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Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari - Sexologist, Pune

Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari

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MD-Dermatology, MBBS

Sexologist, Pune

34 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹250 online
Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari 90% (6344 ratings) MD-Dermatology, MBBS Sexologist, Pune
34 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic  ·  ₹250 online
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Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari Director WNHO Health Care Pvt.Ltd. Honorary Sexual Medicine Consultant at Aditya Birala Memorial hospital, Chinchwad......more
Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari Director WNHO Health Care Pvt.Ltd. Honorary Sexual Medicine Consultant at Aditya Birala Memorial hospital, Chinchwad, Pune. Honorary Assistant professor in Bronchial Asthma & Allergy (T.B & chest) Department at D.Y.Patil Medical college, Pune, Ex. Clinical research Assitant at Bombay Hospital Mumbai & Pune. Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari , widely regarding the pioneer in the holistic care. As Maheshwari's WNHO CLINIC health programmed, treat the individual not symptoms. Our franchises are all over India as per WHO norms. According world health organization -health is not merely absence of disease , it is the to achieve balance state of physical, mental, social, & additional dimension spiritual well being. Our WNHO CLINIC take care of all above four state. Director Dr. Maheshwari is passed out MBBS in 1983 from Govt. Medical College Nagpur & later on work at Bombay Hospital in chest medicine department & completed FCCP fellowship of college of chest physician. Then he completed MD.. Doctorate in Respirator medicine & Ph.D. he work at psychiatry department of D.Y. Patil Medical College & complete diploma in psychosexual medicine. He had several 45 papers presentation at National & International conferences. The guiding vision of WNHO
More about Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari
Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari is a Sexologist with an experience of over 32 years. He completed his MBBS from Government Medical College, Nagpur in 1984, and his MD in Dermatology from Open International University, Colombo in 1998. Besides being a Sexologist Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari has also specialised in various other fields such as Allergies, Immunology, Dermatology and Cosmetology. He is a professional member of various institutions such as the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (AASECT), the Fellow of the Royal Society of Health (FRSH), the Indian Andropause Society, the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (CSEPI), the Indian Medical Association and the Indian society of sex Medicine. He has previously worked as a Consultant at WNHO Clinic, as an Assistant Professor at D.Y.Patil Medical College Pimpri, as a Sexologist at Indian Society of Sex Medicine, as a Consultant at Inlacks Bhudrani Hospital and also as an Allergist & Asthma Specilist at Lokmanya Hospital, Chinchewad. He has also been a faculty expert at the National Conference of Sexology, Mumbai in 2014. He deals with patients who suffer from allergies, skin related issues and those facing problems in their sexual life. You can visit him WNHO Clinic in Tilak Road, Pune. Expert in treating Male Erectile Dysfunction and Pre Mature Ejaculations.


MD-Dermatology - Open International University Colombo - 1998
MBBS - Government Medical College Nagpur - 1984
Past Experience
Consultant at WNHO Clinic
2002 - Present Assitant Professore at D.Y.Patil Medical College Pimpri
2008 - Present Honorary Consultant at Sexual Medicine OPD At ABMH Aditya Birala Memorial Hospital
2000 - 2014 Hon Sexologist at Indian Society of Sex Medicine
1996 - 1999 Hon Consultant at Inlacks Bhudrani Hospital
1999 - 2004 Allergist & Asthma Specilist at Lokmanya Hospital, Chinchewad
Languages spoken
Awards and Recognitions
Faculty & Expert At National Conference of Sexology Mumbai
Wnho Clinic Registered Under Government of India As Trade Mark
Professional Memberships
American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors & Therapists (AASECT)
Fellow of The Royal Society of Health (FRSH)
Indian Andropause Society
Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (CSEPI)
Life Member of Indian Medical Association
Secretary of Indian Society of Sex Medicine


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MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune



MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune


Inability or absence of successful peno- vaginal intercourse in a couple.


About 15% of couple have problem of Unconsummation though they can have orgasm by masturbation or by oral stimulation of the genitals. It is not so common in the west, be for social and cultural reasons. The longest duration of Unconsummation seen was for 9 years.


The commonest cause of Unconsummation is ignorance about the sexual act, though sexual aversion, rigid hymen, atresia of vagina, trauma, infection and sexual dysfunctions like impotence, premature ejaculation vaginismus, dyspareunia, etc. and up in Unconsummation of marriage.

Attention is mainly focused here on the Unconsummation due to ignorance about the sexual act. The other conditions responsible for Unconsummation are managed by treating the cause. 

Why Unconsummation?

