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Dr. Kalpana

Gynaecologist, Navi Mumbai

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Dr. Kalpana Gynaecologist, Navi Mumbai
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Kalpana is a renowned Gynaecologist in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai. You can consult Dr. Kalpana at Sai Mauli Hospital in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Kalpana on has a nexus of the most experienced Gynaecologists in India. You will find Gynaecologists with more than 27 years of experience on Find the best Gynaecologists online in Navi Mumbai. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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Sir my brother is suffering from urticaria for past two days he is 9 years old can you sugest us some medicine will this disease cause any serious health problem.

PhD, Human Energy Fields, Diploma in PIP, EFI, Aura scanning for Health evaluation; Energy field assessment, Fellowship Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, MD (Ayur - Mind Body Med), Mind Body Medicine
Non-Invasive Conservative Cardiac Care Specialist, Pune
Sir my brother is suffering from urticaria for past two days he is 9 years old can you sugest us some medicine will t...
Dear Please apply aelovera to help relieve on the skin. Urticaris is an acidity reaction. Make sure he drinks plenty of normal water. Avoid fuzzy drinks, Lays and other packaged foods; oily stuff; spicy; chillie and non veg This is also caused by bad digestion or reactions of other medicines/nutri products bought in market regards.
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Hi I am 11 weeks pregnant and my cervix length is 2.9 mm, Doctor suggested me to take bed rest and careful. Kindly please let me know the issues and please suggest me to take further tests and precautions.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
I am 11 weeks pregnant and my cervix length is 2.9 mm, Doctor suggested me to take bed rest and careful. Kindly pl...
With short cervical length there are increased chances of abortion and preterm delivery. Follow your doctors advise .can go for cervical stitch application at 14-16 weeks of pregnancy.
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I missed 2 periods (even after medicines and injection, hpt,beta hcg & ultrasound is negative. Jelly brown sometimes red blood fleshy clots discharged for around 1 day both months, but no period .doctor did ultrasound nothing found. Both ovaries are clearly seen in usg. Does hormonal imbalance cause these things or its inaccurate ultrasound. Am I pregnant?

Homeopath, Kolkata
I missed 2 periods (even after medicines and injection, hpt,beta hcg & ultrasound is negative. Jelly brown sometimes ...
Kindly forward all the reports available with you for better assessment along with your complaints in details. However for now take the medicine Pulsatilla 200 twice daily for 3 days only which will provide you 20-30% releif but for complete cure and proper treatment/ management consult with me TC.
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Hello doc, I am not getting mood during sex. When I am seeing porn videos I got mood and my vagina opens. But when I am participating in sex with my husband I don't get my vagina opened. Tell me the remedy.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Hello doc, I am not getting mood during sex. When I am seeing porn videos I got mood and my vagina opens.
But when I ...
your hubby's approach seems to be the problem. Ask him to indulge more in foreplay. make him read the following steps on how to arouse a woman and make her wet. 10tips to satisfy ladies in bed 1. Go to the bottom of her: If all else fails, this usually succeeds. If you’re having a tough time getting your lady warmed up for the act, just go down on her and spend time there, she will be ready quick. Gentle licks in clit will instantly turn her on. 2. Take time during foreplay. Most men hurry the foreplay bit without any consideration for the woman they’re with. Take your time before penetration, and both of you will enjoy sex a lot more. Men should learn to do foreplay for long time as woman enjoy them more, foreplay games are also fun. 3. Remember her erotic zones. Each woman has unique erogenous zones which you will know by stimulation and don’t forget to stimulate them thoroughly each time. It can be behind neck, ears, back, inner thigs, hips. Knee, so on…. Kiss and nibble the entire length of her body and make sure you remember the zones that excite her more than the others. It’ll always come in handy the next time you want to arouse her faster. 4. Don’t roll over and sleep. After sex just don’t ignore her and sleep alone, just cuddle and do post play and sleep with her. 5. Your hygiene matters. Looking good for your woman makes a huge difference in the experience she has in bed. After all, a better looking partner is more of a turn on, isn’t it? But you need to remember that looking good doesn’t just mean a six pack abs. Have a shower and nice perfume which doesn’t taste bitter. 6. Kiss and tell. Women have an active imagination and tend to rely on feelings more than visual appearances. If you want to turn your woman on and satisfy her in bed, arouse her mind by using the right words. Whisper sweet nothings in her ears or talk about her favorite fantasies. As long as you excite her mind with your seductive words, she will have great orgasms. Play sex games. 7. Don’t be selfish. If you want to know how to satisfy a woman in bed, this is as simple as it gets. Put your woman’s needs in bed before yours. Understand her preferences in bed, be it about the dim lighting or the right side of the bed, and make sure she’s feeling comfortable enough to enjoy having sex. Allow her to get orgasm first. 8. Experiment all the time. Use various positions and not the usual missionary position, try various fantasies. Try all possible things both like. 9 The right compliments. Compliment your women’s body, her breasts and whatever you like, she will be get turned on more. 10 Bite, lick and suck. Kissing is sensual and romantic. But don’t stop there. Let her feel your passion when you bite her and tongue her body. And here’s something to remember, a good love bite in the strategic regions will still feel just as passionate to a woman even after several years of going out with each other. Don’t be inhibited during passion and allow her to be wild as well.
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Hi. I am 27 years old. I had a medical abortion on 3rd March but it was incomplete. And hence I went through medical abortion again on 13th March. I am not bleeding heavy currently and feel stressed. Can I go for a spa/massage on 19th March? Can I use tampons for it? Is it safe? Will I have to inform my massage therapist about my abortion?

