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Dr. Sanjay B. Aroda

Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai

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Dr. Sanjay B. Aroda Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
More about Dr. Sanjay B. Aroda
Dr. Sanjay B. Aroda is a renowned Ayurveda in Khanda Colony, Navi Mumbai. He is currently associated with Jai Mata Di Clinic in Khanda Colony, Navi Mumbai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Sanjay B. Aroda on has a nexus of the most experienced Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 36 years of experience on Find the best Ayurvedas online in Navi Mumbai. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Hai my name is bhaskar my brother was a fat person his weight is 82 and he was following a diet schedule for 2 months there was no change in his weight give me some helpful measures to help in weight loose.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Hai my name is bhaskar my brother was a fat person his weight is 82 and he was following a diet schedule for 2 months...
Maintain input out put ratio. Whatever you eat calculate calories that called input calories after that do exercise and burn some calories that is out put calories. Eat less exercise more weight will loos have a barley soup at dinner have a dinner at 8.00pm and sleep at 10---11.00pm. Avoid rice at night. Calories calculator you will get on google download it.
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Hello sir, Please tell me how we make our body strong. From inside and by personality.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
To remain healthy and Fit ,you should follow 3 steps in your life 1.BALANCED DIET 2.EARLY MORNING BRISK MORNING WALK for 30 minutes and 10 minutes evening walk after Dinner 3.DRINK 6-8 Glasse of water daily. As 60% of our body is made of water, it acts as a carrier of essential nutrients inside our body. Loosing as little as 5% of body's weight as water can cause headache, fatigue and lower your muscle strength. To stay healthy, an adult should drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Balanced Diet= 60% Carbohydrates + 20% Fats + 20% Proteins 1. Carbohydrates: Our main source of energy. Stored in liver and muscles. Carbohydrates are used the most by our body duringexercise. Hence, it is important for people who exercise regularly to consume a diet rich in carbohydrates. (a) Instant/rapid carbohydrates energy sources: Banana, Milk, Sweets, Sugarcane juice. (b) Slow carbohydrates energy sources: Beans, Bread, Cereals, Potato, Pulses, Rice. 2. Proteins: Essential for growth, repair of muscle, skin, hair and body tissues. Protein deficiency leads to low immunity, hairfall, feeling of tiredness. Proteins are not stored in our body as any excess protein is converted to energy or fat. Hence, a person requires protein intake every day. When the body does not get enough carbohydrates to fuel itself, it falls back on protein bank. That is why people who follow starvation diets or go on fasting lose muscle tissue. (a) Major protein sources: Egg white(white portion), Milk, Soybeans/Soymilk, Fish, Cheese, Tofu. (b) Other protein sources: Beans with wheat, Nuts, Curd, Yogurt (Dahi). 3. Fats: Required and healthy when taken in small amounts. Excess fat leads to weight gain, increase in bad cholesterol (LDL) and heartproblems (a) Major fats sources: Egg yolk (Yellow portion), Avocados, Whole Milk, Butter, Cheese, Nuts. (b) Other fats sources: Corn, Vegetable/Olive oil, Biscuits, Flaxseeds(San Beej). 4. Vitamins and Minerals: Critical for normal functioning of organs and processes within our body. They do not provide energy directly but work behind the scenes to break down food into energy. 5. Fiber: It helps retain water and in making our stools softer to avoid constipation. Intake should be 25 to 35 grams a day. 6. Calories: A measure of how much energy food or drink contains. On an average, a man needs around 2,000 calories a day and a woman 1700 calories a day to maintain his weight and good health. Number varies by person depending upon weight, age and how active the lifestyle is. 7. Guideline: Each day have 3 main meals, 2 snacks, 5 pieces of fruit and at least 1 glass of milk. 4. BRAMARI PRANAYAM or Bee Breath 1.Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. 2.Place your thumbs in your ears, your index fingers above your eyebrows, and your remaining along the sides of your nose. Keep each pinky finger near a nostril. 3.Breath in deeply through the nose. First, feel the diaphragm move down, allowing the lungs to expand and forcing the abdomen out; then feel your chest expand with your collar bones rising last. .4.Use your pinkies to partially close each nostril. Keep your lungs filled. .5.Breathe out through the nose while humming. Note that the humming sound should originate in your throat, not as a result of your partially-blocked nostrils. 6.Repeat twenty times.starting from 5 times In Nut-Shell,THINK GOOD,EAT GOOD,SLEEP GOOD andby adopting these 3 point in your life you will remain fit as ever.
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On The Fence About Having Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery?

