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Dr. Smita Salvi

Dentist, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Smita Salvi Dentist, Navi Mumbai
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Smita Salvi is a trusted Dentist in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. You can consult Dr. Smita Salvi at Dental Concerns in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Smita Salvi on has a nexus of the most experienced Dentists in India. You will find Dentists with more than 27 years of experience on Find the best Dentists online in Navi Mumbai. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

My father pain in teeth And swelling what should I do And my father is a diabetes patient.

Dentist, Mumbai
Neex to get checkup done tht it needs root canal treatmnt or extraction n if extraction than dibetes shud b below 200.
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Hello, I am 34 years old male and I have a dry mouth for last 4 months. When I drink water after 30 minutes I need to water. What should I do

Advanced Aesthetics, BDS
Dentist, Mumbai
Hi, dry mouth is caused due to decreased secretion of saliva. We need to check you clinically to advise for any cause and solution. You can come for a consultation (free of cost) or check up in our clinic.
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I am 46 years old and having some issue with my breath. I brush my teeth every day but still having some bad breath all the day. Changing my tooth paste every time. Brush my teeth every nite before go to bed but still this issue. I smoke regularly, due to this issue I am not able to speak with my clients. Please suggest and help me.

Certified BPS Dentist, Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Raipur
Sir you have answer in your question itself. You need to quit smoking as smoking can cause severe halitosis. Smoke deposits on teeth can lead to periodontitis which needs to be evaluated by the dentist. Apart from that do visit your dentist for routine cleaning and clinical assessment of your gums.
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MDS - Periodontics
Dentist, Thane
RTC is complete only when the proper restorative work on the tooth is complete. So, make sure to visit an endodontist or dentist to get the complete treatment done.

Yesterday I ate my milk teeth which size was equal to size of a sugar (china) I mean very small. What should I do.

Dentist, Delhi
Well even if you swallowed your tooth no to worry as long as it is not loged in your wind pipe. You can get a chest xray within 24 hrs to see wher it is. Normally it would pass through your stomach and exit via stools.
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My two year baby teeth spoiled and first two were broken and last two teetn on upper part had a hole left and right side. what should i do ?

Dentist, Faridabad
Parents generally ignore milk teeth of their kids as they are not permanent supposing they ll shed after few years. they dont know the significance of milk teeth if they shed too eary bcuz of decay or whatever reasons, there are chances that permanent teeth may come with crowding which leaves esthetic issues when child grows up.. if you are feeding him through bottle at night, you must STOP immediately as kids store milk in their mouth overnight which causes tooth decay . its time to see the dentist immediately
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I am 22 years female and now a days I am suffering from bleeding gums and decay smell problem. What should I do please suggest me.

MDS Prosthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Chennai
The presence of plaque and tartar on your teeth results in gum inflammation causing gums to bleed. This can be treated by professional dental cleaning which can also eliminate local factors causing bad breath.
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Dear sir, my father is a B. P. Patient and diabetic, recently he went for root canal treatment for two his teeth. Doctor initiated for it and removed 1 teeth also. Then his mouth is like full of ulcers. He not even able to drink water. Again consulted doctor. They told due to tobacco chewing (my father tobacco chewer for past 3 yers) he is affected and it will take time. Sir my query is can you suggest me some remedies to get out of these sores, and food intake too sir. Thanking you sir.

MDS Prosthodontics, MDS Endodontist
Dentist, Ahmedabad
There are many causes for ulcers, it might be due to trauma while removing teeth, or may be due to allergy of some medications, or due to hypochlorite which is used in rct etc etc. Consult oral medicine doctor or take second opinion from other dentist (mds)
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Dentist, Gadchiroli
Drinking tea on a daily basis is good for the health of the teeth and gums. It contains flavonoids and high amounts of flouride which keep the harmful bacteria away from the teeth.
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I have a problem of mouth ulcer, after every 8 to 10 days mouth ulcer come, what should I do?

