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Block hospital,shahpur,bhojpur. Shahpur,Bhojpur
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Beena Clinic General Physician Clinic Block hospital,shahpur,bhojpur. Shahpur,Bhojpur
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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about Beena Clinic
Beena Clinic is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. Beena Kumari Singh, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in Shahpur,Bhojpur. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 67 patients.


Block hospital,shahpur,bhojpur.
Shahpur Shahpur,Bhojpur, Bihar - 802165
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Addiction - 10 Sure Shot Ways To Deal With It!

M.Phil - Clinical Psychology, M.Sc - Neuropsychology
Psychologist, Zirakpur
Addiction - 10 Sure Shot Ways To Deal With It!

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs; these are some of the most common substances that people can get addicted to. Getting addicted is easy but to get rid of your habit is hard.

Here are a few things that could help:

  • Take up a new hobby: A hobby is a great way to distract yourself from cravings. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are great as indoor hobbies while swimming is an excellent outdoor hobby. You could even try gardening or crafts.
  • Exercise: One of the many benefits of exercising is that it can help boost endorphins and make you feel happier and thus less likely to crave cigarettes of alcohol. Aim for at least half an hours exercise each day.
  • Maintain a journal: Some days are good and some days are bad. To give yourself a balanced view of your deaddiction process, maintain a journal. Write down your achievements as well as your pitfalls and be proud of what you have achieved for yourself.
  • Help someone else: The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Similarly, with addiction, the best way to be strong and give up a bad habit is to help someone else do it. This way, you are forced to be a good example and give up the habit yourself.
  • Ask for help: Do not be so proud as to not be able to ask for help when you need it. Remember, it is better to appear weak and ask for help rather than go back to your addiction.
  • Don’t give up: Relapses are common but they do not have to be the end of your efforts. If you do have a bad day and have a few drags of smoke or maybe a drink, tell yourself that it’s ok. Identify the reasons why you gave in to yourself and start afresh from the next morning.

Eating Disorders In Diabetic Patients - Know Why It Happens!

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - General Medicine, Certificate Course in Management of Thyroid Disorder, Post Graduate Course In Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Delhi
Eating Disorders In Diabetic Patients - Know Why It Happens!

Diabulimia is a type of eating disorder in which patients of Type 1 diabetes intake less amount of insulin purposely, in order to lose weight. This disorder, however, is not a formal diagnosis. The disorder may be defined as disturbed eating behavior. 

Our body requires insulin for moving glucose from the blood to the cells. In type 1 diabetes patients, the pancreas stop producing insulin and glucose gets stored in our bloodstream. This causes extra stress on the kidney in getting rid of excess of sugar. The body gets devoid of glucose and the calories associated with it and a rapid loss in weight occurs. Patients develop binge eating,  with more emphasis on sugar and carbohydrate enriched foods. The excess sugar gets out of the body by urinating.

The symptoms of this disease are:

Health hazards of Diabulimia

  1. Diabulimia can cause a great amount of permanent effects on the body, irrespective of age.
  2. Patients with diabulimia have a risk of getting early comorbidities.
  3. Health issues similar to issues arising from diabetes are observed, but are more adverse in nature.
  4. Dehydration happens along with excess urination.
  5. The patient experiences fatigue and the level of concentration falls down.
  6. An electrolyte disbalance is caused.
  7. There may be risk of heart attack, stroke, retinopathy, neuropathy, gastroparesis.
  8. Vascular disorders, gum infections and infertility in women may also occur.
  9. In the most extreme cases, death occurs.

It has been proven by research that almost 30% of type 1 diabetes patients are the ones who abstain from or avoid using insulin in order to lose weight. This habit leads to the risk of many other fatal diseases which may be permanent in nature. Dibulimia is more common among teenage girls who suffer from type 1 diabetes and are generally obsessed with body image. Diabulimia is an eating disorder which leaves a patient at risk of acquiring many other severe diseases. It is advised not to neglect your insulin.

Vertigo - Know The Signs!

