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10, Amol Vihar, Behind Sai Baba Mandir, Ashoka Marg, Behind Inox Nashik
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OM Homeopathic Clinic Homeopath Clinic 10, Amol Vihar, Behind Sai Baba Mandir, Ashoka Marg, Behind Inox Nashik
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By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have place......more
By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have placed in us.
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OM Homeopathic Clinic is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Vrushali, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Nashik. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 69 patients.


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10, Amol Vihar, Behind Sai Baba Mandir, Ashoka Marg, Behind Inox
Ashoka Marg Nashik, Maharashtra - 422011
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Sugar V/S Jaggery

Homeopath, Ahmedabad
Sugar V/S Jaggery

Sugar and jaggery both are obtained from the same source that is sugar cane. But the sugar is highly processed and jaggery is unprocessed-unrefined.
Moreover jaggery has health befinifits like it helps in digestion thus removes constipation. It has anti allergic properties if you take organic gur. It is rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus. 
On the other hand sugar has been touted as a source of'empty calories' without any nutritional value.
So it is clear that jaggery is always better then sugar but it is important to remember that adding sugar or jaggery in your diet means adding excess calories'

Is nux voice 30 safe for constipation I have read some on net that is not safe it can cause dizziness, death.Please suggest.

Homeopath, Imphal
Is nux voice 30 safe for constipation I have read some on net that is not safe it can cause dizziness, death.Please s...
Nux vom is used in constipation wth unsuccessful clear but you can't simply take it for constipation. We prescribed NV when symptoms correspond.
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I am suffering from throat infection. I can't speak clearly. Please help me out from this.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Unani Specialist, Gaya
I am suffering from throat infection. I can't speak clearly. Please help me out from this.
Avoid cold and sour foods. My advice. Take Unani medicine such as Sat ajwain. Amount. 15 mg.only Equal one rice. Use. Put this sat ajwain in paan and chew. Compound drugs. 1-Habb e bahuhatussaut. One tablet trice a day. 2-sharbat e toot siyah. 25 ml twice a day. Thanx.
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How To Navigate Sexual Issues While Single?

Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad
How To Navigate Sexual Issues While Single?

If you want to share a relationship that will stand the test of time, it is important to get to know your own sexual preferences so you can find someone who shares them with you. It is possible to discover many of your sexual preferences on your own by simply reflecting on who you find most attractive, and what scenarios most appeal to you from books, movies, and fantasies. Other preferences may only take shape in the context of a relationship either because you are introduced to something new, or because you learn to like something you never experienced before.

Think about how much you really want to have sex with other people. If you sometimes feel different than other people because you feel content being single and celibate, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you find that you lack any desire for or attraction to members of either gender? You may think some people are good looking, but do not feel "turned on" by looking at them the way your friends seem to be.
  • Or are you attracted to some people of the same and/or opposite gender, but you do not actually want to have sex with those people? Did you try making out with, or having sex with people you felt attracted to, and find you did not enjoy the experience?
    • If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you do not need to feel alone or abnormal. There are many others who are asexual  like you. Asexuals sometimes enjoy romantic relationships without sex, or with limited sex. Asexuals may seek out just cuddling and physical affection, or they may only want platonic friendships in their life.
    • There is a strong online support community for asexuals that you may want to reach out to, to seek advice and support on how to handle feeling "different" than your single and "coupled" friends, and to seek advice on how to pursue the kinds of non-sexual (or quasi-sexual) relationships you want in your life.

Sexual Performance - Why Self-Confidence Is Sexy?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Sexual Performance - Why Self-Confidence Is Sexy?

Sexual Performance - Why Self-Confidence Is Sexy

How Can a Man Improve His Performance in the Bedroom?

Believe it or not, men and women are not intuitively able to fall into each other's arms and engage in passionate, mind blowing sex each and every time - starting with the first night they hook up. No, it is actually a case of practice makes perfect. It takes time getting to know a new partner's likes and dislikes and figuring out what works, as well as what just doesn't work. Many men are looking for a "quick fix" that will suddenly turn them into the sexual genius they think their partner wants or needs. The fact of the matter is if a woman has decided to become intimate, she probably already thinks the guy is pretty great, so obsessing over it may be a waste of time. One thing a man can do to set things off in the right direction is to maintain excellent penis care, because regardless of attraction, no woman wants to go to bed with a guy with funky junk.

