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Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari - Sexologist, Pune

Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari

89 (6289 ratings)
MD-Dermatology, MBBS

Sexologist, Pune

33 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹250 online
Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari 89% (6289 ratings) MD-Dermatology, MBBS Sexologist, Pune
33 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹250 online
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Personal Statement

Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari Director WNHO Health Care Pvt.Ltd. Honorary Sexual Medicine Consultant at Aditya Birala Memorial hospital, Chinchwad, Pune. Honorary Assistant professor in Br......more
Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari Director WNHO Health Care Pvt.Ltd. Honorary Sexual Medicine Consultant at Aditya Birala Memorial hospital, Chinchwad, Pune. Honorary Assistant professor in Bronchial Asthma & Allergy (T.B & chest) Department at D.Y.Patil Medical college, Pune, Ex. Clinical research Assitant at Bombay Hospital Mumbai & Pune. Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari , widely regarding the pioneer in the holistic care. As Maheshwari's WNHO CLINIC health programmed, treat the individual not symptoms. Our franchises are all over India as per WHO norms. According world health organization -health is not merely absence of disease , it is the to achieve balance state of physical, mental, social, & additional dimension spiritual well being. Our WNHO CLINIC take care of all above four state. Director Dr. Maheshwari is passed out MBBS in 1983 from Govt. Medical College Nagpur & later on work at Bombay Hospital in chest medicine department & completed FCCP fellowship of college of chest physician. Then he completed MD.. Doctorate in Respirator medicine & Ph.D. he work at psychiatry department of D.Y. Patil Medical College & complete diploma in psychosexual medicine. He had several 45 papers presentation at National & International conferences. The guiding vision of WNHO
More about Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari
Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari is a Sexologist with an experience of over 32 years. He completed his MBBS from Government Medical College, Nagpur in 1984, and his MD in Dermatology from Open International University, Colombo in 1998. Besides being a Sexologist Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari has also specialised in various other fields such as Allergies, Immunology, Dermatology and Cosmetology. He is a professional member of various institutions such as the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (AASECT), the Fellow of the Royal Society of Health (FRSH), the Indian Andropause Society, the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (CSEPI), the Indian Medical Association and the Indian society of sex Medicine. He has previously worked as a Consultant at WNHO Clinic, as an Assistant Professor at D.Y.Patil Medical College Pimpri, as a Sexologist at Indian Society of Sex Medicine, as a Consultant at Inlacks Bhudrani Hospital and also as an Allergist & Asthma Specilist at Lokmanya Hospital, Chinchewad. He has also been a faculty expert at the National Conference of Sexology, Mumbai in 2014. He deals with patients who suffer from allergies, skin related issues and those facing problems in their sexual life. You can visit him WNHO Clinic in Tilak Road, Pune. Expert in treating Male Erectile Dysfunction and Pre Mature Ejaculations.


MD-Dermatology - Open International University, Colombo - 1998
MBBS - Government Medical College,Nagpur - 1984
Past Experience
1999 - 2014 Consultant at WNHO Clinic
2002 - Present Assitant Professore at D.Y.Patil Medical College Pimpri
2008 - Present Honorary Consultant at Sexual Medicine OPD at ABMH Aditya Birala Memorial Hospital
2000 - 2014 Hon Sexologist at Indian Society Of Sex Medicine
1996 - 1999 Hon Consultant at Inlacks Bhudrani Hospital
1999 - 2004 Allergist & Asthma Specilist at Lokmanya Hospital, Chinchewad
Languages spoken
Awards and Recognitions
Wnho Clinic Registered under Government of India As Trade Mark
Faculty & Expert at National Conference of Sexology,Mumbai
Professional Memberships
American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Health (FRSH)
Indian Andropause Society
Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (CSEPI)
Life Member of Indian Medical Association
Secretary of Indian society of sex Medicine.


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7 Causes Of Low Libido In Femles

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
7 Causes Of Low Libido In Femles

"Men get naughty at 4-0 forty" but for women, the case may be very-very different. By their thirtieth birthday, many women begin complaining of a lowered libido or lack of interest in sex with their partner. This can be quite frustrating for both partners and can lead to a rift in the relationship. Hence, it becomes essential to pay attention to this condition.

The first step to finding a solution to any problem is to understand the factors that trigger it. Some causes for a lowered libido in women are -

Birth Control and Medication: Birth control essentially manipulates the hormone levels in the body. While this may prevent unwanted pregnancies, a lowered libido is a common side effect of birth control medication. Antidepressants also have similar side effects.

Over Working: Working hard is a good thing but too much of a good thing can have a negative effect on your health. In this case, overworking may lead to stress, anxiety, fatigue and burnout. This can lead to a weakened adrenal gland. The adrenal glands are responsible for the production of testosterone and in this way, working too hard can be the reason for women to not enjoy sex as much as they once used to.

Hormonal Changes: With age, every woman faces hormonal changes. This can result in a lack of lubrication making intercourse uncomfortable. Over time, this can lower libido considerably.
Ways to Enhance a Woman's Libido-
A lowered libido isn't something you have to quietly accept. Here are a few ways to enhance a woman's libido.

Go on a date:
Intercourse is as much an emotional exercise as it is a physical one. Cutting back from other responsibilities, work, children etc and spending time alone with your partner can help you emotionally reconnect with him.

Meditation can help calm the mind and reduce stress. This, in turn, will enhance the production of testosterone in the adrenal glands and thereby enhance libido. Meditation can also help you disconnect from worries and tensions that may be weighing you down.

