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Dr. Sadhana Lachhan

Pediatrician, Pune

Dr. Sadhana Lachhan Pediatrician, Pune
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Sadhana Lachhan is a trusted Pediatrician in Parvati, Pune. She is currently practising at Meera Hospital in Parvati, Pune. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Sadhana Lachhan on has top trusted Pediatricians from across India. You will find Pediatricians with more than 32 years of experience on You can find Pediatricians online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Hi Feeding interval to follow in order to feed my 1 month son. Currently we are feeding him 3 to 4 hours interval.

MBBS, MD, DM - Neonatology
Pediatrician, Delhi
I think best one is Demand Feeding, It means give feed as and when ur baby demand (crying). No need to feed as per alarm/hours. If your baby is sleeping fir 2-3 hr after breast feed, Its satisfactory, Maximum u can wait even for4-5 hrs if your baby is sleeping, not more than thus. I mean to say that if your baby is sleeping after feed, dont disturbed till about 4hrs. Awaken ur baby when its more than 4 hrs. If your baby demand within 1 hr, check for different reasin of cry.
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My sister's baby girl is having little temperature from last three days and their family were still giving bath to the baby. Today after bath baby was not properly behaving as always. And yesterday baby was also taken out at 5: 00pm. And also during feeding the baby is removing some milk out from her mouth. We visited a doctor today. Doctor said it is usual and gave drops of viral infection. What would you recommend. Any test?

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
To recomend any advice, it is necessary to know age, weight and temperature of child and type of change in behaviour. As for removing of milk is concerned, it may be normal.
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Doctor baby aged 10 days. Baby is suffering from jaundice. How many days it takes to cure. Is photothreapy required for the baby? If photothreapy not done what will happen to the baby. Baby is normal. It drinks milk, passes urine and motion regularly. And how to know the jaundice becoming low. Please guide me.

Normally jaundice is not seen after 14 days. Each baby doesn't require photo therapy. Jaundice is corrected on its own by the body's physiological processes. You can expose the baby to early morning sunlight.
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Homeopath, Kolkata
Uterine fibroids are tumors that grow in a woman's womb (uterus). These growths are not cancer (benign).
Uterine fibroids are common. As many as 1 in 5 women may have fibroids during their childbearing years. Half of all women have fibroids by age 50.

Fibroids are rare in women under age 20. They are more common in African-Americans than Caucasians.

No one knows exactly what causes fibroids. They are thought to be caused by:

Hormones in the body
Genes (may run in families)
Fibroids can be so tiny that you need a microscope to see them. They can also grow very large. They may fill the entire uterus and may weigh several pounds. Although it is possible for just one fibroid to develop, usually there are more than one.

Fibroids can grow:

In the muscle wall of the uterus (myometrial)
Just under the surface of the uterine lining (submucosal)
Just under the outside lining of the uterus (subserosal)
On a long stalk on the outside the uterus or inside the uterus (pedunculated)
Common symptoms of uterine fibroids are:

Bleeding between periods
Heavy bleeding during your period, sometimes with blood clots
Periods that may last longer than normal
Needing to urinate more often
Pelvic cramping or pain with periods
Feeling fullness or pressure in your lower belly
Pain during intercourse
Often, you can have fibroids and not have any symptoms. Your health care provider may find them during a physical exam or other test. Fibroids often shrink and cause no symptoms in women who have gone through menopause. A recent study also showed that some small fibroids shrink in premenopausal women.
Your health care provider will perform a pelvic exam. This may show that you have a change in the shape of your womb.

Fibroids aren't always easy to diagnose. Being obese may make fibroids harder to detect. Your doctor may do these tests to look for fibroids:

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture of the uterus
MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create a picture
Saline infusion sonogram (hysterosonography): Saline is injected into the uterus to make it easier to see the uterus using ultrasound
Hysteroscopy uses a long, thin tube inserted into through the vagina and into the uterus to examine the inside of the uterus
If you have unusual bleeding, your doctor may do one of these procedures:

A small piece of the lining of the uterus is removed and checked for cancer (endometrial biopsy)
The doctor inserts a small tube through a small cut in your belly to look inside your pelvis (laparoscopy)
Fraxinus Americana,Aurum mur Nat,sepia,Helonias,thuja,medorrhinum,Carcinosin
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My son is 3.5 years old and weighs 14 kg. Was having a repetitive condition of pain and stiffness behind left ear with fever and cough and cold. Which was diagnosed as left cervical lymphadenitis the condition is repeating after almost a month. And has repeated fourth time. He has been on antibiotics like zifi for 3 or 5 days. And on the last occasion linezolid for 14 days. But it has again repeated with same symptoms. A little worried wants to seek expert advice. Please help.

Pediatrician, Gurgaon
Just check for painful swelling behind ear. Pinna. If so then any scalp condition can cause it. Otherwise it is part of cold and due to seasonal change. Just cold medicine will help child for both. It will subside in 2-3 days. Or else you can visit your area. Thanks.
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Hello doctor what should I do to increase my breast milk and my child crossed one month still her weight is same as born weight please suggest what to do.

Pediatrician, Gurgaon
child is just one month old.hence he should be fed every two hourly for 10 minutes on each breast.breastmilk increases more with sucking.drugs are not effective.
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My baby girl is 8 months old and she is weighing 7.3 kg. Her birth weight is 3.1 kg and she was on mother fed milk for 6 months. Please let me know if her weight is correct or not?

