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Shanta HolisticHolistic Health Care

  4.5  (63 ratings)

Homeopath Clinic

B 1004, Peony Society Baner Pune
1 Doctor · ₹300
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Shanta HolisticHolistic Health Care   4.5  (63 ratings) Homeopath Clinic B 1004, Peony Society Baner Pune
1 Doctor · ₹300
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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Shanta HolisticHolistic Health Care is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Siddappa Shashidhar Hebbalkar, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Pune. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 52 patients.


B 1004, Peony Society Baner
Baner Pune, Maharashtra - 411045
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I am a 21 weeks pregnant women. Now am suffered joints pain near pelvic and leg. Past few days I suffered lot. While standing and sitting doesn't pain created but in sleeping position I can't turn from left side to right side it creates more pain. Also while wakeup from bed its create more pain. Please give me some suggestions.

Eat less rice. Eat brown rice. Eat whole grains. Brown bread. Vegetables. Eat 5 times small portions. No mealing only snacking. Sleep with pillow between legs while on sides.
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Tell me how to increase my sperm count really worried about it. I m at 30 years age now, wife is healthy and normal, my sperm count last checked were 5 million. Please suggest me ways to increase my sperm count, I am 110 kg obese. I chew tobbaco also. Height 5 ft 11 inch.

For the testes to work normally, the scrotum needs to have a lesser temperature than the body. Ascertain if that is the problem as tobacco keeps body heat on a high scale. Sperm count can be increased by eating rt food and exercise. But first think that it is possible.
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Hello doctor mujhe thyriod hai jiske karn mera weight bahut jada high ho gya hai please mujhe koi acha tip de do weight loss karne ka please advice.

Thyroid sab ko hora hai. But aap ka thyroid kum kaam kar raha hair. Aap salt kum karo. Khana time pe khao. Subhah theek 5.30am ko ugh kar nimbu pani peelo. Aur, har 3 change pe khao. But sugar or salt avoid kar me koshish karo. Yoga seekh jao to permanent aap ka thyroid theek ho jaayega. Positive sochne se bahut madad ho sakti hair. You can heal your life yeh book padho.
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I am 28 years old. I am getting pain in my back and entire leg from thigh to feet as it is stretched. Please suggest me for get relief from the pain.

Simple solutions are to massage mustard oil along the lumbar spine before taking bath. Keeps soft pillow below the knee joint while sleeping. This will relax the sciatic nerve (which is the cause of pain.) if you are traveling on a bike than kindly reduce it. Try to sit in erect posture. Drink more water.
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My son is 27 yrs old n had foot pain. No swelling no redness. Dr. asked to check uric acid its higher side n shows 6.2 is that pain due to arthritis?? Now he has pain in elbow bt that due to some sports. Report x ray r normal.

your son being in sports has bright chances in coming out of this condition called gout. There are excellent medicines in homeopathy, and ayurveda and bach flower medicines. He needs to avoid seeds in any form, also tea and pl encourage him to have lemon juice. Give him corn silk tea. These will help amazingly.
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Sir I have chest bone deformity which I feel it to be a pectus excavatum sir how to make my chest normal like others.

Kindly get a ortho opinion. Also get vitd and calcium checked. Do surya namaskars on regular basis. X ray can reveal some info too. But blood test will add greatly.
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My son is having a severe pain in his head. He did check up on his eyes and the grade of left is 400 plus the right is 125. Is it possible from that grade that's why his puking ad having so much pain in his head? Thanks & pls reply.

Dear if his eyes are the problem glasses can take care if used in proper power. But the pressure that is on the eyes, could be helped by drinking more water, having good sleep, eating non acidic foods. If problem continues I suggest go for a ct scan head. The best. Puking if present please specify the quantity, frequency and modality when it happens. Bowel habits also need to be considered.
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Sir, this problem is causing me problem from last 1 year actually even if I use or do not use any kind of cream, itching starts on my face I don't know what to do plzz help. I will be highly obliged.

Avoiding highly spicy food and junk food could help you greatly. Drink more and more water. Please try to have enough sleep. Now if you have problems with appetite you may consult me personally. Also drink lemon juice regularly. Your skin could be sensitive. Try using body shop products I mean organic moisturizer s.
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Iam 18 yrs old and I have headaches frequently at evening. Is there any link between headaches and eye lens power?

Obviously, there is link between the two. But if you have headache only in the evening then it could be the lenses, and it could be the acidity levels. Try eating non acidic foods.
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To prevent hairloss I used livon hair gain tonic for 1 month and it worked. But when I stopped using it, hairfall resumed. Should I continue to use it or what should I do?

Kindly bdly take steam or scalp therapy at salon. Use good moisturizer shampoo. Avoid alcohol in any form. Eat greens as much possible. Take omega 3 6 9 caps. Practice yoga and if possible avoid hard water. Take enough sleep. If need be change your job schedule. For any more write me in person.
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My mother is diabetic. But she is under control diet and doing exercise regularly. Is it necessary to take multi vitamin pills regularly. Please give me a good advice.

Dear its a nice thing about you having concern about your diabetic mother. Kindly answer me about her age in my personal column. Diabetes is not a disease. Only problem is under wrong treatment she may suffer problems. I mean the first stage of the disorder leads to weakness, lax muscles. Joints also may be painful. Kindly take care of her feet and eyes. Kindly check her vitd3 and vit b12. Give her capsules of vit and zinc.
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I am a 32 year female having a 3.5 yrs old baby boy. I have pain in my ankle for 2 months. Now I am feeling problem in walking. What to do.?

it is a very painful condition I understand your problem. As ankles are the crucial parts of body. If you can elaborate and tell me in detail, two things about pain I can help you very well. What is your height and weight and if you could get your bit b12 and bit d3 and calcium examined we can decide only pain killers can help or not.
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Hi doctor, I am male and age 38, I have 38 inch of waist ans 85 kg o weight. I did a health check up recently My SGOT level is 48 and SGPT level is 72. And I have LDL cholesterol at 142 level. Please let me know what needs to be done o.

its a worrying situation you are into. But its quite manageable too. If you cud give some more details like ggtp and or supporting endoscopic report it would be more beneficial. The liver enzymes are a bit high. But you should also take a look at resting metabolism. If you think I can help consult me in person.
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Hello I m 21 year old. Pain in stomach last 2 days. I take a medicine and injection but when I touch on right side of stomach I feel pain there. What kind of diseases occur there. Left side is ok but right side is not good while I press that part. I have constipation sometime.

Great health. Your complaints are of ok nature. Its better to mention which medicine you took. The doctor treating you next gets a perfect picture of your case and also follow up. it could be a severe spasm of colon (spasm at rt hepatic flexure) you must drink more water, have some movement between work hours if a sitting job. Abstain from eating non veg. Eat more fibres. There is not need of an injection, tab as far as I feel. More, can be worked out if yo mail me.
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