When it comes to a diminished libido, medication may be an effective form of treatment, but it must be tailored to the individual. While estrogen skin creams may be beneficial for some women, others may benefit from testosterone supplements. A few antidepressants can also enhance a woman's libido by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels. Viagra can also help enhance a woman's libido especially in cases where the lowered libido was caused by antidepressants.

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Weight Gain Program Package

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Weight Gain Program Package

Weight Gain Program Package

90 Days validity • Medicines, Diet program, Auriculo Acupuncture Therapy Gadget.

Price: ₹ 12000   ₹ 4500

Buy Now Send Enquiry


What Does “Underweight” Really Mean?

Being underweight is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) below 18.5. This is estimated to be less than the body mass needed to sustain optimal health.

Conversely, over 25 is considered overweight and over 30 is considered obese.

Use this calculator to see where you fit on the BMI scale (opens in new tab).

However, keep in mind that there are many problems with the BMI scale, which only looks at weight and height. It does not take muscle mass into account.

Some people are naturally very skinny but still healthy. Being underweight according to this scale does not necessarily mean that you have a health problem.

Being underweight is about 2-3 times as common among girls and women. In the US, 1% of men and 2.4% of women 20 years and older are underweight (2).

What Are The Health Consequences of Being Underweight?


Obesity is currently one of the world’s biggest health problems.

However, being underweight may be just as bad for your health as being obese.

According to one study, being underweight was associated with a 140% greater risk of early death in men, and 100% in women (3).

In this study, obesity was “only” associated with a 50% greater risk of early death, indicating that being underweight may be even worse for your health (3).

Another study found increased risk of early death in underweight men, but not women. This indicates that being underweight may be worse for men (4).

Being underweight can also impair immune function, raise your risk of infections, lead to osteoporosis and fractures, and cause fertility problems (5, 6, 7).

People who are underweight are also much more likely to get sarcopenia (age-related muscle wasting), and may be at greater risk of dementia (8, 

What will This Package Include?


 Diet program,

Auriculo Acupuncture Therapy Gadget.


Weight Gain will be about 6 to 12 kg at end of program.


Consultations offered

Text Chat (90 days validity)  - 6 No.

Audio Call (20 mins validity)   - 3 Nos.

Video Call (20 mins validity)   -1 Nos.



Tesimonials of Patients cured by Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari – Wnho Clinic- Pune. Available on YouTube Videos.

Posted by Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari, Wnho Clinic, 2014 sadashiv peth, Tilak road, Pune. Free to call for further information.



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Medico Legal Aspect of Sex Therapy

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Medico Legal Aspect of Sex Therapy


Medico legal aspects of sex therapy


Sex and human sexuality are sensitive subject. To deal effectively with any problem of human sexuality, one has to constantly evaluate its merits and demerits from social, scientific, moral, ethical and most importantly from the legal angle. Following are some of the guidelines for therapist to keep in mind while dealing with clients with sexual problems.


Taking informed and expressed consent is of utmost importance while managing any patient. Examining and / or treating a patient without consent would amount to assault and battery which is punishable under criminal law irrespective of absence of negligence or successful outcome of treatment. The consent should be free willed, informed, intelligent, specific and express. Person giving consent should be competent to do so, failing which, consent should be obtained from the lawful guardian of the patient (in cases of minor and/or mentally retarded).

Examinition of a female client

Besides obtaining a valid consent, in case of female patient, the therapist should always have a female assistant present when examining a female patient this is important for the therapist in order to protect himself from a possible charge of indecent behaviour molestation or even sexual offence like rape ect. Being llevelled against him. Mere presence of husband or any male companion of the female patient is not enough. A sex therapist, in particular, is most vulnerable and therefore should be most careful.

Use of surrogate partners

Use of surrogate partners for sex therapy is questionable both ethically as well as legally. Sexual involvement of the therapist is universally accepted as unethical. There have been a number of cases where the therapists themselves, having acted as surrogates, have been punished for sexual molestion of their patients. It may also invite a criminal charge of adultery in some countries, including india. There are cases on record where the therapists have been charged with and convicted of rape.

Unlike some other countries, the socio cultural set up in india is different. The laws governing sexual behaviour are neither liberal nor evolved as much as in some of the western countries. Besides, surrogacy is likened to prostitution by many. Even if one were to consider surrogate partner as a therapist, then the ethical code prevents a sexual relationship with a client. Moreover, there is every possibility of a disease being transmitted. Particularly the hiv infection, in view of sex with multiple partners by a surrogate person.

Therapist should have uppermost in mind the special values of intimacy and love that our culture teaches us to nurture.

Professional competency

It is the ethical responsibility of every sex therapist to maintain high standards of professional competence and integrity. Competence without integrity or integrity without competence is an unsatisfactory compromise of professionalism. It is most important to protect the public and the other professionals from persons who represent themselves as sex therapists who are in fact lacking in competence and intergrity.

Competence in another primary discipline such as psychology, psychiatry or counselling is not equivalent to competence in sex therapy.

A sex therapist should possess adequate knowledge of the following:


1. Sexual and reproductive anatomy and physiology.

2. Developmental sexuality from a psychobiological point of view.

3. Marital, family and interpersonal relationship and socio-cultural factors in sexual values

4. Physiological and medical factors that may influence sexual functions such as pregnancy, contraception and fertility, illness, disability, medications.