MS Surgery, DNB, FIAGES, FMAS, FBMS - Bariatric , MBBS
Bariatrician, Surat
On The Fence About Having Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery?

On the fence about having WEIGHT LOSS (Bariatric)  surgery? 

The decision to have bariatric surgery requires careful thought and should only be made when all weight loss surgery options are considered. You should seek as much information as possible on weight loss treatments by researching reliable sources, speaking with your primary care physician and attending a bariatric surgical seminar. Ultimately, a consultation with a bariatric surgeon and undergoing the prerequisite tests are necessary to confirm your eligibility for bariatric surgery. 

Ultimately, you are the only one who can make the final decision to undergo bariatric surgery. However, this does not mean you should make the choice completely by yourself. Seeking support and information will help you decide the best course of action.

The bariatric surgeons at kiran Hospital, Surat are here to help you with your decision. Schedule a one on one consultation to see if you're eligible and to learn more about your weight loss surgery options.

Commonly , Bariatric Surgeries performed are:

Lap-Band - A procedure involving the insertion of a silicone band around the upper end of the stomach to restrict food intake. The rest of the digestive system is not altered.

Gastric Bypass - In this procedure the stomach is divided to created a small pouch for restricting food intake. The small intestine is also altered to produce malabsorption of food.

Gastric Sleeve - In this procedure the left side of the stomach is removed to created a smaller stomach. The intestines are not altered.

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How to control nind.(muje nind bahut bahut jyada aati he. Anytime).please meri help kre.

Ayurveda, Patiala
How to control nind.(muje nind bahut bahut jyada aati he. Anytime).please meri help kre.
kindly take guggal tikta kshayam, 2 tsf in half a glass of luke warm water before meals, twice a day. take mahayogaraja guggal tabs, 2 tabs twice a day after meals with dashmooljeerakadhyarishta, 3 tsf in half a glass of luke warm water after meals. Take herbal tea, 2 to 3 cups a day. Cut down the intake of milk and its products in your diet. continue the regime for 45 days. good luck
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Vitamin deficiency and gum bleeding through mouth? Since 1 year. Bleeding is occurring after few hours of every eating particularly I observed after night food. I have nothing idea about bleeding. What's the problem and what should I do?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
Vitamin deficiency and gum bleeding through mouth?
Since 1 year.
Bleeding is occurring after few hours of every eatin...
We need more investigations with clinical examination to decide upon treatment. You may need deep cleaning along with surgical, gum strengthening procedure. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mouth wash after every meals. Use pepsodent tooth paste & gum paint for 2 to 3 weeks. Advance procedures can be done with laser. Dental tips: - visit a dentist every six months for cleaning and a thorough dental check-up. Limit sugary food to avoid tooth decay. Gargle your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush. Tooth brush to be changed every 2 months.
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Hiii I am 17 year old boy I have lots of back pain in her few days and pimples are in face please ask me how to relief.

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
Hiii I am 17 year old boy I have lots of back pain in her few days and pimples are in face please ask me how to relief.
You can take Aes. Hip. 30 / 5 drops in little water thrice a day for one week. Revert back after one week with feedback.
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Hi I am 32 yrs old Man. Height is 164 cms and weight is 93 kgs. I want to reduce my weight by 30 Kgs. Please advise.

