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Mr. Shekhar

Audiologist, pune

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Mr. Shekhar Audiologist, pune
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BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Chennai
Air Condition [AC] are the one of the reason for dehydration. Even if we live in AC we need to take water for about 3 to 4 lts per day. People who are all working in AC atmosphere eg, IT sectors etc.. need to take care of yourselves by taking water, this will also reduce your stress by caring oxygen inside our body.
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HELLO Dr. Maeri mom ka ek ear bilkul khrab h unah ek hi kaan say sunai deta but jaese jaese age bd rhi h unah bhut km sunae de rha h. Please suggest me. Unah kon se best ear machine dilani chahiye.

Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (B.A.S.L.P), RCI
Audiologist, Delhi
HELLO Dr. Maeri mom ka ek ear bilkul khrab h unah ek hi kaan say sunai deta but jaese jaese age bd rhi h unah bhut km...
Aap widex ya siemens ki cross technology ki hearing aids lgwa skte hai. Kafi better results milenge. Thanks.

Know More About Hearing Loss

ENT Specialist, Delhi
Play video

Good morning, I am doctor Khatri I will tell about hearing loss.

So the hearing loss is a very common problem which occurs with the ageing process and it can occur because of persistent and prolonged noise exposure. It's a difficult problem which happens throughout the world and it can be of two types - conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing is very important for the life because if there is a hearing loss then we don't enjoy discussions, talking and especially music and other environmental sounds.

So there are two types of losses conductive hearing loss - the conductive hearing loss is because of diseases in the external and middle ear because of repairment in the conduction of the sounds. External ear and middle ear which contains small bones which are as far as more conductive of the sound to the inner ear.

Common causes for sensorineural hearing loss is post viral process which is involved in the inner ear the reason being due to prolonged exposure to the noise for long duration and there is a congenital in an inner ear that auto slow system which involves the nerves inner ear. Then there can be minute diseases to most of the inner ear are driven, the inner ear bones it can be because of trauma and injury which involves a texture of the ear bones and then it can be because of understanding worm formation.

The treatment for the hearing loss is depending on the cause we treat - the cause like infection is there then we give antibiotic and ear drops, wax can be removed then malformation in the ear trunk that can be replaced by an operation. Then in the other diseases like minute diseases are also treated with medical on the auto slow system which is treated by the century and that could be use of hearing track, it also moderates to severe hearing loss.

The hearing, that is used to specify the sound and especially is able to hear. Then there can be surgical treatments involving whatever the cause of the diseases is here, so the prevention is more important than cure . So always we have to take preventive steps like exposure to the loud noise should not go longer duration, ear phones which are normally nowadays teenage children are using , which should not be used for higher volume with long time duration . Any medicine can cause hearing loss and that should be avoided .

If there is a hearing loss and then there are certain operations if there is a profound or a lot hearing loss, total hearing loss and there is a surgery called Choclear Implant surgery, that can be done. Thank you.



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My daughter is about 6 years old. She have hearing problem, as per bera test doctors says that the problem will be cleared as her age grown up. But I feel that her hearing ability is constantly getting down. Please give some suggestion. If you want to see beta test report please help.

MBBS, DNB, Fellowship In Neurosurgery
Neurosurgeon, Kolkata
Dear, please do mri scan of brain, and audiometry. What is the birth history? any medicine she has got for any other disease? please let me know. Dr. Amit ghosh.
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Hii i'm 23 years old male. I'm facing a problem of ringing in my ears. I can't sleep at night due to high frequency sounds. I'm hearing them since a week. I can hear the ringing all the time whether it's day or night. I'm also suffering from little bit hearing problem and cold. What should I do?

Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (B.A.S.L.P)
Speech Therapist, Chennai
Consult the audiologist, find the problem in the particular frequency and fit the tinnitus masker to eliminate the ringing sounds.
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My father 67 years old. He is having hearing problem. Very near only can hear sound. What is the treatment. If go for hearing aid howmuch cost comes. Or operation can do?

Master of Hospital Administration, Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (B.A.S.L.P), MASTER IN AUDIOLOGY AND SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY
Speech Therapist, Bangalore
First get the proper hearing test done. Audiometry test. According to the report if its sensorineural loss then no any medicines or surgery is gonna help. Best way is to go for digital hearing aids (progmble). Cost will be different as per style quality and power of the hearing aids. You cn go for entry level hearing aids if finance is a matter of concern. It vl b arround 12000-20000 each. Share the audiometry report I cn guide you better.
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My hearing power and my remembering power very low, I want to increase it, for that what I have to do?

General Physician, Mumbai
My hearing power and my remembering power very low, I want to increase it, for that what I have to do?
I will suggest you to do suryanamaskar pranayam daily as per your capacity for a minimum of six months.

Physiotherapist, Mumbai
Wearing a pair of comfortable laced-up shoes which would support your feet, rather than high heels and slippers, will prevent you from falling.
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My grandmother is have hearing problem she uses hearing aid but it doesn't work suggest any solution.

My grandmother is have hearing problem she uses hearing aid but it doesn't work suggest any solution.
Dear Lybrate user, It depends what is the amount of loss and since how long she is having the problem and most importantly the quality of hearing aid. Get a proper audiometry test done and go for digital programmable hearing aids (in both the ears. She vl get good results. If not consult with me privately.

BAHA Implant and Cochlear Implant Surgery

Multi Speciality Clinic
Multi Speciality, Pune
BAHA Implant and Cochlear Implant Surgery

BAHA Implant
Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) is a device surgically implanted to help people suffering from a loss of hearing. Most conventional hearing aids transmit sound through air conduction. The BAHA device is suitable for conductive or mild-moderate mixed hearing loss.

Problems with hearing in the middle or outer ears can be helped with the BAHA device. The sound waves received by the BAHA device bypass the middle ear and get delivered straight to the functioning cochlea in both ears.

A BAHA device comprises of two parts:

  1. The processor 
  2. A fixture which is surgically implanted behind the ear in the bone.

The implant is embedded in the bone. The processor, which remains outside, is attached to the implant. There is a microphone on the processor that picks up sounds. The sounds are passed on to the implant. The implant vibrates which triggers the Cochlear. You can consider wearing a BAHA implant if other conventional hearing aids do not work for you. BAHA implants are also given to people with collapsed or irritated ear canals.

Cochlear Implant Surgery

A complex, small electronic device that helps hearing in people with severe hearing loss or deafness is used in the Cochlear Implant Surgery. The cochlear implant comprises of an external piece behind the ear and another piece that is surgically implanted under the skin. A cochlear implant comprises of four parts:

  1. A microphone which picks up sounds from the surroundings
  2. A speech processor which chooses and arranges the sounds the microphone picks up
  3. A receiver/stimulator and transmitter that picks up signals from the speech processor and changes them into electric impulses
  4. An electrode ray, a bunch of electrodes, receives impulses the stimulator sends and transmits them to different areas of the auditory nerves.

The implant does not cure deafness; it only gives you a useful portrayal of sounds in the environment and considerable aid in understanding speech.

The surgery is done in the following way:

  1. The area around the site of the implant is shaved or cleaned
  2. The patient's vital signs are monitored through cables, patches and monitors attached to him or her
  3. General anaesthesia is administered through IV or through a face mask
  4. After the device is implanted, the patient is taken to the recovery room for the anaesthesia effect to lessen. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can ask a free question.
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