5. Multimodel techniques and theory of sex therapy and psychotherapy.

6. Pharmacology of the medications used to treat sexual dysfunctions particularly with respect to their adverse effects and interactions with the drugs being consumed for other ailments.

7. Ethical issues in sex therapy and principles of evaluation and referral.

8. Laws related to sexual behaviour.



Points to bear in mind


all forms of sex therapy which violate the local laws should be handled with care recommending oral sex as a part of therapy is violative of section 377 of the indian penal code which deal with unnatural sexual offences.

the hippocratic oath forbids the physician to take advantage of the therapeutic context in order to engage in either homosexual or heterosexual relationship.

it is a universal rule that whenever dealing with reproductive functions is involved, express consent of both the spouses should be obtained.

proof of competence is the ability to provide objective and responsible services to the clients.

there does exist a potential liability under the laws of the land prohibiting consensual conduct such as prostitution, fornication, lewd and lascivious behaviour and adultery which might arise from therapeutic or non- therapeutic sex research activities.

sex between therapist and client is always unethical. No matter how therapeutic the rationale might appear, there is no justification for a therapist having sex with a client. The purpose of sex therapy is to improve function, not to change values or beliefs of the client.

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Know More About Psychotherapy!

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Know More About Psychotherapy!

Psychotherapy is essentially a conversation which involves listening to and talking with those in trouble with the aim of helping them understand and resolve their predicament. Therapeutic listening is not passive but involves alert and sympathetic participation in what troubles the client. Psychotherapy is not superficial chat and does not seek quick, temporary relief by suggestion. It involves talking honestly and with increasing familiarity and intimacy between people who are equally committed to understanding the sufferer and his problem, with the aim of bringing about the change . It is difficult to draw a line of demarcation between psychotherapy and counselling.

Psychotherapy is classified broadly into three categories: Supportive psychotherapy, Re-educative psychotherapy and Reconstructive Psychotherapy. Though all the categories are equally effective in treating psychological problems, supportive psychotherapy is found to be simple, easy to implement and effective in solving sexual problems.

Supportive Psychotherapy :

The objectives are (a) strengthening the existing defenses (b) restoring to an adaptive equilibrium (c) elaborating new and better mechanisms of maintaining control.

Approaches applied under supportive psychotherapy are : Guidance : It aims at a specific disturbing problem that interferes with the adjustment . This includes education about the problem and social relationship.

  • Tension control: Tension provokes a variety of psychological symptoms that divert the person from concentrating on the tasks. Of the methods used to control this tension are self relaxation, self hypnosis , meditation and yoga. All these methods have basically 4 principles namely , minimization of external stimuli , focus on single stimulus , a state of passivity and comfortable position.
  • Externalisation of interests : By providing varied types of activites such as sports, crafts, games, fine arts the client is enocouraged to resume activities that were once meaningful to him. This contributes to lessening of the neurotic symptoms .
  • Reassurance : it is particularly valuable in cases of severely distressed clients who lack the capacity to handle their anxiety through their own resources.
  • Prestige suggestion : the suggestion is accepted  when it comes from prestigious authority. Hypnosis is important for reinforcing prestige suggestion.
  • Ventilation : this is most common method of relieving emotional tension. One talks over his problems with a professional person. The beneficial effects are due to the release of pent up feelings and emotions. 
  • Somatic therapy : this is an adjunct rather any from of psychotherapy, and has a positive effect on the morale of the client. It includes pharmacotherapy, psychosurgery, convulsive therapy etc.
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MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune

Associate With Us and Earn No Extra Investment


Grow your Medical Practice with Govt. Recognized Start up WNHO HEALTH CARE PVT.LTD Franchisees start from 15,000/ to 15 Lakhs in Asthma Care, Cosmetology,Sexology.Contact-09822006427,, Click Link –


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Course covers following contents:*

Introduction*Basics*Values in Sexuality*Anatomy &Physiology*Sexual Response Cycle*Psychology of Sexual Response*Neural Mechanism of Sex*Hormones in Sex*Sexual Problems*History Taking*Physical Examination*Investigations*Counseling*Psychotherapy*Sex Therapy*Sensate Focus*Pharmacotherpy*Coital Postures*Man-Women =Similarities &Differences*What Man / Women Wants?*Masturbation*Homosexuality*Oral &Anal Sex*Unconsummation*Sex Factors Helpful in Treating Infertility*Male Infertility*Myths & Misconception*FAQ*Hypo active Sexual Desire*Sexual Aversion Disorder*Male Erectile Disorder (Impotence)*Premature Ejaculation*Male Orgasmic Disorder* Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (Frigidity)* Vaginismus (Painful Coitus)*Dyspareunia*Sexuallity in the Ageing*Sex in Some Common Conditions*Premarital Guidance* Sexuality Education*Sharing with You-




Ask for Application Forum 

 I wish to apply for online certificate courses 

1) Diploma in cosmetology and Dermatology , Laser.

2) Diploma in Sexology and Psycho sexual medicine. 


MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune


“The ignorance of women physiology which prevails among most men is boundless and incredible’’

Camille Mauculair

“Honesty is probably the sexiest thing a man cans give to woman”

                                                                                  Debra Messing


An individual lives as a man or as a woman. It is difficult for a man to understand the sexuality of women and vice versa. A man feels that her sexual pleasure is as his. In reality is a lot of difference between the two. Her anatomy hormones and conditioning are responsible for the difference. Till recent times (1976)women never talked about their sexual pleasure. Therefore myths continued to exist.


What Man feels?

