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Dr. Panchanadikar

Psychiatrist, Pune

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Dr. Panchanadikar Psychiatrist, Pune
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Panchanadikar is a popular Psychiatrist in Rasta peth, Pune. You can visit him/her at KEM Hospital - Pune in Rasta peth, Pune. Book an appointment online with Dr. Panchanadikar and consult privately on has top trusted Psychiatrists from across India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 26 years of experience on You can find Psychiatrists online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Parkinson's disease-KAMPAVATA
(A Neurological Disorder)
Parkinson's disease is a neurological disease, or brain disorder, that leads to progressive difficulty with balance and coordination. In people who have Parkinson's disease, nerve cells in a region of the brain known as the substantia nigra become damaged or die. These cells are important because they produce the chemical dopamine, which helps to coordinate body movement-basal ganglia.
When dopamine-producing cells degenerate/die, the areas in the brain that control movement can no longer function properly, and symptoms of Parkinson's disease eventually develop.
Parkinson?s Disease Prevalence:-
Parkinson's disease can affect anyone, but it most often occurs in people who are over the age of 50. Only 15 percent of Parkinson's disease patients are diagnosed before they are 50 years old.
The prevalence of Parkinson's disease is nearly the same in both men and women, and recovery rate is more in men. People with a family history of Parkinson's may have a higher risk of developing the disease, but Parkinson's disease is rarely attributed to genetics alone.
Parkinson's Disease Symptoms
Symptoms of Parkinson's disease usually develop after about 80 percent of the brain's dopamine-producing cells are lost. The Main symptoms of Parkinson's disease include:
? Tremors(Kampam)- Tremulousness (uncontrolled shaking or trembling) of the hands, arms, legs, face, body is often one of the first indicators of Parkinson's disease.
? Rigidity. Profound stiffness or an inability to easily move the arms, legs, and trunk, pain and stiffness on neck muscles is another hallmark of Parkinson's.
? Bradykinesia:- describes the unnaturally slow movements that are characteristic of people with Parkinson's disease.
? Poor balance- Parkinson's disease affects balance, leading to difficulty walking and impaired coordination.
The symptoms of Parkinson's are generally mild at first, but become more severe over time, until they eventually interfere with your daily routine. This is usually the point when treatment is recommended.
The Outlook for People with Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's disease is a chronic, progressive condition, which means it is a lifelong disease that worsens over time when it is not treated properly.
Each individual's situation is different, but in general, the first symptoms of Parkinson's disease usually don't require treatment and may be restricted to one area or one side of the body.
Movement of symptoms to the other side of the body
? Tremors that become more pronounced and interfere with activities
? Bradykinesia, or slow movement, that becomes disabling
? Difficulty with hand writing
? Impaired swallowing and chewing
? Speech that becomes monotone
? Poor balance and repeated falls
? Slow, shuffling gait (manner of walking)
? Stooped posture
? Facial expressions that become stiff and blank
? Chronic constipation
? Poor bladder control
? Sleep disturbances
This progression is gradual in most people, but it may happen faster in some than others. Understandably, stress caused by the progression of the disease can lead to anxiety and depression.

Ayurveda Treatment:

There is cure for Parkinson's disease with Ayurveda treatment, With Ayurveda medicines and treatments we can relieve symptoms, slow down the progression and then we can completely arrest further degeneration of the of the cells, thereby we can completely control and cure the disease. If you are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, it is important to work closely with your medical team, so your medications can be regularly adjusted to help you remain as functional as possible for as long as possible.
As far as Parkinson's disease is concerned this is a brain related issue, so will surely effect the mind; so I recommend 49% treatment to patients and 51% treatment to family members.

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Hlo sir, I am feeling depressed due to my personal reason nd I am feeling very please pls tell me what should I do?

