR, FRCOG (LONDON) (Fellow of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists), MFSRH , Diploma in psychosexual therapy, Medical diploma in clinical Hypnosis, Diploma in Evidence Based Healthcare, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Pune
I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on last month 27. Till now she did not have her periods (mensuration) came. ...
Thank you for your question. Taking the ipill is associated with the side effects such as abdominal pain, unscheduled bleeding, bloating, period like discomfort, early or late periods and also of course a pregnancy. If she took the ipill within 24 hours of unprotected intercourse you are 95% sure to avoid a pregnancy. Any later and the success rate also reduces. I would suggest that you wait for her period to come. If it is delayed by over 7 days to do a pregnancy test. I would also suggest that you see your local gynaecologist to discuss other reliable methods of contraception if you will be having sex regularly. Ipill is an emergency contraceptive and should only be used for emergencies when your regular contraceptive fails. It is important to know that there is really no such thing as a safe period in young fertile women. Even if you are using condoms consistently and correctly you will have a failure rate of about 15 %. Unprotected intercourse has a 40% risk of unwanted pregnancy in any part of the cycle greater when it is midcycle. Please seek advice regarding more reliable contraception if you do not wish to have a baby just yet. Best wishes.
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I have cramps during periods. I used to take 2-3 meftal spac a day. Is it harmful? Can you suggest any alternatives of meftal spac which are less harmful?

Ayurveda, Zirakpur
I have cramps during periods. I used to take 2-3 meftal spac a day. Is it harmful? Can you suggest any alternatives o...
meftal spas decreases the flow of bleeding .Instead you should take dashmoolarishth 20 ml twice daily with equal water after meal.
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I am suffering from white vaginal discharge last 7 year. Sometimes I have pain in my bellybutton area. I don't know what happen. please give some home remedy and the reasons.

Homeopath, Hubli-Dharwad
if white discharge is not associated with smell and itching no- need to worry. it's a secretion from the vagina to keep ph balance so that it should not get infected
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7 Health Benefits Of Having Sex

MD - Alternate Medicine, M-CSEPI, BHMS
Sexologist, Pune
7 Health Benefits Of Having Sex

Sex is an extremely personal and subjective matter. Different individuals relate to and indulge in sex differently. The idea of sex also varies from person to person and may not always fit the stereotypical penile-vaginal penetrative intercourse.

There is no way of determining exactly how much sex is good and how much of it is too much. Some people like to be sexually active with thorough regularity while others find comfort in abstinence. Age also plays an important role here with people between the ages of 18-29 indulging in higher levels of sexual activity than those who are middle-aged or elderly.

The different levels and frequencies of sexual activity have varying degrees of impacts on the overall mental, physical and sexual health of a person. There are numerous health benefits attached to having an active sex life, which manifests themselves in both the body and the mind.

The health benefits of having sex are -
As per studies conducted, it has been shown that having sex, at least, two times a week can boost overall physical and mental health. The many health benefits of being sexually active are as follows:

  •   It improves immunity and makes the body more resilient to diseases
  •   It improves bladder control in women and prevents urinary incontinence
  •   It prevents erectile dysfunction in men
  •   It improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  •   It acts as a stress reliever
  •   It improves functioning of the heart and lowers the risk of heart disease
  •   It reduces sensitivity to pain

There are several other benefits of sex, which include the effective healing and nurturing of the body in a holistic manner.

Is there a limit to having sex?
A large number of people all around the world are concerned about their carnal compulsions and frequently approach sex therapists about what frequency of sex constitutes as a 'healthy' dose.

There really is no such thing as too much sex. But if overindulgence in sexual activities causes a disturbance in everyday activities such as work, classes, household responsibilities and other obligations, it becomes a problem. If such a situation arises, it might be signs of a sex addiction in which case it is important to consult a sexologist or sex therapist. Ideally, having sex two times a day is good for your body, mind and soul.

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I'm a 24 years old girl. My mensuration not come yet. It already late 20 days. I test three time pregnancy usking kit. But result is negative. What should I do. Why my mensuration not come yet. Please help me.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
A number of factors can cause this problem, such as eating disorders, significant weight loss or gain, anemia, menopause, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance, liver disease, tuberculosis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, recent birth or miscarriage, polycystic ovarian syndrome, uterine abnormalities, and other health conditions sesame seeds are useful in regulating menstrual cycles as they help balance your hormones. They are loaded with lignans that help bind excess hormones. Plus, they contain essential fatty acids that promote optimal hormone production. Jaggery, too, helps regulate menstrual cycles due to its warming effects. 1. Dry roast a handful of sesame seeds. 2. Grind them along with one teaspoon of jaggery into a fine powder. 3. Take one teaspoon of this powder daily on an empty stomach in the luteal phase, or second half of your menstrual cycle (two weeks before your period starts), for a few months. Simply eating a piece of jaggery, also known as gur, will also help regulate menstruation. Note: do not use this remedy during your periods any queries inform me.
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How it can harm if period days are 1 or 2 days? can it harm if its in clot and it color is blue or green?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
How it can harm if period days are 1 or 2 days? can it harm if its in clot and it color is blue or green?
Hello, there are chances that you are experiencing scanty menses and this can be related to hormonal imbalances or even hypothyroid state. Clot formation and bluish green discharge is indicative of an infection and should be investigated with a per speculum exam and a high vagina swab for culture. Regards.
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Hie doctor. I was in a relationship for more den seven years. I am getting married to another guy. I want to operate vagina as it has expanded very much also my breasts are sagging. Please suggest some medicines n olso doctor for a check up.

