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Dr. Asha Ghokhale

Gynaecologist, Pune

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Dr. Asha Ghokhale Gynaecologist, Pune
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
More about Dr. Asha Ghokhale
Dr. Asha Ghokhale is a renowned Gynaecologist in Kothrud, Pune. You can consult Dr. Asha Ghokhale at Susmita Clinic in Kothrud, Pune. Book an appointment online with Dr. Asha Ghokhale and consult privately on has top trusted Gynaecologists from across India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 31 years of experience on You can find Gynaecologists online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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102, 1st Floor Pratibimb Buildingg, Mayur Colony Sanskruti, Kothrud, Landmark: Near Jog School, PunePune Get Directions
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hello doctor. I am 36 weeks pregnant. My due date is 5 sep 2016. My baby is drop down to the main point. And moment of my baby is slow down as before. Can you tell me when will my baby born?

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Hello doctor.
I am 36 weeks pregnant. My due date is 5 sep 2016. My baby is drop down to the main point. And moment o...
Agee and in addition you are 2-3 days away so if there is pain or liquid discharge go to the hosp asap.

Hello ; My periods is not happening today is 37th day generally my period will ocur with in 35 days. I done sex with condom and I checked in pregnancy kit the result shoes negative. It shows tha I am not pregnant why my period is not ocuring.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS, MD - Community Medicine
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Hello ;
My periods is not happening today is 37th day
generally my period will ocur with in 35 days. I done sex with ...
Hello you can repeat the pregnancy test after 5 days for confirmation. If negative, you can take hormonal pills available in drug stores.

I have pcod detected previous year and I was taking treatment of ayurvedic medicines but found no such improvements so I dropped that and now I m taking homeopathic since last month. What should I do? Its been 4months since my last date.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
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You can continue with homeopathy fo r 4-5 months more as homeopathy has very positive results for this problem. Still if any problem in future you can consult me. With all your reports till date.

Hi, I am 20 years old female. Vegetarian. Does not drink milk. Under weight. Symptoms - weight loss Loss of appetite Excessive excretion after every meal Large liver Body weakness A few food like chilli cause indigestion. Initial diagnosis - ibs, irritation along stomach lining Treatment going on for 2 years with no improvement Gone through allopathy and Ayurveda and also homeopathy Permanent cough.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician
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Hi, I am 20 years old female. Vegetarian. Does not drink milk. Under weight.
Symptoms - weight loss
Loss of appetite
Get back here with liver function tests, cbc blood and blood sugar levels to know hb & general infections, thyroid profile and ultrasound abdomen. If she does not like milk, give her curd-a simple protein that can be digested & helps ibs. Lining of stomach has become weak due to indigestion, therefore not able to tolerate chillies. Do not give her chillies. Hiowna powder by himalaya is a powder supplement having powder milk plus other nutrients. 2 tbs twice daily. Get baqck here with reports. Do deworming by giving her a tablet of bandy plus after some soft food. Once you send reports, more guidance will be given regarding food.

Excessive Use of Mobile Phones in Children

MA - Clinical Psychology, P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counseling, BA In Psychology
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The most advanced and effective communication device in this century is mobile phone. Mobile phone is not only being used by the corporate or highly qualified professional. People from all type of social group have mobile phone in their hands now. Usage of the mobile phone is not increased only with all social groups but also with people of all age groups. Children are the more noticeable group as they are using cell phones of all types. A recent research study shows that children are really capable of using any advanced type of mobile phones even without any proper guidance. Though mobile phones are the effective mode of communication, it is a well known fact that it also has adverse side effects if being over used. The mobile phones emit shockwave radioactive radiations that affect the body in various manners.

Adverse effects of mobile phone usage:

Today's children are growing up in a radio-frequency environment that never existed in human history before. The radiation emitted by mobile phones and mobile phone masts can have adverse effects on children. Some include:

Affects your Immunity Status: cell phones after a full day usage contains many germs on their display which are highly numbered than your toilet seats. These germs are easily transferred to your body as you touch frequently or use close to your face for talking. This increases the risk of exposure to the germs and reduces your immune strength as immune status are not fully developed for children.

Increase Risk of Chronic Pains: prolonged use of mobile phones for playing games or texting requires continuous movement for your hands which may develop chronic pain in joints of your hands and shoulders.