“A woman has ten times sex desire than that of a man’’

“To satisfy her,he should have frequent sex with her’’

“She needs a long duration of sex for her sexual satisfaction’’

“If not fully satisfied, she may seek extra marital relationship.’’

“She gets orgasm in her vagina by friction of penis’’

“Man needs to have a thick and long penis for her satisfaction”

“The first experience of sex is very sensational for both.”

“Women is dependent upon man or her orgasm”

“During masturbation the woman puts a long object in her vagina”

“Sex with a virgin woman gives extra a sexual pleasure.”

The facts are:

In man there is no homologous organ like vagina. The biggest misconception is that the women gets erotic vagina. If man were to have vagina, its opening would be 1 inch in front of the anus on the median scrotal raphe. Though the touch sensation is present, it is not as erotic as the touch of glands. This touch can be felt up to one inch deep in the vagina. Beyond that the vagina is insensitive, since it is developed from Endoderm. A woman does not put any long object in her vagina. During masturbating, she stimulates her clitoris and inner side of labia minora. 

In man the organ of pleasure and of intercourse is one and the same i.e. penis. In woman, the organ of pleasure is clitoris and the organ of intercourse is vagina. She can have erotic pleasure by stimulating clitoris and without indulging in intercourse. During the intercourse the penis does not touch the clitoris and therefore she does not get the orgasm by vaginal stimulation. A woman, unlike man , self – sufficient for erotic pleasure. Secondly she is devoid of testosterone, a sex-desire stimulating hormone. The hormones present in her are for menstruation, pregnancy, delivery and lactation. For these reasons, woman does not seek sexual pleasure from extra-marital relationship.

Nymphomaniacs, Gigolos and male sex workers are rare to find. A virgin woman is ignorant and inexperienced in the matter of sexual activities. Such woman generally has fear of pain during vaginal penetration.

Frist night after the wedding is also disappointing since both husband and wife are novice, ignorant and inexperienced about sexual act. In general, the woman is not interested in intercourse as much as he is. For her, intercourse is one way of pleasing the person whom she loves. For man it is something ‘taking’ and for woman it is something ‘giving’. For man, it is final goal for woman it is means of achieving the goal. Unlike man, a woman can survive without sexual stimulation for years.

What woman feels?(woman’s  sexual needs)

Woman complains that :

“He makes a lot of haste during the sexual act”

“He does not indulge in sufficient foreplay”

“The foreplay is routine and mechanical”

“He is not romantic”

“As soon as he reaches climax, he turns his face and goes to sleep”

“He leaves me half way”

“He is very selfish in the matter of sex”

“He uses me like a sleeping pill”

“He is interested in nothing else but intercourse”

“He is very rough. I expect him to be slow, soft, honest, and faithfuland spend more time in loving each other.”

“He feels that I should be ready for sex as and when he desires. He never cares for my mood.”

“It is he who decides when, how long how often and in what way to perform sex.”

“I wonder why he goes after other women in spite of providing him everything he desires”

What the Researchers say?Shere Hite:

“Lying on the back and stimulating the clitoral area with hand gives satisfaction physically, but not psychologically. The difference between this and sex with a partner is that the intense heat of another body is missing, plus the stimulation of the other parts of the body. But, Masturbation you can do alone, quickly and you are sure of an orgasm”.

“Majority of woman do not experience orgasm as a result of intercourse”.

“Intercourse is not a reliable way to orgasm”

“Intercourse with or without orgasm is more fulfilling than orgasm without intercourse” 

 “Affections and closeness were the basic reasons for liking the intercourse, rarely mentioning the orgasm”

“Women have a different arousal system than men. Their arousal is a total body response, rather thana genital one “

“The sequence foreplay, penetration and intercourse followed by male orgasm and end of sequence, is always under the control of man, gives no chance for female orgasm, but teases the women inhumanly”

“Sex is an Activity engaged in by two for the satisfaction of one.”

What Indian women say?

“It is true that woman has more desire for sex. Unlike men, women do not seek extramarital relationship. She will sacrifice everything only for being loved by her husband”

“For sexual pleasure women is not dependent upon man. Her concept of sexual pleasure can be different than that of man”

“Women do not have sex desire as much as men have; otherwise there would have been dens of male sex workers.”

“Intercourse is necessary for fertility but not for woman’s sexual pleasure”

It seems Mother Nature has dissociated the instinct for propagation of life into two components. Majority of pleasure component is given to the male and majority of fertility component is given to the female.

Posted by Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari, Wnho Clinic, 2014 sadashiv peth, Tilak road, Pune. Free to call for further information.




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7 Ways to Boost Your Fertility!

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
7 Ways to Boost Your Fertility!

1. Her Fertility Booster: Weight Control

Being underweight or overweight can delay the time it takes a woman to conceive.

2. His Fertility Booster: Increase your Sperm.

3. Her Fertility Booster: Watch the Beverages

Drinking too much coffee or too much alcohol can impair a woman's fertility.

Studies on alcohol intake and women's fertility have produced mixed findings.

Want to cut out alcohol completely once you are pregnant.

4. Couple's Fertility Booster: Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can impair both a woman's and a man's fertility.

5. Couple's Fertility Booster: The Fertile Window

it advises keeping close track of ovulation -- either by the calendar method, Do Regular Sexual Act During Mid Days of cycle. sex every other day produced nearly as good a pregnancy rate. 

6. Couples Fertility Booster: Choose Lubricants Wisely

With more frequent intercourse, couples may turn more to vaginal lubricants. Some lubricants can actually decrease fertility. When you're trying to get pregnant, be sure to avoid products that have spermicidal agents.