1. sexuality is a basic instinct in the animals for reproduction and propagation life. Unlike the other animals, sexual behavior in the human being is the outcome of learning and conditioning. Sex being a very private issue and considered as a taboo, there is hardly any opportunity for learning the intercourse. therefore ignorance, myths and misconceptions about sexual act prevail.

2. All the quadruped and biped animals perform coitus by the rear entry, while human being is the only animal doing intercourse in a face –to – face position.

3. the act is done in the dark.

4. the vaginal opening and its direction are not visible externally.

How the problem presents?

Unconsummation is more common in urbanized and well- educated clients. They are normal in every respect except for their ignorance about the sexual act.

1. The client complaint may come for the guidance saying, I don’t know how to do intercourse. Please help me.

2. The chief complaint may be, I can’t penetrate.

Perhaps he tries at the wrong site or in a wrong direction; or she may be having vaginismus.

3. Some men may not know that they have to do pelvic movements after penetration.

4. Woman keeps her legs straight

This can be an important statement by the client giving a clue to the diagnosis. This COITAL position there is no proper alignment between the direction of penis and vagina; therefore penetration  is not possible.

5. My penis is not hard enough for penetration this could be the complaint. The female might not have been sufficiently stimulated through foreplay. Nature has designed the structure of the vagina in such a way that man gets maximum rigidity of penis in the vagina and then only he can ejaculate.

6. Man may lose erection after trying at a wrong site ( at urethra or at clitoris) for a long time and blame himself. In such case, woman may complain of pain during the coital act.

7. If the women has vaginismus, man may not be able to penetrate. He may lose erection and label himself as impotent.

8. All the semen comes out

This is the complaint by the women when the man ejaculates on the vulva instead of in the vagina.

9. Women complaint of primary infertility. To the surprise of the examiner, the hymen may found to be in fact proving Unconsummation. Till this fact is brought their notice, they feel that they are doing the coitus in a perfect way.


1. The couple may continue  to do intercourse in a wrong way without being aware about Unconsummation.

2. Women may complain of pain during the intercourse

3. Man way lose the erection after trying intercourse unsuccessfully at a wrong site for sufficient length of time. He may think himself suffering from impotence.

4. Infertility

5. Anxiety/ depression

6. Marital conflict/ divorce

7. Suicide


1. history is most important.

Foreplay : yes/no

Erection of penis in man and lubrication of vagina in women : Yes/No

Women flexing her hips during coitus in missionary position : Yes/No

Site & direction of penetration : Right/ Wrong

Pelvic movements: Yes/No

Illumination in the room: Yes/No

2. In every case of impotence and infertility, Unconsummation should be ruled out.

3. Women sleeping in the supine position with legs straight on the bed during the intercourse should make the clinician suspect Unconsummation.

4. Genital Examination:

Presence of hymen in the married female .

Only one finger dilatation of vagina

Presence of smegma on the glans/coronal sulcus in the male

Painful retraction of prepuce (or phimosis) may be an accidental finding.

5. Post-coital Test: Absence of sperms in the sample.


1. Both the partners should attend the counselling session.

2. Anatomy of male & Female genitals should be explained to them with the help of clay model, charts or slides.

3. Examination of the genitals:

One finger PV examination of the females should be done in the presence of the male to enable him to understand the site and the direction of the vaginal barrel.

4. The following instructions will help the couple  in overcoming Unconsummation.

For the couples who sleep on the floor.

Lights should be on or the coitus should be done during the day.

The couple should engage in foreplay till he gets erection  of penis and she gets lubrication of vagina.

The female should be in a supine position on the bed, with a pillow under her buttocks, and with her thighs flexed and abducted at her hips. This rotates her pelvis and brings her vaginal opening accessible for the penetration by the male.

The male should squat on his heels ( vajrasan or Namaaz  Position)

Between her thighs. In this position he being perpendicular to her body is in a position to locate and align his penis with the vagina which is at the lower end of vertical cleft, and in upward and backward direction.

Then he advances towards her that his right thigh is under her left one , and his left thigh is her right one. On reaching near her vulva, he separates the labia by his left hand and inserts his penis by his right hand. In the event of difficulty, the female should help him with her hand in guiding the insertion penis.

Supporting his body on the knees and holding her thighs by his hands he makes to and for movements of his pelvis till he ejaculates in the vagina.

For the couples who sleep on the cot: (T position )

Light should on or the coitus should be done during the day. The female sleeps on the cot in a supine and slide down till buttocks are on the foot end the bed.

She flexes and abducts her thighs, and the male kneels on the floor between her thighs, supporting his knee on the pillows so as to align his penis with her vaginal opening. In this position the male is perpendicular to the female.

The advantages are that he can see the external genitals of both and maneuver the penetration, can make pelvic movements by holding her thighs, and can stimulate the clitoris simultaneously while doing intercourse.