Vision Problem: children when concentrate much on playing games in mobile phone they even fail to blink frequently with the increased interest and attraction towards the game. This causes the dryness of the conjunctiva and also increases the ocular tension.

Affects your emotions negatively and increases the stress level

Mobile Phone Safety For Kids:

As a parent, you must take preventive measures to minimize your child's exposure to the harmful effects of mobile phones. These include:

Do not give cell phone if your child is under 16 years. A child's brain is too sensitive to withstand the effects of mobile radiation.

Do not let your child hold a mobile phone directly up to his head. Use an air-tube headset instead.

Do not let your child make calls in buses, trains, cars, and elevators. The mobile phone works harder to get the signal out through the metal, which increases the power level.

Do not let your child use cell phone when the signal is weak. It will increase the power to the maximum, as the phone attempts to connect to a new relay antenna.

Limit the use of cell phone around children.

Make sure that there is no mobile phone mast or network tower near your home or your kid's school.

Do not let children take mobile phones to school.

Do not leave mobile phones in your children's bedroom at night.
Excessive Use of Mobile Phones in Children

Last my period came on 27 April nd now this month 28 may one Day late nD in March my period late of 7 Day. This time period much Change of all time nd I Feel too much Changes like My stomach Soo fit nD not in Normal size totally Shape is change. In this all Case is there possibility I am pregnant.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
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Last my period came on 27 April nd now this month 28 may one Day late nD in March my period late of 7 Day. This time ...
Hi Riya. Its possible that you might be pregnant. I suggest if you do not get your periods in next few days, please do a pregnancy test and check.

My wife 3 month before gave birth to a baby. Now we don't want next baby till 2 years. What the ways to avoid pregnancy except for using condoms. Which medicine will be cheap and best for long run or is there any other way to avoid pregnancy till 2 years need your advice.

General Physician
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My wife 3 month before gave birth to a baby. Now we don't want next baby till 2 years. What the ways to avoid pregnan...
Best way out is to get a cuT inserted for your wife which she can keep from three to ten years according to her choice and the second option is for her to take oral birth control pills which she should take only once she stops breast feeding the baby which can be possible say after about one year do the present option is either condoms or cuT

Meri girlfriend masturbate karti hai may be 2-3 time a day. Kya isko Krney say .usko koi problem to nhi hoge.

Fellowship ,council of Sex Education and Parenthood , BAMS, B-Pharm
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Meri girlfriend masturbate karti hai may be 2-3 time a day. Kya isko Krney say .usko koi problem to nhi hoge.
Masturbation in medical terms is the manual stimulation of genitals to achieve orgasm. It is a normal phenomenon and most of the males and females masturbate in some phase of their life. Masturbation is completely harmless. Not effect on your future life.

Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

MD-Homeopathy, PGPC - Preventive Cardiology, BHMS
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Addiction not only includes physical things we consume, such as drugs or alcohol, but also includes virtually anything, such abstract things as gambling to seemingly harmless products, such as chocolate, etc. In other words, addiction may refer to a substance dependence (e. G. Drug addiction) or behavioral addiction (e. G. Gambling addiction).


There is a link between the repeated uses of an addictive substance and how the human brain experience pleasure, its use has a nice reward, leading to further and more frequent use. The addictive substance, be it nicotine, alcohol or some drug actually causes physical changes in some nerve cells in the brain. After a while, the user of the potentially addictive substance does not get the same pleasure and has to increase the dose, as his/her body's tolerance to it increases. Eventually, the user no longer experiences pleasure from the substance and takes it simply to prevent withdrawal symptoms taking the substance just makes them feel normal. When tolerance increases, the risk of addiction is much greater.

Signs and symptoms

A person starts to show symptoms when a person takes the substance, such as nicotine, alcohol etc. And has given a serious attempt to stop, but is unable to do so because of the withdrawal symptoms. The body of an addict will go in withdrawal state when once the level of the substance abused is below a certain level. When a person goes in withdrawal state it will show signs, such as craving, bouts of moodiness, bad temper, poor focus, extreme temperament, poor focus, continuous feeling of depression, emptiness, frustration, anger, bitterness and resentment. Apart from these the addict will also display symptoms such as increased appetite, insomnia, constipation, and diarrhea. Withdrawal caused by some substances can also trigger signs like violence, seizures, hallucination, sweating and trembling, etc. However, the addiction continues despite health problem awareness. An addicted person commonly feels they need their drug in order to deal with their problems.