7. Couple's Fertility Booster: Avoid Pesticides and Other Harmful Exposures

Exposures to pesticide. And exposure to some solvents and toxins -- including those used in printing businesses and dry cleaning establishments -- can adversely affect women's fertility.


4 Ways To Treat Pre-mature Ejaculation

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
4 Ways To Treat Pre-mature Ejaculation

Studies show that 1 out of 3 men worldwide experience the problem of premature ejaculation (PE), with men of all age groups from as young as early 20s to even 60 year olds suffering from it at some point of their lives. The main causes behind this problem are neurobiological in nature. Research suggests that hypersensitivity of the penis alongside a reduction in the brain’s serotonin levels (brain chemicals that control your sexual desire) is a cause of PE in men.

Even so, you may be suffering from PE if you experience these symptoms:
- If you ejaculate within a minute of sexual penetration
- If you’re unable to control your ejaculation during all episodes of sexual penetration
- Experiencing feelings of frustration and distress, and avoiding sexual contact as a result

4 Simple Ways to Delay or Control Ejaculation
The practice of certain techniques can help you to delay ejaculation and lead to a more satisfying sexual experience. Here are some of these techniques:
1. Kegel Exercises: Helping you to improve the control of your sexual response is the Kegel routine. The exercise aims to bring about the strengthening of your pelvic region, and subsequently your pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle (the large muscle that stretches all the way from the pubic bone to the tail bone) that is responsible for PE. The Kegel technique calls for tightening and then releasing of the PC muscle for 10 seconds. With a 10 second interval in between each set, you should do about three sets of this to be able to slow things down when you feel yourself experiencing an orgasm.
2. Start-stop Technique: One of the simplest techniques for controlling or delaying your ejaculation, the start-stop technique could be done solo or with your partner. This climax control method involves the stimulation of your penis to the point of orgasm but stopping just before it occurs. The stimulation should last about 30-60 seconds, followed by a period of rest to allow you to regain control before starting all over again. The process should be repeated 4-5 times so as to enable you to identify your point of delay.
3. Squeeze Technique: In this technique, you’re required to squeeze the end of the penis that is the point between the shaft and the glans (the rounded part at the end of the penis), until the need to ejaculate passes. You could do this technique alone or with your partner. You can repeat this process 4-5 times until the time you feel that you can no longer control your orgasm. While helping you to discover your point of no return, the technique enables you to delay your episodes of ejaculation.
4. Deep Breathing Technique: The practice of the 5 minutes deep breathing technique can help to delay your sexual response to a great extent. Every breath that you inhale and exhale during those 5 minutes would enable you to exercise better control over the tension and arousal that brings about untimely ejaculation. For this, you need spend about 5 seconds taking in a deep breath, followed by 3 seconds of holding it in, and then 5 seconds of deep exhalation. This inhaling and exhaling rhythm should be done for 5 minutes so as to render you with the ability to control your PE.

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5 Tips To Boost Female Sex Drive After Birth

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
5 Tips To Boost Female Sex Drive After Birth

One's child birth is a joyous and emotional time. After nine long months of pregnancy, one greets the arrival of baby with great anticipation.It is absolutely normal that the time post-delivery marks a drastic change in sexual desire. While both women and menexpect changes in their sex life immediately after the birth of a child, but as time passes by, it is normal for both partners to wonder when things will ever return to normal. It is a fairly common condition to have a decreased sex drive after giving birth and this feeling can last for months which can be attributed to many factors. Refer to the following tips to get your drive back.

Consult your Gynaecologist: One should take gynaecologist into confidence to discuss how one's libido has changed after child birth, who will in turn help to rule out any physical issues if any.  

Emotional & Physical Fatigue: Nursing a new-born is no joke and it physical drains out. In a post-delivery scenario, ones libido has to fight with overwhelming emotional as well as physical fatigue that results from nursing of a new-born. One can share the night-time feeding with one's partner and try to catch up on the sleep with day time nap. One simply cannot look forward to sex if one is deprived of sleep.

Release the Pressure and Guilt: The body is still recovering and one may get a feel that one is not attractive as before which makes a dramatic impact on body image. Communicatehonestly with partner about the lack of drive. It is likely that he will also be experiencing similar issues and conflicting emotions. Giving reassurancethat oneis working on increasing the libido can help ease the pressure on both the individuals.

Prepare for Sex: Do anything to relax and get into the mood before hitting the bed. It can be as simple as a hot shower or a refreshing drink but it is important to help your body transition from mother to lover.
Use a Lubricant: It is hard to look forward to something that is painful.. Breastfeeding plays a significant role in the decrease in libido. Oestrogen is an important hormone that decreases with breastfeeding which affects vaginal tissues. The most common vaginal side effects of decreased oestrogen are dryness hence it's important to use lubricants to minimize the discomfort of vaginal dryness and make sex more enjoyable

Libido is complicated and there will be times one has to do even if one is not in the mood. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to get the libido back into gear. Once one gets over the hurdle of not being in the mood, one may just realise that one is enjoyingthe act.The good news is that this decrease in libido is temporary. With time and patience, one can rebuild a satisfying sexual relationship with their partner.

Diagnosing Low Libido!

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Diagnosing Low Libido!

Diagnosing Low Libido

The key to establishing low libido is how you feel about your level of sexual desire If you’re not happy with the level of sexualdesire you’re feeling, talk about it with your doctor. 

