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Dr. Deepali Bhise

Gynaecologist, Pune

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Dr. Deepali Bhise Gynaecologist, Pune
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Deepali Bhise is one of the best Gynaecologists in Pradhikaran, Pune. You can consult Dr. Deepali Bhise at Bhise Ayurvedic Clinic in Pradhikaran, Pune. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Deepali Bhise on has top trusted Gynaecologists from across India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 40 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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My husband is forcing to suck his penis Is it good or bad. Is there any health problems?

D.E.H.M, B.E.M.S, M.D.(E.H)
Sexologist, Faridabad
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I am 26 years old married woman. I have PCOS from last April 2016. I am not ovulating properly. Now I am trying for conceive. Today is my 2nd day of my period. Doctor prescribed me to take Good ova 100 mg 5 capsules from 3rd day of my period to 7th day. I just want to know that after taking Good ova how can I know when I am exactly ovulating? And when I should do intercourse that I can be pregnant?

IVF Specialist, Sahibganj
I am 26 years old married woman. I have PCOS from last April 2016. I am not ovulating properly. Now I am trying for c...
Hi, I think you can be in contact with your husband every 2 to 3 days. This will lessen the stress of doing intercourse on a particular day and increase the chance of pregnancy. For ovulation, you can monitor your follicles growth by repeated ultrasound and when your follicles is more than 17 to 18 mm, take injection for rupturing the follicles. Take progesterone for next 2 weeks. Do a urine pregnancy test at home after that. You can try like that for 3 to 6 months. Hope I have answered your question. Regards
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I had encounter std before, but treated, now I am planning to have baby, does it affect baby health, if yes, what I have to do before making baby.

MSc-Psychology, MHSc-Reproductive and Sexual Medicine, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Sexologist, Hyderabad
You and your wife get tests done for all possible sexually transmitted infections. If you are clear, go ahead for pregnancy. If you have any infection positive in your blood, then you have to get treated. Some diseases if you have, you have to postpone the effort for pregnancy. Some diseases even if the blood test is positive, you can go ahead. We will counsel you depending upon the reports.
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My friend had a hysterectomy around 7 yrs ago and also had one of her ovaries removed due to fibroids. Her doctor has recommended her to remove the second ovary too due to a 7cm endometrial cyst which causes her extreme pain when she ovulates. Will her sex drive go completely after the surgery? Will she be able to have an orgasm without intercourse? I know intercourse gets painful cause the tissues dry up and thicken. And does the sex drive go also because of the fear of pain or just the hormones being absent?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
My friend had a hysterectomy around 7 yrs ago and also had one of her ovaries removed due to fibroids. Her doctor has...
yes, your sexual desire may change. That’s because both testosterone and estrogen, hormones that are important in sexual desire and intercourse, are produced in the ovaries. These glands produce about half of testosterone and nearly all of estrogen. While testosterone is thought to contribute mainly to desire, estrogen is important for healthy vaginal tissue, keeping it thick, moist and flexible. Without estrogen, vaginal tissue becomes drier and thinner, more likely to tear and lead to painful intercourse. While supplemental estrogen can prevent or minimize this, without it you may find the fear of pain prevents you from having sex. Many studies, however, show an improvement in sexual function after a hysterectomy. This is likely because the surgery eliminates the pain, bleeding or other symptoms that may have caused problems with sex. Also, the surgery eliminates the possibility of pregnancy, thus making sex more gratifying for some women.
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Grapes - A Fruit You Must Have!

BHOM, MD - Alternate Medicine, Diploma in Weight Loss, Diploma in Nutrition, DNHE
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Grapes - A Fruit You Must Have!

As the New Year begins, the one fruit which is available in abundance are grapes. The black/purple and the green variety, seeded and seedless, are all over the place. Given the weather slowly changing from winter, they seem like the best thing to beat the summer heat. And yes, they are. Not just for overall health, they are also great for the skin and hair. Read on to know more.

Benefits of grapes for skin:

  1. When the sunscreen lotion does not help much and sunburn happens, the one of the best home remedies is to apply mashed grapes for about 30 minutes. The grapes are rich in antioxidants (proanthocyanidins and resveratrol). They reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and also reduces cell damage caused by excessive skin exposure.
  2. Rubbing the grape pulp on the face for about 20 minutes can help reverse and control antiaging better than any chemical treatment. It reduces the effect of free radicals which lead to fine wrinkles and dark spots.
  3. Grapes are also rich in vitamins C and E which helps in making the skin supple and improves skin tone and reduces scars.