Investigation of addiction

Blood test is advised to determine whether the substance is still in the blood (whether the substance has been taken recently). Dsm criteria for substance dependence that is a patient diagnosed with substance dependence (an addiction) must meet criteria laid out in the dsm (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders), a manual published by the american psychiatric association.

What you can do?

Acknowledge the problem and consult for help from an expert. Family members must be supportive in creating a congenial environment for the addicted person.

Role of homeopathy in management of addiction

The first step for the addicted person is to acknowledge that there is a substance dependency problem (addiction problem). The next step is to get help. In most of the world there are several support groups and professional services available. Treatment options for addiction depend on several factors, including what type of substance it is and how it affects the patients. Typically, treatment includes a combination of inpatient and outpatient programs, counselling (psychotherapy), self-help groups, pairing with individual sponsors, and medication.

Talking of medication, homoeopathy definitely has a major role to play in the de-addiction journey of a'patient. Over the years it has been seen that homeopathy has produced tremendous results in such cases. People have approached for quitting alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. And majority of them have been wonderfully helped by homoeopathy. Those who haven't achieved desirable results have either lacked willingness or conviction on their own part, or have had a non-congenial and non-co-operative environment at home and work place. For any de-addiction plan to be successful for a patient these 2 factors are the most important. A willing person with a co-operative and supportive environment is much more receptive and responsive to the medical treatment.

The commonest attacking area for any addictive substance is the central nervous system (cns). The substance inhibits the release of neurotransmitters, which are responsible for carrying nerve impulses. Once these neurotransmitters are inhibited in their normal functioning, a person develops delayed nervous responses and irregular nerve impulses leading to addiction. It is a vicious circle. So, as the centre of attack is the cns, a medical system that boosts and strengthens the cns would automatically prove beneficial in such dreadful cases. Homoeopathy is that very medical science! the homoeopathic medicines are absorbed through the nerve root endings of the tongue and directly hit the cns. There are some very powerful homoeopathic medicines, which have the ability to shake up the cns and work in a normal manner as it is used to be. These homoeopathic medicines, thus have the ability to develop control and also the power to abstain from the substance in later stages of the treatment.

But the first and foremost attempt is made to manage the withdrawal symptoms. It is the fear of the withdrawal symptoms only that a patient may lose conviction and confidence in him and give in to the indulgence once again. This is where the role of family and friends also comes in. When the struggle of 1 man becomes fight for the whole team; chances are very high of coming out victorious. There are brilliant medicines in homoeopathic science, which can help the person in managing and fighting with the withdrawal symptoms with ease. Medicines like nux vomica, kali phos, arsenic album, coffea cruda, aconite, gelsemium, argentum nitricum, ipecac, acid sulphurosum, caladium, daphna indica, quercus, etc. Have proved to be extremely effective in helping a person wean off completely of the addictive substances.

Mind the mind

Over the past two issues, we took up the burning problem of addiction as a mental illness, explored its, nature and probable causes that go into the making of an addict. The current issue is aimed at spreading awareness about the available evidence based psychological treatments for de-addiction.

1. Psychotherapy: also called as'talk therapy, is aimed at helping the patient to understand the link between their thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that the maladaptive ones can be replaced with more adaptive and productive processes. Interventions in terms of cognitive behaviour therapy (cbt), motivation enhancement therapy (met) and behaviour therapy are efficient in the treatment of addiction behaviour.

2. Craving control: use of certain medicines and behavioural techniques can help a person deal with the intense feelings of craving when it seems too much to bear. It gives a sense of greater control to the person over the substance, which in turn motivates him/her to stay away from using the substance. Many people report that they tend to continue the abuse the substance since they are unable to handle the period of intense craving, which can come all of a sudden.

3. Relapse prevention: arguably it is the most important component of de-addiction program. Leaving the substance is not that hard, but staying away from it is the most difficult part as reported by many patients with addiction. To ensure that the person stays clean and healthy without the substance, they are taught some techniques like asking for help whenever they feel the need to do the substance or staying away from potentially, dangerous situations, like going to party where alcohol is available. With therapy, the individual gains more confidence in his/her own abilities rather than depending on the substance for facing life situations. In addition to this, they also start enjoying their life without the substance. Both the patient and his/her family play an important part in this process hence they are educated about it and are advised regarding appropriate ways of ensuring sobriety for the patient.

