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Dr. Atul

General Physician, Tq washi

Dr. Atul General Physician, Tq washi
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi. My father is diabetic person. My hv 250-350 between sugar. And his also pain for teeth so much. And now maximum teeth is week and not working. Please suggest what can I do. It's very serious. Please let me know. Any medical, treatment, anything as.

Dentist, Delhi
The toothache you are referring to may be due to a variety of causes, the most common being: 1.Tooth decay 2. Tooth fracture 3. A damaged filling 4. Infected gums The most common cause is a long-standing cavity or tooth decay, which usually requires a root canal treatment (RCT). The same treatment applies to a tooth fracture as well. In case of a damaged filling, there may be two possibilities: either the filling can be removed and replaced with a new one after applying a soothing base material; or if the damaged filling is placed deep near the nerves of the tooth, it may require an RCT. Infected gums usually are treated with deep cleaning/scaling after which there is permanent relief from pain. I suggest that that you consult me privately on Lybrate, so that I can provide more specific answers. You will be able to send across images of your aching tooth/teeth, and looking at them will help me be in a better position to solve your problem.
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Hi I've had pcod problem and I took homeo medication for it. I had my date regular but now again they have become irregular. And I've put on a lot of weight. What do I do.

General Physician, Nashik
Weight gain is most often due to poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and stress. In order to lose weight you must either eat sensibly and exercise to burn off calories. Eat as per the body's needs. Food that is not used to fuel the body is stored as fat. A major component of losing weight is to make smarter food choices. Here's how: Limit non-nutritious foods, such as: Sugar, honey, syrups and candy, pastries, donuts, pies, cakes and cookies, soft drinks, sweetened juices and alcoholic beverages Cut down on high-fat foods by: Choosing poultry, fish or lean red meat. Choosing low-fat cooking methods, such as baking, broiling, steaming, grilling and boiling. Avoiding high-fat snacks like chips and chocolate. Avoiding fried foods. Using less margarine and mayonnaise. Avoiding high-fat gravies, cream sauces and cream-based dishes. Eat a variety of foods, including: Fruit and vegetables, whole grains, breads, cereal, rice and pasta, dairy products, such as low-fat or non-fat milk or yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat cheese, protein-rich foods like chicken, fish, dals and legumes, or beans should be included in your diet. Change your eating habits: Eat three balanced meals a day to help control your hunger. Watch portion sizes and eat small servings of a variety of foods. Choose low-calorie snacks. Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Eat slowly and try not to perform other tasks while eating. Find other activities to distract you from food, such as walking, taking up a hobby or being involved in the community. Include regular exercise in your daily routine.
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If a boy masturbates at each interval of day then he will be able to became father?

MBBS, MCCEE, Fellowship in Sexual Medicine
Sexologist, Jaipur
Well as for becoming a father will not be problem but too much masterbation may harm penis. Plus he needs to have councillor to council him for right thoughts and preoccupied by only one thing - sex.
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Hello doctor, My question is how to avoid flu and other infection related to fever causing through pain.?

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
Take normal and healthy diet. Take plenty of water or liquid foods. Do regular walking with exercises at least half an hour in the morning. Take at. Bell. 30 / 5 drops in little water thrice a day for one week if you having the same type of sign and symptoms.
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I am a 17 year old female. I am not able to sleep and I am having a severe headache plus vomiting. Please help me. What should I do?

Homeopath, Kolkata
I think you are suffering from migranal Headache so you take homoeopathic medicine Natrum mur. -200 twì ce in a week & Belladona -6 frequently are very helpful for you.
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I am 32 years old and having pain in the back angle of right foot during morning walk with my shoes. Please suggest.

Orthopedist, Noida
It can be due to many causes. First of all check for you shoes whether it's sole is worn out. It can be also due to retrocalcaneal bursitis, in that case you need to be evaluated and modify your activity like brisk walk than jogging, warm saline soaks, silicon soles.
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Hello sir, My mother facing head ache from last 10 years and once I get done sites can but nothing in report. Please give me suggestions about it.