There are three areas of your health that could affect libido and that your doctor will explore to diagnose the problem:

Low Libido Factor No. 1:

  • Physical Health A physical exam is needed because medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases can lead to a decreased libido in men or women One patient with the digestive disorder celiac disease felt discomfort during sexbecause of pressure on her inflamed colon.
  • Sex-specific problems, Any vaginal pain during sex is both abnormal and can affect libido, and should be evaluated by your doctor. Female patients will be asked about any vaginal discharge, which could be a sign of infection that may, in turn, cause low libido.
  • Antidepressants, birth control pills, and even antihistamines can cause low libido.

sexual dysfunctionLow Libido Factor No. 2:

  • Relationship and Emotional Concerns The following can all dampen sex drive:·        
  • Relationship problems·        
  • Stress — a huge libido-buster·        
  • Depression·       
  •  Anxiety Body image and self-image can also play a role. 
  • Some women with children have a hard time being a mother during the day and a sexual being at night.

Low Libido Factor No. 3:

  • Hormone Levels Research has found that men who have higher free testosterone levels (the amount of testosterone that’s circulating in the blood) have a higher sex drive. 
  • free testosterone has a significant impact on both sex drive and erectile function.Hormone levels in women, especially when they decline during menopause, are notorious for wreaking havoc on sex drive. 
  • Lower estrogen levels after menopause in and of themselves can cause dryness andvaginal pain, which can lead to low libido.  also asks her patients if they’re experiencing hot flashes and sleep problems due to menopause. If so, the resulting chronic fatigue could be the root cause of low libido.
  •  blood tests to check a patient’s levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone.

 Assessing Low Libido-

Perhaps the most important point your doctor should know is if you have always had low libido or if it is a new problem. If you’ve always had a low level of sexual desire, you may have a sexual dysfunction called hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Doctors will rule out other causes such as depression, hormone changes, and medical conditions before diagnosing thissexual dysfunction.

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Sexologist, Pune


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Exercise - 5 Way It Helps Your Sexual Life

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Exercise - 5 Way It Helps Your Sexual Life

Exercising regularly has many benefits for the body and many times these benefits can be life changing. It has been proved that doing exercise sets the foundations for a happy sex life as well. While exercising the brain releases endorphins the sex hormone. These hormones not only spice up the sex but also help in digestion, lower the heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol and ease the body.

Here is how exercising routinely can improve the relationship in bed and make a huge difference: 

1. Blood circulation: Blood flow and the exciting sensation is very important prior to and during sex. When a person exercises regularly then there is an increase in the blood circulation and thus the blood is pumped to all parts of the body. In women who exercise, the circulation increases the fluids of the vagina which in turn helps in a quicker lubrication when in the act.

2. Release of endorphins: Having a clear mindset while having sex is very important. This is more important for women as they tend to over-ride things, thus working best when they have a clear mind and are able to concentrate only on the sexual act. When orgasm is achieved then endorphins are released which is basically a mood elevating chemical. It makes a person feel good and gives relaxed feeling of the mind and body along with euphoria. Endorphins are usually released during exercise, sports and sex. Along with the endorphins putting stress at bay and lifting the mood it also give a clear mind for the sexual activity.

3. Longer and stronger orgasms: On average orgasm in men and women lasts for 10 and 20 seconds, respectively. With exercise one can easily extent this time, pleasure and strength of the orgasm. On contraction of the pelvic floor muscles an orgasm is achieved. When these muscles are kept strong then a longer orgasm is achieved. Sacrum is the area which supports the pelvis and spine; when it is exercised with glutes then it helps in strengthening the muscles. Also, kegels, squats, and pelvic thrusts are some of the exercises which can be done.

4. Increases self confidence: A sexiest trait is that someone can show is that they feel good and confident about the way they look. Studies prove that people who exercise regularly and have good fitness levels display good confidence in their sexual acts and desirability.

5. Exercises the brain: It is said that a great sex usually starts in the mind and the brain is a mighty sex organ. Thus it is of utmost importance that the brain must be fed with nurturing information, so that it becomes stronger. Research backs that by simply changing the way we think can change the brain to react to situations. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.

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Human Sexuality!

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Human Sexuality!

Human sexuality is involves biological, erotic, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual feelings and behaviors.

The biological and physical aspects of sexuality largely concern the human reproductive functions, including the human sexual response cycle. Physical and emotional aspects of sexuality include bonds between individuals that is expressed through profound feelings or physical manifestations of love, trust, and care.  

Sexuality also affects and is affected by cultural, political, legal, philosophical, moral, ethical, and religious aspectsInterest in sexualactivity typically increases when an individual reaches puberty. Genetic studies work on In the study of human chromosomes in human sexuality,research has shown that "ten percent of the population has chromosomal variations that do not fit  into the XX-female and XY-male set of categories"

The study of sexualityalso includes human identity within social groups, sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs).


Genderdifferences[edit]Seealso: Sex differences in psychology § Sexualbehaviorother aspects of humansexuality, such as sexual satisfaction, incidence of oral sex, and attitudes toward homosexuality and masturbation, show little to no observed difference between males and females 

Biological and physiological aspects-

 Human reproductive system Like other mammals, humans are primarily grouped into either the male or female sex with a small proportion (around 1%) of intersex individuals, for whom sexual classification may not be as clear.The biological aspects of humans' sexuality deal with the reproductive system, the sexual response cycle, and the factors that affect these aspects. They also deal with the influence of biological factors on other aspects of sexuality, such as organic and neurological responses,[20] heredity, hormonal issues, gender issues, and sexual dysfunction.