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced course in maxillofacial sugery
Dentist, Lucknow
You may take cap bnc one a day locally apply metrogyl gel ointment suck on tab bifilac twice daily drink plenty of water. Take fibrous food you may add banana to your diet at night take isabgol husk two table spoon full and try to stay tension free.
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My friend is affected with severe bad breath issue for long time, he brushed his teeth twice a day and using mouth wash but the sais issue not reduced and also some time when he cough some white small stones (,tonsil stones) come from his throat. Pls help him.

PGPPH, BDS, Certified Implantologist
Dentist, Hyderabad
Tonsil stones develop in your tonsils due to the accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria, and food particles that get lodged in the crevices of the tonsils and then the salts from the saliva cause the deposits to calcify. Usually, tonsilloliths, as tonsil stones are also called, are harmless and do not require treatment. However, if you have bad breath or experience pain and discomfort, it is best to consult a doctor. Home remedies: Salt water gargles: You can get relief from the pain and discomfort by gargling with salt water. If you gargle vigorously, you may succeed in dislodging the stones as well. Make the water, lukewarm and add half a teaspoon of salt. Dissolve the salt and gargle with the water. Do not swallow the salt water while gargling. Other treatments available: Laser Tonsil Cryptolysis: This is a noninvasive laser treatment that gets rid of the pockets and crevices where the tonsil stones are lodged. You needn’t worry as it causes minimal pain. Anyway, the doctor will use local anesthesia to ensure you enjoy a pain-free treatment session. The downtime after the treatment is minimal. Coblation Cryptolysis: In this medical procedure, the ENT uses radio waves to change a simple salt solution into charged ions, which adhere to the tonsil tissue and then cut through it. This procedure reduces crevices and pockets on the tonsils and also eliminates tonsil stones. Compared to laser tonsil cryptolysis, coblation cryptolysis does not cause a burning sensation on the tonsils. Antibiotics: Sometimes, the ENT specialist may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. Usually, this mode of treatment gets rid of bacteria, which healthcare professionals believe have a major role in the formation and growth of tonsil stones. Tonsillectomy: Your doctor will never recommend tonsillectomy as a method to treat tonsil stones. However, when all other treatment procedures fail to get rid of the severe symptoms that you are experiencing, the ENT specialist will have no other alternative but to surgically remove your tonsils. This removal can be done with the help of a scalpel or laser. Sometimes, even a coblation medical device can be used.
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I went for teeth cleaning yesterday. In two hours I got fever and body pain. Leg pain. I just had the tablets the dentist gave me. Am afraid of this because I read about bacterial endocarditis in net yesterday. Now the temperature is normal. But am very afraid. Expecting reply. Thank you.

Dentist, Allahabad
No co relation with scaling and body temperature bacterial endocarditis is only when calculus is heavy resulting in bone loss
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Recently I have gone through a root canal of my upper jaw teeth, the doctor has advised me further to have a cap fit on the teeth, but I feel comfortable even without the cap. So do I need to listen my doctor or neglect that?

MBA, M.Sc. Dental Science, BDS
Dentist, Delhi
Hello user cap is always required as the root canal makes our teeth brittle with passage of time. Chances of tooth fracture becomes more so it is advisable to go for cap.
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Is there any danger undergoing Root canal in the long run.I heard like my teeth will be dead and there is chance of anaerobic bacteria formation in that area.

Dentist, Delhi
Hi .Getting a RCT is completely safe.In this procedure we clean the nerve of the tooth.Enlarge it with our instruments so that the medicines we put in can completely clean it and make it bacteria free.This procedure is done to remove bacteria both aerobic and anaerobic from the root canal that are causing infection and causing the pain.We live with a lot of bacteria.They are in air,on land,on our skin,in our mouth.So there is nothing to worry about.We live with them mutually.
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My mouth stinks all day long and the smell doesn't go no matter how much I brush my teeth. So can you give me a solution for this?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic medicine NUX VOMICA 30 ( Dr Reckeweg) Drink 2 drops direct on tongue twice daily RINSEOUT ( SBL) Gargles 20 drops in 20 ml luke warm water.Gargles 3 times daily while holding water for 20 seconds in mouth immediately after meals. HEKLA LAVA TOOTH POWDER ( WHEEZAL) Scrub teeth daily night Visit a Dentist for physical examination.
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Dentist, Nellore
The tiny tots must use a toothbrush with a small rounded brush head and soft bristles. It helps in cleaning their milk teeth thoroughly.