4. Alcoholics anonymous (aa): it is a self-hellp group in which ex-alcoholics come together and share their experiences, for instance how they got into drinking, how it affected their life and now how they are maintaining their sobriety. These are mostly weekly sessions and have been found to be very effective in supporting the recovery of alcoholics to stay motivated and be clean without the use of alcohol. Similar to aa, there is na (narcotics anonymous for drug addicts) and al-anon (for the family members and friends of problem drinkers).

5. Yoga and exercise: a healthy daily routine with yoga or regular exercise promotes feelings of general well-being and ensures healthy mind and body. It detoxifies the body faster and even helps in recovering from the damage caused due to excessive substance use.

6. Social skill training: an important aspect for being away from drugs/alcohol is the ability to say no to such offers from others. Assertive behaviour, healthy communication pattern and good problem solving ability are skills that are taught to assist the person to stay healthy without feeling the need to take the substance.

One of the simplest, yet very powerful principles of staying healthy is'one day at a time! instead of making any long-term plans for staying sober, which might seem over-whelming and extremely difficult, just plan for that very day and decide to be clean without the substance.
Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

We have a baby of 5 months. Is there any safe way that my wife doesn't get pregnant.

DGO, MD, MRCOG, CCST, Accredation in Colposcopy
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We have a baby of 5 months. Is there any safe way that my wife doesn't get pregnant.
She can use minipill. If taken correctly daily it is a very effective means of preventing any unwanted pregnancy.

Today, I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend at 12: 00 pm to 4: 00 pm in a row 4 times, after that I have take unwanted 72 pill at 9: 30pm, will I get pregnant, because still there is no bleeding, when the bleeding will occur? Is it will take some time? Because 5 month ago I were take a herbal abortion pill,; help me! will I get pregnant?

General Physician
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Today, I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend at 12: 00 pm to 4: 00 pm in a row 4 times, after that I have take unw...
Whether you will get pregnant or not depends upon the time means on which day of your menstrual cycle you had sex but as you have taken I pill the chances of pregnancy are very less say about 20% so now wait for your periods and if by chance you don't get urine pregnancy test and proceed accordingly.

Dear Doctors, Am newly married person. I need clarification on. Is oral sex is good? Licking my wife reproductive part makes any diseases to me? There's some fluid coming out from her reproductive organ, drinking that fluid turns me into infection? Please help me.

General Physician
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get her examined by gynacologist for liking, do normal sex. oral sex is not good. drinking that fluid, you will get infection. thanks

Why periods go n come back again I don't bleed 5 th day n 6 th day it's come back which day should I assume as first day of period when I spot or continue flow of my period? please help?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
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Why periods go n come back again I don't bleed 5 th day n 6 th day it's come back which day should I assume as first ...
Hello lybrate user- prolonged menses or over flow during menses is known as atyartava disease in ayurveda. It occurs due to improper diet and daily schedule. Try these tips to overcome this diseases- a) avoid salty and spicy foods, avoid fast foods, green leafy vegetable and curd.(these type of foods tends to increase bleeding tendency) b) go to bed before 10 pm. C) increase dairy product other than curd in your diet specially cow's ghee. D) use ashokaristha 2 tsp twice daily with water and tab pistil forte 1 tab twice daily. E) use chandra prabha vati 1 tab twice daily. >you will be surprised by the effect of this treatment. Do share your experience.

Respected doctor generally I heard a word 'pregnancy'what is the minimum time at which a lady get pregnancy? Does it have different timings for different age groups or common to every lady. Please answer my question?

M.B.B.S, Post Graduate Diploma In Maternal & Child Health
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Respected doctor generally I heard a word 'pregnancy'what is the minimum time at which a lady get pregnancy? Does it ...
I am unable to follow what exactly you want to know. Taking two women of different age groups who are normal in all respects, The younger one is likely to get pregnant earlier. There is no minimum time.

All About Uterine Prolapse

DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
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Your uterus is held in place by ligaments, tissues and pelvic muscles. The prolapse occurs when the ligaments or muscles weaken, and thus they can no longer support the uterus. The uterus slips or sags from its usual position into the birth canal (vagina).

