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Dr. Umranikar

Gynaecologist, Pune

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Dr. Umranikar Gynaecologist, Pune
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Umranikar is a popular Gynaecologist in Parvati, Pune. Doctor is currently practising at Meera Hospital in Parvati, Pune. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Umranikar on has top trusted Gynaecologists from across India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 29 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Delhi
Along with the baby, the mother also benefits physically and emotionally from breastfeeding. Due to the release of the prolactin hormones, a peaceful and nurturing sensation fills the mother.
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Hey ! M a 21 year old women n I have I boyfriend we've been in relationship for past 6 months. We are sexually active and before him I had 4 boyfriends but it didn't work so we broke up . Me and my bf had never been with anybody else since past 6 months he was virgin n presently due to some infection he was diagnosed he's blood reports urine reports and C.T scans were all normal . Few months back I had a fungal infection in my vagina cottage cheese like discharge but it all went away within a week time . My problem is that I don't know what is wrong with me whenever we have sax from last tow months we had sex not more than 3 times .whenever we have sex my vaginal lips swell n when immediately after sex I go to washroom . His semen come out with a slight blood when we first have sex after a few days time . And when on the same day we go for a second round there is no blood but still vagina is swollen n it gets better within 2-3 hours . But I feel fatigue n have a fever and today also we had sex after 10 days same happens .I feel dull and loose motions and an urge to vomit . This has happens with me 2 times n fever and every thing go away within a day . I take meftal fort n an antibiotic and it all goes away. This all happen when we have sex after a long time and it happen only once and afterwards if we have regular sex there is no such problem also we have unprotected sex I take i-pill every time. Please advice

Doctor of Naturopathy & Natural Medicines, DM - Clinical Haematology
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Agra
Hello as you said that your boyfriend was diagnosed but all his reports was normal please tell for which disease he was diagnosed. Your problem of white discharge is a very common problems in females it is due to in appropriate diet and lack of physical activities so I would suggest you that you should focus on healthy diet for your white discharge. I am giving you a natural treatment that is you have to drink one glass of lukewarm water and in it you have to put one tablespoon cow ghee in it you have to drink at bed times befor sleeping at night the swelling which is coming in your vagina is due to the fungal infection which is not completely cured yet I would also suggest dat give a break to yourself and do not do sex with your partner for about 2 months in 2 months your vaginal infection will be cured with the simple and best natural treatment I have given you. Lm and fever is all because of the fungal infection. In morning take 15 leaves of shyam tulsi make a paste of it and put in hundred ml water and boil it for 5 minutes then drink regularly for 2 months empty stomach I am also prescribing you a natural medicine called shree rasayan you have to consume one tablet in morning and one tablet in evening after your meals drink up to 3 to 4 litres water everyday but make sure you are not drinking water right after your meals give a gap of 90 minutes. Whenever you have loose motions eat 5 grams jeera nd chew it for 10 to 15 minutes it will cure your loose motions as well as urge to vomit do not use I pill as you said you are taking I pill every time then I may aware you that continuous use of I pill may harm your career as a mother. Feel free to contact me fr complete diet plan. Life is once and you are very young so take care of yourself wishing you a happy and healthy living.
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Hi doctor. My marriage date 22june 2015. I had sex on june 25, and I tooks pregnancy test aftr 2 weeks later. And it was positive. My last period date was june 6th 2015. Now how many weeks for me.

Gynaecologist, Noida
Hi doctor. My marriage date 22june 2015. I had sex on june 25, and I tooks pregnancy test aftr 2 weeks later. And it ...
Hello . We count the pregnancy from yor last date of onset of period so by yor lmp you are 5 wks+4 days pregnant but first ultrasound at 6 -7 wl tell exact time of pregnancy.
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Sexual Disorders

