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Dr. Jaideep Patil

Psychiatrist, Pune

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Dr. Jaideep Patil Psychiatrist, Pune
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. Jaideep Patil is a trusted Psychiatrist in sangvi, Pune. You can consult Dr. Jaideep Patil at Dr Jaideep Patil Clinic in sangvi, Pune. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Jaideep Patil on has a number of highly qualified Psychiatrists in India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 40 years of experience on You can find Psychiatrists online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi sir I'm 26 years old boy From last 2 years I became full negative minded in all cases so pls tell me how to over come from negative mind. I'm doing meditation daily morning. Is there any tablets to overcome from negative mind.

MSc Psychotherapy -King's College- London, Pg diploma in counselling
Psychologist, Gurgaon
Dear lybrate-user, even if there were tables I will not advise you to take them, meds should always be your last option. Try to spot the positive things happening to you everyday and write them down. We are programmed to pay more attention to negative things thn to the positive ones. You must work on developing positive lenses. Life is more fun that way! all the best.
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Whole body pain, feeling laziness, not able to sleep properly. I am taking medicines prescribed by the pharmacy. They are sleeping medicines which is making me more sleepy and feeling lazy. But the body pain is not getting over.

General Physician,
you should get your blood sugar level checked up these problems may be due to increased blood sugar level. it should be in the range of fasting blood sugar 70 to 80 mgm/dl and PP in the range of within 140mgm/dl if positive consult a medical specialist. for the time being you can take a tab paracetamol or calpol.

I hav some fear in attending interviews or taliking to others , recently i attend one interview in that interview my hands and legs are shivering , can you please tell me how to overcome these

Masters in counseling psychology, Counseling psychologist, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapist
Psychologist, Mumbai
The fear is similar to what we cal stage fright. Fear of facing people or an audience. It is common and many people go through it, but they can also overcome it. Its a fear of making a mistake or making a fool of yourself in front of an audience. Which makes you hyper alert and panicky. Try some breathing exercises which can relax you just before going for an interview. Understand that everyone makes a mistake, and you should not be ashamed of it. Have self confidence and be prepared to make mistakes. Tell yourself it is fine to make a mistake and your anxiety will be fine. You will be better able to cope with it. Understand that if you do a mistake its not the end of the world.
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Hi, I am 26 years old married and separated woman. Why am I often getting anger for no reason?

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
If this anger is of recent origin, it could be related to your separation. If you have been struggling with this all your life, it may have to do with something from your background. So assuming it is from your separation, then may be feelings you have regarding the manner of separation or some injustice you feel, or there may be some unsavory developments since. You want to identify other feelings apart from anger and meet with a counselor to help you deal with it appropriately. Exercise is very good to expend the energy of anger. Talking to a listening friend/counselor will do it best.
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I am 30 male. When I was 18 years then I have a big mistake. Then one day I realize it was the big mistake in my life. Then I depressed all the times, it effects my head is warm, ear is hot some of times. I do not any work, my head is speaking all of times. It is a big problem in my life. I am suffering from last 12 years. I take zaptra 25 before one years. I have treated last one years. This medicine may be continue. Please doctor suggest me this type of medicines have any side effect. Pls doctor at this time what should I do?

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, As a teenager many persons make mistakes. Many lessons are learnt from mistakes. Since you are suffering from depression, you are still thinking about big mistake even after 12 years. Itis good that since one year you are taking treatment. Zaptra (peroxetine) is a good antidepressant. Just go back to the psychiatrist who prescribed it and ask him whether you can stop it. Without consult her/him, please do not stop it. Every drug will have side effect. Not that everyone will get all the side effect. But when you have got benefit with Zaptra, you need not worry about side effect.
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I lost my father last month and since I feel very sad n depressed I don't no what I do please help me.

Vaidya Visharad
Ayurveda, Narnaul
Proper amount of sleep every night is vital for your overall health and that of your hair as well. Sleep is the time for the body to regenerate and recover from the day’s work, removing the toxins you inhaled, eaten and drank. A sound sleep helps you in getting a sound and healthy body.
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MD - Medicine
Endocrinologist, Ahmedabad
Pain Management
Pain is a common occurrence in day to day life and should be managed well.
Remember the word ‘ICE’ which means putting ice pack on theinjured painful area, ‘C’ stands for compression and ‘E’stands for elevation.
The mantra, therefore, is to use cold compression and elevation forany injury.
Alternate hot and cold packs are used for chronic pain.
Painkillers should not be taken without a doctor’s advice.
If a painkiller has to be taken, it should be one tablet of paracetamol.
People who take alcohol should not consume paracetamol without asking their doctor.
In patients with kidney disease, even one tablet of painkiller can precipitate kidney failure.
In patients with acid peptic disease, one tablet of painkiller can precipitate gastric bleeding. Instead of taking a painkiller, look for alternative methods torelieve pain.
Pain relieving ointments are better than oral painkillers.
In hospital setting, intravenous and intramuscular injectable painkillers are available.
Always tell your doctor that you are taking painkillers.
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I am having head ache and body pains from last one month I have consult the doctor but not used so please suggest the treatment.

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
Take crocin pain relief one tab if headache is more and unbearable. check your BP. check your eye sight. take rest and proper sleep, avoid anxiety and stress.consult if not ok.
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I heard beer is good for health. Is this true? How much of it should be consumed on a monthly basis? Also, is hookah more harmful than cigarette?