Uterine prolapse could be complete or incomplete:

If the uterus partly sags into the vagina, the prolapse is incomplete.
If the uterus falls, and tissues are found to be resting in the vagina's exterior, the prolapse is termed'complete'

Type of prolapse-

Cystocele: it is characterized by the herniation (bulging) of the vaginal wall caused by the bladder; it leads to urination problems
Enterocele: it is characterized by the bulging on the vaginal wall caused by the bowel; it leads to backache
Rectocele: if the rectum pushes into the vaginal wall, it makes movement in bowels difficult
Uterine prolapse can be caused by any of the following factors:

Normal childbirth through the vagina weakens muscles
Pelvic muscles weaken with age
Tissues weaken after menopause and oestrogen loss
Chronic cough, constipation, pelvic tumours or abdominal fluid accumulation puts a lot of pressure on the abdomen leading to prolapse
Pelvic muscles are stressed if you are obese or overweight
Major pelvic (or areas around it) surgery leads to loss of muscular support
Excessive weight lifting causes weakening of muscles

Symptoms of uterine prolapse depend on its severity. There are no symptoms or signs if you have mild uterine prolapse. But if you have moderate to severe uterine prolapse, you might experience the following symptoms:

Sensation of pulling or heaviness in the pelvis
Tissue bulges out of your vagina
Urinary problems like urine retention or urine leakage
Bowel movement difficulties
Pain in lower back
Sexual problems such as vaginal tissues feeling loose
Symptoms might feel less distressing during the morning, but they worsen at night.
All About Uterine Prolapse

Ragi - Many names, many benefits

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Ragi - many names, many benefits

Ragi has always been known as a highly nutritious foodgrain, rich in calcium. You might notice the power of ragi when you visit the maharashtrian countryside. Known colloquially as'nachni, a staple diet of these'naachni bhaakris' and'pitla' has been the main reason behind generations of lean yet robust kids.

Finger millet is the english equivalent of ragi. Also, predominantly, used in south india, it is also a rich source of protein, fiber, iron and other minerals.
It is more nutritious than other cereals and has a host of health benefits.

1. Weight loss
Ragi is very high on fiber. Hence, it digests slowly, keeping you full for a longer time and helps you avoid excessive food consumption. This helps you shed kilos and keeps you fit.

2. Laxative
The high fiber in ragi helps to clear bowels smoothly everyday and prevents constipation.

3. Diabetes
Due to its slow digestion rate, ragi helps lower blood sugar levels. Hence, diabetics can enjoy ragi rotis/pancakes without the fear of affecting their sugar levels.

3. Bone strength
Ragi is very rich in calcium. It can be easily substituted for milk (in case of lactose intolerance) to get your daily calcium dose. You can also have ragi flour kanji as a great source of calcium. Ragi porridge can be given to growing children for bone development and to elders to avoid osteoporosis.

4. Gluten free
Ragi is free of gluten which is found in wheat and its products. Hence ragi can be easily taken by gluten sensitive people.

5. Cholesterol control
Highly fibrous, ragi helps control and lower bad cholesterol levels.

6. Anemia
Ragi is also rich in iron and hence can be beneficial for people with anemia.

Ragi mixed with milk works wonders for infants. For the elder kids, naachni khakrashighlight the health-conscious man's snack section during tea breaks. There is a huge list of south indian dishes which feature several ragi permutations and combinations (eg. Ragi idlis, ragi dosas, ragi rasam, etc.)

All in all, in the company of ragi, you have no choice but to stay healthy!
Ragi - Many names, many benefits

Hi, I didn't get periods dis month actually my date is on August 28th till now I didn't get periods I consulted a gyneic she advised me to take Deviry 10 mg tablets she told dat after using dis you will get periods is dis safe to use?

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Hi, I didn't get periods dis month actually my date is on August 28th till now I didn't get periods I consulted a gyn...
It's is usually safe. But it all depends on the individual person. If a person is habituated to taking pills every time there is delay or wants to postpone the regular periods then the harmonal balance will be erratic in the long run.

Eating Coconut, a Superb Way to Reduce Hunger and Burn Fat

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The word weight loss brings an image of starving, eating just enough to survive, and reduce weight. However, that is not the case always. There are some foods that can actually help burn fat, the more you eat of these on a regular basis, the lesser the chances of you growing fat. The good old coconut, which has formed a regular part of our diet for ages is one such wonderful item. Listed below are some benefits that show how coconut helps in weight loss.

