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Dr. S G Kulkarni

General Physician, Pune

Dr. S G Kulkarni General Physician, Pune
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Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences....more
Our team includes experienced and caring professionals who share the belief that our care should be comprehensive and courteous - responding fully to your individual needs and preferences.
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Dr. S G Kulkarni is an experienced General Physician in Viman Nagar, Pune. You can consult Dr. S G Kulkarni at Dr S G Kulkarni's Clinic in Viman Nagar, Pune. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. S G Kulkarni on has top trusted General Physicians from across India. You will find General Physicians with more than 42 years of experience on You can find General Physicians online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

He is having a hiccuup from last two days. He is diabetic as well as taking medicine for heart and brain, can you suggest any medicine or this, pls.

General Physician, Cuttack
Common causes A) eating too much of food too quickly. Drinking too much (especially alcohol/carbonated beverages, B) swallowing too much of air, smoking, noxious fumes, C) sudden change of stomach temperature such as drinking hot beverages and then a cold beverage, D) emotional stress/excitement/fear Treatment- A) most hiccups go away on their own within a few minutes to hours and don’t require treatment. B) Hold your breath and slowly count up to 10 (it increases level of co2). C) Breathing repeatedly into a paper bag for a limited period of time. D) Quickly drinking a glass of cold water. E) Eating 1 tsf of sugar/honey, biting a lemon, f) pulling hard on your tongue, gargling water, using smelling salts. G) Avoid over eating/eating and drinking too quickly H. If no relief, consult physician.
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My hands are nervous and shaking at some times . What is tha reason for that. Please say. Doctor.

MD - Alternate Medicine, PGDIP.IN GERIATRIC CARE, Post Graduate Diploma in Holistic Healthcare
Ayurveda, Balasore
Hi, You are suffering from neurosis one type of weakness of nerve with muscles.Take care of your daily diet and have mild exercise in morning.Try to play in out field for some times.Drink honey 30 ml with one glass of water.Take multivitamins as you like daily.
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Sheeghrapatan ki problem hai nd kamjori hoti ja rahi hai meri shaadi bhi ho gyi please mujhe dawai ka nam bata do.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear lybrate user. I can understand. Please don’t panic. You must understand PREMATURE EJACULATION. Premature ejaculation is diagnosed when you have premature ejaculation within one or two minute of sex, continuously several times with the same partner for over six months. There is nothing called premature ejaculation while doing masturbation. Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like. Premature ejaculation is a common problem which happens due to psychological stress and anxiety in majority of people. After confirming that these are not due to diabetics, hypertension or any other organic problems, for this reason, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil) or fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem), are used to help delay ejaculation. If SSRIs don't improve the timing of your ejaculation, your doctor may prescribe the tricyclic antidepressant clomipramine (Anafranil). I don't see any requirement of medicines for you. Two natural treatments for PE that have shown promise are red ginseng and pomegranate juice. Ginseng is thought to increase nitric oxide production, leading to improved blood flow. Pomegranate juice is a potent antioxidant and can help too. Japan oil can help if massaged externally. Psychological reasons usually get cleared with sex therapy. I suggest online sex therapy. Take care.
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When I am in sex ejaculate in 15 minute And with some girl I do not feel comfortable that if fertilization occurs When I am in the Blue Movie sees my cock becomes erect and the mind comes to sex So I wanna know how i can stay long while doing sex.

D.E.H.M, B.E.M.S, M.D.(E.H)
Sexologist, Faridabad
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I haven't been able to sleep since 2 days and I am having a severe headache, tried multiple home remedies, but didn't work, what to do? Please help me!

Ayurveda, Ambala
Due to lack of sleep there are many complications arise such as lack of concentration, irritability, fatigue & digestion problem. So these are some instructions & methods for good sleep: • Frequent oil massage of head with oil relax your mind and enhances sleep. You can also do foot massage daily it destress you. • Do not take stress. Do meditation and long breathing pranayams to relax the mind. • Do not take caffeine, tea & alcohol in excess and these are stimulant,(activate) your brain result in lack of sleep. • Avoid drinking alcohol & smoking. • Avoid sleep during day time as it makes it harder to fall asleep at night. •Try to sleep early at night. Do not think during sleep and avoid use of laptop during night. Do exercise and long walk daily. • Avoid to take sleeping pills because these are habit forming drugs and these drugs disturb your normal sleep pattern. • Take a bowl of curd daily in afternoon and one glass of milk at night daily.
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I am suffering from headache since 2 days what was the precautions should I take.

General Physician, Nashik
Apply an ice pack to the painful area of your head. Try placing it on your forehead, temples, or the back of your neck.Take a warm bath or shower; take a nap; or take a walk.Ask someone to rub your neck and back, or treat yourself to a massage .Apply gentle, steady rotating pressure to the painful area of your head with your index finger and/or thumb. Maintain pressure for seven to 15 seconds, then release. Repeat as needed.Rest, sit, or lie quietly in a low-lit room. Close your eyes and try to release the tension in your back, neck, and shoulders.
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Sir is it true that junk food really causes ulcers iam really annoyed of these recurring ulcers. They really take my life from me. I can't eat anything without causing pain to myself. Is there any home made treatment I can indulge into.