The success rate is high. once the couples learn the coital act they simply wonder as to how they could miss such a simple and universal procedure  

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Oral Sex

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Oral Sex
  • Contact of mouth of one partner with the genitals of the other is known as oral sex. Stimulation of the male genitals by tongue, lip and mouth is known as fellatio, and oral stimulation of the female genitals is called cunnilingus.
  • Either from of oral- genital sex can be done with partner stimulating the other individually. Fellatio and cunnilingus are used to induce or heighten the sexual arousal. Vatsyayan has labeled oral- genital sex ‘Auparishtak’ and mentioned 8 different ways of performing it.
  • Licking, sucking, kissing and rubbing of genitals and motion employed can make the person feel good due to moisture and warmth of oral – genital contact. In fellatio, methods of stimulation include sucking the glans or shaft of penis, licking penis or scrotum and kissing anywhere along the genitals. The glans and frenulum are  particularly sensitive to oral stimulation. Many women are highly aroused by licking or sucking of clitoris during cunnilingus. Oral stimulation of minor lips and of vaginal opening is also practiced. Some women are uncomfortable with fellatio because they feel gagging.
  • Some women do not want the man to ejaculate in her mouth, though there is no health risk in swallowing semen accidentally.
  • Oral – genital sex is quite common and many see it as normal and pleasurable part of lovemaking. While many people are interested in the pleasure of oral – genital sex others consider it dirty, perverted and unnatural. Many think genitals as unclean. From a scientific viewpoint, the oral genital contact is no less hygienic than mouth-to-mouth kissing, provided the parts are kept clean. About 60 percent of American couples perform oral- genital sex.
  • Though oral- genital sex does not give rise to any disease, during fellatio, man should not thrust his erect penis deep into the throat as it may cause vomiting or choking. Cunnilingus should not be performed during pregnancy, as it may cause air embolism resulting in sudden death. Person  having STI or HIV infection should avoid oral genital sex.
  • No one should be forced or coerced in doing anything he or she opposes. Men seem to be interested more in oral genital sex than women. However , it she has aversion of performing oral genital sex, he should not insist on it.
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Know More About Masturbation

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Know More About Masturbation

Masturbation is deliberate self- stimulation, which effects sexual arousal.


  • About 94 percent males are involved in masturbation which leads to orgasm. Some individuals do not masturbate because they do not have sufficient sex drive.
  • There are some slow reacting individuals who find it impossible to effect orgasm in masturbation. Where adults discovered the activity in children, reprimanded or punished the youngster, made a public exhibition of the offence, can upset the child’ s peace of mind.
  • Masturbation provides the chief source of sexual outlet in early adolescence. There are few males who masturbate only once or twice in their lives and there are others who  have frequencies that may average seven to twenty or more in a week for long periods of have years. There are few males who are still masturbating at seventy five years of age.  Masturbation after marriage is confined to those periods when wife is away. Sometimes masturbation is the product of the fact that the wife does not want sexual relations as frequent as the male would like to have, or that periods of pregnancy, menstruations or illness interfere with regular intercourse.
  • There are definite taboos against masturbation, with the explanation that masturbation will drive one crazy, give pimples, make one weak, bend the penis, cause impotence, affect vision or do some physical harm. More often masturbation is simply rejected because it is considered unnatural.
  • Masturbation does not ordinarily continue for than a minute or two. Some individuals achieve orgasm in ten to twenty seconds. In males masturbatory techniques are largely manual. Some boys masturbate by moving the penis against a bed or against some other objects. All males experience sexual fantasies during masturbation. Some use erotic pictures for stimulation during masturbation. Many individuals find some additional stimulation in observing their own genitalia.
  • Boys learn to masturbate through friends or through the literature. Frequency of masturbation is inversely proportional to nocturnal emission. Males with high frequency of masturbation may have low rate of nocturnal emission and vice versa.
  • Masturbatory activity does not do any harm to the individual. It is the conflict, fearful social disgrace, guilt-feeling that harms. It affects ultimate sexual capacities, occasionally attempting suicide. On the other hand, Masturbation provides a regular   sexual outlet which alleviates nervous tension and boys live a balanced life. There is no evidence to prove that masturbation interferes with high mental, physical or moral efficacy.
  • There is tremendous individual variation in the capacity to engage in this sexual activity without undue fatigue. therefore, it is not possible to define “excess” secondly the autonomic Nervous system has control over   is adequate according to the situation
  • For most male, coitus is primary, masturbation secondary. Masturbation is an alternative for coitus.