Good Fiber: Foods usually contain two types of fibers soluble and insoluble. The soluble usually contains sugar and starch. These are digested to provide calories. The non-soluble on the other hand is not digested and only provides roughage. Coconut contains an astounding 61% of non-soluble fiber, which is completely devoid of calories and therefore, no contribution whatsoever to weight loss.

Instant Energy Source: For athletes and sports people, coconut provides an instant source of energy with lesser number of calories. This energy can help them curb hunger for prolonged period of time. People who eat coconut regularly can go without food for longer hours without experiencing symptoms of low blood sugar.

Lowered Glycemic Index: The glycemic index is an indication of how fast sugar is released into the bloodstream, leading to higher sugar level. Sugar has a glycemic index of about 80 and coconut is about 35. Therefore, it reduces the pace at which sugar is released into the body and does not promote formation of fat. Coconut is also easy on the pancreas, not pushing it to pump insulin into the system.

Reduced appetite: By improving insulin secretion and promoting blood glucose usage, the cravings to have something sweet to boost energy is reduced. The super nutritious coconut is digested to right away produce energy and consume it, thereby improving endurance.

Good fat source: The coconut is a rich source of medium chain fatty acids which are good for health. Unlike the long chain fatty acids, which contribute to weight gain, the medium ones are good for heart and do not add to weight in a big way.

Easy on the stomach: Coconut also improves digestion in general and improves absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) from other food substances, thereby improving overall nutrition.
The good fiber, good fat and good sugar all add to the immense benefits of coconut. Not just whole coconut, even coconut oil and coconut milk are being used more now.

Not just weight loss, coconut is also very healthy for the heart, skin, and hair. It has no trans-fat, no gluten, is nontoxic and hypoallergenic and boosts immunity. Eat coconut in any form and enjoy the various benefits.
Eating Coconut, a Superb Way to Reduce Hunger and Burn Fat

Dietary Tips to Prevent Anaemia in Pregnant Women

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS, DGO
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Your body goes through drastic changes when you are pregnant. Your body makes more blood during pregnancy; for instance, prior to pregnancy, your body made approximately 5 litres of blood, but now it produces 7 to 8 litres of it.
Producing excess red blood cells requires haemoglobin, which in turn requires plenty of folate, iron and vitamin B12. If there is a deficiency in any of these requirements, you might develop anaemia.
Anaemia is a condition, which is characterized by a lack of red blood cells in the body. The risks of becoming anaemic during pregnancy include:
1. Being extremely fatigued
2. Miscarriages, premature birth, or low birth-weight
3. The baby can inherit anaemia from the mother
4. The child can have certain developmental delays
5. Postpartum depression (post-childbirth depression)

How it can be prevented?
To prevent such risks, it is important to implement the proper diet. Here are some dietary tips to prevent anaemia during pregnancy:
1. Consume iron-rich foods: Foods that provide you with the best source of iron are
i. Poultry and eggs
ii. Dark green and leafy vegetables (for example: spinach, broccoli and kale)
iii. Seeds and nuts
iv. Beans and lentils
v. Tofu
vi. Beetroot
vii. Ripe bananas

2. Don't forget the supplements: Foods are great sources of the nutrients you require, but they may be lacking at times. Ask your doctor for supplements like vitamin, folic acid and iron supplements mostly. Consuming supplements before pregnancy can go a long way in preventing anaemia.

3. Folic acid is important: Folic acid is very important for pregnant women. You must consume 400 milligrams of it to prevent anaemia and birth defects in babies. Foods that are rich in folic acid include:
i. Beans
ii. Muesli
iii. Broccoli
iv. Brussel sprouts
v. Asparagus

4. Vitamins are crucial: Vitamin C helps in iron absorption which boosts haemoglobin production. Some foods rich in vitamin C include
i. Citrus fruits
ii. Strawberries
iii. Kiwis
iv. Tomatoes
v. Bell peppers

5. Be vigilant while cooking: Sometimes while cooking foods, the wrong method can strip them of their iron content. So be careful not to fry, boil or stew such foods too much. Certain foods are best consumed raw; read the labels properly if in doubt.

6. Abstain from certain habits: Alcohol, tea, cigarette and coffee hinder iron absorption. So stop consuming them if you are trying to conceive or have conceived.
Dietary Tips to Prevent Anaemia in Pregnant Women
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