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
Hlo sir,
I am feeling depressed due to my personal reason nd I am feeling very please pls tell me what should I do?
At your age this claim is serious. If you have depression then there are some major ramifications to take into account. I believe there may be some genetic predisposition or there has been some childhood issue, related to anger, that needs urgent attention. You must go and meet with a counselor immediately and if that person advises that you meet with a doctor you must do so and cooperate to your utmost. Please visit these professionals along with your parents. In the meantime please do the following sincerely because you could resolve the problem better with good cooperation: Have a good night’s sleep, have a good breakfast of more proteins, meditate often, remain free of stress, eat a lot of fiber, nuts, avocado, exercise regularly, eat dark chocolate, do Yoga meditation exercises, etc. I suggest you do the opposite of what this depression makes you feel like doing (actually, not doing): you will need to fight this condition. You must become active; stay upright during the daylight time; meet people; never sleep during the day, wake up by 6 am every day, play some active games, especially contact games, do physical exercises, talk to people and join some social clubs, attend Yoga classes etc. Watch sitcoms on TV or comedies and cheer yourself up. Go for excursions in groups, for outings, camps, conferences, and religious conventions. Get a pet dog and spend time training it, exercising it and relating to it. Expose yourself to some sunlight every day, at least, 30 minutes but not in the scorching heat. Whatever happens, please incorporate these three important adaptations in your life: always be responsible, be respectful, and be functional. If you did these three, lots of things will go well in life. Please pray and have faith in God to alleviate your sufferings. Don’t wait for others to help. Use your own motivation, which might be at its lowest, but persevere and win this battle. Above all to be really happy, you need to live in love and for love. Learn all about emotions and how to handle them and that will get you out of the depression rather easily and quickly. A counselor is there only to facilitate you, all the hard word must come from you, and your cooperation with that person is very critical for your success. Be positive every day and learn to be contented with what you have. Do some left brain exercises: it is the happy brain. Here are a few suggestions: shut your left nostril and breathe, move your eyes from right to left and vice versa for at least half a minute at a time, and do callisthenic exercises with some form of counting, regularly. Whatever happens please cooperate with the therapy and do not discontinue until the condition is completely resolved.
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Does homeopathy help in dealing with sensitivity and anxiety when these are part of personal traits/ characteristics?

Psychiatrist, Delhi
Does homeopathy help in dealing with sensitivity and anxiety when these are part of personal traits/ characteristics?
Nothing helps in the personality traits. It is only the conscious efforts and the therapies that can help you modify them.
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I lost somebody close last year and since then feel very depressed and prefer keeping to myself all the time. please help me.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
I lost somebody close last year and since then feel very depressed and prefer keeping to myself all the time. please ...
Dear. Separation grief related depression is a normal fallout and therefore nothing to worry. Usually this type of depression will not continue for more than a month or so. As your case is more than one year, take care.
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One of my relative, 40 yrs female who is diagonized with schizophrenia has been using Respodal 2mg & Pacetane 2mg both grinded together and taken daily for last 6 years. Does this medicine have any effect on Menstrual cycle, after taking this she is having irregular periods, for this she did consult Dr. and used some medicine and she did have menstrual cycle once in a while not regular but finally was told may due to her age (40 yrs) she ie nearing to menopause. But recently she had gone out of station and she was not on medicine (i. E Respodal & Pacetane) she had a menstrual cycle after almost 7 months and having not taken medicine for 10 days she again started taking medicine after 10 days gap now she is having tingling on hands and she wakes up all of a sudden in night and need to message the arms. What can be the reason behind this? Earlier she also had problem like tongue has been pulled inside or twisted. Does the taking of this medicine effect Heart too.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Vadodara
One of my relative, 40 yrs female who is diagonized with schizophrenia has been using Respodal 2mg & Pacetane 2mg bot...
Yes the medicines that pt is taking esp for the prob of schizophrenia are having quite a lot side effects and all of the above you have mentioned may come in varying intensity in the patient as per the age, life style, mental state etc. In such condition, if you take homeopathic support along side, it can help you to recover along with minimizing the side effects of above medicines.
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I am 18 years old boy and my Body Reacts too much few days Ago I saw A Dog Barking I threw Bag in my Hand On Road And Ran away to Shop and Cried loudly everyone Looked at me but It was like Natural reaction, If I am sleeping and anyone Tries to wake me up I kick that person even if he is my friend, relative Or I Cry too much Loudly I go conscious While I am sleeping How I suppose to Control my Reactions Recently I saw see A Pigeon flying to me I was with my friends I layer down to earth Everyone laughed at me Everytime I see Crow, Piggon or any thing come I bow down even if I don't want Like Natural Reaction I don't want this what I suppose to do? I can even stop these natural Reactions even I want, During Lecture I saw Honeybee coming in my class and I cried loudly'Had Had Nikal' Everyone in class laughed at me How I suppose to stop them I can't even If I want? What I suppose to do? I lost control of My body after seeing anything dangerous even if It is too little Dangerous what I suppose to do?