  • Masturbation is one activity in which the second largest number of female engages both before and after Marriage. In coitus a female may be delayed or completely prevented from reaching orgasm however, the techniques of masturbation usually offer the female the most specific and quickest means of achieving orgasm.
  • Masturbation has not been as frequent and as regular a source of sexual outlet for female as it has been for the male. Many male are inclined to overestimate the incidence and frequencies of masturbation among female masturbation is erotic satisfaction and some release from erotic tension are its objective
  • Most  of the female discover how to masturbate as a   result of the exploration of their own genitalia. Females do not discuss their sexual experience in the open way as males do. Many females do not begin masturbation till the age of thirty, While most of males begin masturbation after the onset of adolescence. About 94 percent of males masturbate, while only 62 percent of females masturbate at some time in the course of their lives.
  • There is a higher incidence of masturbation among the older females since there is an actual increase in erotic responsiveness at the older ages, reduced coital activities at the age, reduction of inhibition and they might have learnt by experience of obtaining their peak incidence in teenage. In elderly females as the estrogen level falls, the sex stimulating testosterone hormone level increases.
  • Some women who fail to reach orgasm in coitus are then stimulated manually by their husbands, or they masturbate themselves until they reach orgasm. Some of the married females, on the other hand, confine their masturbation to periods when their husbands are away from home.
  • The frequency of masturbation in single females is once in every two to three weeks and in married females it is once in a month. There is individual variation in any type of sexual activity. There are some females who regularly masturbate to the point of orgasm several times in immediate succession, as often as 10 to 20 and even more times within single hour. Many women often fear that masturbation would do them physical harm, and consider it morally wrong and biologically abnormal. The scientific truth is that masturbation does not harm in any way.
  • Females choose more types of technique of masturbation then males do. Females most frequently involve in manipulation of clitoris and or labia minora. Clitoris is a small, bud like structure – a homologue of male penis, which is located at the upper end of vertical cleft of female genitalia. Labia minora are the paired inner lips and represent body of the penis in male. In masturbation the female usually moves a finger gently and rhythmically over the sensitive areas, or applies rhythmic or steady pressure with several of her fingers or with her whole hand.
  • Frequently one or two fingers are moved forward between the labia in a manner, which brings each stroke against the clitoris. Sometimes the labia are gently and rhythmically pulled to stimulate them. Because these structures are attached to the clitoris, she simultaneously stimulates the organ. Occasionally, her heel or some other object is used to press on the sensitive areas. Clitoris and labia minora are the portions of genitalia which are best supplied with the end organs of touch.
  • Females do not masturbate by penetration of vagina, since walls of vagina are practically without nerves, although there may be some sensory nerves close to the entrance of vagina.
  • Deep vaginal penetration is men’s fantasy and is not the sexual need of women. Major lips of female genitals are involved in masturbation much less frequently. The abovementioned techniques are used by 84 percent of females; while 10 percent of females masturbate by crossing their legs and pressing them to exert steady and rhythmic pressure on the whole genital area. Such pressure affects the clitoris, labia minora and majora.        
  • During masturbation the female may lie face down or with her knee drawn against her belly. Her buttocks may then move rhythmically forward and against each other. in face down position the female presses her genitalia against the bed or against the pillow, which is placed under her pelvis or between her thighs. Thus the clitoris and other portions of genitals are stimulated. The speed with which the orgasm is achieved through the use of such technique is equal or superior to that with which orgasm may be achieved by other method.

What Men/Women Want?

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
What Men/Women Want?

“The ignorance of woman physiology which prevails among most men is boundless and incredible”

  • “Honesty is probably the sexiest thing a man cans give to woman
  • An individual lives as a man or as a woman. It is difficult for a man understand the sexuality of woman and vice versa.
  • A man feels that her sexual pleasure is as his. In reality there is a lot of difference between the two. Her anatomy, hormones and conditioning are responsible for the difference. Till recent times (1976) women never talked about their sexual pleasure. Therefore, myths continued to exist.

What man’s feel?

  • (Man’s conceptualization about women’s sexual needs)
  • “A woman has ten times sex desire than that of a man
  • To satisfy her. He should have frequent sex with her
  • She needs a long duration of sex for her sexual satisfaction
  • If not fully satisfied, she may seek extra marital relationship
  • She get orgasm in her vagina by friction of penis
  • Man needs to have a thick and long penis for her satisfaction
  • The first experience of sex is very sensational for both
  • Woman is dependent upon man or her orgasm
  • During masturbation the woman put a long object in her vagina
  • Sex with a virgin women gives extra pleasure

The facts are

In man there is no homologous organ like vagina. The biggest misconception is that the women gets erotic pleasure in her vagina. If man were to have vagina, its opening would be 1 inch in front of the anus on the median scrotal raphe. Though the touch sensation is present, it is not as erotic as the touch of glans. This touch can be felt up to one inch deep in the vagina. Beyond that the vagina is insensitive, since it is developed from endoderm (like esophagus). A woman does not put any long object in her vagina during masturbation, she stimulates her clitoris and inner side of labia minora.

