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Varad Hospital

Psychologist Clinic

Plot No 3E, Sector 10, Khanda Colony, Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai
1 Doctor · ₹200
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Varad Hospital Psychologist Clinic Plot No 3E, Sector 10, Khanda Colony, Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai
1 Doctor · ₹200
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We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve....more
We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.
More about Varad Hospital
Varad Hospital is known for housing experienced Psychologists. Dr. Kalpana Devane, a well-reputed Psychologist, practices in Navi Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for Psychologists recommended by 71 patients.


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
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Plot No 3E, Sector 10, Khanda Colony, Navi Mumbai
Khanda Colony Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 500087
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Doctor in Varad Hospital

Dr. Kalpana Devane

MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, DGO
29 Years experience
200 at clinic
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07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
11:30 AM - 02:30 PM
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My husband is 40 years old. He takes alcohol. He had huge fat over belly. We want to decrease their weight. We want to keep healthy their liver also.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Jaipur
Firstly he has to be self controlled by minimize his alcohol intake and start balanced diet. Include more fruits and vegetables. Increase water intake. Stay calm and active. Spend min 1 hr. In physical activity. Automatically you will see significant difference. For more details and customized diet plan you can contact to us.
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Hello, I am 19 years old. I am a student preparing for government exam. When I study for 15 min I am felling stress and little pain in my head. Please help Me Out and suggest a balanced diet to.

Diploma in counselling and psychotherapy, Ph. D - Mental Health
Psychologist, Zirakpur
Hello, I am 19 years old. I am a student preparing for government exam. When I study for 15 min I am felling stress a...
Hi, probably you need to do your preparations with time management and proper day planning. Make a chart that can be visible to you and write daily task on it and analyse your work done in the end of the day. Thats how you will overcome with stress due to panic and unplanned study time. In regards to diet, it is always advisable that have light food and more intake of water. It will help you to keep light and fresh.
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Effective Ways to Deal With Depressed Patient

Ph.D - Social Psychology -, M.Phil. Educational Psychology, MSc. Child Psychology , B.Sc
Psychologist, Mumbai
Effective Ways to Deal With Depressed Patient

Are you living with a person suffering from depression, and are facing a tough time in adjusting with him or her? Depression is quite a frustrating condition to deal with. A depressed person may be looking for ways to get help, but cannot find the right approach. If you have a person suffering from depression in your home, you can be of great help by recognizing the symptoms and signs of depression in that person. Here are some effective ways of dealing with a depressed patient, which you should follow:

  1. Recognize the symptoms, how they appear, and what triggers them.
  2. Try to convince the person to seek professional treatment. In case of a depressed teen or child, help him to get proper treatment.
  3. Encourage the depressed person that he or she deserves better, and how treatment will help them feel much better.
  4. Recommend resources and ways for helping the patient.
  5. If the patient stops functioning properly, attend to him, and accompany him for treatment till his condition improves.
  6. If the patient is too unwell or very young to provide proper information to a therapist, act as a link or a mediator between the two.
  7. Arrange for hospitalization if the depressed person becomes suicidal, or experiences delusions and hallucinations.
  8. If the person stays functional, but refuses to seek treatment, take the assistance of others such as friends, relatives, doctors, and clergy. Find a way to convince the patient for undergoing the right treatment.
  9. Do not give up very soon and encourage the patient, as he or she may need your support and comfort, even after treatment is undertaken.
  10. Take some further action, in case all your efforts of encouraging and uplifting a depressed person fails over a period of time.
  11. If you are dealing with a depressed spouse, explore separation when the spouse denies treatment and continues living miserably.
  12. In case you are the parent of a depressed person, consult a mental health specialist and clarify the amount of assistance the patient requires.

Although it is not very easy to deal, cope, and live with a person suffering from depression, it is very important for you to reach out and help the person as much as possible, and make him or her feel better. Patience is key for you to positively manage the situation and the person. There are various modes of treating a depressed person, which you must avail.

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7 Best Tips To Help You Manage Anger!

MA Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
7 Best Tips To Help You Manage Anger!

Anger is a very negative emotion and can be the underlying cause of many relationships falling apart. There are people who cannot manage their anger completely and express it by yelling, throwing things, or even physically harming others. While anger is a natural emotion, it is important to control it else it can even harm one’s own health.