M.S. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Bangalore
I am 18 years old boy and my Body Reacts too much few days Ago I saw A Dog Barking I threw Bag in my Hand On Road And...
Dear lybrate user, you have mentioned, that you are reacting to any stimulus, aggressively because you are seeing these objects as a threat to your life. By reacting like this you are trying to protect yourself. It appears to me that either you have learnt this behaviour from your father or mother or any other relative who was with you when you were growing up. So this is like a" learnt" reaction, which is faulty, now, to overcome this, you need to do the following: 1. Every morning or evening, whenever you can spare 20 minutes - sit at a quiet place. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths. With closed eyes try to look inside your body. Understand that this body can protect itsel. Now imagine, that there is a soothing white light, which is a source of energy, above your head. With a calm mind, start receiving that soothing light through your head. Concentrate on all your body parts starting with your head, ending with your toes. Imagine that all your body parts are receiving that soothing light. Just continue imagining this for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes take another 10 deep breaths and imagine that all your body parts have become more powerful now. Do this exercise everyday at lease for 3 months. Also understand that you are very young and full of strength. Go to gym at least thrice a week. This will make your body stronger. Once you have stronger body, you will be more confident about yourself. Everyday tell yourself that you are strong enough to protect yourself. After about 3 months, start looking at pictures of small insects, animals etc in the book/magazine, from a distance. Find information about them and learn how to tame, how to protect yourself from them etc. After a week touch these pictures. Then tell yourself that the pictures do not harm you. Later on slowly, try to be familiar with actual real insects or animals (you can take help of your friends or a counsellor). Please understand that you are huge in size if you compare yourself with these insects/animals. You do have more power and you do have more matured brain than theirs' you need to know, that, with the above exercise, you have gained more power. Every morning and at night, before going to bed, tell yourself that you are very strong and you can protect yourself. Tell yourself that you need to be calm all the time, because when you are calm, you can take better decisions. You also may take help from a cousellor, who can find out the reason for your abnormal reactions and help you to get rid of such embarrassing situations.
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My friend is in a serious relationship with with a guy . They are in a relationship from the past 6 years. There is no one in her family, her parents died last year in a car accident. The problem with her that she is always tensed about his love towards her . She cares a lot about him but he always ignores her. Due to this ignorance she is always depressed , I have many times tried to console her and made her trust that he loves him a lot but still there are no changes in her behaviour. Doctor please help me with such a way that I can bring the smile on her face back. Thank you.

MSC Human Development , Hypnotherapy , Special Educator , ms- counselling and physiotherapy, Applied psychology Hons
Psychologist, Faridabad
My friend is in a serious relationship with with a guy . They are in a relationship from the past 6 years. There is n...
This is not a problem she only face loneliness and separation anxiety that's why she always feel tens about her love. Try to talk to her beloved for support her always take her to a psychologist they will help her. And if you need any help from us you can contact us.
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Hiii! I am a 18 year old male. I had very bad temper some times I can't control my anger. What should I do to be calm.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
Being all of 18 years there could be some implications if this anger was of recent origin. There may be unresolved issues regarding unexpressed anger from childhood that needs some attention now. Meet with a counselor along with your parents to explore those influences. None of the feelings are to be controlled. The way you express them has to be appropriate. Now anger is pure energy and people mistakenly think that they must express anger violently, or aggressively, or they can damage something, or throw a fit, or kill, or hurt, or withdraw, etc. These expressions can be followed, if they are appropriate to the situation. You can instead simply talk about the feeling, write about it and share it with someone who understands; scream and shout in a situation which warrants it and so on. When the expression is most suitable, the repercussions are minimized and the other person tends to understand and is willing to apologize and sort out the matter. Many of us are inclined to worry about the consequences of expressing anger and use fear to suppress the legitimate expression. You can exorcise your anger out of your system by exercising, but it is the energy that is expended not the feeling. Unexpressed feelings will hurt you back by clinging on to a favorite organ and troubling it enough to cause it to malfunction or lead to its total dysfunction. You can also hand over the feeling to God, if you are a spiritual person, and very effectively too. All feelings must be expressed without exception.
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I am suffering with panic disorder since 2009 and taking clonazepam 0.5 two times daily, provanol 20 mg two times and one antidepressant stalopam twice. It has become a routine and without taking this I feel uneasiness in head, palpitation and reeling head. After taking medicine I feel very sleepy. And at last I have to sleep for one hour minimum.