Benefits for hair:

  1. If hair loss scares you, apply a paste of seeded grapes. The linoleic acid and grape seed oil can add strength and prevent hair fall.
  2. Grapes can also be mixed with fenugreek and chickpeas for use on hair to improve life and lustre of the hair and add volume.
  3. The vitamin E and antioxidants also help improve scalp blood circulation, fight dandruff, reduce itchiness, and improved hair health.

Benefits on overall health:

  1. Relieves headache: The various antioxidants in the grapes help in relieving the headache almost instantaneously. Eat them up or drink if you have a headache, even migraines.
  2. Improves digestion: They improve digestion and reduce digestive problems, thereby curing indigestion. They also are shown to help in controlling colon cancer.
  3. Good in diabetes: Diabetic patients need not be worried about the sweet grapes. The pterostilbene in them helps lower sugar levels, and in the long run, it can also prevent the onset of diabetes.
  4. Cholesterol control: The polyphenols help in controlling heart disease by reducing plaque formation.
  5. Eye health: The reduced oxidation process and controlled inflammatory process helps in improving eye health, especially in the retina, which is full of proteins.
  6. Potassium in Plenty: 100 g of grapes contains about 200 mg of potassium, which is a treasure. It improves blood pressure (by countering sodium), and also controls cholesterol and reduces salt intake.
  7. Brain health: The antioxidants like revasterol help in improving blood flow and helps in controlling Alzheimer’s and improving memory. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dietitian-nutritionist.
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Sir, Sometime due to discharge of white fluid in my vagina itching takes place. Yesterday I had too much itching n after this I suffered from pain n the vagina got swollen. It looked very dangerous. What shall I use to keep a healthy vagina? please suggest some tips.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello- white discharge/leucorrhoea is known as shweta pradar in ayurveda and the major cause of it is mal nourishment of the body. As you are underweight you have to take proper care of your diet and your sleep to avoid discharge. 1) avoid spicy diet and increase dairy products in your meals. 2) take a sound sleep of at least 9-10 hour a day. 3) use shesham tree leave bark powder and use it 1/2 tsp twice. 4) wash your vagina with alum (fitkari) water daily.
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I am so worried and so tensioned Give me answer please fast My wife 14 weeks pregnant Aaj subah usne daal baafle khaye te or kal last night sex b kiya tha But Abi sham se usko pet dard kar raha he halka halka or potty (black) arahi he 4se 5 baar ho gaya Koi prblem to nahi he na please batao.

MBBS, DGO, MD, Fellowship in Gynae Oncology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
I am so worried and so tensioned
Give me answer please fast
My wife 14 weeks pregnant
Aaj subah usne daal baafle khay...
Hello, if your wife is taking iron supplements then it might be a cause of stool to be black in color. Also, consult a gynecologist to check the reason behind stomach ache.
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6 Ways to Increase the Chances of Normal Delivery

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MRCOG
Gynaecologist, Delhi
6 Ways to Increase the Chances of Normal Delivery

How to increase chances of normal delivery?

A normal birth or a normal delivery takes place when the uterus contracts strong enough to push the baby out of the vagina. This mode, being agonizingly painful; however, is also one of the safest and healthiest means of giving birth. When the child passes through the birth canal, they acquire healthy bacteria which build up their immunity.

In few cases, the normal birth process faces few obstacles owing to which an assisted delivery method has to be approached. This includes an episiotomy, forceps delivery, ventouse delivery, induction, as well as c-section.

If you wish to avoid the above mentioned methods of assistance during your delivery, then go through the following content of the article to learn about certain ways of attaining a normal delivery.

1. Perineal massage:

A perineal massage once or twice a week during the end days of pregnancy can reduce your chances of having an episiotomy, if you are about to deliver for the first time. However, such a massage would be of no use if you have already given birth to a baby vaginally.

2. Early labour at home:

Many women tend to head to the hospital during early hours of labour. However, such an act increases the incidence of c-section. During early hours of labour, staying at home until active contractions begin is much more appropriate than the former act.

