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I Have Been Constipated For A Week

I am 35 year old lady I am suffering from anal pain after stool not during stool only. From 4 weeks please do me advise for some time feel pain during sitting on chair also.

It can be fissure/piles. Are you constipated?1. Take home cooked, fresh light food. Take a lot of green vegetables n fruit. 2. Increase the fibre in your diet 3. Increase your fluid intake 4. Avoiding straining and constipation which is the most useful thing patients can do to prevent the problem coming back. 5. Maintain active life style6. Curd is good for u. 7. Avoid fast foods, spicy n fried foods homeopathy has very encouraging results. Consult online with details.
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I got anal fissure after delivery with a sentinel tag. I took homeo treatment with no access then a laparoscopic surgeon suggested me anometrogyl along with chymoral plus (twice a day) with softovac once at night, sitz bath twice a day. I did all this and was cured in around 10 days. Stopped chymoral plus after that but still continuing sits bath, softovac and anometrogyl and have been taking fibre in my diet, chewing my food properly and water intake is 2.5 litres per day. I have to rejoin office next week. So my question is for how long do I continue sits bath and anometrogyl. And is softovac a habit forming as I haven't been constipated but i'm of recurrence due to sentinel pile and god forbid if ever I pass hard stools after leaving softovac. I don't wanna go for any surgery. Any suggestions are welcome.

hello and greetings you have a fissure and a sentinel tag which happens after pregnancy. A fissure will increase and cause pain of you have constipation. So it is important to prevent it. This can be done by dietary modifications. Have plenty of water 3 to 4 litres per day, include high fibre by having vegetables and fruits , sprouts, pulses . Yoghurt is good. Avoid refined foods like breads , sweets, cakes , spices and oils. You can start Kegals exercise . Continue sitz bath and cream for 10 days. Gradually stop softvac by tappering and reducing the dose over two weeks. Then the body will not be dependant on it. Lastly maintain good local hygiene. I am sure that you will recover fully and go back to your routine life. Regards
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Hi Sir, I am 22 years old and I am suffering from fistula since 7 years. How can I cure the problem?

Fistula can not be treated by oral medicines only so usually, surgery is advised in anal fistula patients. But surgery is not the right choice for the reason of the recurrence of fistula after surgery and other complications like stool incontinence (inability to hold stool) etc. However, this problem can be completely treated without surgery by graded ksharsutra treatment. No hospitalization or bed rest is required in this treatment. You can continue your normal routine activities as usual during this treatment. Clinical trials conducted by the indian council of medical research (icmr) at aiims - new delhi & pgi - chandigarh have confirmed that ksharsutra treatment is more convenient and more effective than surgery in patients suffering from anal fistula. In this treatment graded ksharsutra - a specialized medicated thread is placed in the fistula tract after defining the fistula tract by careful manual probing or mri fistulogram. Medicine released from graded ksharsutra debrides the fistula tract and induces healing. This medicine works for 5-7 days so old ksharsutra needs to be replaced by a new one at a week or 10 days intervals. The number of graded ksharsutra changes required for complete healing of anal fistula depends on depth direction and branching pattern of the fistula tract. For further support; you may call reception at sushruta ano rectal institute.
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Hi Madam/Sir, When I feel stress then I get pain at adjacent of heart. I have already consult a doctor he tested and told me you have normal reports. Last year from November I have worked in a sewage plant as engineer. Bad stench comes in that plant. I have worked there for 5 months after I resigned that job. After one week later of resignation of job one night I have faced breathing problem and a phobia. Present I don't facing breathing problem but that phobia was still facing. Please tell me how to avoid phobia.