General Physician, Kolkata
Sexual Disorders
I find lots of queries in lybrate on the subject, mostly from men, few from women. Earlier notion of women being passive partner does not hold good any more. With women emancipation, they are equally demanding, physically. And emotionally.
I will restrict myself to heterosexual functioning e. G impotence and frigidity.
Sexual disability in men may take various forms-1) absence of sexual desire for the sexual partner or absence of libido in general;
2) inability to procure erection
3) inability to sustain erection
4 inability to ejaculate in spite of well sustained erection;
5) premature ejaculation.
Common causes-
1) mostly psychogenic, anxiety for performance failure and haste;
2) uncontrolled diabetes;
3) some blood pressure lowering drugs
4) psychiatric treatment
Anxiety due any cause, masturbation anxiety is possibly quite a common factor, but any form of anxiety or depression can cause impotence.
Some men subconsciously identify their sexual partner with their mother or sister and incest taboo asserts itself and they are impotent with their wives but may be potent with other sexual partners.
Other men associate the sex act with aggression and violence.
Ejaculatory impotence is much rarer.
Another type is the professional man" s impotence. They simply burn out due to their work load and odd working hours.
Disturbances in women may be-
1) frigidity
2) vaginismus (involuntary spasm of vaginal muscles, always psychogenic)
3) dyspareunia.
Frigidity is lack of sexual feeling in women and may vary from
An intense feeling of revulsion to any sexual advance to varying sexual arousal without orgasm.
1) anatomical defects;
2) physiological deficiency in endocrine glands;
3) lacked sexual instructions from parents
4) husband" s ignorance of sex technique
5) painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
6) physiological during lactation
7) psychological-fears of pregnancy, inadequate stimulation, premature ejaculation, depression and anxiety.
Both drug and non drug therapies are available, strictly under
Medical supervision.
Suitable age group 20 to 60 yrs.
Contraindications-heart, liver, kidney disorders

I am 21 years old female recently I took abortion pill and done my abortion I completed 25 days but bleeding is not stopped some times stop and some time not stoping. Its normal or any problem medicine name is mifepristone-miscopristone tablet when can stop my bleeding.

Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Bangalore
Dear Lybrate user, You should get ultrasound of lower abdomen done and show to Gynaecologist. The abortion is likely to be incomplete.
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Recently married couple and her age is 18 years 6 months. We had sex frequently after her periods from day 5 to 25 days. Now she has confirmed pregnant after 47 days. She told me before marriage baby and all after 2 years. Now she don't like baby right now and she wants to be free bird. My question is that if we go abortion or destroy baby formation any problem comes to her health and future baby required also. Pl suggest me as soon possible. My age is 30 complete.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi, the most common side effects of abortion pills are nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. A woman can also have some fever. These are generally less severe if misoprostol is used vaginally. If there is heavy bleeding. Common side effects of d & c (dilatation & curretage) include nausea, bleeding, and cramping which may last for two weeks following the procedure. Although rare, the following are additional risks related to dilation and evacuation: damage to uterine lining or cervix, perforation of the uterus, infection, and blood clots. **********better to consult a gynaecologist before taking any decision and use any of the available contraceptive method to avoid unwanted pregnancy rather choosing abortion to avoid it!********
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Hello sir 3 months has been passed but my wife haven't periods we had a sex on 13 january and my wife periods date is 26 february. I had also checked 2 times with testing kit the test is always negative. Sir please tell me what should we do my email is: kaushalgautam9878@gmail. Com.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Hello sir 3 months has been passed but my wife haven't periods we had a sex on 13 january and my wife periods date is...
As the test is negative even after 3 month, then she should take medicines to get menses. Tab deviry twice a day for 5 days. Menses will start within n7 days of stopping medicine. Menses can be missed by hormonal changes. If this has happened for the first time, there is no need of any tests.
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Hi I have completed nine months. little water n blood was coming and pain was also there but nurse have checked and she said that nothing is ready n open till nw. So she told to go home. N come when you will gt a continues pain. So can you tell me. That hw much time is lft. N what I shud do.

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Hi  I have completed nine months. little water n blood was coming and pain was also there but nurse have checked and ...
You have to be under observation, for os opening, water discharge, foetal heart sound. and abdominal pain severity.
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Hi there. I am having pain in my breast and nipple. From last 3 days. And also normal stomach pain. My period is overdue. I am married. And have several times of sex with my hubby. What is the reason of this pain. Is I am pregnant. Or having any issues. Please suggest. Thanks.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, A pregnant women may recognise a specific feelings just after she is conceived.         • Tingling sensation in her breast, specially her nipples due to increased blood supply due to hormonal change.         • Craving for some specific food.         •  Morning sickness, fatigue, nausea,vomiting may occur.         • Aversion to some particular food & smell, such as pulses, tea, coffee,alcohol, smoke .    If you do have the same feeling, you should proceed for a pregnancy test, of course, please. Tk, plenty of water. Go for meditation. Your diet be regular on time. Tk, care.
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6 Foods That You Must Have to Stay Fit and Healthy Always