Research has proven that every emotion is associated with a chemical reaction in the brain. While happiness produces certain chemicals, anger produces another set, leading to a different impact on health. Therefore, it is essential to learn to control anger, so that the negative reactions can be controlled. The following are some simple but effective ways to manage your temper:

  1. Take a pause: It is a known fact that what is said in the heat of the moment can be very damaging. The person’s response may be completely different if they speak after a while. Some people even would ask if it was indeed them who spoke or did that. Therefore, learn to count to ten or take deep breaths when you know you are angry. This can help you gather your thoughts and respond more aptly.
  2. Be assertive: Learn to respond without sounding argumentative, at the same time being assertive. Do not try to control others when trying to make your point.
  3. Regular timeout: For some people, there are periods of the day which prove to be more stressful than the others. Even a simple walk for 10 to 15 minutes can improve your oxygen intake and aid in anger management.
  4. Nurture your sense of humor: While not all would have it, it is definitely possible to look at the funny side of things. This definitely helps in not just easing the stress and reducing tension for all, but also reduces the anger you feel towards a particular situation or person.
  5. Relaxation techniques: Be it meditation or yoga, these help you relax by focusing on the breathing. Even exercise, writing poems or stories, singing songs, or listening to music can help in reducing stress and controlling anger.
  6. Professional help: While it may sound a bit too far-fetched, it is not. If the above self-help measures do not help in managing your anger, and you realize it is taking a toll on your health and/or relationships, seek professional help. With changing life situations, anger management has become a separate area in itself, and with some help, you could greatly change your quality of life.
  7. Rewards: Reward yourself each time you control your anger and respond in a calmer manner. Over a period of time, this induced habit will become your normal response.
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Internet Addiction Disorder - Complications It Can Cause!

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom (MRC Psych), MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Ghaziabad
Internet Addiction Disorder - Complications It Can Cause!

Internet addiction is a very recent phenomenon, but is already a cause for concern. With the advent of various social networking websites, people are increasingly becoming addicted to the internet. Internet addiction disorder is often characterized by people inching to form an emotional attachment with people and activities, all of them online. You may enjoy connecting to people more over the virtual interface instead of the real world; this usually stems from an inability to establish real human contact.

The symptoms of internet addiction disorder are:
1. Excessive usage of the internet
2. Depression, mood swings and irritability if one doesn’t get access to the internet
3. Any effort to reduce internet usage is usually unsuccessful
4. You may experience constant problems in personal relationships, education and your job due to incessant internet usage
5. A tendency of lying to close ones when they ask you how much time you spend over the internet
6. Using internet to escape from real world problems

Further complications
Internet addiction can gradually isolate you. You may develop an aversion to meeting and communicating with people in real life. This can impair your social skills and make you socially awkward. This disorder also create problems in relationships as it can reduce the time you spend interacting personally.
Internet addiction may also lead you to create online personas to evade low self-esteem issues. This actually aggravates the problem instead of solving it; can result in severe anxiety and depression. Withdrawal symptoms might result in anxiety, depression, irritation and loneliness. This disorder can lead to complications such as dry eyes, headaches, change in sleep patterns and subsequent problems in falling asleep. Back pain from sitting upright while you are on the internet is also very common problem.

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Pay Attention To Your Mental Health - How Important Is It?

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Thane
Pay Attention To Your Mental Health - How Important Is It?

A healthy mind in a healthy body! We have all heard the saying, but do we actually live by it. Though we try to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and practice an overall healthy lifestyle to keep ourselves physically fit, but do we pay enough attention to keeping our mind healthy? The answer would be, not really. Here are a few compelling reasons that will drive us to do so:

To deal with troubles in your personal life: Whether it's an accident or a life loss of someone close to you, or any other strong personal issue, it may not affect your physical health but leaves a deep cut on your mental health. People often try and keep such things to themselves without realising that this would worsen the situation further. It is, however, best to seek help from mental health professionals or talk to someone close to you. If left unattended, these troubles may leave you isolated and detached, leading to problems in personal life.