Hi Madam/Sir,
When I feel stress then I get pain at adjacent of heart. I have already consult a doctor he tested and ...
What are other symptoms that you are experiencing? By doing what like walking, exertion, eating or empty stomach- it increases or decreases in intensity. For how much time it remains? How is your appetite?Are you constipated or having loose stools? Is there stiffness also? Any problem in urine? It can be because of gas. I need to know more to be able to make a diagnosis. Follow this 1. Don't take tea empty stomach. Eat something like a banana (if you are not diabetic) or any seasonal fruit or soaked almonds and a glass of water first thing in the morning (within 10 mins of waking up). No only biscuits or rusk will not do. 2. Don't overeat 3. Take your breakfast every day. Don't skip it. U should eat whatever your mother or grandparent eat in bfast. I mean to say whatever is your traditional food. If punjabi eat paratha, if belongs to south then take idli/ dosa etc. 4. Have light meals every 2 hours (in addition to your breakfast, lunch n dinner) e.g. Nariyal paani, chaach, a handful of dry fruits, a handful of peanuts, any fresh n seasonal fruit (eat whole fruit not juice), a cup of curd/milk etc 5. Take simple food like rice n dal in dinner. Finish your dinner at least 2 hours before going to sleep. 6. Maintain active life style7. Avoid fast foods, spicy n fried foods, carbonated beverages 8. Take a lot of green vegetables n fruit. 9. Drink lot of water.10. Everyday preferably sleep on same time exercise in the form of yoga, cycling, swimming, gym etc. For more details, you can consult me.
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I am 22 years old and breastfeeding. I have birth 4 weeks ago through c section. I have been constipated for 4 weeks now. I tried laxatives but not helping what diet should I follow.

1. Take home cooked, fresh light food. Take a lot of green vegetables n fruit. 2. Increasing the fibre in your diet 3. Increasing your fluid intake 4. Avoid fast foods, spicy n fried foods 5. Maintain active life style6. Curd is good for u.7. Avoid straininghomeopathy has very encouraging results. Consult online with details.
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I am 20 years old. I am suffering from haemorrhoids (grade 1 or 2). Is there any medication for quicker relief? Sometimes I face mild abdominal pain and I have acidity problem also for which I am taking gastric medicine in the morning. For piles, I have started taking himalaya pilex tablet twice a day from last 2 days. As per ayurvedic treatment, can I take arshkuthhar ras along with pilex tablet? Or for any other medication please suggest. Thank you.

I am 20 years old. I am suffering from haemorrhoids (grade 1 or 2). Is there any medication for quicker relief? Somet...
Hello I am an allopath so can't comment much about ayurveda. You are suffering from gerd and early haemorrhoids. I would suggest following things. Avoid spicy food. Avoid red meat. Take lots of fluids and fruits. Do sits baths thrice a day with warm water. Apply pilex cream thrice a day. Take tablet dobirut twice a day for two weeks. Take tablet pantodac-l before breakfast. If you are constipated you can add softovac granules bedtime with water. Feel free to ask more.
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Am suffering from hemorrhoids and fissure. mass hai niche and taking g olfaz o2 and zerodol since 1 month. No bleeding occur and also no constipation can you please suggest good medicine or remedy.

Am suffering from hemorrhoids and fissure.
mass hai niche and taking g olfaz o2 and zerodol since 1 month. No bleedin...
Try to take hot seitz bath with betadine. Daflon tab are often very helpful. Complete a course of it. Stool should of normal consistency by natural way or with medication. Thanks.
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Sir mujhe lal pechish ho raha hai. Kitna bhi kha rahe hai letring nahi ho rahi hai sirf halki si laal pechis hota hai ye problem kaise khatam hogi?

Sir mujhe lal pechish ho raha hai. Kitna bhi kha rahe hai letring nahi ho rahi hai sirf halki si laal pechis hota hai...
Eat fiber-rich food. You’ve probably heard that fiber is good for you, but do you make it a priority to eat fiber at every meal? Doing so will go a long way toward helping you prevent constipation. Fiber adds bulk to your stools, making them easier to pass. You need 24 to 36 grams per day. These foods contain high levels of fiber and will prevent you from getting constipated Eat a serving of yogurt every day. Sometimes constipation is caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the gut. Eating yogurt that contains probiotics restores these beneficial bacteria that facilitate proper digestion. Try eating a cup with breakfast every day as a way of preventing constipation. Drink plenty of water. Constipation happens in part when your stools don’t contain enough water to easily pass through your body. When you're a bit dehydrated, you can easily become constipated. Make sure you drink water with every meal and any time you're thirsty to stay well hydrated. Aim to get eight to 10 cups of liquids each day Avoid processed foods. Foods that have been processed and combined with white flour and sugar are completely stripped of their healthy fiber content. Eating foods without fiber is hard on digestive system and can lead to constipation. These foods are common culprit Drink less alcohol. Alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, whisky and others have a dehydrating effect Being dehydrated can make it much more difficult to pass stools. If you tend to get constipated often, you might want to consider cutting back on alcohol. Stick with just a glass per evening, or eliminate it entirely. When you do decide to drink, make sure you have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol. Cut back on caffeine. Caffeine can sometimes help with mild constipation, since it's a diuretic, but it can make prolonged constipation worse, since it’s dehydrating. If you have a three cup a day habit, you might want to cut back for awhile to see if it helps you avoid constipation. Try drinking just one cup per day, or switch to a low-caffeine tea. Don’t ignore it when you feel the urge to have a bowel movement. When you're on the go, you might put off going to the bathroom, but this isn't good for your digestive system. Waiting too long to go to the bathroom is a common reason for constipation, so any time you get the urge, heed it. It can help to have a schedule. For example, you might want to plan to go to the bathroom and have a bowel movement every morning. Once you start this type of routine, your body will respond by staying more regular. Be physically active. Running, yoga, and other physical activities improve digestion.If you’re feeling constipated, try going for a brisk jog or walk to get things moving again. Exercising three or four times a week will help you stay regular and prevent constipation. FOR MEDICATION CONSULT ONLINE IN PRIVATE
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Hello doctor I had piles 4 weeks before, I had pain, little blood in stool I took pilex tablets 1-1-1 daily (60 tablets) now no pain but I am having that small lump, how should I shrink that lump? I am taking sits bath twice & applying ice twice daily is it any problem will arise in future if that small lump will not shrink kindly ans these above two quesns please what homeopathy treatment is available for above problem.