3. Mobility during early labour:

The early hours of labour require mobility such as walking, squatting or turning sides when resting. With your body moving, the baby shall also acquire some mobility enough to help itself through the birth canal.

4. Control your weight:

Throughout your gestation, you need to check for your weight and keep it under control. Gaining too many kilos can result in obstructed labour, which in turn shall call the need for an instrumental assistance.

5. Hot shower:

During the early hours of labour, dipping yourself in a tub filled with warm water can make some really effective means of controlling pain. The pain eases off a bit while the uterus contracts and does its job. If you do not have a tub, then take a shower with warm water instead.

6. Avoid panicking:

At the hospitals, women who fail to achieve proper uterine contractions are offered induction of labour via administration of oxytocin. This is a hormone, which is actually released naturally in the body when the time of delivery approaches. However, stress can produce adverse affects on the body’s oxytocin production. Hence, try to stay calm and relaxed when you are approaching your time of delivery.

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I am having burning and itching in vagina last few days. It increased after intercourse. Please advice.

Sexologist, Panchkula
You have burning and itching in vagina. I advise you to do urine routine test of first urine in the morning and watch for pus cells and send the report for diagnosis and treatment.
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Cesarean Section (C-Section) - Birth and Delivery

M.B.B.S, Post Graduate Diploma In Maternal & Child Health
Gynaecologist, Bokaro
Cesarean Section (C-Section) - Birth and Delivery

Babies can enter this world in one of two ways: Pregnant women can have either a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by Cesarean section, but the ultimate goal is to safely give birth to a healthy baby.

C-section or Cesarean section is a surgical procedure to remove baby through an incision in the mother’s abdomen and then a second incision in the uterus. It may be a necessity in certain situations, such as delivering a very large baby in a mother with a small pelvis, or if the baby is not in a heads-down position and efforts to turn the baby before a woman gives birth have been unsuccessful.

Sometimes the decision by an obstetrician to perform a C-section is unplanned, and it is done for emergency reasons because the health of the mother, the baby, or both of them is in jeopardy. This may occur because of a problem during pregnancy or after a woman has gone into labor, such as if labor is happening too slowly or if the baby is not getting enough oxygen.

Some C-sections are considered elective, which are planned by the treating doctor for medical reasons. The patient may choose to deliver by CS due to previous unpleasant experience or to avoid the pain of normal labour. In such cases also it is called elective CS.

Reasons for a C-section may include:

  1. Health problems in the mother
  2. The mother carrying more than one baby
  3. The size or position of the baby
  4. The baby’s health is in danger
  5. Labor is not moving along as it should

The surgery is relatively safe for mother and baby. Still, it is major surgery and carries risks. It also takes longer to recover from a C-section than from vaginal birth. It can raise the risk of having difficulties with future pregnancies. Some women may have problems attempting a vaginal birth later. Still, many women are able to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

How You Might Feel

You won’t feel any pain during the C-section, although you may feel sensations like pulling and pressure. Most women are awake and simply numbed from the waist down using regional anesthesia during a C-section. That way, they are awake to see and hear their baby being born. A curtain will be over your abdomen during the surgery, but you may be able to take a peek as your baby is being delivered from your belly. However, women who need to have an emergency C-section occasionally require general anesthesia, so they’re unconscious during the delivery and won’t remember anything or feel any pain.

Recovering from a C-section

After a C-section, a woman may spend two to four days in the hospital, but it may take her up to six weeks to feel more like herself again. Her abdomen will feel sore from the surgery and the skin and nerves in this area will need time to heal. Women will be given narcotic pain medications to take the edge off any post-surgery pain, and most women use them for about two weeks after ward.

A woman may also experience bleeding for about four to six weeks after a surgical birth. She is also advised to not have sex for a few weeks after her C-section and to also avoid strenuous activities, such as lifting heavy objects.

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From few days I am not feeling refreshed, always tired and sleepy even in morning. What should I do. I have a 8 month kid who wake's up most of time in midnight, How I can take proper rest in 4-6 hrs. Is this possible to get my strength and freshness back with 4-6 hrs sleep and some kind of exercise.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
From few days I am not feeling refreshed, always tired and sleepy even in morning. What should I do. I have a 8 month...
Although 7-8 hours of daily sleep is very much essential for our mind nd body for everyday energy but you have a problem and I can understand that. Many of us face the same problem in some part of our life and I will advise you to do daily bramari pranayam for 10 minutes to relieve you from stress and will provide you more vigor in your daily life.
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Hiii, I am new married. Sir her monthly time is date 21 and this time see is not feel better bcoz her monthly time is not regularly. So suggest me what I do?

