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Dr. Abhishek

Psychologist, Rewari

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Dr. Abhishek Psychologist, Rewari
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Sir, Interest is not came in my life now, I fear something daily don't know and why I fear. Im a graduate of BCA ,I fear to stay single in new place except relative home. I don't know why I fear this happen run in last 5 yrs. Asked the question to me in any staff and I knew the answer but I say to fear. What's the problem for me sir.

Ph.D - Ph.D in Psychology, Ph. D - Education
Psychologist, Kakinada
Sir, Interest is not came in my life now, I fear something daily don't know and why I fear. Im a graduate of BCA ,I f...
Fear is dangerous. It means you have lost confidence on yourself and you are unable to make the right decision. You imagine what may go wrong. You mess up your brain for nothing. There is more perceived fear than actual fear. Stop imagining and start living.
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Hi, I am having trouble finding myself, what do I capable of, what should be the process of thinking, how do I control myself?

Hypnotherapist, DCS, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
Hi, I am having trouble finding myself, what do I capable of, what should be the process of thinking, how do I contro...
If you mean that you have lost your purpose of living and are feeling lost as to what to do then counselling can help you to regain your lost purpose and find a more satisfying and fulfilling life. For this please click on private chat for a personalised session.
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I feel somewhat dissatisfied with myself and I always find myself in the situation of lacking confidence which results in failure in some of my works. Please suggest me some to boost my confidence and increase in my responding power.

M.B.B.S., F.I.C.A. (USA), P.G.D.I.H, F.C.G.P., D.C.A.H
Psychiatrist, Vadodara
This is all stress and worries of life. May be issues of love/future marriage, you may be having insecurities and fear. Just relax. Ask yourself what bothers you? have a positive self-talk, and learn what are those things you don't like. You need to accept your self and move on. You need to take care of your lifestyle and learn to be happy. If you cant do it yourself, meet a life coach/ stress management super-specialist like me. Once you open your heart out, you will feel free and begin to fly in life. I assure you that I can manage this and help u. You may consult me.
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I am stressed and depressed for a long while. But recently it has started to grow more.

MS - Counselling & Psychotherapy, Master of Arts In Clinical Psychology, Bachelor of Arts - Psychology & English Literature
Psychologist, Coimbatore
I am stressed and depressed for a long while. But recently it has started to grow more.
Hi lybrate-user! There must be some reason for your depression and you need to find out why. Natural reasons are many, which result in leading us to get depressed because we human beings are mostly of soft hearted and we get attached to our loved ones or blood relatives for whom we live and because of whom we were born. Relationship are interconnected either through family, friends, relatives, loved ones and strangers as well, the same are our expectations and dreams, but if any one of your expectations or dreams are not fulfilled you get easily depressed, the same is loss of someone close. We human beings were created by god and god has of course given us the control or power to heal yourself when depressed through crying, not feeling hungry, avoiding others, etc. For about certain period of time, but if one has no capacity to heal by themselves then, it would be better to seek Professional Psychologist help or treatment to overcome this problem completely either through online or local Psychologist one can undergo treatment for the same. If you are interested you can contact me either through text chat or online consultation at the earliest. Take care. Be relaxed.
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Im a married woman. Mother of a son. From my childhood I love animals. So I started Caring for stray dogs especially by giving food. Bring them home and treat their diseases. So I want to serve animals. But I could not tolerate the bad incidents happening for animals.In sleep even Im getting those bad incidents and always pray for themmm. Is this normal. This disturbing me a lot. Please suggest me to be normal.

Psychologist, Rajkot
Im a married woman. Mother of a son. From my childhood I love animals. So I started Caring for stray dogs especially ...
It is a matter of appreciation as you care for stray Dogs. You seems to be deeply involved in this caring service therefore it is natural that these dogs and society's bad treatment towards them remains in your constant thoughts. And it flashes in your sleep. This is but natural and normal. But I would advise you to control your sensitivity. You are doing what you can do the best. Other things are not in your hands so you are helpless in this regard. Have satisfaction from what you are doing, forget about the ideal situation which will never happened.
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Hi Good morning doctor am vinu want to quit smoking pe day I will smoke 2-3 cigarettes please help me to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Homeopath, Hooghly
Just quit one cig a week,,like if ur taking 10 cig per day take it until next week,,then from next week until coming week take ,9 cig per day,,thus quit one cig per week,, that's the easiest way to quit smoking,,,,but most important thing is that u have to have a burning desire to quit then only u can quit smoking
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Hi I am scared of of faceing people i know. I can talk very well with strangers but not with people i know. I am super self conceous and think alot. Everybody around me dislikes me make fun of me but i try to act normal with them but it drains me out. Feeling really lost,exausted,sad,sick,mentally unstable,hear noises and now i dont get along with anyone.Please suggest me something.

Masters in counseling psychology, Counseling psychologist, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapist
Psychologist, Mumbai
You are having self esteem issues due to the criticism of others.Learn be assertive wherein you should be confident of yourself and not take others opinions as truth. Avoid such people who can only give you negativity and stress, if you cant learn to be assertive. Stop people from criticizing you by clearly mentioning that it is not acceptable. You need to set limitations. And most important have self belief. Learn to evaluate your positive points and concentrate on them.
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Mentally Retarded Children - How Homeopathy Can Help?

Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, PG HOM (London), CCH, CGO, BHMS
Homeopath, Mumbai
Mentally Retarded Children - How Homeopathy Can Help?

If your child is suffering from mental retardation, homeopathy can help. A system of complementary medicine, homeopathy works on the dictum of ‘like treats like’. It is able to treat some of the toughest disorders and illnesses that allopathy finds hard to contain.