In man the organ of pleasure and of intercourse is one and the same i.e. penis. In woman, the organ of pleasure is clitoris and the organ of intercourse is vagina. She can have erotic pleasure by stimulating clitoris and without indulging in intercourse. During the intercourse the penis does not touch the clitoris and therefore she does not get the orgasm by vaginal stimulation. A women, unlike man, is self – sufficient for erotic pleasure. Secondary she is devoid of testosterone, a sex- desire stimulating hormone. The hormones present in her are for menstruation, pregnancy, delivery and lactation. For these reasons, women does not seek sexual pleasure from extra marital relationship. Nymphomaniacs, Gigolos and male sex workers are rate to find. A virgin woman is ignorant and inexperienced in the matter of sexual activities. Such woman generally has fear of pain during vaginal penetration.

First night after the wedding is also disappointing since both husband and wife are novice, ignorant and inexperienced about sexual act. In general, the woman is not interested in intercourse as much as the man is. For her, intercourse is the one way of pleasing the person whom she loves. For man it is something taking and for woman it is something giving. For man, it is final goal for woman it is means of achieving the goal. Unlike man, a woman can survive without sexual stimulation for years.


What women feels?

(women’s sexual needs)

Women complains that :

  • He makes a lot of haste during the sexual act
  • He does not indulge in sufficient foreplay
  • The foreplay is routine and mechanical
  • He is not romantic
  • As soon as her reaches climax, he turns his face and goes to sleep
  • He leave me half way
  • He is very selfish in the matter of sex
  • He uses me like a sleeping pill
  • He is interested in nothing else but intercourse
  • He is very rough. I expect him to be slow, soft, honest, faithful and spend more time in loving each other
  • He feels that I should be ready for sex as and when he desires. He never cares for my mood
  • It is he who decides when, how long how often and in what way to perform sex
  • I wonder why he goes after other women in spite of providing him everything he desires.

What the researchers say?

Lying on the back and stimulating the clitoral area with hand gives satisfaction physically, but not psychologically. The difference between this and sex with a partner is that the intense heat of another body is missing, plus the stimulation of the other parts of the body. But, masturbation you can do alone, quickly and you are sure of an orgasm.

  • Majority of women do not experience orgasm as a result of intercourse.
  • Intercourse was never meant to stimulate women to orgasm
  • Intercourse is not a reliable way to orgasm
  • Intercourse with or without orgasm is more fulfilling than orgasm without intercourse
  • Affections and closeness were the basic reasons for liking the intercourse rarely mentioning  the orgasm
  • Women have a different arousal system than men. Their arousal is a total body response, rather than a genital one
  • The sequence foreplay, penetration and intercourse followed by male orgasm end of sequence, is always under the control of man, gives no chance for female orgasm, but teases the women inhumanly
  • Sex is an activity engaged in by two for the satisfaction of one

Beverly Whipple:

  • Female sexuality is conceptualized in male terms.
  • Men and women view sexuality differently.
  • Unlike men, women show different patterns of sexual response.
  • Women can experience sexual arousal, orgasm and satisfaction without sexual desire or they can experience desire, arousal, satisfaction without orgasm.
  • Capacity to experience sexual Pleasure and satisfaction is independent of occurrence of orgasm. 
  • For women, pleasure and satisfaction are characteristics of normal sexual function.

June Resinich :

  • Studies indicate that women generally don’t have a preference in penis is too small. Most woman don’t even think of this issue because it is not important were willingness to share emotions and thoughts.
  • Men worry about genitals and women worry about breast size.
  • Most women do not insert the vibrator inside the vagina, but use it only on the external genitals. Therefore a phallic shape of vibrator is not necessary.
  • Many women have difficulty in achieving orgasm through intercourse by itself, no matter how long it lasts . It is not useful to prolong thrusting. Adding manual stimulation of clitoris during intercourse may help to solve the problem.
  • It is normal for a woman not to achieve orgasm by intercourse alone. Ten percent of women have never had an orgasm by any means.

