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Varicose Ulcer Treatment

I have varicose veins problem in my leg & swelling on both legs. Please suggest me.

Varicose veins is a common condition observed in practice whereby patients present with dilated, tortuous and elongated veins, especially on the legs. However, any vein in the body if gets twisted, stretched out or looses elasticity, could be labeled as varicose. The veins have certain valve like mechanism which allows the blood to move upwards toward the heart. The valves have leaflets. When the leaflets loose their elasticity, the valves loose their capacity to push blood upwards; hence there is a back pressure which leads to further elongation of the veins. The veins also have reduced elasticity. As a result, the veins get ‘tortuous’ or twisted; as well as hardened. The veins, thus, become visible as zigzag vascular tubes, especially on legs. Varicose veins affect especially the depending parts of the body that is lower limbs, which gets even worse when one tends to stand longer. People in the business of standing for long, such as sales people, policemen, plastic surgeon (tend to stand for hours during surgery), etc. Are risk of developing varicose veins homeopathy works very well for mild to moderate cases of varicose veins. It helps to reduce pain, control further varicosity, reduces swelling. Homeopathy also helps significantly in the cases which have varicose ulcers. Homeopathic treatment is strongly recommended for all cases of varicose veins a homoeopathic constitutional treatment will give you best results naturally you can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance and permanent cure without any side effects medicines will reach you via courier services.
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My mother is suffering from a varicose vein disease, and it is now turned into a wound so she is unable to stand or sit for a longer period.

My mother is suffering from a varicose vein disease, and it is now turned into a wound so she is unable to stand or s...
It is called ulcer. And it will require proper treatment. Otherwise it may turn into gangrene. Better take proper homeopathic treatment. You can consult me at Lybrate. Till then take hamamelis 30 thrice.
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I have noticed some varicose veins in my leg and I got tests done, its stable (for past 5 months, and I came to know about daflon 500 mg if some doctor could help me with it i'll be grateful.

Micronized purified flavonoid fraction (mpff, 450 mg diosmin plus 50 mg hesperidin-daflon 500 mg) is a potent venotropic drug used in the treatment of venous venous leg ulcer, daflon 500 mg's clinical efficacy has been demonstrated in addition to standard treatment or versus standard treatment alone.
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I am suffering from venus ulcer wound on. My left leg since 8 months .now I am on steroid treatment. But is there much pain won't get sleep .daily I am on dressing .My question is why it is not healing fastDoes steroid treatment helpfulWhat is the remedy for wound pain.

If it venous ulcer than possiblits tha you r suffering from varicose veins 1st get colour Doppler of limb, if it found than treat it first so ulcer can heal.
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I am 53 Year female, I have varicose veins in both legs. In July 2016 I got laser operation done in my right leg and till August 2018, everything was fine and legs were healthy. But suddenly there is swelling which is not going even after taking Daflon 1000 mg tabs and there is large black as well as red blood clotted patches in my both lower limbs and pain all over the area described. Sometimes, there is burning sensation from within and itching all over the rashes. I am keeping leg elevated during sleep and resting time. Kindly suggest me how to go ahead with medications and treatment for this problem. I am unable to walk, keep my legs on the floor or even wear footwear.

Hi. You are heavy weight persons with your height and weight ration. Some points 1. Ubm8ght have some diff problem at present than varicose veins or it can be same 2. Get one repeat venous duplex done in standing position to confirm above mention stuff. 3. Consult vascular surgeon. As varicose veins can have recurrence in some cases. Which may or may not require intervention. 4. Start wearing proper stockings. To control disease at this stage. 5 avoid itching or scratching getting ulcer following minimal trauma is worse thing we want in this sceanrio. If has more question get back to me.
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Sir /Madam, I have varicose veins and it appears black in color on my feet and around ankle area. Sometimes,I feel some pain or itching near black spots. What are the non -surgical treatment for it?

Hi, please get done venous duplex. Consult vascular surgeon or dermatologisy. Confirm its relation to varicose vein. Then you have many ninsurgical or minimal intervention cosmetic options for treatment. And avoid itching over them. Because if you get ulcer it might land you in trouble.
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I want to know that patients varicose vain surgery is done in 2013 and laser treatment in 2016 but there is no healing .please tell that radio ablation would help in healing.

Non healing ulcer can have multiple reasons. First you should consult vascular surgeon to really know the cause of ulcer you have. Varicose veins have multiple treatment options. And will depends on extent of your severity.
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