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Dr. Deepak

Allergist/Immunologist, ropar

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Dr. Deepak Allergist/Immunologist, ropar
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To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies....more
To provide my patients with the highest quality healthcare, I'm dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest health care technologies.
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What is the best treatment for child asthma as my son is 2.5 years old amd doctors are Saying that he is having asthma problem and we have to start inhaler for prevention. Pls suggest should I start with inhaler and will my son get used to of taking inhaler if I start. Pls help or I can start something home remedies .as he is suffering from cough from last 2 months. Severely. multiple antibiotics nebulizer etc already given from so long.

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
What is the best treatment for child asthma as my son is 2.5 years old amd doctors are
Saying that he is having asthm...
Better to start inhaler as per advise of a child specialis. Use asthma preventor medicine by inhalation regularly. Keep decreasing if child comfortable. 50% children grow out of asthma by age of 14 years. Inhalers do not cause habit.
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I am suffering from allergy skin allergy and sneezing allergy and. It. Brings red on my sjin and. It fells itching what should I do.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
I am suffering from allergy skin allergy and sneezing allergy and. It. Brings red on my sjin and. It fells itching wh...
Homoeopathic medicine formula-d tabs (bakson) chew 1 tab 3 time a day for 1 month derm-aid soap (bakson) use only thiss soap on body do nd donts 1. Exercise regularily 2. Take nutritious diet 3. Avoid application of cream nd lotions 4. Avoid dry fruits, nuts, chocklates, spicy nd fried food.
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FCCP (USA), MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonologist, Indore
According to hygiene hypothesis of Asthma, children who are exposed to infection during early childhood are less prone to develop asthma in future. This doesn't mean that child should be made to invite infections but too strict adherence to antiseptic protocol must be reconsidered. One should remember the sanskrit saying. .....
अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत्।

Now my mother has cough and cold, throat infection and long-term dust allergies please tell me complete prescription.

General Physician, Chandigarh
She can take honitus cough syrup three times a day do warm water saline gargles several times a day and take steam inhalation regularly twice a day till she recovers for dust allergy she will have to take anti allergic meficines whenever required.
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Pulmonologist, Lucknow
Tulsi,Ginger and Turmeric are very helpful to cure Asthma. Ayurveda can cure most of the disease completely and without any side effect to our body.

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Scope of Homeopathy in Bronchial Asthma

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar

Scope of Homeopathy Treatment for Asthma

  • The homeopathy treatment helps to treat the asthma in 2 ways – It controls the acute asthmatic condition by both oral medicines and homeopathy nebulizer (Dr Satapathy’s homeo nebulizer).The acute symptoms of asthma like coughing, chest tightness, wheezing sound, shortness of breath are immediately required to control as quick as possible so the person can breathe freely. There are many homeopathy medicines when selected as per the totality of symptoms of the person can able to control the acute asthma symptoms effectively and rapidly. The medicines for acute symptoms can be given repeatedly even 30 minutes to hour interval till the symptoms are not getting fully recovered. There is no specific medicine for any specific health issues in homeopathy. One medicine can be given in different health problem when the symptoms of the diseased person are fully matched homeopathically with the medicinal symptoms. For example a severe dry cough which worsen on lying posture with gagging or vomiting, suffocative sensation and more cough after drinking cold water can be given one homeopathy medicine ‘spongia’, another person with same dry severe cough but get relief after drinking little cold water will be given another medicine ‘cuprum met’. So here for the same health problem of cough there is two different medicines in which one get relief from tsaking cold water but another get worse, which is the key characteristic symptoms to select the specific homeopathy medicines. Similarly in all asthma symptoms that may be cough or wheezing sound or tightness of chest the medicines are not same for each individual symptom. The selection of medicines is totally depend upon the symptoms of the patient. But it is hundred percentages true that homeopathy has effective medicines for all acute symptoms. If the correct medicine with accurate potency is given it give immediate relieve to the disease. So besides the diagnosis of disease the diagnosis of medicine is highly essential to cure one disease in homeopathy. Unlike other therapist a homeopath has dual responsibility i.e. to diagnosis the disease and then to diagnosis the remedy. But at the same time the mother tincture form of homeopathy medicines have specific effect on a specific health problem like Justecea adathoda mother tincture is generally given for dry cough whatever the characterized symptom present. But the specific homeopathy remedy is generally given in raw form i.e. in mother tincture form or in very lower potency. The alkaloid or active principle of each and every homeopathy medicine has some key therapeutic property. In this regards homeopathic nebulizer developed by Dr.Satapathy do act in same principle and is given to all asthma patients as a common supplementary treatment to control the severity of asthmatic situation. With all the indicated homeopathic acute remedies, Dr.satapathy’s homeo nebulizer offers a rapid and long lasting relief to the acute symptoms of the asthma. 
  • The control of the acute symptoms of the asthma won’t give a long lasting relief. It is the management of acute symptoms for a time period. Because though the symptoms can be well managed by the acute homeopathic remedies for a limited time period , but there is chance of reappearance of asthma symptoms if the patient again being exposed to the triggers. It is because the person’s immune system is still in hyperactive state so whenever he get exposed towards any allergens the symptoms again reappear. The immune system of an asthmatic person is very sensitized to many allergens and when get contact with them develop the asthmatic symptoms. Just to control the symptoms will not cure the asthma in a long term basis because his hypersensitive immune system again will react adversely when again get expose to the same allergen. So for a long term cure it is highly required to modify the hypersensitive immune system of the asthmatic person to a normal functioning immune system. A proper constitutional homeopathy medicines basing upon the homeopathy way of case history taken which covers the common clinical symptoms with their modalities , physical general symptoms, mental general symptoms, miasmatic back ground, past history of any health issues either physical or psychological background, family history of any diseases, if all those taken into consideration then the constitutional homeopathy medicine comes from those symptom similarities basis is the specific medicine for that particular person. If that medicine is given for a considerable time it will help to modify the hypersensitive immune system to normal functioning immune system. This type of homeopathy treatment is called as classical homeopathy treatment. From my 24 years of clinical experience I feel both acute homeopathy treatment along with classical approach of treatment is much more beneficial than alone acute treatment or alone classical treatment.
  • In spite of that there are many factors those also put bad impact on the immune system and convert its healthy functioning nature to hypersensitive nature. Factors that affect the immune systems are faulty life style, faulty food habits, lack of physical activities, constantly staying in a overstressed condition, side effects of various chemical drugs, obesity, smoking, rise of pollution, suppression of any skin disease, hereditary condition and so many life style changes also responsible for making our immune system hyperactive. So with homeopathy treatment a healthy life style, healthy food habits, healthy mind set up is mostly desirable to cure asthma permanently and forever.
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Sir, I have some kind of dust allergy on my palm of the leg. If I walk with chapped ,sandals or in barefoot inside my house, the skin start to dry, looks wrinkled and skin become very rough. Its very uncomfortable. Can you pls suggest some remedies.