Alfred Kinsey :

  • There are no structures in the female which are more sensitive than the clitoris, labia minora and the extension of labia into the vestibule of vagina.
  • Vagina is derived from primitive egg ducts which are poorly supplied with end organs of touch. The endodermal lining of vagina makes it similar in this respect to rectum.
  • There is no functional homologue of the vagina in the male.
  • The average female takes less than 4 minutes to reach orgasm in masturbation, though she may need 10 to 20 minutes or more to reach that point in coitus.
  • The average female is less often aroused by anticipation of sexual relationship and she does not begin to respond until there has been a considerable amount of physical stimulation.
  • Females reported that they had never been aroused by anticipation of sexual relationship and she does not begin to respond until there has been a considerable amount of physical stimulation.
  • Females reported that they had never been aroused by observing male genitalia or by seeing photographs of nude males.
  • Most females prefer to be stimulated tactilely in carious other parts of the body before the activity is concentrated on genitalia.
  • Maximum incidences of sexually responding females are in the late twenties and thirties.
  • Good health, sufficient exercise and plenty of sleep remain the most effective of the aphrodisiacs.

Promila Kapoor :

Women strongly disapproved of sex without love or even with love before marriage, and did not very much approve of sex without love even with the husband after marriage.

What the Feminist Women say ?

  • Women’s sexuality is neglected. Many pages are devoted to the penis, while few paragraphs are devoted to women’s genitals. Vagina is shown as a gaping hole or as a tunnel. In fact, vagina is a collapsed tube like a deflated balloon.
  • Several myths are perpetuated by medical profession e.g. vaginal orgasm, the notion that women sexual response is totally dependent upon the stimulation by penis.
  • We learned that the vigorous contraction of orgasm come from pelvic and clitoral muscles in response to clitoral stimulation.
  • Many who do experience an orgasm during coitus find that it is necessary to be in women on top position so that they can control the amount and type of stimulation to the pubic mound and glans of clitoris.
  • Women have more powerful orgasms when they masturbate than when they have sex with the partner.
  • Many women do not experience orgasm until they are in twenties or thirties, or even later, or never.

What Indian Women Say?

  • It is not true that women has more desire for sex. Unlike men, women do not seek extramarital relationship. She will sacrifice everything only for being loved by her husband.
  • For sexual pleasure women is not dependent  upon  man. Her concept of sexual pleasure can be different than that of man.
  • Women do not have sex desire as much as  men have otherwise there would have been dens of male sex workers
  • Intercourse is necessary for fertility but not for women sexual pleasure
  • It seems Mother Nature has dissociated the instinct for propagation of life into two components. Majority of pleasure component is given to the male and majority of fertility component is given to the female.

Man And Women - Similarities And Differences

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Man And Women - Similarities And Differences

Man and women are not ‘opposite’ sexes but complementary sexes.

Man & women form one unit of the Homo-sapiens species.

Though both can survive & function Independently, involment of both is essential for reproduction and thus propagation of the species. To understand the similarities and differences of two on has to start from embryology .


The external genital are similar in male and Female embryos  till 3months of Pregnancy, External genital are developed from 3 bodies

1. Genital Tubercle

2. Genital folds

3. Genital swelling

During 7th month of pregnancy

1. In male, Genital Tubercle develops into Penis enveloping the urethra, and in female it develops into Clitoris.

2. In males, the two Genital Folds unite from anus to the glans of penis. This union can be seen as a median  raphe in the new born, In Female embryo, the  two folds partly unite and partly remain open and develop into labia minora. Urethral and vaginal  opening  are developed in the space between the two


3. In males, the Genital Swellings of two sides unite to form scrotum. The Gonads(Testes) descend into the scrotal sac during 7th month of pregnancy. In females, the Genital swelling remain separate and develop into Labia Majora.  The gonads (ovaries) remain in the abdomen.

These changes in the male embryo about by foetal testosterone. As a result of these changes, in the male the organ of procreation and pleasure remain the same while, in the female, they remain separate. There is a distance of about 1.5 inches between clitoris and vagina. Therefore, when women engages in vaginal intercourse, she may not get the pleasure  and when she wants erotic pleasure she need not engage in vaginal intercourse. Perhaps this is one the reasons for paucity of male sex workers. The other reasons could be scarcity of testosterone, a desire stimulating hormone, in the female vagina is developed from endoderm and therefore, like esophagus , the touch sensation, expert in outer one inch, is absent.

  • Glans of clitoris is erotically as sensitive as the glans of penis and is the seat of orgasm. During intercourse clitoris is not stimulated since the women is pinned down. Women can get orgasm only when clitoris is stimulated manually during the foreplay or when the women is on the top during the intercourse.
  • If women gets lubricated by clitoral stimulation, then man gets better stimulation of penis and faster orgasm. Therefore women should  have clitoral  stimulation/ orgasm prior to penetrative sex.
  • Man:  sex chromosomes xy
  • Hair on face,
  • Hair on pubic region: up to umbilicus Muscular body, nocturnal emission
  • Breasts: rudimentary
  • Penis: organ for coitus, erotic micturition & ejaculation
  • Gonads (testes)are outside the Lubrication produced by bulbo – urethral glands
  • Sexual hormone: Testosterone
  • Sexual response: Monotonous
  • Sexual Response is essential for fertility
  • Orgasm: Possible every time
  • Associated with ejaculation & followed by refractory Period .
  • Explosive –mid or explosive