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Delhi
I am suffering with panic disorder since 2009 and taking clonazepam 0.5 two times daily, provanol 20 mg two times and...
Yes clonazepam can cause sleep even if you've been taking it for a long period. To give you respite from sleepiness and other side effects your dosage regime need to be altered slightly. During this alteration you might have to tolerate few side effects for a few days but will definitely help you in the long run. Please make dose adjustments only when you can afford side effects for a few days.
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How To Win Over New Relationships

SLE, Fellowship In Diabetology, Diploma In Psychology Mental Health And Illness, PLAB (MANCHESTOR, UK), FAGE, MBBS
General Physician, Bangalore
How To Win Over New Relationships

A new relationship involves a lot of weighing from both the sides. Learn what really matters to win people over in this post. When you want to build a new relationship, whether it is for work, business, personal, marriage, friendship etc there are several factors that help take off and bloom the relationship. These factors are broadly the same in different age groups as far as psychological impact matters. Some of the most important influential factors from a psychological point of view have been highlighted here.

1. Presentation- When you want to draw someone into relationship with you for any reason, it is important that you present yourself at you best levels be it physical or mental. Like they say that the first impression is the best impression, your display of you strengths creates an impression that helps people decide what they want to do with you. This doesn't mean you should hide all your weaknesses but highlighting your strengths is as important as making your weaknesses clear. Always learn to put your best foot forward as sometimes that itself may not be enough. You can't really send your neighbour for your job interview!! There are many instances when people send different photographs in their applications and different ones appear for the exams. This is mere cheating and not winning.

2. Plan – Let people know what you want to do with them and what they can they can do with you. No one can say they don’t have a plan. There is always some plan. Knowing it strengthens why you want to have that relationship in the first place. Otherwise it's like something which is there but you can never want to do anything with! When you are honest with your plans and they workout as you described it, it creates confidence in relationship or else it is destroyed forever. You can cheat a person with your plans once, not forever.

3. Possibilities- Will this relationship bring me trouble? Obviously nobody wants to get into a relationship with anybody that brings them trouble be it physical or mental. Next question is whether it will benefit me? Small or big depends on person's needs. Some relationships neither bring us trouble nor benefits us, such relationships are better than the ones which can cause harm.

4. Potential – Question. Does this relationship you are trying to develop have any possibilities of growth a few or many years down the line. Obviously we have a lot of friends who wither by passing of time. Does this relationship have an expiry date irrespective of how well or bad it goes? Like when we join college we know for sure that the friends will be with us till the duration of the course and that's it. We will know that if we study together it will help us achieve great grades in college and hence a great life later. These kind of growth possibilities or possibilities of deterioration are important to be well aware of and will naturally decide the course of relationships.

5. Progress – No matter what our initial assessments are, how the relationships helps us fare in the outside world will ultimately decide the future of any relationship. Loss, sorrow, tragedy, degradation in any aspect of life, insults, injury, loss of health etc will never help any relationship continue or last.

6. Partnerships – When we want to build a relationship with someone, the best way to do it is to obviously partner with that person in as many activities as possible. The more interested a person is the more activities that person will involve you in and try to do it with you. This type of partnership activities, be it spending a few hours in the evening, or a few minutes on phone, or an association of months or years are a foolproof way to show you are interested. Conversely a person who doesn't partner with you in anything is extremely unlikely to ever have any sort of relationship with you. Partnership in activities is the only way to show and know that you are interested or the other person is interested respectively. After all chasing the moon, stars and rainbow are activities of people who don’t realize its out of their reach. Sensible people are busy with what their eyes see, hands feel, ears listen, tongue tastes and thinking perceives as appropriate.