Ph. D - Gastro & Human Nutrition Unit
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Pune
6 Foods That You Must Have to Stay Fit and Healthy Always

Are you concerned about your current diet and want to shift to a healthier diet, which will keep you fit? In that case, you have to make several modifications in your regular eating habits. You need to stay away from fried foods and foods containing too much of carbohydrates and fats. There are several food items, which are very beneficial for the body and help you to stay fit and healthy all the time. They are as follows:

  1. Milk: Milk is very important for people who perform rigorous activities in their daily lives. Milk contains muscle healing proteins and calcium, which are good for the bones and refuelling sugar; all essential for the body to keep fit and healthy. Milk contains serotonin and melatonin, which enable you to get enhanced sleep.
  2. Dried fruit: Dried fruits contain natural sugars and concentrated carbohydrates, which re very good for boosting your energy levels. You should consume dried fruits like raisins, apricots and mango. They are also rich in fibre, potassium, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, all of which enhance your overall health.
  3. Broccoli: Broccoli and several other green vegetables contain free radical antioxidants, fiber, which promotes digestion. It also has several minerals and vitamins. You should consume broccoli, kale, green cabbage and spinach. They contain folate, which is essential for pregnant women. They also contain calcium, which is good for making the bones strong.
  4. Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain vitamin C and an antioxidant known as lycopene. Lycopene is considered to be a very powerful nutrient, which helps in the prevention of prostate cancer in men. Tomatoes also help when you are undergoing a weight-loss program as they contain weight loss hormones like leptin. This hormone helps in maintaining our body’s metabolism rate.
  5. Curd: Curd has a number of health and nutritional benefits, and eating curd every day helps your system stay cool, improves your digestive system, and helps get rid of stomach problems. The nutrients present in curd are easily absorbed by your digestive system. Not only that, it also helps in absorbing nutrients from other food items that you have eaten. It can also be used along with spicy food, as curd cools down and neutralises the heat that these foods create. 
  6. Salmon: Salmon contains Omega 3 acid, which helps in keeping the heart healthy. The effects of memory loss are slowed down. The protein-rich fish helps in muscle repair and gives energy.

There are several other foods, which you should include in your daily diet in order to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. You may consume Brazil nuts, blueberries and cocoa as well. It is advisable to consult a dietician to get an ideal food chart. If you wish to discuss about any specific eye problem, you can consult a dietitian-nutritionist and ask a free question.

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Chocolate biscuits, chocolate cup cakes are very favourite to me. Can I eat them in my pregnancy? Not eating daily.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Chocolate biscuits, chocolate cup cakes are very favourite to me. Can I eat them in my pregnancy? Not eating daily.
You can eat them, no issues. But make sure they are fresh and made in a healthy manner from reputed brands. ALL the best
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I am 18 years old. I missed my period. And I don't want to get pregnant. What to do?. There is any other solution to avoid pregnancy or abortion is only the solution?

Homeopath, Mumbai
I am 18 years old. I missed my period. And I don't want to get pregnant. What to do?. There is any other solution to ...
Madame please confirm by upt test ie. Urine for pregnancy test and it is positive then there is no choice you have to go for abortion or consult a gynecologist who can able to give you pills for termination of pregnancy.
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I am 27 years old married girl actually I want ask something that last dec 2015 was my wedding and after april I am pregnant but some family problems I take abortion with medicine so my question is I want to pregnant again so its possible or not ? And if possible than what can I do for conceive baby on january 2017 ?

Gynaecologist, Hyderabad
I am 27 years old married girl actually I want ask something that last dec 2015 was my wedding and after april I am p...
hi u can definitely try for next pregnancy n it shouldn't b a big prob... but no one can tel date by wen u can deliver. .. u must plan pregnancy. . It takes some time
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Alcohol in Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Certification in IVF & Infertility, Diplomate Gynae Laparoscopy, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (MRCOG), MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad
Alcohol in Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Most people will give you a blatant No. And they are quite right to do so. But if you have been a habitual offender who can't unwind without their drink, pregnancy is going to be a big problem. So does the rule stand in all cases? What if you drank when you didn't know you were pregnant yet? What if you had a light drink here and there, will it literally spell disaster? Let's find out.