Ayurveda, Lucknow
Hiii, I am new married. Sir her monthly time is date 21 and this time see is not feel better bcoz her monthly time is...
Rx (1) syp m-2 tone-10 ml b. D. (10 ml. (2) arogyavardhini vati-1 tab b. D. (each in the morning and in the evening aftet meals) for 1 month. Certainly she will be cured.
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Helo sir my name is rahul I have mpb male pattern baldness iam using finasteride and logi hair since 5months and no effect is seen only 10 percent results are ther and can I have sex with my wife and can conceive baby plzz reply me.

Dermatologist, Delhi
Helo sir my name is rahul I have mpb male pattern baldness iam using finasteride and logi hair since 5months and no e...
Finasteride may affect sperm quality. But its not proven and is reversible. Stop finasteride, get done semen analysis. I hope there will not be any problem after stopping finasteride. Good luck.
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Hi I am taking Novelon 21 day pill from june. Missed second last doubled with the last, break of 6 days from 2-7 july. Menses from 5-7july. New pack from 8th july. Protected intercourse but condom used thrice on 9th july (first timw intercourse) Next fully protected on 14th july (last intercourse) Missed 21st july pill doubled 22nd july night. Light bleeding on 22nd july morning (breakthrough bleed or implantation bleed?) Pill ended on 28th july menses from 1-6 aug. Negative hpt at 4,5,6,7,8,11,12 weeks all negative hpt done with first morning urine with different brands. No pills or intercourse after 1-6aug. Periods due on 1st sept as it dint came did a usg and hcg beta on 8th sept (10 weeks from first and 9 weeks from last intercourse) Hcg was 0.11 and usg shows pcod (no mention of pregnancy) Dr. Prescribed deviry 2 tab for 5 days for withdrawal bleed. But after taking just a single dose bleeding started from 11-16th sept. It was heavy. On 21st sept morning when I woke up I can feel my pelvic bone in the front (can it be due to exercises like crunches leg rise etc with weight loss? I was 72 in july 70 in aug and now I am almost 68 kgs) and after continuous touching I made it hurt. Scared went for usg on 21st sept (12 weeks ftom first and 11 weeks from lasr intercourse) Usg only showed bulky ovaries with pcod. I asked him if my uterus was normal he said its absolutely normal. Usg was transabdominal. Finally ve taken an hpt with first morning urine at almost 12 weeks 6 days. And its negative. Can their still be risk of pregnancy? My menses was due on 11th october and it is now delayed by 6 days now I did not have any intercourse after 14th july. M not experiencing any pms symptoms. Moreover egg white cervical mucus is seen throughout the cycle. M I ovulating? Moreover m gaining weight. Is their any risk of pregnancy? Do I need to redo hpt or BHCG test? M I 100% safe?

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Hi I am taking Novelon 21 day pill from june.
Missed second last doubled with the last, break of 6 days from 2-7 july...
Get rid of fear of pregnancy. Delayed period, putting on weight all are part of PCOD. Meet Gynecologist for long term treatment of PCOD. One part of treatment is to reduce weight.
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My wife is having regular period and doctor said she is having pco problem and also thyroid problem can she get pregnant. Taking tablet for thyroid now its normal. Any tablet to conceive do I go for hsg pls assist.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Vadodara
I think there is no need for hsg. You have to go for good treatment to get rid of pcod first to conceive
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Sir/madam, they before yesterday I. E, Mar 1st n8 we had intercourse with my husband without any protection. Due to my marriage ihad taken pill on 27 Feb to delay the menstrual cycle which is on Mar 1st. Will I get pregnancy. We decided not conceive for 1 year. Please help.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Sir/madam, they before yesterday I. E, Mar 1st n8 we had intercourse with my husband without any protection. Due to m...
Pills taken to postpone menses cant prevent pregnancy. As u must be expecting menses within few days, it is unlikely that u can get pregnant with sex just before menses. U should take i-pill asap to avoid pregnancy with sex on 1st march and use condoms for future sex till ut next menses. For the next 1 year, Oral pill is the best contraceptive for newly married couple. Condoms are still the most popular form of contraception, but can easily be forgotten in the “heat” of the moment, especially in a newly married couple. It also reduces sexual pleasure. Oral pills (combined pill) when taken correctly, the pill is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.
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I am 27 female married and mother for 4 ys daughterter. My this month Mensuration was delayed by 10 days. Irregular periods. TSH and LH normal. N pregnancy test showed negative. Help me with suggestions to conceive second one.