Erotic stimulation is through five sense organs stimulated by nudity,  seeing female genital and beauty

  • Most of the male Masturbate
  • Aim: Sexual pleasure
  • Oral Sex – Most of them are interested.
  • Deep interest in coitus
  • Any women would do for coitus
  • Attraction of extramarital relation
  • As the age advance, the Sexual Attraction decreased
  • Total Sexual outlet are more
  • Satyriasis is not uncommon
  • Interested in sexual posture
  • Interested in sex tonic
  • Coitus: How often  , when and how long is decided by man
  • Andropause is gradual and does not pose a problem
  • Paraphilia is common
  • Sexual dysfunction is common
  • Man is more interested in sex
  • Man gives loves to get sex
  • Man is dependent upon women for sexual Pleasure
  • Man is rational, steady & dashing
  • Man seek any women for short term relationship
  • Man want a Virgin & younger by age
  • Man’s sexual pleasure is genital oriented


  • Sex chromosomes XX
  • No hair on face
  • Hair in triangular region
  • Delicate body, Menstruation, broad waist
  • Breast Prominent
  • Sensitive to erotic stimulation
  • Produces milk after delivery
  • Clitoris for erotic sensation: urethra for micturition & Vagina for coitus
  • Gonads (ovaries) are inside the body
  • Produces one ovum per months
  • Lubrication produced by vestibular glands & vaginal wall
  • Sex hormones are Estrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin
  • Sexual response is varies
  • Fertility is possible in absence of sexual response
  • Orgasm: may or may not or Multiple orgasms. No refractory ejaculation.
  • Love, romance & touch are essential for erotic stimulation
  • Stimulated by romanticism & personality.
  • Not stimulated by seeing male genital.
  • Most of them do not masturbate.
  • Aim: to relieve vascular congestion
  • Oral sex: most if them are not interested
  • Interested in partner’s company, his close contact& motherhood.
  • Not much interested in coitus
  • Meticulous selection of partner.
  • Emotional involvement necessary for coitus. Any man would not do
  • No attraction of extramarital relation
  • Sexual attraction is the same throughout.
  • No change according to age.
  • Total sexual outlets are less.
  • Nymphomania is very rare.
  • Neither interested in sexual postures,
  • Not interested in sex tonic
  • Woman is passive. She does not take a lead.
  • Menopause is sudden and poses a problem in some women.
  • Paraphilia is very rare
  • Sexual dysfunctions : less common
  • Women is more interested in love & motherhood
  • Woman gives sex to love
  • Women is not dependent upon man
  • For sexual pleasure ;but for love, romance & motherhood.
  • Women is creative, instinctual, & affectionate
  • Women seeks a man for permanent
  • Women wants a sincere man who would offer stability , & is senior by age
  • Woman sexual pleasure is entire body – oriented.

5 Things To Avoid For A Better Sex Life

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
5 Things To Avoid For A Better Sex Life

In order to fulfill your and your partner's desires if must understand them and along with that you need to keep a track of your mental and physical health, so that you can fulfill those desires. There is an increasing number of people with the issue of reduced sexual drive and this being a private matter are not able to come out in the open to discuss it.  However, this is an issue that can only be solved by a frank discussion, and when that is done, it might seem like there was no problem in the first place.

Listed below are some things that can lead to a lower sexual drive. It is to be noted that women and men have different reasons leading to reduced libido.

  1. Reduced hormone levels:  The most prominent cause is reduced levels of testosterone and estrogen, which are hormones required for development of sexual characteristics in males and females respectively.  The levels can reduce depending on various reasons from hypogonadism to loss of ovaries to psychological stress to medications to drinking and smoking.  The first step in managing this would be to establish the fact that there are reduced hormone levels and pin the cause for it.  Most people respond almost immediately to replacement therapy.  Additionally, in some cases, the cause for reduced hormones can be addressed when identified.
  2. Physiological problems: Especially in women, if there is painful intercourse, then the drive is naturally reduced. The reason for the pain could be spasms or infection and need to be identified and treated.  Psychological constraints are another major reason that most females have painful intercourse.  Counselling along with therapy, if required can help these patients.
  3. Medications: From antidepressants to antihypertensives, though they are meant to cure some medical condition, they lead to some other condition. Drugs like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), tricyclic antidepressants (TCA), and beta-adrenergic blockers are famous for their ability to reduce libido.
  4. Lifestyle habits: From smoking to drinking alcohol to junk food to lack of exercise, the effect on libido is very strong. Smoking decreases blood flow in general, which leads to reduced desire. 
  5. Chronic diseases: Whether it is depression or diabetes, hypertension or hyperlipidemia, they all have an indirect effect on the sex drive of a person. Additionally, the constant stress of having to monitor health and maintain a good lifestyle has an effect on the overall health and definitely on the sex drive.  In some cases, this could lead to drinking and smoking and use of medications all of which again can affect the sex drive. It goes into a vicious cycle and the patient needs to accept some facts and manage to work around the others.