M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Noida
You will need both vaginoplasty (making vagina tighter and smaller) along with hymenoplasty. This is safe and there are no scars out side, after some time no-one can identify. Mere hymenoplasty can not tighten roomy vagina. You can consult a plastic surgeon.
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I want to loss weight I am using lp slim and I am suffering from pcos can I use hyponid and only tablets from charak brand.

Cosmetic Physician, Mumbai
I want to loss weight I am using lp slim and I am suffering from pcos can I use hyponid and only tablets from charak ...
Hi lybrate-user, thank you for your query, your ideal body weight should be between 62- 67 kg s according to your height. Fatloss with diet and exercise alone is difficult to achieve, temporary and not in the specific areas one wishes to reduce from. It is a common problem which can be easily treated with advanced technologies like mesotheraphy, laser and radiofrequency. It gives permanent, instant results on specific body parts like abdomen, hips, arms, without undergoing lifestyle alternation and surgery.
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My wife had menopause from the last two years. In the last couple of days she has found spotted blood on her panty. It is only on few spotted areas but not as regular monthly bleeding. Please advise. Thanks

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst and Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellow- Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ACOG, USA), FIAOG
Gynaecologist, Kolkata
Even small amount of bleeding should not be ignored. In 10% cases, it is due to some cancer. But in 90% cases, some mild diseases. Still, you must ensure that she is not having any serious problems. So, consult your gynaecologist immediately and get some basic check ups and investigations (HPV test, USG at minimum) done
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"प्याज" के संबध में महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी

Homeopath, Kota
"प्याज" के संबध में महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी

सन 1919 में फ्लू से चार करोड़ लोग मारे जा चुके थे तब एक डॉक्टर कई किसानों से उनके घर इस प्रत्याशा में मिला कि वो कैसे इन किसानों को इस महामारी से लड़ने में सहायता कर सकता है। बहुत सारे किसान इस फ्लू से ग्रसित थे और उनमें से बहुत से मारे जा चुके थे। 
डॉक्टर जब इनमें से एक किसान के संपर्क में आया तो उसे ये जान कर बहुत आश्चर्य हुआ जब उसे ये ज्ञात हुआ कि सारे गाँव के फ्लू से ग्रसितहोने के बावजूद ये किसान परिवार बिलकुल बिलकुल स्वस्थ्य था तब डॉक्टर को ये जानने की इच्छा जाएगी कि ऐसा इस किसान परिवार ने सारे गाँव से हटकर क्या किया कि वो इस भंयकर महामारी में भी स्वस्थ्य थे। तब किसान की पत्नी ने उन्हें बताया कि उसने अपने मकान के दोनों कमरों में एक प्लेट में बिना छिली प्याज रख दी थी तब डॉक्टर ने प्लेट में रखी इन प्याज में से क को माइक्रोस्कोप से देखा तो उसे इस प्याज में उस घातक फ्लू के बैक्टेरिया मिले जो संभवतया इन प्याज द्वारा अवशोषित कर लिए गए थे और शायद यही कारण था कि इतनी बड़ी महामारी में ये परिवार बिलकुल स्वस्थ्य क्योंकि फ्लू के वायरस इन प्याज द्वारा सोख लिए गए थे। 
जब मैंने अपने एक मित्र जो अमेरिका में रहते थे और मुझे हमेशा स्वास्थ्य संबधी मुद्दों पर बेहद ज्ञानवर्धक जानकारी भेजते रहते हैं तब उन्होंने प्याज के संबध में बेहद महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी/अनुभव मुझे भेजा करते हैं । उन्होंने मुझे इस कहानी को भेजा। उनकी इस बेहद रोचक कहानी के लिए धन्यवाद। क्योंकि मुझे इस किसान वाली कहानी के बारे में कोई जानकारी नहीं थी। जब मैं न्यूमोनिया से ग्रसित था और कहने की आवश्यकता नहीं थी कि मैं बहुत कमज़ोर महसूस कर रहा था तब मैंने एक लेख पढ़ा था जिसमें ये बताया गया था कि प्याज को बीच से काटकर रात में न्यूमोनिया से ग्रस्त मरीज़ के कमरे में एक जार में रख दिया गया था और सुबह यह देख कर बेहद आश्चर्य हुआ कि प्याज सुबह कीटाणुओं की वज़ह से बिलकुल काली हो गई थी तब मैंने भी अपने कमरे में वैसे ही किया और देखा अगले दिन प्याज बिलकुल काली होकर खराब हो चुकी थी और मैं काफी स्वस्थ्य महसूस कर रहा था। 