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
check your BP. Check your eye sight. take crocin pain relief one sos if headache is more and unbearable. take good sleep and rest, avoid anxiety and stress. consult if not ok.
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paracetamol drags of normal fever they are destroy some bacteria and some viruses they are human body use full.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Paracetamol does not destroy any bacteria and it is not an antibacterial drug It only controls chemicals in hypothalamus in brain to reduce the fever and we need antibiotics to eliminate cause of fever like infection For example, paracetamol inhibits the production of pain and inflammation-causing chemicals called prostaglandins.
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I am 27 year male. Newly married. During sex I discharge early. Please advise what to do to avoid early discharge and enjoy sex longer time?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man meets an orgasm before his partner wishes. Common causes of premature ejaculation are anxiety and too much sexual stimulation. Psychology and guilt factor also play a role in this condition and it usually improves without any medical intervention.Implementing certain techniques can help you rectify this problem without taking any sort of medications. 1.The Stop and Start Method The stop and start method helps you last longer while making love to your partner. This technique is comprised of three phases: First, you need to become excited sexually with the help of a partner or by masturbating. Then, at the point before reaching your climax, you need to stop and hold back. Next, take some deep breaths and relax. Once you are calm and in command of your emotions, repeat the process again. The method involves learning to understand when you are approaching orgasm, and trains your body to control timing to prevent premature ejaculation. During this process, you also naturally learn inhaling and exhaling techniques. 2.Kegel Exercise Kegel exercises aim at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. To correctly implement the technique, you need to know how to tighten the correct pelvic muscles. One approach of finding the muscle is by sitting on the toilet seat and urinating. Stopping the urine flow leads to the tightening of the pelvic muscles.I recommend a technique to carry out the exercise properly: Start by emptying your bladder completely. Then tighten the pelvic muscles for nearly 10 seconds. Relax the muscles for another 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise three times a day with 10 repetitions each time. 3.The Squeeze Technique Mastering this technique requires a lot of practice and uninterrupted time. During foreplay, have your partner squeeze the end of your penis, at the point where the head (glans) joins the shaft. After the squeeze is released, wait 20 to 30 seconds, and then continue with foreplay. Have your partner caress and stroke the entire genital territory. This includes the glans, the shaft, the testicles, the perineum and the rim of the anus. Becoming cognizant how each part works during sexual activity, is the major focus and intent of this approach. Upon reaching the point of orgasm, have your partner squeeze your penis again until the urge to ejaculate is gone. Repeat the exercise three times every week until you notice improvements. 4.Talk Therapy Talking to your sexologist about past experiences and relationships can be fruitful. It might be possible that a one bad performance in the past is affecting your present sexual performance. Known as talk therapy or counseling, these sessions help you tackle performance-related anxiety and overcome stress while making love to your partner. Attending talk therapy sessions along with your partner can yield quick results. • Homoeopathic medicine • VIGOURA 2000 ( REPL) Drink 20 drops in 20 ml fresh water 3 times daily • Don’t go by the name of medicine,being purely homoeopathic,no side effects
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Sir, Actually my hydrocele problem my one hydroshil is big and one is small means no same size please give me reason?

MBBS, PG Diploma In Emergency Trauma Care, fellowship in diabetology
General Physician, Bangalore
Hi thanks for your query, hydrocele is fluid accumulation through a weak passage by birth, the side which is big, may be more weak than the side which is small. Kindly get operated and clear the tension.
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How to curb excessive masturbation. Please suggest me what to do. And one more problem is that my penis looks so small when it not in erection the size is about 2" and when erected it just 4" Can I increase size with some natural remedies. please help Thanks,

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Jodhpur
Excessive of anything is bad same applies with masterbation. 2 things happen when one masterbate excessively 1. Premature ejaculation you can correlate when you started mastrrbation what was time and check current timing. You will find time to ejaculate might hv reduced significantly. Some people even ejaculate while rubbing in bed 2. Second problem is weak erection. Over a period you will feel lesser or weaker erections. One may feel shrinking penis due to this. If your erection and timing is still good then do not worry. Otherwise with guidance and ayurvedic medicines it can be cured. Do not worry about size as far as you get good erection and timngs. Women vagina initial 2 inches is sensitive so size aythg bigger than 2 inch is sufficient. Imprtant is good erection and timings.
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Hi I'm suffering from nocturnal emissions for the past 2 years so I took ayurveda medicine nf cure and vital m 40 from ayush remedies for almost 9 months but didn't work. Then I asked numerous questions to Lybrate but didn't get a good reply. So I went to a ayurvedic sexologist and he gave me tablets for 15000 rs which was a combination of homeopathy and ayurveda, now I'm taking those tablets and my emissions decreased a bit but what happened is I lost my erection completely even morning erection is not available and I look more weaker than before. One side of my cheeks looks smaller than the other I'm 75 kg but my face looks like a 45 kg lean man face. My question is even before taking those tablets I Had erection but suffering from nightfall but now after taking those tablet I even suffer from erectile dysfunction and I want to know are these tablets back firing. Is there a proper cure for my problem.

MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Aurangabad
It is natural for a man to feel erection when he is sexually aroused. The muscles, nerves, hormones and blood vessels all work together and maintain an erection. If a man is unable to obtain and maintain erection of penis during sexual activity if a man has difficulty in getting firm or erection or is unable to maintain an erection during the sexual penetration, he is most likely has a condition called Erectile dysfunction. It is normal for a man not to be able to achieve erection on some occasions, but if it is regular then it needs attention. Inability to achieve full erection could be either due to psychological or medical reasons and can be treated with right guidance and treatment. Psychological reasons includes chemistry with your sexual partner, any guilt, fear of intimacy negative feelings depressions can affect the erection. Medical conditions like thickening of the walls of the arteries, obesity, heart diseases, prostate disorder, any injury to the pelvic region or any other such underlying diseases that affects the proper flow of blood to the penis can cause erectile dysfunction. External factors like tobacco use, alcohol consumption and drug abuse can also restrict the blood flow resulting in erectile dysfunction. In most of the cases erectile dysfunction is due to any underlying medical condition. Good diet and daily exercises are very important to keep you mentally and physically fit. It will improve both your psychological and medical well-being. If any psychological factor is causing trouble, then meditation, breathing exercises like Pranayam staying away from stress and anxiety, talking more with your partner about the problem may help. The best treatment option suitable to your problem can be considered after a detailed analysis of your symptoms and case history. Get in touch with your nearest homeopathy doctor to get right treatment advice.
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Hello sir, I am suffering from cold 5 days and also suffered from fever. What kind of precautions? Please help me.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
Take tab. sinarest it contains ( Acetaminophen+ Pseudoephedrine+ chlorpheniramine). Acetaminophen, chlorpheniramine, and pseudoephedrine is a combination medicine for throat infection and treat headache, fever, body aches, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and sinus congestion caused by allergies, the common cold, or the flu. Do gargle with warm water thrice a day. Drink warm water also. Take plenty of water, liquid diet, dalia, green veg., orange. avoid cold things, avoid cold drinks. Avoid Oily foods. If symptoms are from more days or again persist then do few tests for confirm causes of it.. i.e. CBC. welcome in lybrate.
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Dear sir madam Please suggest me what are the penis growth related medicines. My penis thickness is very less so please tell me medicines.

General Physician, Chandigarh
Medicines will not grow the penis its size and shape is natural like any other body parts of yours just take care of your diet exercises and daily activities don't indulge in smoking drinking etc.
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Is there any sideeffect of unwanted 72. And what can be side effects if pill is taken and girl is not pregnant? Please ans both.

Diploma in Family Medicine, M.Sc - Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Pune
Unwanted does have side effects including irregular bleeding, nausea, abdominal cramps etc. Whether or not a girl is pregnant.
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Hello sir, I have itching problem in my thighs and getting some rashes & small pimples from last 10 days. What should i do?

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
Frist wash with 1. Hydrozen peroxide mix with betadin lotion and 2. Nest apply hydro heal ointment for 10 days regularly.
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I am 26 years old male, I continuous feel like to defecate but have to put pressure for it, if I don't go 4-5 times a day to defecate, acidity occurs and makes me feel uncomfortable and can't concentrate on my day routine, I use to workout regularly and hardly eat any junk food. Have to Drink lot of water as always feel thrusts. Its been almost 3 years from the day for the first time gastric struck and now I never feel like doing work outs as body can't recover and joints have started depleting. Please suggest as every report is fine, ultrasound, liver profile, kidney test. I don't have any bad habits (drink, smoking,nothing)

CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical cardiology, MBBS
Cardiologist, Ghaziabad
1.Take 2/ 3 glass of warm water in the morning 2.Take little more water in the day 3.Eat more fruits and green vegetables 4.No fried/ spicy/ junk/ processed/ fast food, no maida products 5.No tea/ coffee/ cold drink 8.Daily morning walk for 30 mts 9.Deep breathing exercise for 10 mts daily 10.Fiber Foods that are high in insoluble fiber include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Try wheat bran, brown rice, or whole grain bread. Soluble fiber- Prunes and figs can be added to breakfast or eaten as a snack. 11. Take – Probiotic for medicine contact on private chat.
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