Diploma In Postpartum Depression, Formerly , House Job , Gynecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Hi. I am 27 years old. I had a medical abortion on 3rd March but it was incomplete. And hence I went through medical ...
Why did you go for a medical abortion again if the first if the first one had failed. You should have gone for a d and c. My advise to you is that go for an ultrasound pelvis. If it shows products of conception present, get them removed asap.
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Pre-Term Labour: What Are The Complications Involved?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Jaipur
Pre-Term Labour: What Are The Complications Involved?

A preterm labour is referred to a condition when the cervix opens up within 37 weeks of pregnancy. An ideal pregnancy lasts for a span of 40 weeks. If preterm labour is caused due to preterm contractions, the baby is born earlier. This results in serious health risks for the baby. At times it requires long intensive care for the baby to ensure no mental or physical damage happens in the long term.

What are the symptoms of pre-term labour?
While some women show evident signs of pre-term labour, some women present symptoms that are more subtle. Some unmistakable symptoms of pre-term labour include regular contractions, sense of tightness in the lower abdomen, vaginal discharge, diarrhoea, constant backache, bleeding from the vagina, watery discharge from the vagina, pain in the abdomen and abdominal cramps. One or more of these symptoms should be immediately reported to the doctor to negate the chances of any miscarriages or serious complications.

What are the risk factors?
While there are no proven risk factors of preterm labour, lots of factors have been tagged with a pre-term labour. Some of the notable ones include:

  1. Little pre-natal care
  2. Premature birth in previous pregnancies
  3. Giving birth to more than one baby at a time. This is especially applicable while giving birth to a triplet.
  4. A stressful event such as a personal loss or events related to extreme emotions
  5. Bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy
  6. Any infection of the genital tract
  7. Any complications related to the placenta, uterus and cervix
  8. Any birth defect related to the vagina
  9. Chronic health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  10. Putting on weight more than the recommended level
  11. An excess of amniotic fluid
  12. Consumption of illicit drugs or smoking at a heavy rate
  13. The shorter length of the cervix than the normal one

What are the complications involved?
Pre-term labour cannot be stopped with any medical procedures. If pre-term labour is caused due to smoking or an infection, the same can be addressed. Any pre-term labour that eventually leads to giving birth can confront with complications such as low weight, problems related to the vision of the baby, behavioural problems and learning disabilities.

Diagnosis and tests:
A doctor will closely monitor the symptoms a woman is facing. In the case of regular contraction, a close look at the cervix helps a doctor to decide the condition of a patient. To be assured a doctor might recommend a full pelvic exam, ultrasound test, uterine monitoring, and maturity of amniocentesis. A test of the vaginal secretion further gives the doctor enough evidence about the possibility of a pre-term labour.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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How To Naturally BOOST Testosterone Without Drugs Or Danger?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
How To Naturally BOOST Testosterone Without Drugs Or Danger?