Being Confident

While a women doesn't necessarily want to be manhandled - unless she has made it clear that she does - a little confidence in one's sexual prowess goes a long way. Knowing a few moves beyond the classic vanilla missionary style is sure to hit home for her. Does that mean that a man needs to commit the entire contents of the Kama Sutra to memory, or hide notes on the headboard? Absolutely not. Men who are confident in their bodies - and in themselves in general - are seen as more attractive and desirable by women. Men should stay true to who they are and let their personality shine through in their lovemaking; after all, he must have done something right to get her to sleep with him in the first place, right?

Some men are simply afraid they have no moves. This is no surprise, considering the high exposure to sexual content on television, the Internet and magazines these days. Men who have watched any type of adult video may assume women are expecting back-breaking acrobatics in the sack. This is not true! Sure, women want to have a good time, but they also want to connect with their partner on a deeper level. Sex is not just about what crazy acts a man can come up with - and besides, one should probably ask one's partner before inverting her in a head stand off the edge of the bed.

Don't Be Afraid to Talk

Many men and women feel that talking about sex or sex acts is out of the question. Whether from embarrassment or not wanting to seem inexperienced, it is a conversation that is often avoided. However, simply talking before - or even during - the act can actually make things better. Simple questions like "Does that feel good?" or even "What would make this better?" can take sex from blasé to mind blowing. Not only do those questions take the pressure off the man - now it is up to the woman to help guide the way - but it also helps ensure both parties are enjoying themselves. Talk about a win-win situation.

Stay Healthy

One of the most important aspects of a good sex life is staying healthy. A healthy sex life is directly related to the health of the penis, which can be maintained with a few simple steps: exercising, eating right, avoiding excessive alcohol, not smoking, always using a condom, and using a penis vitamin formula (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Selecting a high quality penis crème packed with vitamins and minerals can help revitalize the penis while enhancing sensitivity, which translates to a healthier penis and healthier sex life.

Cures For Impotence - How To Get Your Erections Back?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Cures For Impotence - How To Get Your Erections Back?

Cures For Impotence - How To Get Your Erections Back

Cures for impotence took a great leap forward when the impotence drug Viagra was introduced. The pharmaceutical drugs industry thought that drugs like Viagra was the only solution to beat erection issues. There have also been strides recently in a range of other cures for impotence too, ranging from erection herbs, the use of certain super foods and special penile exercises. It is a fact that natural treatments have been successfully treating erection issues for thousands of years. Erection drugs can come with many unwanted side effects. Alternative impotence cures can clear up the problem and improve your overall health at the same time.

Impotence, called erectile dysfunction or (ED) is common to men all over the world and can happen at any age in life and is treatable at any age. This embarrassing issue for men refers to a man's difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Most men will agree that having an erection is not only essential for sex, but also forms a key part of their confidence, self esteem and general male identity and emotional health.

What Are The Causes Of Impotence?

Erection problems arise from two main causes, psychological or physical causes. Knowing exactly what is causing the issue is the best way to treat this condition. Research has shown that 90 per cent of impotence issues are physically related. The most common cause is clogged arteries in the penis. It is easy to imagine your arteries like a garden hose pipe. When water runs through a hose, the pipe will become hard. The same principal applies to the penis as an erection will occur when sufficient blood fills the pipes leading to it. When there is restricted blood flow impotence in men will occur. This can be caused by high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and alcohol. Certain medications can also be the reason.

The other 10 per cent make up psychological factors especially among younger men. These include stress, anxiety, guilt, depression and low self esteem.

Cures For Impotence

A lot of men want to know what to do to get their erections back when they are unable to achieve them or keep losing them. There is a range of cures that can provide some excellent results to help men to get their erections back naturally. If the problem is physical, there are several treatment options including:

1. Oral pills 
2. Impotence oils and lotions 
3. Impotence devices 
4. Surgery 
5. Natural remedies

Natural Cures Help Bring Erections Back Without Using Pills

When Viagra and other pill products were made available it did seem like the answer to men's prayers. Unfortunately men today have found out that in curing one problem, it can create others. Whilst they can make sex possible for some an increasing number of men are experiencing severe unwanted side effects. Women are also unhappy with the effect these little blue pills are having on their relationships.