Hi am 26 .facing gums swelling and bad smell problem. While am using gum paints and all. But there is no effect. please do suggest some better treatment or tips to overcome this.

Dentist, Vadodara
bleeding gums are sign of infection due to deposit of plaque and calculus on teeth. get scaling and polishing done​. use mouthwash twice daily after brushing. bad breath is the sign of dry mouth or infection in throat. increase your water intake. take water at regular intervals. avoid aromatic foods like onions and garlic at night. use mouthwash twice daily. reduce your intake of caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee.
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He is 5 year old. He has grown all teeth but now also grown some extra teeth and this is very painful. Kindly suggest medication & how this type teeth grown.

BDS, MDS Prosthodontics
Dentist, Delhi
Hi lybrate-user, I think the extra teeth you r talking about r the permanent teeth n 5 years is early for the permanent teeth to erupt. Get an opg done n do visit dentist n get the retained milk teeth removed.
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I have numbness in my lower lip for less than minute why this will happens also sometimes the teeth under this also feels the same.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Take following remedies 1.alovera juice 4tsp+ 1 tsp honey after dinner 2.amal juice 4tsp +2 tsp sugar + 2tsp honey empty stomch in the morning.
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Myths About Root Canals Answered by Renowned Dentist Dr Ratnika Agarwal

Dentist, Pune
Myths About Root Canals Answered by Renowned Dentist Dr Ratnika Agarwal

If you were recently informed that you need a root canal, chances are the minute you left your dentist’s clinic, you immediately began scouring the Internet for information on this well-known — but highly misunderstood — dental treatment.

The Internet can be a great place to gather helpful information, but it is also plagued by unreliable sources & dangerously inaccurate information that can lead unknowing online researchers astray.

The following are common myths & misinformation about root canals & tooth pain that are prevalent online. While finding out you are in need of a root canal can be frightening, the more you know about this tooth-saving procedure & what it can do for your toothache & oral health, the calmer & more confident you will feel when you return to the dentist’s chair.

Myth #1: You only need a root canal if you are experiencing tooth pain.

Sometimes teeth that have died no longer cause pain & need to have a root canal in order to avoid becoming infected. We have several tests that allow us to know when a tooth has died & needs to receive a root canal.

Myth #2: Root canal treatment is painful.

A root canal relieves tooth pain associated with progressive & destructive decay that has reached the root of a tooth & caused infection. With the use of cutting-edge dental technology, along with anesthetics & sedation dentistry, having a root canal feels similar to receiving a filling & can be just as painless.

Myth #3: Root canals cause illness.

It’s hard to miss this myth if you are searching for information on root canals online. This myth is based on poorly designed & long-since debunked research that took place almost an entire century .Not only are root canals safe & effective, they eliminate bacteria from the infected roots of teeth, improving both your oral health & your overall health.

Myth #4: The benefits of root canal treatments are temporary.

Root canal results are long-lasting. They relieve patients’ toothaches & preserve the affected tooth indefinitely. The final restoration or crown is the key to successful results. A well-made & well-fit crown combined with good at-home oral health practices & routine visits to the dentist can ensure that your tooth lasts a lifetime.

Myth #5: Tooth extraction is a good alternative to root canals.

An extraction is a traumatic procedure that actually allows more bad bacteria to be introduced into the bloodstream. There is no adequate replacement for a natural tooth. A root canal with a good restoration is not only cost effective, it allows you to keep your natural tooth. Bridges, implants, & other replacement alternatives require additional treatments, more time in the chair, & elevated cost.

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