How to Naturally BOOST Testosterone Without Drugs or Danger?

Who else is looking for a safe, easy and 100% natural way to boost testosterone? If you are anything like most of our readers, the truth is, over the age of 25 or so... you are losing more testosterone with every passing month, and this can have a bevy of negative side effects across all sorts of male performance metrics. (from the bedroom, to the boardroom the beach and beyond)

Simply stated, testosterone is linked to body mass, energy, mood, performance, sexual virility and so much more.

Let's look at some of the various ways to increase testosterone naturally from around the web below including, some unusual approaches like meditation, deep breathing exercises (like Wim Hoff breath work) cold showers, and more.

Lift Weights. Yes, there are many ways to stay in shape these days that DON'T require hitting the weight room in the gym. But when it comes to boosting testosterone through actual exercise, weight resistance training remains one of the very best ways to make it happen, naturally... and in a hurry. Some of our readers claim that lifting weights, even in moderation, can lead to 7-10% improvements in testosterone levels over a 2 month training period.

High interval training. (HIT) This is simply exercise based on EXPLOSIVE movements, over very short periods of time, with high intensity "bursts" repeated frequently. This is well known to be an easy way to improve all sorts of health markers for men, and testosterone levels are just one of the "healthy" hormone increases you'll see from this sort of routine.

Dietary changes can be a HUGE help in naturally increasing testosterone, and in 2 very decidedly different directions. Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase testosterone in 24 hours or less, often by large percentage increases.

16, 20 or even 24 hour fasts (no calories, only water) offer a bevy of benefits including potential longevity and anti-aging potentials as well.

On the other side of the dietary spectrum, increasing the amount of good fat in your diet can lead to dramatic natural gains in testosterone. Avocado, salmon, oily fish, nuts, seeds are all recommended for those of you looking for great gains without drugs, supplements or over the counter treatments.

Lastly, meditation is a great way to get all sorts of natural improvements in many hormones that regulate sexual performance, energy levels and more. Why? Cortisol, the stress hormone, is a well known drain on testosterone levels and meditation is a great way of reducing cortisol, as well as increasing all sorts of other "feel good" hormones in the brain, and body... and some believe, beyond!

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Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Add pistachios or roasted channa to your diet. Make them your evening munchies, as they help you lower risk of heart disease help you gain weight.

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Gond Katira Benefits in Hindi - गोंद कतीरा के फायदे

MBBS, M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Gond Katira Benefits in Hindi - गोंद कतीरा के फायदे

गोंद कतीरा सफेद और पीले रंग का बेहद गुणकारी खाद्य पदार्थ है। ये कतीरा पेड़ से निकलने वाली गोंद के सूखने के बाद बनता है।  इसका कांटेदार पेड़ भारत में गर्म पथरीले क्षेत्रों में पाया जाता है। इसकी छाल काटने और टहनियों से जो तरल निकलता है वही जम कर सफेद और पीला हो जाता है, इसे ही पेड़ की गोंद कहते हैं। गोंद कतीरा तासीर में ठंडा होता है, इसलिए  इसे गर्मी में ज्यादा खाया जाता है सर्दी में सेवन उचित नहीं माना जाता। इसमें भरपूर मात्रा में प्रोटीन और फॉलिक एसिड जैसे पोषक तत्व पाए जाते हैं। 

बेहद गुणकारी 
गोंद कतीरा शरीर के खून को गाढ़ा करता है। इसके अलावा ये हृदय रोगों के लिए भी फायदेमंद होता है। ये टॉन्सिल जैसी समस्याएं दूर करता है साथ ही शरीर को बलवान भी बनाता है। यह शरीर से निकलने वाले खून को रोकता है, सांस रोग को दूर करता, खांसी को नष्ट करता व कफ दूर करता है। इतना ही नहीं इसका प्रयोग जहर को उतारने के लिए भी किया जाता है। पेशाब की जलन, मासिकस्राव का कम आना, हाथ-पैरों की जलन, सिर की जलन, खुश्की, अधिक प्यास लगना आदि कई रोग इससे दूर होते हैं।

यहां देखें फायदे:

1. गर्मी से दिलाए राहत, जलन में रामबाण:
अगर आपके हाथ-पैरों में जलन की समस्या हो तो 2 चम्मच कतीरा को रात को सोने से पहले 1 गिलास पानी में भिगों दें। सुबह कतीरा फूल जाए तो इसे शक्कर मिलाकर खाएं। रोजाना ऐसा करने से फायदा मिलेगा। कतीरा लू और हीट स्ट्रोक से भी बचाता है। शरीर में गर्मी महसूस हो रही हो तो कतीरा को पानी में भिगो लें और इस पानी में और मिश्री मिलाएं। शर्बत के साथ कतीरा घोटकर सुबह-शाम लें। इससे शरीर की गर्मी दूर होती है। 

2. रक्त की समस्याओं से दिलाए निजात:
गोंद कतीरा में प्रोटीन और फॉलिक एसिड भरपूर मात्रा में पाए जाते हैं।  शरीर के खून को गाढ़ा करता है। 10 से 20 ग्राम गोंद कतीरा पानी में भिगो कर रख दें और सुबह उसी पानी में मिश्री मिलाकर शर्बत बनाकर पिएं। इस शर्बत से रक्त प्रदर की समस्या भी दूर होती है।

3. कमजोरी करे दूर:
कतीरा रोजाना दूध के साथ लेने से थकान, कमजोरी, चक्कर उल्टी और  माइग्रेन जैसी समस्याओं से राहत मिलती है। आधा ग्लास दूध में गोंद कतीरा कूटकर डालें साथ में मिश्री घोलें। इसे पीने से पित्ती में भी राहत मिलती है।

4. महिलाओं के लिए बेहद फायदेमंद:
महिलाओं में मासिकधर्म में अनियमतिता के चलते अक्सर फॉलिक एसिड या खून की कमी हो जाती है। इसके अलावा बच्चा होने के बाद की कमजोरी,माहवारी की गड़बड़ी या ल्यूकोरिया जैसी समस्याओं में भी ये फायदेमंद होता है। गोंद कतीरा और मिश्री को साथ में पीस लें, फिर इसे दो चम्मच कच्चे दूध में मिलाकर खाएं। वहीं गोंद के लड्डू भी बेहद फायदेमंद होते हैं।

5. पसीने की समस्या से निजात:
जिन लोगों को बहुत पसीना आता है, वे भी गोंद कतीरा का नियमित सेवन कर सकते हैं। उन्हें इस समस्या से निजात मिलेगी।

6. दर्दनाक टान्सिल में राहत:
अगर आप भी दर्दनाक टांन्सिल की समस्या से परेशान रहते हैं तो गोंद कतीरा का इस्तेमाल आजमा सकते हैं। इसके लिए  2 भाग कतीरा और 2 भाग नानख्वा को बारीक पीस लें। अब इसे धनिया के पत्तों के रस में मिलाकर रोजाना गले पर लेप लगाएं, आराम मिलेगा। इसके अलावा लगभग 10 से 20 ग्राम कतीरा को पानी में भिगोकर फुला लें और फिर इसे मिश्री मिले शर्बत में मिलाकर सुबह-शाम पिएं इससे गले में खराश सहित सभी रोगों में फायदा मिलेगा।

7. मूत्ररोग में फायदा:
मूत्ररोगों में भी गोंद कतीरा फायदेमंद है। 10 ग्राम से 20 ग्राम गोंद कतीरा फुलाकर इसे मिश्री के साथ घोंटे और शर्बत बनाकर पिएं।

8. माइग्रेन में लाभकारी:
4 ग्राम मेहंदी के फूल और 3 ग्राम कतीरा मिट्टी के बर्तन में भिगोकर रख दें। इसे रात में भिगोएं और सुबह मिश्री के साथ मिलाकर पिएं, सिरदर्द, माइग्रेन से छुटकारा मिलने के साथ ये बाल झड़ना भी कम करेगा।

9. स्वप्नदोष:
स्वप्नदोष की समस्या है तो रात में एक कप पानी में 6 ग्राम गोंद कतीरा भिगो दें। सुबह ये फूल जाए तो इसमें 12 ग्राम मिश्री मिलाकर खाएं। कुछ ही दिनों में आपको इसका लाभ महसूस होगा।

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