Mental retardation: Definition

  • Mental retardation is a blanket term for a pattern of persistently slow learning of basic motor and language milestones during childhood.
  • The adult manifests a below-normal intellectual capacity too.Such people have an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 70 or below.
  • They usually have developmental disabilities, developmental delay, or learning difficulties.


These signs should alert parents and spur them to see a doctor-

  1. If your child learns to sit up, to crawl, or to walk later than other children
  2. Trouble speaking and forming words, remembering things, and having trouble understanding social rules
  3. Trouble solving problems
  4. Trouble thinking logically

What needs to be made clear is that poor academic performance by itself is not a sign of mental retardation. It can be due to multifarious reasons like behaviour problems.

Causes of mental retardation

  1. Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome are the most common genetic causes of mental retardation.
  2. Problems during pregnancy and birth
  3. Rubella infection in pregnant mother
  4. Iodine deficiency in mothers
  5. Malnutrition is a common cause of reduced intelligence in children.

Here are some homoeopathic remedies for the treatment of mental retardation. All you have to keep in mind is to treat this article as a guide and take medicines only under the guidance of a certified and trained homeopath.

  1. Abrotanum: This remedy works when your child shows marked emaciation of legs, has ageing, flabby, and loose skin, and he cannot hold up his head.
  2. Baryta carb: This homeopathy remedy is very effective in treating cretinism which is marked by a dwarfish appearance, mental retardation, with swollen abdomen, puffy face, enlarged glands, thick lips and short stature. Such children also show delayed milestones like learning to walk and speak.
  3. Calcarea carb: When your child presents symptoms like obesity, a chalky look with red face, large belly, large head, pale skin, soft bones, increased sweating, mental slowness, de¬layed skills-walking, talking, etc., this remedy is indicated.
  4. Medorrinum: The remedy is prescribed by homeopaths when your child presents symptoms like dullness and sluggishness, extreme forgetfulness, imbecility, impatience, irritability, difficulty in concentration etc. The remedy is very good for treating delusions, hallucinations, and illusions.

There are other things that you as a parent can do to help your intellectually disabled child like learn everything you can about intellectual disabilities. This way you can guide your child to live a near-normal life successfully. Also get your child involved in group activities like art classes, drawing etc. This will help him learn social skills and become more independent. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.

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My sister have some problematic like she is washing her hands regularly. She is not touch any thing. She take bath more than one and half hour. She is not listen our words. What we have to do. Please give suggestion. She have 2 children one boy and one girl.

Fellow Observership, Certificate in Forensic Psychology, MD-Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Akola
Hello, thanks for the query. What is your sisters age? since when these problem behaviors have started? these behaviors are suggestive of a mental illness named ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) which can be completely controlled with help of some medications & counselling. If you need help, you can revert back to me or consult a psychiatrist. Good luck.
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Often I got irritated on small things. I too become angry very quickly. M I in depression?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Often I got irritated on small things. I too become angry very quickly. M I in depression?
Some of the" typical" responses to frustration include anger, quitting (burn out or giving up), loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, stress and depression. Anger management: 10 tips to tame your temper anger: there is a saying" frustration begets anger and anger begets aggression. Direct anger, is expressed toward the object perceived as the cause of the frustration. If a machine does not work, you might hit it or kick it. If someone gets in your way, you could verbally threaten them or push them aside. If the source of the frustration is too powerful or threatening for direct aggression, displaced aggression is often used. The aggression is redirected toward a less threatening and more available object. An angry person often acts without thinking. The person has given in to the frustration and they have given up restraint. Anger can be a healthy response if it motivates us to positive action but all too often the actions we engage in when angry are destructive. Indeed, if we could see a videotape of ourselves getting angry, the humiliation might well help cure us of anger. When you feel frustration building, you have to practice learned responses that lead to healthy actions instead of destructive ones. Giving up: giving up on a goal can be productive if the goal is truly out of reach. However, more often giving up (quitting or being apathetic) is another form of giving in to frustration. When repeatedly frustrated, people can drop out of school, quit jobs, or move away. Apathy is giving up all of your goals, so you cannot be frustrated by trying to reach them. We live in difficult time and we have to be persistent in order to accomplish. Consider how many projects you began, and then gave up, because you became frustrated and lost patience. Make a list of things you started and quit because they seemed too difficult. Now calculate the disappointment and loss you suffered by not dealing with the frustration in a more healthy way. Try to remember that quitters never win, and winners never quit. Losing your temper means you're a quitter. Loss of confidence: is a terrible frequent side effect of giving up and not fulfilling your goal. A loss of self-confidence and self-esteem, means that if we quit once, then the next time we plan a goal, we may not be able to accurately assess our ability to carry it out and we stop trusting ourselves and our own abilities. This became a self-fulfilling and self-destructive attitude. You need to be able to learn that when the going gets tough, you say to yourself" it is worth it! and by following through, it not only gets the job done, but it builds self-confidence. Stress: is the" wear and tear" our body and mind experiences as we adjust to the frustrations our continually changing environment. Too frequently, extreme, or prolonged frustration and stress strains us and generates distress signals. Our body experiences distress signals in a variety of ways, often in the form of: irritability, anger, fatigue anxiety, headache, depression, stomach aches, hypertension, migraines, ulcers, heart attacks, or colitis. Depression: depression can affect almost every aspect of your life. It affects people of all ages, income, race, and cultures. Depression can affect the way you eat and sleep the way you feel about yourself, the way one think about things, and the way you interact with others. While we all feel depression at various appropriate times in our lives, excess or inappropriate depression cannot be easily dismissed or wished away. Other reactions: abuse of drugs & alcohol is self-destructive and usually futile attempt at dealing with frustration, as are many eating and weight problems and addictions whenever the immediate effects of the addictive behaviour wear off, users find themselves back in the same, or even worse, frustrating situation. Learning to deal with frustration.
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