M.Sc -Food and Nutrition, B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Hi, yes you need to lose weight upto 30 kg. I want to advise you to switch to healthy lifestyle and healthy diet with regular physical activity. But for this you need to take dietitian advice for long term weight loss and don't ever go through pills and any short cut to losing because it will not worth to losing weight. So I only suggest you to pick healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat grain or multigrain cereals, pulses, chicken breast, egg white, nuts, fish, skimmed dairy products. I can also tell you about portion size, what portion should you eat and do not eat large meals at one time, eat foods frequently 5-6 times per day. Don't eat out and if you are eating occasionally, just choose healthy, less oily and spicy and small portions. Before having meals, drink one glass of water help to reduce your appetite and after that have soups and salads, this will help you to reduce your weight and do some physical activity regularly like 30 minutes brisk walk daily or at least 5 days /week. Hope I query your answer. Best wishes.
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I have this sudden urge sometimes of eating something like sand or chalk. Although I never do. I eat fennel seeds instead. Am I iron deficient?

MBBS, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE), Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology
General Physician, Noida
I have this sudden urge sometimes of eating something like sand or chalk. Although I never do. I eat fennel seeds ins...
Hello, this habit may be due to anaemia so kindly get your 1. Cbc checked and 2. Serum vitamin b12 level let me know if you are having other symptom like stomach pain/ discomfort/ passage of warm form stool/ nausea etc. Consult physician for further management.
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Hair Fall and Baldness - 9 Common Causes Behind It!

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hair Fall and Baldness - 9 Common Causes Behind It!

Hair Loss refers to the falling of hair from scalp / head and is medically called alopecia. One of the major reasons for hair fall is genetics, which can lead to baldness or hair loss in both men and women. Hair loss can be a constant cause of stress for both men and women as it may lead to low self esteem and self confidence levels. Some people may even be embarrassed due to their hair fall or baldness.

Factors leading to hair loss in both men and women include:

  1. Fungal infection or skin diseases like tinea capitis, lichen planus, seborrhoea, and eczema of scalp are some of the common diseases that cause hair fall.
  2. Genetic factors also plan an important role.
  3. Hormonal changes that occur after childbirth or during menopause.
  4. Nutritional deficiencies leading to anemia or lack of protein intake.
  5. Hair loss can be caused while recovering from acute fever like typhoid and erysipelas.
  6. Some medicine for treatment of high BP, joint pains, cancer, or depression can cause hair fall.
  7. Physical trauma or head injury may also result in hair loss.
  8. Emotional trauma also leads to hair loss.
  9. Diseases like diabetes mellitus, Hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, or AIDS can also cause hair loss.

Homeopathy offers excellent treatments for hair loss / baldness. A homeopathic practitioner will be able to judge the reason behind the hair fall whether it is due to mental / physical trauma any disease or other reasons and prescribe well selected homeopathic medicines for treatment. The practitioners would take a detail case history of the patient and note down the root causes which lead to hair loss. It would include a study of a persons eating habits, level of thirst, thermals, mental symptom etc. After a proper evaluation the practitioner would prescribe a medicine for treatment.


  1. Skin Disease: Homeopathic medicine Psorinum is highly useful in treating hair loss occurred due to eczematous skin lesions on scalp. Mezereum, is also used to treat hair loss caused by eczematous skin lesions of scalp. Mercurius Solubilis is another well known homeopathic medicine used to treating hair loss caused due to eruptions on scalp.
  2. Dandruff: If the hair loss is due to dandruff, Thuja occidentalis and Kali sulphuricum are prescribed by homeopathic doctors. The first medicine is used where the dandruff is white in color, while the second medicine is prescribed when the dandruff is yellow in color.
  3. Anemia: For Anemic patient's homeopathic medicines Cinchona officinalis, Borax, and Calcarea phosphorica are given to patients for treatment.
  4. Baldness where the entire scalp loses its hair: Homeopathic medicines Silicea, Sulphur, Baryta carbonica, or Lycopodium clavatum are used to treat complete baldness in men or women.

Homeopathy has gained popularity and is an accepted cure for hair loss globally now. It is free from any side effects and is suitable to men and women of all ages. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath.

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