The hypothalamus is the most important part of the brain for sexual functioning. This is a small area at the base of the brain consisting of several groups of nerve cell bodies that receives input from the limbic system. Studies have shown that within lab animals, destruction of certain areas of the hypothalamus causes the elimination of sexual behavior.[ The hypothalamus is important because of its relationship to the pituitary gland, which lies beneath it.The pituitary gland secretes hormones that are produced in the hypothalamus and itself. The four important sexual hormones are oxytocin, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone. Oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the "love hormone, is released in both sexes during sexual intercourse when an orgasm is achieved.[ Oxytocin has been suggested as critical to the thoughts and behaviors required to maintain close relationships. The hormone is also released in women when they give birth or are breastfeeding. Both prolactin and oxytocin stimulate milk production in women ] Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is responsible for ovulation in women, which acts by triggering egg maturity; in men it stimulates sperm production. Luteinizing hormone (LH)triggers ovulation, which is the release of a mature egg.

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Female Orgasmic Disorder - 4 Treatment Therapies

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Female Orgasmic Disorder - 4 Treatment Therapies

Female orgasmic disorder is now quite common in women of all ages and there are innumerable therapies that can treat this trouble efficiently. This trouble mainly leads to lowering of sexual desire, mainly due to lower production of testosterone. On the other hand, libido also gets decreased as a result of which lubrication gets hampered a lot.

Major therapies for treating FOD:

  • Counselling therapy: This kind of therapy has currently gained popularity as a sex therapy. This therapy is useful among all and can offer optimized benefits in treating FOD. The root troubles of FOD can be easily and accurately detected by this therapy. Some commonest troubles are relationship issues, past abuse, depression, anxiety and other related ones. In this case, you have to visit any experienced counsellor who has specialization in conducting the concerned therapy.
  • Hormonal-replacement therapy: This is also quite a popular therapy that can help in increasing the sexual drive in females. This therapy is mainly conducted for increasing the efficiency of the sexual hormones in women so that they can take part in sexual interaction with their partners actively without any hindrances. Menopause symptoms can be completely eliminated using this therapy so that you can fully concentrate on your sexual desires. There are some specific medications that are used in this therapy so that hormonal efficiency can be boosted.
  • Taking supplements: You can now take different kinds of organic or natural supplements that can increase your sexual drive and enhance your testosterone levels. Make sure that only herbal ingredients have been included in the supplements so that unwanted adverse effects can be easily curtailed, and you can only get the real effects. Arginmax is a common supplement which is highly enriched with nutrients and thus your body will get all kinds of essential nutrients, especially amino acids that not only increase the sexual arousal but also the blood flow.
  • Taking medications: Taking medications is also quite a good option but only in case the medicines have been prescribed by certified doctors or sex therapists. Antidepressants can be used for getting rid of depression, which is one of the leading causes of reduced libido and sexual desire in women. Some of the most popular alternative medicines that can be used in this regard are Effexor, Serzone, BuSpar, Celexa and Wellbutrin. All these medicines have lower side-effects, and this is the reason doctors often recommend them. Viagra can also be treated as one of the most useful options as blood-flow can be increased by consuming the same.

The above-mentioned therapies are now being treated as the leading options that can offer guaranteed results in increasing women's sexual desire. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.

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Helo sir I am 27 me penis was small length 3 inches below ans very lean .so. I heard Some herbal oils enhance increase penis size .could recommend.

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Helo sir I am 27 me penis was small length 3 inches below ans very lean .so. I heard Some herbal oils enhance increas...
Don't use that type of any oil. If you want to use oil than you can use coconut oil. That is very helpful to everything.
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Sir, for last 2.5 years I have masturbated daily. I need to know is there any problem in future married life. I am 24 now and physically fit.

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Sir, for last 2.5 years I have masturbated daily.
I need to know is there any problem in future married life.
I am 24...
No problem but don't do that daily. That can be create problem in your future. You can do it once in week or once in month.
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Climax Phase

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune

CLIMAX PHASE - As arousal increases, the man reaches a point of no return after which he will ejaculate, whatever happens. The fluid ejaculate can vary in quantity but is usually about a teaspoonful. It is perfectly clean and contains good things like sugar to feed the sperm. As he ejaculates so he experiences a climax, a sudden buildup and release of tension followed by a feeling of well being and calm The women may or may not come to orgasm or climax. She does not ejaculate like the man but she experiences a similar buildup and release of sexual tension-rather like a sneeze, though much more enjoyable. It lasts approximately 5-15 seconds. There are usually contractions of the vagina wall and surrounding muscle which the woman may be aware of. Most woman need caressing of the clitoris before they reach a climax.

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Sexual Shyness - 4 Possible Causes

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Sexual Shyness - 4 Possible Causes

While sex is something that everyone fantasizes or thinks about, when it comes to the actual act of being with a partner, shyness and inhibitions may stop you from actually having a god experience. While some factors for shyness can be physical, in most cases, they border on emotional and psychological problems.

Factors that might cause sexual shyness
Some of the factors that cause sexual shyness could be:
1. A fear arising from lack of experience
2. A low self esteem
3. Bad encounters and experiences in the past
4. Body image issues

These are all factors which can be changed and controlled with a slight change in your thinking and conditioning yourself in certain ways. 