ENT Specialist, Delhi
Vertigo - Know The Signs!

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is among the common causes of vertigo. It is the sudden sensation of the spinning of your head which occurs with the change of position of your head. It is a disorder of the inner ear. It occurs when calcium carbonate crystals accumulate in large numbers in any one of the ear canals and stimulate abnormal fluid movement in the inner ear. This sends false signals of head movement to the brain. This can also crop up post head injury. Rolling over the bed or quick head movements like when sitting up in bed can also trigger this condition. 

The common symptoms of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo are as follows:

  1. Vomiting and nausea
  2. Vertigo Blurred vision
  3. Intense dizziness 
  4. Loss of balance 

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo may be treated in the following manner:

  1. Medication to get relief from the spinning of your head. 
  2. Epley's Maneuver involves transportation of the calcium particles to a different part of the ear which will no longer cause any problems. 
  3. Brandt-Daroff exercises. 
  4. Sometimes watchful waiting can help a person to recover without having to undergo any other treatment but it is a long process and often involves risk factors. 
  5. Surgery: This option is used rarely when other treatments fail. 

A very important thing to remember is that vertigo can lead to falls and driving should be avoided. The patient will need support during an episode to avoid injuries.

Sleep Disorders In Children - Know The Most Common Ones!

Diploma In Paediatric
Pediatrician, Patna
Sleep Disorders In Children - Know The Most Common Ones!

Sleep is the most important aspect for a healthy beign, but for kids it is of utmost priority. Lack of sleep can often have a negative impact on the brain funtioning of kids along with accidents. Listed below are the major sleep disorders in children along with their causative factors:

  • BedwettingThis is something most children experience, but usually grow out of by the time they turn six. It doesn’t need to be a cause of concern unless the frequency doesn’t reduce over time and more than two instances of bedwetting take place in a week.
  • Insomnia in children: It can be due to a host of factors and coping with changes to their normal lifestyle is one of the biggest triggers. Mental disorders such as anxiety and stress due to a variety of reasons (like the death of a loved one) may also be the cause of distress and lead to troubled or incomplete sleep.
  • Excessive daytime sleepinessExcess naps throughout the day, always feeling lethargic or experiencing trouble waking up in the morning may be symptomatic of EDS. It isn’t uncommon in adults either wherein despite apparent proper sleep; energy levels seem to be low throughout the day.

Gestational Diabetes - How To Deal With It?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Lucknow
Gestational Diabetes - How To Deal With It?

Diabetes is a condition wherein one suffers from high blood sugar levels. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes which occurs only during pregnancy. It is certainly possible to bear a healthy child, provided certain lifestyle modifications are adhered to. Once the baby is born, the condition usually tends to disappear. However, this does make you prone to Type 2 diabetes (a condition wherein the body is unable to utilize the insulin effectively).

High blood sugar levels during pregnancy can affect the baby. It usually gives rise to complications such as high blood sugar levels in the baby, impaired functioning of the pancreas in order to produce insulin, and excess sugar deposits in the form of fats. The baby might also become predisposed to jaundice and other breathing difficulties.


Pregnancy causes the placenta to produce hormones that impair the functioning of insulin. The pancreas too does not produce the required amount of insulin. Both these factors contribute to the rise of sugar levels in the body.

There are certain factors which may put you at risk of being affected by gestational diabetes –

  1. Obesity

  2. A family history of diabetes

  3. Past history of the condition


There are measures one can adopt to reduce risks of this disorder. Shed the extra pounds and maintain optimal weight levels. An active lifestyle would ensure proper utilization of the insulin by the body. The main goal of treating gestational diabetes is to get the blood sugar levels back to normal. This can be done by:

  1. Insulin Shots: Insulin shots help normalize and regulate high blood sugar levels. Another advantage is that these shots do not affect the baby.

  2. Diet: A healthy eating plan helps prevent sudden surge in blood sugar. You have to be conscious of the type of foods you eat and be mindful of the portions you eat. Processed foods should be avoided; instead the focus should be on natural foods.