Ayurveda, Tirupati
I am 27 female married and mother for 4 ys daughterter. My this month Mensuration was delayed by 10 days. Irregular p...
Maintain 45 minutes walk at morning time & 20 minutes at evening time, after taking 250 ml luck worm water. And use Syrp. Amycordial (AMIL) 10 ml 8 AM - 8 PM with 100 ml water before food. For 4 months.
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Worried of your Sex life Hear is the solution to fellow

Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine (H.M.D.)
Homeopath, Belgaum
Worried of your Sex life Hear is the solution to fellow
Always suspected there was a connection between food and sex, but didn’t know exactly what it is? Here’s the relation between what you put into your mouth and your libido! Read on to know the fact of the matter.
Chocolate: You guessed it right! Chocolate is the most enjoyable of foods and needs no cooking! Chocolates contain methylxanthines that increase your sensitivity to touch and phenylethlamine increases the level of excitement that a person perceives. Dark chocolate is the best as it has high levels of cocoa. The dopamine levels get elevated in the body which gives a rush similar to the one after
Watermelon: This humble fruit has citruline that makes the blood vessels expand thus increasing the blood flow to the pelvic organs. Whip it into a juice or smoothie or enjoy it cut up. Other fruits to add to your diet when sex is on your mind are pomegranates, figs, tomatoes and apples. Another fruit which deserves mention is the banana. Not only is it phallic shaped, it is loaded with potassium and other minerals. Enriched with potassium and folic acid which kick start your stamina and energy levels, avocados are a must-try.
Spices: Garlic when cooked has aphrodisiac properties. Some studies also give a thumbs-up to cinnamon and nutmeg. Ginseng is popular in the Far East as a sex drive enhancer.
Olives: In ancient Greek civilizations, olives were used liberally as an aphrodisiac. Research corroborates that green olives are helpful to men while women get a sexual boost with the black variety.
Oysters: Apart from their distinctive shape resembling the female genitalia, oysters are choc-o-block with zinc that induces release of sex hormones. Clams and mussels also have a similar effect.
Honey: Apart from its medicinal properties in curing coughs, honey can also boost your sex drive. Have a spoonful daily and feel the difference.
Alcohol: Red wine and champagne are your best bets on date nights. But beware, indulging in too much alcohol may increase desire, but dampen performance.
Peppers and chillies: Want to spice up your sex life? Spice up your food first, suggests research conducted by various organizations. Green, yellow and red peppers can be added to your salad, pasta or vegetable dish while green chillies can be incorporated into soups and curries.
Almonds: Almonds are great for snacking as they are full of good fats, fibre and vitamin E and also work on your sagging libido in more than one way. Almond oil used as a part of aromatherapy is said to fire the female libido.
Caffeine: Caffeine in small amounts gives you a kick, extra energy or that zing which can definitely put you into the mood for foreplay and intercourse.
Omega 3 fatty acids: Salmon and other fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids increase the levels of serotonin which is the feel good hormone produced by the body that explains why it acts as an aphrodisiac.
These are also termed as anti-aphrodisiacs because they decrease your sex drive and performance considerably. Foods that come under this category are steaks with potatoes, a big helping of pasta with a creamy sauce and the like. If you have too many carbs, you feel sleepy after your dinner and snooze will take precedence over sex. Same applies for red meats like rich cuts of lamb, beef and organ meats. Your body spends so much energy digesting the heavy food that there is no energy for pleasure after such a meal.
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I am 19 week pregnant but I can't understand my baby's movement when can I understand it.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Pune
I am 19 week pregnant but I can't understand my baby's movement when can I understand it.
Dear Madam do not worry. You will feel the movements after aweek and half. Its a very pleasant experience. First it a small kick. As baby advances the magnitude of kick increases. Enjoy your motherhoodness.
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