It is indeed very stressful when a person finds out that he has a low sexual drive. However, it is not impossible to manage with a little help and support, both from the partner and the doctor.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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7 Causes Of Low Libido In Femles

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
7 Causes Of Low Libido In Femles

"Men get naughty at 4-0 forty" but for women, the case may be very-very different. By their thirtieth birthday, many women begin complaining of a lowered libido or lack of interest in sex with their partner. This can be quite frustrating for both partners and can lead to a rift in the relationship. Hence, it becomes essential to pay attention to this condition.

The first step to finding a solution to any problem is to understand the factors that trigger it. Some causes for a lowered libido in women are -

Birth Control and Medication: Birth control essentially manipulates the hormone levels in the body. While this may prevent unwanted pregnancies, a lowered libido is a common side effect of birth control medication. Antidepressants also have similar side effects.

Over Working: Working hard is a good thing but too much of a good thing can have a negative effect on your health. In this case, overworking may lead to stress, anxiety, fatigue and burnout. This can lead to a weakened adrenal gland. The adrenal glands are responsible for the production of testosterone and in this way, working too hard can be the reason for women to not enjoy sex as much as they once used to.

Hormonal Changes: With age, every woman faces hormonal changes. This can result in a lack of lubrication making intercourse uncomfortable. Over time, this can lower libido considerably.
Ways to Enhance a Woman's Libido-
A lowered libido isn't something you have to quietly accept. Here are a few ways to enhance a woman's libido.

Go on a date:
Intercourse is as much an emotional exercise as it is a physical one. Cutting back from other responsibilities, work, children etc and spending time alone with your partner can help you emotionally reconnect with him.

Meditation can help calm the mind and reduce stress. This, in turn, will enhance the production of testosterone in the adrenal glands and thereby enhance libido. Meditation can also help you disconnect from worries and tensions that may be weighing you down.

When it comes to a diminished libido, medication may be an effective form of treatment, but it must be tailored to the individual. While estrogen skin creams may be beneficial for some women, others may benefit from testosterone supplements. A few antidepressants can also enhance a woman's libido by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels. Viagra can also help enhance a woman's libido especially in cases where the lowered libido was caused by antidepressants.

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Weight Gain Program Package

MD-Dermatology, MBBS
Sexologist, Pune
Weight Gain Program Package

Weight Gain Program Package

90 Days validity • Medicines, Diet program, Auriculo Acupuncture Therapy Gadget.

Price: ₹ 12000   ₹ 4500

Buy Now Send Enquiry


What Does “Underweight” Really Mean?

Being underweight is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) below 18.5. This is estimated to be less than the body mass needed to sustain optimal health.

Conversely, over 25 is considered overweight and over 30 is considered obese.

Use this calculator to see where you fit on the BMI scale (opens in new tab).

However, keep in mind that there are many problems with the BMI scale, which only looks at weight and height. It does not take muscle mass into account.

Some people are naturally very skinny but still healthy. Being underweight according to this scale does not necessarily mean that you have a health problem.

Being underweight is about 2-3 times as common among girls and women. In the US, 1% of men and 2.4% of women 20 years and older are underweight (2).

What Are The Health Consequences of Being Underweight?


Obesity is currently one of the world’s biggest health problems.

However, being underweight may be just as bad for your health as being obese.

According to one study, being underweight was associated with a 140% greater risk of early death in men, and 100% in women (3).

In this study, obesity was “only” associated with a 50% greater risk of early death, indicating that being underweight may be even worse for your health (3).

Another study found increased risk of early death in underweight men, but not women. This indicates that being underweight may be worse for men (4).

Being underweight can also impair immune function, raise your risk of infections, lead to osteoporosis and fractures, and cause fertility problems (5, 6, 7).

People who are underweight are also much more likely to get sarcopenia (age-related muscle wasting), and may be at greater risk of dementia (8, 

What will This Package Include?


 Diet program,

Auriculo Acupuncture Therapy Gadget.


Weight Gain will be about 6 to 12 kg at end of program.


Consultations offered

Text Chat (90 days validity)  - 6 No.

Audio Call (20 mins validity)   - 3 Nos.

Video Call (20 mins validity)   -1 Nos.



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