Contradictory advice everywhere: Most doctors will advice you to stay away completely from alcohol as soon as that first positive emerges in your test. Others may give you a little leeway and let you have an occasional drink. There are friends who'll confess to have cheated during their pregnancy and snuck in a beer or two and say that their kids turned out just fine. There are other friends will scorn on you for even thinking such a thing. Same goes for your relatives. Like all things in pregnancy, random advice will just not work.

How much can you drink? Let's assume that you are confident nothing will happen and want to be adventurous and give it a cautious try. Danish researchers have some good news for you. Some studies have shown that low to moderate consumption of alcohol does not harm the baby. In fact, in 2012, Danish researchers released a highly publicized study that found no major problems in children below 5 years whose mothers had consumed 1- 8 alcoholic drinks a week during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, not all research is made equal. With pregnancy, each mother, each child and progression of each pregnancy is different. It really has to be on a case by case basis and nothing can be taken on face value. Most people will still advise you to completely go off alcohol as there is 'no safe' amount during pregnancy. Some women have a larger quantity of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol. If a woman with lower levels of this enzyme drinks alcohol, it is more likely to harm her unborn child as the alcohol will remain in her bloodstream longer.

How alcohol can affect your child?

A number of disorders that can affect your child when in the womb and even after because of alcohol consumption. These disorders are collectively called 'Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder'. It is characterized by increased risk in miscarriage and stillbirth. It can also result in the baby having low birth weight and increase problems with learning, speech, attention span, language and hyperactivity. Alcohol consumption may also affect girl child and a baby boy differently. While both may turn out to have aggressive and delinquent behaviour, girls are more likely to develop mental health problems too.

If you are unable to give up on alcohol, you need to immediately get professional help to overcome your addiction. Also note that the term 'non-alcoholic' beverage is misleading as they can contain trace amounts of it. Consult a doctor today on which drinks are safe for you.

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I am suffering from severe stomach pain during 1st day of my periods for the past 6 years. And dysentery too. When I checked with siddha doctor they told that I have polycystic in my ovaries and hormone imbalance.

BHMS, MD - Alternate Medicine
Homeopath, Nagpur
I am suffering from severe stomach pain during 1st day of my periods for the past 6 years. And dysentery too. When I ...
You are suffering from dysmenorrhoea as menstrual disorder is caused due to stress, anxiety, depression, malnutrition, anaemia, over exertion, Pcod, thyroidism ,results in ,delayed, painful, excess 1& frequent blood flow during menstruation. • This condition is called as dysmenorrhoea which is a very common menstrual problems in young girls. But best part is, it is perfectly curable with homoeopathy. You keep your calcium and haemoglobin levels maintain. We can give you some medicines and yoga postures with which you can get rid of all this problems.
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Heavy white discharge after urination 3-4 times in a day. Recently we had sex together it was protected but 1 of the condom was tore out but I know there was no semen present in the condom. But now she's have heavy thick discharge nearly 3-4 times a day. Did this mean she's pregnant?

EMDR, FRCOG (LONDON) (Fellow of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists), MFSRH , Diploma in psychosexual therapy, Medical diploma in clinical Hypnosis, Diploma in Evidence Based Healthcare, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Pune
Thanks for your question. If she has a discharge and urinarty symptoms she could have a vaginal infection. If she misses her period you need to do a pregnanCy test. You won't know before that. Discharge has nothing to do with pregnanCy but is an indication of a possible infection. Please see a doctor specialising in skin and DVD to rule out sexually transmitted infections and get correct treatment best wishes.
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I had unprotected sex day before. And post thatbi started taking freewil for past two days. My last periods was on 9th of this month I have pcos too I got ipill 21 days and overall today. Should I take them instead of freewil? Or jus continue the tablet. Is there risk of pregnancy?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
I had unprotected sex day before.
And post thatbi started taking freewil for past two days.
My last periods was on 9t...
Ovral cannot be started in the middle of the cycle, so advise you to wait for your periods date ,if you miss the date do a UPT, post that you can get back to us for further advice on this, avoid the rest of the tabs to create lesser complications.
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