To prevent damaging your physical health: There is a strong connection between the body and the mind. If body suffers the mind bears it effects and vice-versa the other will bear its effects. Often suffering from depression, anxiety and stress for long leads to heart attacks or strokes and sometimes even disrupts the immune function of the body. Sleep disorders, digestion issues that can impair your physical health are often the result of poor mental health.

To retain your productivity and functionality: Believe it or not, when you fail to nourish your mental health, it also reduces your productivity by making you lethargic and less inclined to participate in any physical activities. Being stressed or depressed due to the issues in life can significantly affect your productivity and functionality at work.

To stop yourself from developing unhealthy addictions: Poor mental health leads to developing unhealthy habits. From smoking excessively to becoming an alcoholic or taking drugs, people often engage in these practices to cope with mental issues. However, if you care about your mental health, you may be in better position to judge the harmful effects of these habits and therefore refrain from developing them.

To lead a happy and long life with friends and family: Various studies have shown that compared to people with mild mental issues and troubled emotional states, it is people with happy lives and sound mental health that live longer. It is advised to care for your mental health as the ignorance of the same may result in anxiety, stress and depression. This will not only hamper your communication with your family and friends but leave you disconnected from others and yearning for loneliness.

Remember, good health can only be achieved when there's a perfect balance between the mental health and the physical health. When any of these conditions get compromised, the overall health starts to deteriorate. Therefore, stay physically and mentally healthy to ensure over-all well-being.

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Sir I am taking tryp 10 from last 4 month but not regularly when I feel anxiety or sadness I took for 2 days and after that all ok but I have main problem of gastric in that when I feel some presser in hart or some pain I feel anxiety that I will pass away or I fell like that I would be having hart attack then only I take it yes doctor has prescribe me and with that pantin L I am taking is this harmful for me or will be ok.

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
Sir I am taking tryp 10 from last 4 month but not regularly when I feel anxiety or sadness I took for 2 days and afte...
Dear lybrate-user, Thank you for your query. Tryptomer is an antidepressant medication which is used for the treatment of anxiety and depression. However, it needs to be taken on a regular basis for it to be effective. I would also recommend that done form of relaxation such as yoga or meditation will help. Thanks.
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Sir I am a fy college student, I have an issue that I am new to the class (actually everyone is). Most of the people in the class have talents like someone is into dancing etc so everyone likes them and talks to them only. I also want to have friends with whom I can laugh share and enjoy my life. But I cannot make them feel enjoyed with around me. I feel I am not so cool. How do I approach people and make them feel comfortable around me and joyous?I feel useless as I sit alone depressed.

Msc in Psychology
Psychologist, Bangalore Rural
Sir I am a fy college student, I have an issue that I am new to the class (actually everyone is). Most of the people ...
Mr. lybrate-user do not feel you are alone in classroom, first you should leave your inferiority. Every one is having one talent, like that you should explore what you have talent in your inner. Make friends like with whom you feel comfortable and look forward, all the best for your future.
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Sir, I don't know this is an illness or just a habit. But my father is like slave of mobile phone. He is 52 now. He can't stay a second without mobile. Sometimes I have seen him to play with mobile after midnight and before 4 a.m. At the same night. Means sleeping time is sometimes less than 4 hrs. About 7-8 years ago, when I bought computer he used to play a stupid card game on it whole day and upto 2 or 3 o'clock at night. It went on for 3-4 years and when he got a smartphone, he was like crazy for that mobile and only thing he did on that was playing that card game. But from last 6 months he started watching stupid videos on YouTube and now he spends more than 5 hrs on YouTube and 3-4 hrs on that card game. No matters who come to home, he can't stay without that more than a limited time. He just want to have a phone or computer every time with or without reason. He can even do official work on computer whole day with so much excitation. We all family members are so worried about it. I thought to take him to a psychiatrist but I know he will never be agree. Please suggest me what should I do?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Sir, I don't know this is an illness or just a habit. But my father is like slave of mobile phone. He is 52 now. He c...
Hello, He should go for meditation to reduce his stress inorder to calm his urge for smart phone. You people can pressurise him to quit this injurious habit. Until and unless he himself realises the bad effect of indulgence of phone, nothing can be done, so far. Give him homoeopathic medicine: @.Ignatia 30-5 drops, thrice. Take care.
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