  3. Being Physical Active: Pregnancy does put certain restrictions on your mobility and your ability to perform certain exercises. Hence, an exercise plan should be designed accordingly. In times such as these, cardio vascular exercises, such as brisk walking, swimming or Yoga should be enjoying maximum priority in your list of the doable exercises.

Deficiency Of Vitamin D - How Is It Turning Into A Common Problem?

MD - General Medicine, CCEDM, Fellowship In Neurology & Stroke
Internal Medicine Specialist, Navi Mumbai
Deficiency Of Vitamin D - How Is It Turning Into A Common Problem?

Why drastic deficiency of vitamin d is becoming increasingly common among urban Indian youth?

On this women's day, let's understand why young Indians esp. Are women facing this unforeseen deficiency and resultant problems?

Vitamin d is unique because it can be made in the skin from exposure to sunlight. We get a really good amount of sunny days as opposed to many western and northern countries where vitamin d deficiency is ought to be common.

It is surprising that vitamin d deficiency is such a common problem in India nowadays that it finds prevalence among 70-100 percent of the general population in the country. More than 80.63 percent of 73 lakh Indian youth suffer from the deficiency of vitamin d. What's more shocking is that it can lead to a variety of health issues ranging from osteoporosis to diabetes. Without vitamin d, only 10-15% of dietary calcium and about 60% of phosphorus are absorbed - which would certainly lead to weaker bones. Vitamin d sufficiency enhances calcium and phosphorus absorption by 30-40% and 80%, respectively.

Vitamin d exists in two forms - vitamin d2 and d3. Uv rays from the sun hit the skin, and vitamin d3 is naturally synthesized, so it is the most 'natural' form. However, our bodies do not make vitamin d2, and most oil-rich fish such as salmon, mackerel, and herring and eggs contain vitamin d3.

Here are a few reasons why deficiency of vitamin d is becoming increasingly common among urban Indian youth.

1. Being always indoors

Our youth is never out in the sun because they are too occupied with their laptops or video games. Their lifestyle is such that it does not allow them to spend some good time out in the sun, which is a major source of vitamin d for the body. Technological advancement and cut-throat competition have made the youth forget the sun as a source of a healthy dose of vitamin d.

2. No milk, no fish

A lot of Indian youth follow a strictly vegetarian dietary regimen and they avoid milk very commonly. Vitamin d is found in foods like fish, egg yolks, fish liver oils etc. And not consuming them is a major reason why youth face vitamin d deficiency.

In fact certain, distinct symptoms can help you know if you're suffering from vitamin d deficiency or not.

You need to keep an eye out for these:

- excessive sweating without indulging in physical activities or being exposed to high temperatures

- sudden bouts of weakness for no apparent reason

- brittle bones that break easily

- chronic pain in your brains

- feeling of depression


Related Tip: Do You Need Vitamin Supplements?

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Itchy Penis? Use Shea Butter And Vitamin E

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Itchy Penis? Use Shea Butter And Vitamin E

Itchy Penis? Use Shea Butter and Vitamin E

The reasons a man might suffer an itchy penis are endless. Even with the best penis care regimen, every man is going to deal with an itchy penis from time to time. In many cases, that itching happens when he's in a place where he can't simply let it all hang out and scratch to his heart's content. But if he uses the right ingredients to eliminate that itchy penis problem, he won't have to worry about being embarrassed or caught in a situation where he can't get to that maddening itch. The answer lies in Shea butter and vitamin E.

What is Shea butter?

Though men might not be as familiar with Shea butter, many women across the world can attest to its wonders. It's a natural oil derived from the African Shea tree. It has been used for a very long time in lotions, moisturizing crèmes and more, and now it has made its way into top-notch penis health crèmes. It keeps the skin extremely smooth and supple, but besides that, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help ensure the skin stays as healthy as possible. Shea butter has been known to stop the itching of dry skin and confront other skin problems as well.