7. Positioning attitudes- As a tree bends with the winds to prevent from cracking, we all have to be flexible with our attitudes towards each other. Being too rigid about our protocol on how relationships should run irrespective of the reality and circumstances of the person we are having a relationship with is naturally going to break relationships. After all a doctor who heals and prevents all illnesses is better than a doctor who abuses his patients for falling ill but never does anything for them. Eg: You get bed and good food in a hotel as well as at your home. A hotel will provide food only on payment of money, but family will provide it whenever your hungry. Hence hotels can never expect the same emotions as family can, and this is as natural as it should be. Hence be careful what you want from a relationship. Whether you want to be treated as a hotel or family is entirely how you play yourself with others. After all only families can expect loyalty not hotels.

8. Politeness- In any relationship, many years down the line, what our long term memory retains is how comfortable we were in that relationship. Even if we profit from a particular relationship, the fact that it shook us mentally and emotionally will never allow us to go back or retain that relationship. Life is short and the only thing that matters is to spend it comfortably. Not destroy our peace for some benefit that destroys our peace of mind.

9. Personation- While sending a representative of your organization for a client meeting may work in business, you cant really send a representative to meet you wife or kids at home. In personal relationship, lack of your physical presence obviously means that you don’t have time for them. In any relationship, individuality matters a lot. Just imagine, if all actors acted exactly the same in movies, why would you prefer any particular one over the other as your favourite? The nuances and differences in our personalities are what makes us all unique. We are not robots from a particular brand to behave exactly the same way. If a person in a relationship doesn't sense your individuality you are wasting their time by trying to have a relationship with them, especially a personal one.

10. Positive reinforcement- When we get into a relationship, it is important that we feel good about ourselves and what we are doing. If you feel like a shoplifter entering a shop, you will not feel good about that relationship. When a shopkeeper welcomes us, shows us his products, tells us their details and provides all the explanations on how we will be well off with the product, provides his guarantee for it, confirms its essence, many people buy it even if they don’t compulsively need it. It’s the same in relationships. On the same side if a shopkeeper is arrogant, avoidant, abusive, insulting etc you are very unlikely to buy anything in that shop because you are not sure that the shopkeeper means any good and will be happy with the shopkeeper s product. The experience of buying is as important as the product we buy. Nobody is happy about something they got when they weren't treated the right way or is interested in retaining it when they don’t get good service for it.

11. Persistence on all Ps – Obviously when we want relationships to last, we need to be persistent on all the above P's. Otherwise it wont take long for a relationship to be counted in “once upon a time”!! A simple conversation even if for a few minutes every now and then when you need it may make it seem that you are still there for a person. Without even that people may even find it hard to remember that they even had something to do with you sometime before keeping in mind the the numerous activities we involve daily to maintain our lifestyles.


If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.

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My friend quit smoking after a long period, after how long he will be complete NON SMOKER & what should be the diet to clear the tar in his body. He is of my age only & same physical structure.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Bangalore
how long will it take to be a Non smoker depends on the individual. if he has better will power, he will quit faster. to remove tar and purify the lungs - start having aloe Vera juice on the morning everyday. there are specific medicines available in Ayurveda to help quit smoking and to detoxify the lungs. consult if you need more info regarding that
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I am suffering from cold since last week and body pains please suggest me what I have to do.

General Physician, Cuttack
I am suffering from cold since last week and body pains please suggest me what I have to do.
1.Do steam inhalation by steam inhaler 2-3 times daily with Karvol plus inhalant capsule. 2.Put otrivin nasal drop 1 drop thrice daily 3. Take one tablet of sinarest 2-3 times daily after food 4.Drink plenty of water 5. Take rest 6.If no relief, consult me for further advice
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I am 31 years doing business and from last 3 months I am getting depression due to loss in business. so, what I should do.?

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
I am 31 years doing business and from last 3 months I am getting depression due to loss in business. so, what I shoul...
Spend time in activities that you enjoy. Try walking, exercise, relaxation techniques. Try to focus on positive aspects in your life. If your symptoms worsen consult your doctor.
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I need counseling or my married life I am 36 years old and from last few years there are something wrong between me and my wife. Please advise.