Hello doctor I had piles 4 weeks before, I had pain, little blood in stool I took pilex tablets 1-1-1 daily (60 table...
hello ma'am please go through my article What are hemorrhoids?Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum. They can cause itching, bleeding, and pain. Hemorrhoids are very common. In some cases, you can see or feel hemorrhoids around the outside of the rectum. In other cases, you cannot see them because they are hidden inside the rectum . What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?Hemorrhoids do not always cause symptoms. But when they do, symptoms can include: ●Itching of the skin around the anus ●Bleeding – Bleeding is usually painless. You might see bright red blood after using the toilet. ●Pain – If a blood clot forms inside a hemorrhoid, this can cause pain. It can also cause a lump that you might be able to feel. Should I see a doctor or nurse?You should see a doctor or nurse if you have any bleeding or if your bowel movements look like tar. Bleeding could be caused by something other than hemorrhoids, so you should have it checked out. If you do have hemorrhoids, your doctor or nurse can suggest treatments. But there some steps you can try on you your own first. What can I do to keep from getting more hemorrhoids?The most important thing you can do is to keep from getting constipated. You should have a bowel movement at least a few times a week. When you have a bowel movement, you also should not have to push too much. Plus, your bowel movements should not be too hard. Being constipated and having hard bowel movements can make hemorrhoids worse. Here are some steps you can take to avoid getting constipated or having hard stools: ●Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and other foods with fiber. Fiber helps to increase bowel movements . ●Take fiber powders, wafers, or pills. You should get 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day. ●Take medicines called stool softeners such as docusate sodium (sample brand names: Colace, Dulcolax) or bulk-forming laxatives. Bulk-forming laxatives include psyllium seed (sample brand names: Metamucil, Konsyl), methylcellulose (sample brand name: Citrucel), polycarbophil (sample brand name: FiberCon), and wheat dextrin (sample brand name: Benefiber) . These medicines increase the number of bowel movements you have. They are safe to take and they can prevent problems later. What can I do to reduce my symptoms?Some people feel better if they soak their buttocks in 2 or 3 inches of warm water. You can do this up to 2 to 3 times a day for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not add soap, bubble bath, or anything to the water. There are also medicines that you can get without a prescription . They are usually creams or ointments that you rub on your anus to relieve pain, itching, and swelling. Some hemorrhoid medicines come in a capsule (called a suppository) that you put inside your rectum. Others come in a cream that comes in a bottle with a nozzle that you put inside your rectum. It is OK to try these medicines. But do not use medicines that have hydrocortisone (a steroid medicine) for more than a week, unless your doctor or nurse approves. What if the self-care steps do not work?If you still have symptoms after trying the steps listed above, you might need treatments to destroy or remove the hemorrhoids. One popular treatment is called "rubber band ligation." For this treatment, the doctor ties tiny rubber bands around the hemorrhoids. A few days later the hemorrhoids shrink and fall off. Doctors can also use lasers, heat, or chemicals to destroy hemorrhoids. But if none of these options works, your doctor might suggest surgery to remove the hemorrhoids. FOR FURTHER QUIERIES PLEASE BOOK AUDIO CONSULT to help me guide you more it's just 350 rupees take care
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