Acupressurist, Chandigarh
Sir, I have some kind of dust allergy on my palm of the leg. If I walk with chapped ,sandals or in barefoot inside my...
Dear lybrate-user ji, You should wash your legs feet thrice daily. Do massage with coconut oil of your legs etc. Take Natrum Mur 12 x thrice a day four tablets at a time for three days.
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What is Allergic Asthma?

B.A, Fellowship in Applied Nutrition , PG Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gurgaon
What is Allergic Asthma?

Allergic asthma is the condition in which the symptoms of an asthmatic attack appear after exposure to certain allergens. 90% of the cases of asthma in children are allergy driven, while in adults, the percentage is said to be around 50%.

An allergy happens when an individual's immune system exhibits massive reaction or fights vigorously against substances like pollen, dust, animal dander or certain other minute particles which are actually not harmful to the body but are considered so by the immune system.

Symptomatic changes in cases of allergic asthma:

If the symptoms of an asthma attack occur only when you are subjected to these triggers or irritant particles, your case is allergy driven. 

  • In such cases, the airway reacts aggressively to the entry of such allergens.
  • The airway muscles tighten up and inflammation is observed.
  • Breathing becomes painful and compromised, and mucus accumulation sets in very quickly.
  • Coughing is a common phenomenon, as the body tries to expel the mucus accumulated.

The allergens mentioned above are not the only triggering agents. Basically, anything that causes irritation could trigger an allergy and an asthmatic attack thereafter. Symptoms in the case of allergy driven asthma are more or less the same as seen in other asthmatic cases.

Confirming the cause of asthma as allergic or not:

The doctor would give you a much better clarification on whether you're asthma is allergy driven or not. There are pretty much two ways to decipher the same:

  • One is to administer a tiny amount of allergen to the skin and making a note of the reaction to that. Whether the reaction is a normal one or an aggressive one would tell if an individual has an allergy or not.
  • Specific IgE test may be done to confirm the cause, or to test the presence of an allergic reaction in the individual.

All your queries pertaining to allergic asthma and asthma, in general, are more than welcome.

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My mother is suffering from chronic Bronchial Asthma since last 15 years. Her age is 58 years. Please advise.

MBBS, MS (ENT & HEAD AND NECK SURGERY), FSIB, Diploma in Allergy and Asthma
ENT Specialist, Delhi
Asthma is a chronic obstructive lung disease which can be treated with good control ie no attacks with medications and inhalers after regular evaluation with lung function tests, allergy skin prick test and some other blood tests. It is advised to visit a nearby allergist or respiratory specialist for evaluation and treatment.
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Im having dust allergy problems since childhood and now I had a surgery on chronic sinusitis before 3 months and also septoplasty but now im having pain over right nose while breathing please help me.

Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), MBBS
ENT Specialist, Guwahati
Hello and welcome to lybrate, going cautiously through your concern, I guess that you might be having dry mucosa inside considering the fact that you have undergone surgery 3 months back. Anyway, direct examination by your surgeon will be better for diagnosis. I would prefer: (1) solspre nasal spray. To douch the nostril thrice daily for 14 days thanks.
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