Diploma in Family Medicine, M.Sc - Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Pune
Since you know some thing is wrong between you and your wife, either try to talk it out with your wife. If that effort meets a dead end, contact a marriage counselor and get in to therapy.
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Hello my name is Abhishek and in my body so much pain in few da s what should I do.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Hello my name is Abhishek and in my body so much pain in few da s what should I do.
Body pain may be due to 1. fever 2. abrupt start or stop of exercise 3. Any other medical disease like Anaemia/ Hypoproteinemia/ Thyroid problem 4. Vit D deficiency 5. Multi Mineral and vitamin Deficiency 6.Stress/ anxiety 7. Over exertion (physical and mental) Follow advises given below: 1. Take adequate rest 2. Proper diet 3. Measure your temperature and tell me reading 4. Bathing may also reduce body pain 5. Avoid stress consult Physician for further management
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Hi, I am male 25 Years. Recently I had an blood checkup and found that my Haemoglobin is more than 12.5 gm%. Previously I was a chain smoker. But from last 4 months I am smoking once in two or three weeks only. I believe excess haemoglobin is not good for health. Should I need to consult with a doctor regarding this?

Ph. D - Psychology, Professional Certified Coach
Psychologist, Ahmedabad
Hi, I am male 25 Years. Recently I had an blood checkup and found that my Haemoglobin is more than 12.5 gm%. Previous...
Your hemoglobin is in normal range for indian male. Actually if yiu increase it upto 14 gm per decilitre that will help you wit overall energy level. Don't worry.
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The best way to advice my son aged 25 to stop smoking while in company of friends.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, smoking is injurious for health, u, should know, why? **it, blocks & damages your air pipe, including lungs. Causing lungs cancer, copd, diminishing its capacity to retain oxygen. * it, increases cholesterol level, threatening to heart. Not only that, people around u, will be sufferer of the same punishment for no fault of their. U, being the, victim of breathing disorder, asthma, gastric disorder, diseases of eyes, palpitation of heart with anaemia. Lack of concentration. Irritation with anguish temprament. Loss of weight, insomnia, will ruin d future of yours as well as your spouse & children. * it's advisable to get rid of this killing agent, as soon as possible for the betterment of entire family & your near & dears *tk, plenty of water to eliminate toxins to hydrate yourself. *don't skip your meal, it should b easily digestible on time. *go for meditation to reduce your stress and to inhale plenty of oxygen to restore the flexibility of lungs to increase its tidal value to nourish the whole body of yours. *tk, apples, carrots, cheese, almonds, walnuts, spinach, papaya, banana, milk, fish, chicken soup. *tk homoeo medicine, gentle. & rapid in action with no adverse effect, thereof. @ nux vom 30-6 pills, thrice a day. @ caladeum 20-6 pills, thrice a day. *avoid, caffiene, alcohol, junkfood. Stay fit & healthy.
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Sir/Madam, I am unable to quit smoking and drinking habits so how can I get rid of this. Thanks!

MD - Alternative Therapies, BHMS
Homeopath, Mumbai
Hello Raju , To quit smoking you can take stevia leaf decoction which is a natural solution for it . You can take steam suana which helps to eliminate toxins from your blood. For quitting alcohol you need to take herbal medicine after proper case analysis very effective and doesn't have side effects,. Regards, Dr. Heena
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Few days ago I left my car open, near the roadside, slept all night, and when the other day realised, there's no car key in the house, I looked out and saw my car is open. It was safe, nobody stole it, but I don't know what I was thinking when I left it open. Just so the situation, doesn't prolong, or happen again, I want to make sure am in the right head. I space out on many important things. I don't really know if it's to be blamed on observations or my attention power or what? Please guide me through.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear Lybrate user, At your age, Memory problems like amnesia are not common. Many young people are having problems with memory. These problems are either they are too busy or due to anxiety and stress. Busy people use organizers or employ a personal assistant because they can't remember every task. You need to understand this. If you still say, you are having memory problems, we need to check your memory using memory test. If you want more of my help in this regard, please contact me. Take care.
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