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Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Centre

Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Centre

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon Clinic

Flat No. 3, Shree ram Palace, Near Orchid School, Baner Rd, above vishweshwar Bank, Baner
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It is important to us that you feel comfortable while visiting our office. To achieve this goal, we have staffed our office with caring people who will answer your questions and help you more

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11:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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Gynecomastia And How To Select Hair Transplant Centre!
Gynecomastia And How To Select Hair Transplant Centre!


I am Dr. Hitesh Laad, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon. Today I will tell you about how to select hair transplant centre. We see so many patients who visit centres and they get totally confused that how t choose the perfect one due to the difference between the qualification of the people who have consulted them before and they are charging altogether differently. Apart from them, whenever you visit, if you see that you met with aa right person who is giving you right information and his information is as per your requirement. So, the trust factor is very important.

First you need to see the qualification, experience of the Dr. One of the ideal qualifications for this surgeries are MCH plastic surgery. These people know as plastic or cosmetic surgeons. This surgery can also be done by MD dermatologist. So, please check the exact qualification of the Dr. Another thing you need to see that Dr is going to do the surgery or someone else will be performing the surgery for you. If they are transferring you to someone else, this is a red signal for you. How many cases can be performed in a day? This is the important thing which you need to look for. It is a very time consuming and skillful procedure.

Lot of time and energy they are going to invest over a patient. It is not the surgery to purchase. It is a life-changing procedure. Post operative care is also essential. So, please check out all these steps and then select your centre. It is a very lengthy procedure, it requires lot of attention and details. Please do not select any centre because it is cheapest and costly centre. So, please wise before selecting the centre. I wish you best of luck to you all. I will also tell you about gynaecomastia. This is a condition in which young growing boys between the age of 13-15 years starts developing some access tissues or gland tissues in chest area. It is a physiological condition.

Certain hormonal changes happens in the person. Some abnormal deposition are there in the chest area. In some cases, surgical interventions are required. BEfore doing the surgeries, we examine the body, we check what is the percentage of fatty tissues. We do blood tests, ultrasound. If this problem will not be treated, it will not lead you to any problem in the body. There are 2 techniques for doing surgeries. One is liposuction procedure. In this without any cut or incision, we are able to suck out fatty tissues which is deposited under the chest. In which gland is harder, apart from doing the liposuction, we do small incision around the nipple area and take out all the gland which is present over there. It does not require any kind of hospitalisation. Advanatge of the procedure that immediately after the procedure we can discuss with the patient that how is he feeling now. It is a safe and effective procedure. It requires around 4-5 days of recovery period. Post procedure, pressure garments are given on the chest part. This procedure is safe and effective. Selecting your surgeon is utmost important. You should always checkout the qualification of the surgeon.

Thank You.

Doctor in Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Centre

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Doctor in Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Centre


Dr. Hitesh Laad

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon25 Years Exp.
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS General Surgery, MCh Plastic Surgery, DNB Plastic Surgery
₹ 600 at clinic
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Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Centre Reviews



Oct 12, 2019

Very good


Pradeep Tathe

Mar 25, 2019

My daughter Bhargavi Tathe 8 years old had accidental third degree burns on her buttocks i.e over lateral side right gluteal region past week, while playing at home hence admitted in 7 Orange hospital under Dr. Hitesh Laad ( Plastic surgeon). Debridement with collagen dressing done successfully. more


Ajay Shinde

Mar 25, 2019

I had major nerve cut injury to my left hand forearm wrist while working to fix a big glass piece in a showroom. Cut was deep and severe resulting bleeding with pain. Was operated by Dr. Hitesh Laad (Plastic Surgeon) at 7 Orange Hospital for Debridement, exploration, repair of all Ant Intensor more

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