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Yes, beer is good for health if you have 40 ml on daily basis. This will act like a medicine. This will increase your immune system and boost up your body and mind. Cigarette is more harmful than hookha so avoid hookah.
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My friend x ray shows his growth plate is closed (epylipsyl plate) has closed but he is only 21 years male. Can he grow upto 25 with any homeopathic medicine. Please explain.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Normaly he will grow Go for jogging daily early in the morning Have home made fresh food rich in proteins Take milk with cow ghee Re Consult me on lybrate after 1mth
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Sir I am in a medical college. I studied a lot for my internals even then I failed even though according toe my paper went ok. I was sure I was going to pass but I failed. I feel terrible now. I can not focus on anything. I feel lying dying. Please help me and consult me.

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Mumbai
If you want better results while studying, revision is the key. Repeated revision consolidates the information in the brain and helps to retain the information. Other than that, try a daily exercise of recalling your entire day in as much detail as possible before you sleep. Initially only important or superficial details are recalled, but with practice minor details can also be recalled. Be more organized; make lists. Use acronyms and mnemonic devices to help you remember. Take 45 minute slots followed by a 5-15 minute break. Eat and at proper times. Drink plenty of water. Find time for exercise or meditation. Keep time for proper revision at end of study session. Revise before you sleep. Loss of interest, decreased concentration and attention, feeling low and disturbed sleep or appetite are some of the signs of depression. Consult a psychiatrist who will assess you in detail. If you are feeling suicidal or hopeless, seek professional help immediately.
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Hello Doc, I am 47 years old and suffering with anxiety since last 4 years, I face frequent panic attacks when I go outside, I have been using clonotril and daxid, but when I try to reduce dose then problem increased now I am taking Mirnite-20 and nexito-20 prescribed by my Psychologist, since last 3 months but I do feel the same problem, My question is that I'll ever be live without medicines or not. Thanks and Regards-atul.

PGFCP, PGDEMS, Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery
Ayurveda, Satara
DEAR Lybrate USER. This problem is due to irritation and inadequate nutrition of the brain. So follow few basic things 1) drink only 100-150 ml of water during meals 2) don’t drink water one hour before meals and one hour after meal 3) avoid oily, spicy, salty, junk, fast, fermented and stale foods 4) avoid coffee and tea 5) try to sleep upto 10.30 pm 6) do anuloma viloma pranayam regularly early in the morning A) eat 30-40 black currants and 1 tsf of jaggery during meals B) take 250 ml of fresh butter milk during meals. C) instill 3-4 drops of CHANDANADI TAILA in each nostril at the time of sleeping… Do all these things for 15 days. It gives you complete relief from anxiety. THANKS.
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I am 18 years old. I am unable concentrate in my study due to headache what I do?

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear , Your headache could be due to stress. Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it's an omnipresent part of life. A stressful event can trigger the ?fight-or-flight? response, causing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body. A little bit of stress, known as ?acute stress,? can be exciting?it keeps us active and alert. But long-term, or ?chronic stress,? can have detrimental effects on health. You may not be able to control the stressors in your world, but you can alter your reaction to them. I need to know, what are the causes with which you are stressed? Once you know the reason, you will be able to adjust with it with some tips and tricks. Please let me know the details. Take care.
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I am 41 years old, I misalticulate few words and want to know if cutting talu (part connected to tongue and lower jaw) is the solution. If so, where I can go for this?

General Physician, Mumbai
Don't do any kind of surgery and contact speech therapist and get daily treatment from them for a year
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Sometimes I feel very happy & sometimes very much low. Do not know why it happens. Excess mood swings. Get irritated very easily when things not in my favour & become aggressive sometimes.

M.S. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Bangalore
Please consult a counsellor/psychologist or a psychiatrist as early as possible. You need to get proper psychological assessment done. After finding more about your family history, personal life etc, these professionals will advice you, medication or counelling/therapy depending on the result of your assessment. Till then please do not give any negative label to yourself. If your assessment is normal, then may be just a few counselling sessions would be very helpful.
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What are the ways to concentrate on studies. I was somewhat disturb from my studies. Is their is any diet to do more studies and I was getting sleep whenever I study at night. Sir please tell me the diet for food health and to develop metal power.

General Physician, Mumbai
I will suggest you to do suryanamaskar pranayam daily as per your capacity for a minimum of six months and Few diet tips - Not to eat fried food items and Can eat All green vegetables, moong, chana,Dal, rice etc And to apply ghee over chappati and don't apply oil over chappati And to drink milk mixed with turmeric powder twice a day And If possible eat eggs on alternate days And If possible in breakfast eat atleast one bajra ka rotla And Eat seasonal fruit.
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What is the difference between Hookah smoking and cigarette. Does Hookah with flavor harms body? Kindly give some deep insight about that. Because over the internet there are different different perspective and it's quite confusing.

MBBS, MD (AIIMS, Gold Medalist), Diploma in CBT (Glasgow)
Psychiatrist, Delhi
In hookah smoke passes through water which was thought to filter out harmful chemicals but that is now not known to be true. Hookah may actually be more harmful because of the long smoking duration!
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I have pain in body last week and I am looking not sleep well so iam not manage porpet our body.

General Physician, Cuttack
1.Take paracetamol 500mg, one tablet sos upto a maximum of three tablets daily after food 2.Drink plenty of water 3.Take rest 4. Avoid stress and anxiety
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