However there are a range of ways to treat impotence with natural cures. The first step is to look for a cause. If your impotence is physical it is necessary to address the root causes of this. Quite often the culprit is lack of sufficient nutrients and weak circulation. Nearly always, men can get their erections back with a change of diet and lifestyle. This is the reason why 'wonder drugs' are never going to solve erection issues in the long-run as they are a quick fix and will never treat the root cause of the problem.

If your problem is emotional usually linked to anxiety or stress then it is possible for men to get their erections back with some simple relaxation and breathing techniques. Men with impotence problems are advised to confront the issue sooner rather than later as leaving things will only make matters worse in the long run.

Wide Penis Size: A Few Tips

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Wide Penis Size: A Few Tips

Wide Penis Size: A Few Tips

Men come in all shapes and sizes - and so do their penises. And, no matter what the porn industry may tell us, in most cases, penis size really doesn't matter in terms of sexual fulfillment. (Penis care and skill, of course, does matter.) But just because penis size is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to sex does not mean that guys with a larger penis size don't need some special tips. So for any men with a thicker-than-typical penis, the following may prove helpful.

How wide?

So what constitutes a "wide" penis? That's up for some debate, but a recent study found that the average circumference of an erect penis was about four and a half inches. So anything, say, five inches or greater would probably qualify as a wide penis size.

So for those five inches and up, it pays to keep the following in mind:

- A wide penis may cause concern at first. When most people think of a big penis size, they imagine a very long penis. When a woman sees a very thick penis, she may be a little taken aback, as in many ways it is easier for a vagina to accommodate a long penis than a thick penis. With girth, there's need for the vagina to stretch open more. In reality, most vaginas can accommodate a penis of almost any width - but a guy of major width may need to be prepared for a little hesitation on the part of a new partner.

- Lubricant is your best friend. Sufficient lubrication is key to most successful sexual encounters, but it is especially important when one's penis size is extra-wide. While the bodies in play while create their own natural lubricant, in many cases that simply is not enough. Don't be afraid to apply lots of lubricant to get started - and be prepared to re-apply if the encounter goes on for a lengthy period of time.

- Do not skimp on foreplay. While lubrication is important, so is foreplay. Gently rubbing and stroking one's partner and engaging in cuddling and kissing is always a good idea, but never moreso than when width is a factor. For a new partner, this can also help assure her that the man with the girth will be a gentle and respectful lover and ease anxieties about being roughly handled by the substantial package between the legs.

- Seek out a good-fitting condom. Many men of a larger penis size have difficulty finding condoms that fit appropriately. Guys who have not already found the best fit for themselves should buy a range of XL or XXL condoms and try them on. It's important to find the "Goldilocks" fit - not too loose, not too tight, as well as not too long or too short.

- Experiment with positions. Every couple has their own needs and preferences when it comes to positions, but many widely-endowed men find that letting the woman be in charge of choosing positions can be helpful. That way she can control the angle and rate of penetration. One tip: many women find that positions in which their legs are spread wide make it easier to accommodate greater girth.

Whatever one's penis size, whether wide or thin, long or short, a guy needs to pay strict attention to his penis care. Regular application of a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. The best cremes should include a wide range of vitamins - A, B5, C, D and E, for example - which, being applied topically to the penis, can more directly provide their benefits. Men should also make sure that the selected crème includes L-arginine, an amino acid which plays a key role in the creation of nitric oxide - and therefore helps ensure that penis blood vessels are receptive to an increased blood flow when needed.

Lotus Stem

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Lotus Stem

Lotus Stem

Preventing Premature Ejaculation - Exercises For Boosting Sexual Staying Power

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Preventing Premature Ejaculation - Exercises For Boosting Sexual Staying Power

Preventing Premature Ejaculation - Exercises for Boosting Sexual Staying Power

A woman's body and a man's body are, quite obviously, very different. As a result, much of the advice a woman gets during her doctor's appointments just doesn't apply to the average guy. But there are some things women are asked to do that men might consider for boosting penis health and function. Kegel exercises, for example, have been recommended for women for decades, but few men know about the wonderful benefits these little squeezes can have on their vital organ.

