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Ashok P

Dr. Ashok P

General Physician8 Years Exp.
 at clinic
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health more

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  • General Physician

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  • General Physician


  • MBBS , vinayaka mission university , 2015

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Question and Answers



male • 26 Year Old • Oct 30, 2022

Sir my penis so weak because I am one day 2,3 time masturbation how I can solved this cause.

Ashok P

1 year ago

Pls stop masturbation or you may go addicted and take plenty of fruits and vegetables if you want any medicine take multivitamin


Keren Katzew

female • 18 Year Old • Oct 30, 2022

Hi, I am struggling with a uti. My course of antibiotics ends soon, but I am still struggling with painful symptoms, how can I relieve the symptoms of a uti?

Ashok P

1 year ago

Don’t worry pls repeat the Urine culture and sensitivity then according if needed take medicine if negativity no need Pls continue Citralka syrup 10ml dilute with 200m full answer



female • 24 Year Old • Apr 07, 2022 • Deoghar

I am having burning throat and swallowing issue since 3-4 days. Especially it increases after oily and citrus food.

Ashok P

1 year ago

It may be ulcer in the throat don’t take oily food and spicy food if you have more pain take antacid syrup


Tarun Singh

male • Apr 07, 2022 • Agra

Hii I take sidnafil 150 mg nd depoxtine 50 mg 12 days ago. After that day I feel my penis very weak. Banding towards left getting soft erection. Is my penis damage?

Ashok P

1 year ago

Don’t take sildnafil take that’s lot of side effects there Take good food and fresh juice or fruit we wait for a week if the same symptoms continue take consultation



female • 41 Year Old • Apr 06, 2022 • Delhi

I am 40 years old working woman .i am facing extreme bouts of weakness. Majorly it happens around periods. Leg pain, lower back and neck pain is very common and recurrin more

Ashok P

1 year ago

Normal weakness there during cycle so don’t worry take plenty of water and fresh juice or fruits Or take multivitamin and calcium supplements