कई बार हम पेट की बीमारी से दो चार होते है तब हम इस बात से अनजान रहते है कि इस बीमारी के लिए किसे दोषी ठहराया जाए। तब नि:संदेह प्याज को इस बीमारी के लिए दोषी ठहराया जा सकता है,प्याज बैक्टेरिया को अवशोषित कर लेती है यही कारण है कि अपने इस गुण के कारण प्याज हमें ठण्ड और फ्लू से बचाती है अत:वे प्याज बिलकुल नहीं खाना चाहिए जो बहुत देर पहल काटी गई हो और प्लेट में रखी गई हों। ये जान लें कि"काट कर रखी गई प्याज बहुत विषाक्त होती हैं" 

जब कभी भी फ़ूड पॉइसनिंग के केस अस्पताल में आते हैं तो सबसे पहले इस बात की जानकारी ली जाती कि मरीज़ ने अंतिम बार प्याज कब खाई थी. और वे प्याज कहाँ से आई थीं,(खासकर सलाद में)तब इस बीमारी के लिए या तो प्याज दोषी हैं या काफी देर पहले कटे हुए"आलू"
प्याज बैक्टेरिया के लिए"चुंबक"की तरह काम करती हैं खासकर कच्ची प्याज। आप कभी भी थोड़ी सी भी कटी हुई प्याज को देर तक रखने की गलती न करे ये बेहद खतरनाक हैं यहाँ तक कि किसी बंद थैली में इसे रेफ्रिजरेटर में रखना भी सुरक्षित नहीं है। प्याज ज़रा सी काट देने पर ये बैक्टेरिया से ग्रसित हो सकती है औए आपके लिए खतरनाक हो सकती है। यदि आप कटी हुई प्याज को सब्ज़ी बनाने के लिए उपयोग कर रहें हो तब तो ये ठीक है मगर यदि आप कटी हुई प्याज अपनी ब्रेड पर रख कर खा रहें है तो ये बेहद खतरनाक है ऐसी स्थिति में आप मुसीबत को न्योता दे रहें हैं। याद रखे कटी हुई प्याज और कटे हुए आलू की नमी बैक्टेरिया को तेज़ी से पनपने में बेहद सहायक होता है। कुत्तों को कभी भी प्याज नहीं खिलाना चाहिए क्योंकि प्याज को उनका पेट का मेटाबोलिज़ कभी भी नहीं पचाता। 

कृपया ध्यान रखे कि"प्याज को काट कर अगले दिन सब्ज़ी बनाने के लिए नहीं रखना चाहिए क्योंकि ये बहुत खतरनाक है यहाँ तक कि कटी हुई प्याज एक रात में बहुत विषाक्त हो जाती है क्योंकि ये टॉक्सिक बैक्टेरिया बनाती है जो पेट खराब करने के लिए पर्याप्त रहता है"

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Soothe Your Joint and Spine Pain with Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Noida
Soothe Your Joint and Spine Pain with Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Panchakarma is an ayurvedic technique which is used to detoxify the body, boost the immune system and restore the balance in the body. Due to lack of exercise and a poor diet, the waste material generated by the body is not effectively discharged. This causes accumulation of toxins in the body that can result in diseases.

Panchakarma can be used to treat and heal the pain in the joints and the spine. There are specific treatments in panchakarma that targets these regions, they are:

1. Abhyanga - Abhyanga is a technique where warm oil is used to cover the entire body. The oil is then gently massaged so that it can penetrate the underlying tissues. It is used to lubricate the joints, muscle toning and to increase blood supply around nerve endings.

 2. Pindasweda - In this technique hot cotton bags consisting of herbs, rice, and sand or medical powder are used to massage the body. This rejuvenating therapy induces perspiration in the body by which the herbs and the heat penetrates into the body. It is used to treat problems of the joints such as gout, arthritis, and sciatica.

 3. Upanaha - A combination of herbal medicine is applied to the affected part and then covered with medicinal leaves. The herbs help in easing the muscles and tendons of the affected part. It relieves pain, reduces swellings and improves mobility in the joint.

 4. Kati vista - In this treatment, medicated oil is pooled into a collar made from dough and then placed on the lower back for a specific amount of time. It strengthens the lower back, lubricates the spine and acts as a muscle pain reliever.

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Im having my marriage in first week of september and its my periods date in dat week .is there any medicine to get my periods in last week of august i.e on 28th of august.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Im having my marriage in first week of september and its my periods date in dat week .is there any medicine to get my...
Hello, You may opt for progesterone tabs from day 22 of your cycle till as long as you wish to delay your menses. You need to get them prescribed.
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I had sex on 7th and 9th and I'm not going to have sex again can I be pregnant because I gym also.

MD - Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine
Epidemiologist, Hyderabad
If the days you had sex coincide with ovulation i.e release of egg from your ovary, then pregnancy is likely. If not you have to wait for the next ovulation day in next cycle. Gym has no relation to pregnancy.
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