What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E is taken as supplements, used in a variety of skin care products and even applied directly to the skin from tiny capsules of smooth, luxurious oil. Vitamin E is known for its ability to not only keep skin supple and soft, but to help heal minor irritations and smooth out redness. It's also a great antioxidant, meaning that it attacks free radicals that can lead to problems in the body. By applying it directly to the skin, a man can reap the benefits of softer skin, healthier skin, and of course, alleviate an itchy penis.

Putting them together for the best results

Each of these ingredients is stellar on their own. But when they are combined, they create a powerful one-two punch of softness that can heal even the driest skin. Since many itchy penis problems are caused by dry skin, this means a top-notch men's health crème can go a long way toward alleviating the itchiness almost immediately. By applying it every single day, a man can keep itchiness at bay most of the time.

What happens if a man is using a strong regimen of Shea butter and vitamin E, along with other vitamins and nutrients, but is suddenly assailed with a serious itchy problem? That's when he might want to consider recent events. Has he recently changed detergents, used harsh soaps or come into contact with something that irritated the skin? Was he with a new partner and didn't use any sort of protection during his romp? Has he been dealing with health issues that might have contributed to a change in his penis skin?

If this is the case, a man should make an appointment with his doctor to check out what might be behind the intense penis itch. In some cases, it might be a simple allergic reaction that can be remedied with an easy lifestyle change. In other cases, it might mean he needs to get a medical problem in check - and in the worst case scenario, it might mean he has contracted an STD from a partner.

To ensure an itchy penis doesn't happen at the most inopportune time, a man should make a daily habit of applying a good penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). In addition to Shea butter and vitamin E, the crème should contain other vital nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin A for fighting odor and L arginine for healthy cellular function. A penis health crème is an undeniable asset to any man's daily penis care regimen.

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Hi. I have 21 million per ml total count. And I have 15% total motility, Active 25% Sluggishly 60% Non motile 10% Can you tell me what can I do for fertility.

Homeopath, Asansol
Hi. I have 21 million per ml total count. And I have 15% total motility,
Active 25%
Sluggishly 60%
Non motile 10%
You need complete course of Treatment we provide that kind of dervice time duration 12to24 week minimum or some extend depend upon react if you agree that we can proced further.
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I want to increase my weight ,&I am also masturbation addictions. What I do now. I want to Abandon masturbation .Plz help.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Diploma In Psychiatric Medicine
Psychiatrist, Ahmedabad
I want to increase my weight ,&I am also masturbation addictions. What I do now. I want to Abandon masturbation .Plz ...
For reducing masturbation: Explore and make a list of time when you usually masturbate including factors which lead to it. - avoid same factors at that particular time, e.g. If you masturbate when you are lonely, then try to be with people all the time. - divert your mind from thoughts of masturbation: sit back, relax, drink a glass of water, try counting backwards from 50 to 1. - if you are used to masturbate watching porn, than block porn in internet connection and delete all the files you have. - do other activities like swimming, walking, any outdoor sports or going out with friends - if you masturbate in shower, take a quick cold shower and get out early. - If you masturbate while sleeping, for some days sleep in the same room with family members or friend. - start exercising hard while you have excess thoughts of masturbation. This is how you will lose energy, feel tired and would go to sleep without masturbation. Urges generally last not more than half hour, you have to divert your mind in this half an hour.
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How to check if a person is currently suffering from Rabies or not if that person was bitten by a street dog few months back and he had not taken any vaccination at that time? Is there a particular test to check the same? And if yes, please let me know the test name. And also tell if the test report comes normal, it's well n good but if the report states that the person is currently suffering from Rabies then how to cure it & save life? Please suggest. It's a humble request please cover my both points while answering this question.

General Physician, Sambalpur
How to check if a person is currently suffering from Rabies or not if that person was bitten by a street dog few mont...
If a person is bitten by a dog infected with rabies the man will die within few days. Maximum 1 to 2 weeks. But if he survives more than 3 4 weeks then definitely it's not a case of rabies. Rabies infection to any animal has 100 percent case fatality rate. So it's wise to take anti rabies vaccination along with rabies immunoglobulin after any dog bite.
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