Dentist, Sangli
Yes, junk food can reduce nutrition in diet and also affects digestion which may lead to oral ulcers. Add vitamin c and b complex to your diet. Drink plenty of water. Reduce stress, improve digestion and increase sleep.
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What is the best treatment for Dry skin/ Psoriasis I mean for permanent cure. Ayurvedic? Homeopathy or Allopathy?

B.Sc(hons), Physics, B.H.M.S., PGDIT (software Engg)
Homeopath, Delhi
Butter toast, Real mixed fruit juice, chicken stoo, Coconut in daily food. All continued for 1 year. Do not expect result over night.
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In right hand there is sensation almost at every night & lot of pain dr says it is due to inflamation ,diabetic patient ,65 year age suggest medicine.

BHARAT JYOTI, MRACGP, INCEPTOR, MD-PhD, MD - Psychiatry, FIPS, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), DPM, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Bangalore
You have Diabetic neuropathy. Control diabetes by controlling diet/exercise and medication you are taking. Control Blood sugar by checking HBA1C ,keep around 6.6 mmol/L. Take nutritional supplements like vitamin B complex and keep an eye on your Lipid level also and BP/CAD/ TIA?if any. Check for Chronic Disease management.
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I am suffering from red rashes and full body itching. Please suggest me the vaccine and medicine.

MD Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
It can not be just assumed that it is some form of allergy, there are immune mediated diseases that can present with these symptoms. A detailed clinical history and investigations would be necessary for complete evaluation. I would also recommend a complete blood count, if there is eosinophilia would recommend deworming. If there are history suggestive of systemic immune mdiated illness a detailed lab work up would be required.
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Hello, my wife is TB patient & he take a Two time DOTS . She fully curies for DOTS but he cough he has no go, cough is regularly for prev. 3 three year now this morning time he has very hard cough. Please advise me.

FCCP (USA), MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonologist, Indore
Thanks for your query. In your case first thing to rule out is the possibility of relapse of the TB. so get sputum test done. If it is negative then follow up chest xray will suggest any underlying abnormality. TB may cause its own sequelae in like bronchiectasis. Any yellowish sputum warrants antibiotic treatment or else inhaled brinchodilator will help.
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Hello, l'm studying in 12 standard. I have issues regarding constant increase in weight, increase in diet, unwanted hairs on face. Irregular menses, please suggest should I get pcod checked or pcos. please provide others suggestions also.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
You have to do blood test and sonography to confirm pcod. Cause of pcod is weight gain. You have to reduce weight.
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I have hair loss problem. I am 26 years old. Front area of head is completely blad. I try many hair tonic but not recovered it. Please tell me any treatment or hair buildup to grow my loss hair again.

Homeopath, Raebareli
Thank you for writing to us. Please note the following for your condition: The head should be massaged slowly with oil or shampoo while bathing or cleaning hairs resulting blood circulation becomes fast and the skin of the head is protected from dryness. Shampoo should be used only two times a week. Hairs should be washed with curd for removing dandruff. Spicy or fried foodstuffs should not be eaten. Excessive cream or jell should not be applied on hairs. For further queries get back to me.
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I am diabetic for 10 years now. I do not control any food intake including sweets. I am under regular madication as prescribed by doctor. Do my eating habits effect the kidney in long run. What are the symptoms for serious effects please let me know.

MBBS, Diploma in Diabetology, DDM, CCACCD
Diabetologist, Mumbai
Symptoms for any condition will depend on the organ involved. Your diet should be in small quantities at frequent intervals to avoid any complications. Sweets intake should be minimal.
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Hello Doctor, I find it difficult to wake up early due to which my work is getting hampered? Please suggest a few tips to help me regarding this.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, Follow these tips: - Go to bed early at night ( around 9 or 10 pm ) - Set an alarm at what time you need to get up. - Make up your mind to get up as soon as the alarm bell rings.
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Hi. My father is 55 years of age. He's suffering from acute pain in his chest, abdomen, back. The pattern of pain is such that it starts from the ribs below armpit towards centre of chest. Sometimes it starts around naval portion. Sometimes it goes on the back. Pain killer meftal spas doesn't work now. His tests are normal including ct, x ray, endoscopy, ultrasound, ECG, ecco etc. I'm confused he's suffering from last 4 months. He has lost 18 KGS of weight. What to do now? Doctors say its gastritis grade 1. But the pain is very strong. And no medicine is working. Suggest me something. Thank you.

CLINICAL CARDIOLOGY, MD - Consultant Physician
Cardiologist, Surat
Hi. Thanks for very well describing your case. As you saud you done ecg and 2d echo tests. You should also do treadmill cardiac stress test. It is a common and simple test. It will tell us whether this pain is related to heart blockages or not. And you should take good medicines for the gastritis. Let me know what are the medicines you are taking now. Take care.
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Hi I am just in a border line of diabetic, Kindly gad me some tips to not to cross the border line. regards.

Endocrinologist, Mumbai
Follow a diet low in carbohydrate, low in fat and high in fibre. Avoid bakery products. Avoid too much rice and potato. Avoid fried stuff. Avoid chocolate, cakes, ice cream, soft drinks and fruit juices. Eat lots of vegetables. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days in a week.
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I am having a digestion problem. As I take food it doesn't gets digested and I do poty after that.

Unani Specialist, Udham Singh Nagar
Take pentop d before meal and aristozyme tab twice a day after meal avoid spicy oily foods drink enf water.
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