Overcoming sexual shyness with the partner 
While most people have active fantasies about sex, when it comes to a one on one experience, many people feel out of their comfort zone. Let's look at a few mental and thought conditioning exercises that can help you counter sexual shyness.
a. Don't have major expectations - One of the biggest issues with mostly men and to some extent women, is they have elaborate fantasies which don't come true in the real world and thus aren't prepared to handle real life sexual situation when they come up. Thus you should preferably have a no expectation approach.

b. Ensure that the surroundings are comfortable - If you are having a hurried encounter or in a situation you aren't comfortable in, it might lead to bad experiences which will keep manifesting every time you have sexual encounters. Thus make sure that your surroundings are comfortable and you are relaxed before the act.

c. Don't let physical shortcomings scare you - Both men and women tend to be very conscious about their bodies. If you have to be naked in front of someone, you may feel even more self conscious. Stop feeling bad or sorry for yourself because of your body. No human being is perfect and if the other person wants to be with you in bed, they will ignore any physical imperfections that you think you may have.

d. Think about the act and prepare - Remember that you are with a person and not with a fantasy. Once you are comfortable with a person and usually after a few times, you can then try fantasies and role playing. Initially think about the act before in your head and feel excited in its anticipation.

e. Enjoy the build up and the foreplay - Sex isn't just the penetrative part but all the fun section like kissing and foreplay that build up to it. Go slow and enjoy those sections as well and you will automatically be aroused enough to a point where inhibitions will go away. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.

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Masturbation - 6 Myths & Facts

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Masturbation - 6 Myths & Facts

Although a very normal physical function, masturbation (the touching of your genitals and other erogenous zones to induce sexual pleasure) has certain taboos attached to it. This natural sexual practice has given birth to all kinds of myths which stops people from indulging in this form of self-pleasure.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions and the truths behind them.
1. Myth: Masturbation makes you go blind
Masturbation cannot make you blind. Studies conducted on this point of contention haven’t been able to find a link between masturbation and blindness. On the contrary, these researches have gone on to reveal that individuals who masturbate 4 times daily or more for years haven’t been found to suffer from any diseases attributed to masturbation, including blindness.

2. Myth: It can cause you to suffer from erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to maintain or get an erection during intercourse. The causes of this sexual dysfunction are varied, but masturbation doesn’t figure in the list of causes. What really happens is that when you masturbate repeatedly, you become used to your own touch or to a certain kind of sensation. As a result, you may find it difficult to have orgasms with your partner.

3. Myth: Masturbation doesn’t provide any long-term health benefits
Many experts believe that masturbation can be good for your health. Some of the health benefits that it provides include improved concentration levels and better sleep. It also helps in relieving stress and headaches as your body releases endorphins (brain chemicals), which give you a sense of well-being. Apart from that, masturbating regularly ensures better fitness levels and a youthful appearance in men.
For women, it offers certain sexual health benefits such as less pain during sexual intercourse. This happens due to the interaction between brain receptors and the endorphins, which help in reducing your perception of pain. Furthermore, it can even reduce vaginal dryness.

4. Myth: Children do not masturbate
Masturbation is a normal childhood habit, wherein young children discover the private parts of their bodies and the feelings of pleasure that arise from this activity. Most children begin to play with their private parts by about 5-6 years of age. A child can masturbate once a week or several times a day. There are even researches out there that show male foetuses masturbating in the womb.

5. Myth: There’s no limit to how much you can masturbate
According to the American Psychological Association, you should stop masturbating if it affects your daily life; causes emotional problems or physical soreness; disrupts your relationship with your partner or makes you unable to have orgasms from the stimulation that you experience with your partner. Otherwise, the frequency of masturbating can vary from individual to individual. If you masturbate a number of times in a day and still lead a healthy and satisfying life, you have nothing to worry about.

6. Myth: People in relationships do not masturbate
Whether you’re single or in a relationship, masturbation is a healthy sexual activity that you can engage in to fulfil your sexual desires. Studies show that masturbation is a very common behaviour; about 92% of men and 62% of women masturbate. Sometimes, couples also engage in masturbation together as part of their sexual activity. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist.

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5 Things for a Better Sex!

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
5 Things for a Better Sex!

It is very essential to be content with each other for a couple in a relationship. Enjoying your partner's company and the things one does improves the relationship by notches. Sex also plays an important role. However, there are some things which you must remember, before you start having sexual intercourse. Following these will not only lead to safe sex, but also will result in a better relationship.

  1. Increase activities you do before coitus such as hugging and kissing: Women usually take a longer time to get aroused according to researchers. This is a problem for men and they must counter this by having increased moments of hugging and kissing:. It helps more than you think. A long hug secretes oxytocin which is the primary hormone, which women get aroused by.
  2. Increased foreplay: Women fantasize a lot when they are in the middle of sexual intercourse as well. Therefore, to stop these fantasies, it is important to perform a lot of foreplay. The foreplay not only reduces the fantasies of women, but it helps keep the fantasies on you as well.
  3. Feel comfortable with sex toys: They allow for many things to happen including, but not limited to the woman being on top when you are engaging in coitus. Feel comfortable with these sex toys as a women being on top helps in better stimulation.
  4. Oral sex is needed: It has been proven by researchers that oral sex stimulates much more than sexual intercourse and that oral sex allows women to orgasm more than coitus.
  5. Understand the anatomy of a woman: Women have several very sensitive nerve cells on the clitoris. If you overuse these nerve endings, then your woman will not derive as much sexual satisfaction and may even get hurt. Therefore, to minimize damage to your woman, you must go back and forth otherwise it may be painful for her in the later stages. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist.
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