MD - Paediatrics
Pediatrician, Kolkata
Her weight is fine for her age. But most important thing is that she should regularly gain weight as per expected. This you can get vaccination card where you will find a growth chart. You can plot her weight against her age at regular intervals like say 1 to 3 monthly and see whether she is gaining weight normally or not.
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Hello, my son is 2 years old and when he was born his complexion was too fair but day by day he keeps getting dark, not too much but lower than earlier. What could be the possible reason for that and what should I do to regain the same? please advice. Thanks.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Tumkur
In some children skin colour fades as they grow older because of excessive exposure to sunlight. Use a suncreen with spf of at least 15. Give vitamin a rich foods like carrot, papaya, green leafy vegetables etc.
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My daughter 8 months old is teething has 2 teeth' s now but is not gaining weight. She was 3. 3 kg at birth and now she is 6kg. Is this normal. What should I do? she is not eating anything lately

Pediatrician, Pune
Her weight is ok for her age, they can be some change in feeding habits, when babies start teething, just a little patience and enough support to the baby is required.
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How to prepare ubtan for babies and which oil should I use in summer for body massage of 8 month old baby.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
Pediatrician, Ponda
Ubtan or dry bengal gram powder is used to remove excessive oil on the body. Depending upon area of your living any locally available and traditionally used oil is good. It should be applied 30 minutes before bathing, not afterwards or before.
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For new born baby, there is a white mark/coating in the tongue, may be due to milk powder (Nan or Lactogen feeding). How to clear it?

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
Pediatrician, Aurangabad
That is normal. Try to wipe it with a clean, sterile cloth. It it goes it was most likely due to the milk/nan otherwise it can be a fungal infection called oral candidiasis, common in preterm babies.
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Hi My son is 5 months old, We had echo test and he have Bicuspid Aortic Valve with normal biventricular function. Is there any chances or possibilities that it will resolve automatically?

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Cardiology, Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS - Physician )
Cardiologist, Delhi
Bicupsid aortic valves means, that your son was born with two leaflets in the aortic valve instead of the normal 3 leaflets. It cannot resolve, it is just that he will have these 2 leaflets instead of 3. Biscuspid aortic valve is prone to damages and degeneration faster as compared to a normal valve, so you should get him evaluated every 2-3 years with a Echo under the supervision of a cardiologist, so that when the denegration happens it can be detected timely and followed up. Your child can have a normal childhood so do not panic.
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My baby is 5 weeks old and vomits after feed since birth. She takes both the powder feeds and mother feeds. Since yesterday she is suffering from 99.5 fever measured from underarms. She has cold with a block nose and cough. She is refusing to feed frequently and is not as active as she normally is. Her birth weight was 3 kg and now her weight is 4.3 kg. We consulted multiple paediatricians and as per their advice we gave her 1 ml of DOMSTAL Baby drops three times a day for two days. However we noticed that she cried a lot and was really very fuzzy and was not sleeping at all so we stopped giving domstal. Right now she is suffering from fever, block nose and cough and vomiting after every feed so kindly suggest the best way possible to cure her health.

Pediatrician, Indore
As I can understand your baby has regurgitation issues. Try to give your feed every 2 hrs followed by burping for minimum of 20 min. Give powder feed only if she demands despite your feeds. If she does not burp even after 20 min, in your lap keep her on stomach and pat a little. When you r awake put her to in lateral position instead of putting on back. Keep in cool environment. It is very hot so that also leads to poor feeding and fever. Must visit pediatrician if child is dull and not passing urine sufficiently.
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Hello my son is 4 months old. He sleeps at night for 7 to 8hrs in one stretch but he does not pee while sleeping. Do I need to worry?

MD - Paediatrics, FIAP (Neonatology)
Pediatrician, Chandigarh
Normally babies pass urine even during sleep. If not passing make sure feeding is adequate. In 24 hrs he must pass urine 7-8 times.
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I breastfeed my son for 10 months nd milk was, very less. And now after quiting breastfeeding my breast is very small nd loose. What to do?

MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Hyderabad
The best solution is brava and fat grafting to your breasts which will increase the size and improve the tightness without breast scars. The other method is breast by implants by making a cut in each breast.
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Dear doctor. My son having respiratory prob. He is 8 months. He did't take any food. Only taking mother feed. Kindly advise to which type food I wll put to my child.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH)
Pediatrician, Narnaul
You can initially start with liquid diet as daal ka pani or rice water etc Gradually semisolid food like daal khichdi kheer etc.
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She is 8 years old child and her growth is not normal (3" 9 inch)and she is having unwanted hairs on skin. please suggest what we can do for it.

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), F.I.A.M.S. (Pediatrics)
Pediatrician, Muzaffarnagar
Give her protein rich nutritious diet and milk or milk products, vegetables, fruits, nuts and dry fruits of her choice. Give vitamin d 60, 000 units once in a month and calcium tab daily. Unwanted hair may be checked by either pediatrician or endocrinologist.
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My 6 months baby has not pooped from last 2 days. I am worried please advice something.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Delhi
Hi, welcome to lybrate. There is no need to worry, sometimes babies pass stool in 4 to 5 days. Its normal. Just breastfeed the baby. I hope this has helped you. Wishing your child good health. If you have any more questions, please inform.
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I have a 15 months onl baby. His hb is only 7.6. Which health drink with milk is good for him.

MD - Alternate Medicine, BHMS
Homeopath, Surat
Ask the mother to give naturamore children powder twice in a day which is rich in protein vitamins iron and minerals. For 1 month.
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