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Om  Kumari Gupta

Dr. Om Kumari Gupta

Hematologist58 Years Exp.
Clinical Hematology , MD, MBBS
 at clinic

Personal Statement

My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.She has 44 years of experience and was Ex professor AIIMS, Hematology Dept Dealing with all sorts of Hematological more

Doctor Information


  • Hematologist

Other treatment areas

  • Internal Medicine


  • Clinical Hematology , AIIMS - New Delhi , 1975
  • MD , KGMC Lucknow , 1970
  • MBBS , KGMC Lucknow , 1966

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Hindi

Professional Memberships

  • Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion India

Clinic Location

I - 8, Vyapar Marg Block I Sector 12

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Question and Answers


Sk Ariyan

male • 18 Year Old • Feb 25, 2018 • Kolkata

Sir, I have many small lumps in body in neck and thigh, back side of head. But my throat lumps causes pain, discomfort,i have gastric ulcer is this due to gastric proble more

Om Kumari Gupta

6 years ago

You have to get biopsy of one of the lump for accurate diagnosis and then only proper tt can be started.


Kanika Mishra

female • Dec 19, 2017 • Mira Bhayandar

I have anemia what is its effects and symptoms I have gone through cbc reports. Please advise

Om Kumari Gupta

6 years ago

Anemia is low Hb. Hb carries oxygen to every cell of body. IfHb is low O2 carrieng capacity becomes low and so the tissues cells can not work properly, like if you r hun full answer


Pc02712580 Aruna Gujarathi ( Patients Name)

Male • 66 Year Old • Dec 18, 2017 • Valsad

My wife has stain of thalassemia. So her hemoglobin always remains below 10.0. This is respective of good diet, fruits, green vegetable, dates, honey etc. She is vegetar more

Om Kumari Gupta

6 years ago

Thalassemia minor pts can carry on normal life, but too low Hb cause is to be investigated. So get herinvestigated in detail for severe anemia.



Female • 33 Year Old • Aug 27, 2017 • Gurgaon

Can somebody suggest a good supplement of vitamin c and is it OK to take wheatgerm capsules can vitamin e 400 mg be taken for lifetime.

Om Kumari Gupta

6 years ago

Lemon and aamla fruit is good supplement of vit C. Aamla is very rich in vit C. Vit E should not be taken for long time as it is fat soluble and is stored in body, Long full answer



male • 34 Year Old • Jul 31, 2017 • Lucknow

My mom had gone through with the first chemotherapy. She's suffering from cancer first stage. Saturday she came back from first chemotherapy, but she is having a unbeara more

Om Kumari Gupta

6 years ago

your mother is suffering from side effects of chemo part of the game. The Dr. who is doing chemo should be informed and he will prescribe tt.