Improving Health from the Bottom Up

Bands of muscle lie beneath the pelvic organs, and this little hammock keeps everything safely inside the body. Men with weak pelvic floor muscles may develop issues with the urine stream and have difficulty stemming the flow. As the muscles that control the bladder are also related to ejaculation, these men may also have problems controlling semen - an issue which can result in premature ejaculation.

Kegel exercises, or pelvic floor exercises, can help to firm up the muscles and turn the trickle of urine off at the source. Gaining more mastery of these muscles may also mean lasting longer in bed. Performing a repetition of the Kegel technique during sex can also allow the penis to touch parts of the vagina that may have never been touched before; and many women are intensely grateful for the added attention a well-timed Kegel can bring.

How to Kegel Like a Master

For most men, identifying the pelvic floor muscle is the most difficult part of performing a proper Kegel exercise. Thankfully, spending a little quality time in the bathroom can help to clear up confusion. While there, men can start a urine stream and then attempt to stop the flow in the middle of the action, without tightening the muscles in the legs, back or rear end. The muscles used to stop the urine flow are located in the pelvic floor, and these are the fibers that need a targeted workout.

The exercises don't have to be performed in the bathroom. In fact, most men find them easier to perform while they're lying down. During each session, men should:

  • Tighten the pelvic floor muscles
  • Hold the squeeze while counting to five
  • Relax the muscles completely
  • Repeat 10 times

This set should be performed three times per day. It might seem daunting, as some men find it difficult to perform even one Kegel properly, but with practice, the motion can get easier. It's also easy to do almost anywhere, and the squeezes can be a little addictive. No one can see the muscles flex, so people may not even know that the man they're standing next to is, at this very moment, strengthening the muscles underneath his penis. Some men take vicious glee in performing their intimate exercises during boring meetings or long training sessions. Their bodies might be at work, but their muscles are getting ready for pleasure.

Making the Most of Exercise

Kegels can provide excellent help and intense sexual benefits, but they should be only a part of a man's penis care routine. After all, strong muscles that support the penis are only part of the tools a man needs to really enjoy intimate time. Soft and supple skin might be even more important than a strong floor, and healthy penile skin is best obtained with the help of a penis nutrient formula (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil). The vitamins these products contain can nourish starved skin, and the quick-penetrating action can deliver emollients right where they're needed most. Applying a penis health crème daily could help a man to ensure that his penis is ready for the power strong pelvic floor muscles can deliver.

Best Diet For Kids

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow
Best Diet For Kids

It could sometimes be a challenge to give kids the nutrition and diet that they need. But it is very important. The best dietician in India says that the following foods should be included in your kids’ diets to keep them healthy and productive. The foods that should be included in kids’ diet are:

1.     Milk: The best dietician in India says that milk is very important for kids. It is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and protein and should be a part of each and every kid’s diet. At least 2 glasses of milk everyday should be included in every kid’s diet.

2.     Fruits: Fruits are healthy and the best dietician in India says that they should be incorporated in every kid’s diet. Apples, banana or any other fruit should be added to kids’ food menu.

3.     Eggs: Eggs are a very rich source of protein. Eggs also contain iron and various other vitamins and minerals. An egg every other day is important for kids, says the best dietician in India

4.     Lots of vegetables: The best dietician in India says that vegetables are very important and hence should compulsorily be a part of each and every kid’s diet. Include carrots, peas, potatoes, tomato and other vegetables in their diet. The best dietician in India says that introduce your kids to a variety of vegetables at an early age.

5.     Oatmeal: A research shows that kids that eat oatmeal are better able to concentrate in school. The best dietician in India says that you can include oatmeal in your kid’s breakfast menu.

6.     Nuts: The best dietician in India says that nuts such as almonds, walnuts etc. are also very important and healthy and hence these should also be included in kids’ food menus. Include nuts in their breakfast or during snack time. These are needed by kids for their growth and development

7.     Tofu and cottage cheese: Tofu and cottage cheese are again excellent sources of protein. The best dietician in India says that tofu and cottage cheese should also be included in kids’ diets.

8.     Cheese: Cheese is also a very good source of protein. Include a little amount of cheese in your kids’ diet.

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