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Dr. Vipul Maru

Cardiologist, Mumbai

200 - 300 at clinic
Dr. Vipul Maru Cardiologist, Mumbai
200 - 300 at clinic
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Vipul Maru is a renowned Cardiologist in Mumbai, Mumbai. You can meet Dr. Vipul Maru personally at Dr Vipul Maru's Jeevan Jyoti Medical Center & Diagnostics in Mumbai, Mumbai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Vipul Maru on

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Sir my friend hv a low blood pressure What should we do to maintain blood pressure & have any diet to maintain blood pressure please give you suggestions. She is weak.

Cardiologist, Delhi
Hi, For low bp, drink lot of water with some salt in it. Symptoms will improve. Eat lot of fruits. Their is no special specific diet for low bp. Thanks
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I am having cholesterol showing swelling type around my eyes and also xanthalasma under both eyes which I tried to removed thru laser but still surgery marks left there. I don't take Ghee, butter and fried food etc. Still developing cholesterol problem.

MD - Ayurveda, FIIM, MD
Ayurveda, Pune
Cholesterol component needs to be managed not only through medicines but with lifestyle changes. Start practicing yoga daily for 45 minutes and brisk walk for 30 minutes. This will increase your hdl and reduce your ldl (bad cholesterol. Also eat fresh warm food, avoid pizzas and fast food. Avoid non veg too. Adequate 7-8 hours of good sleep is equally important.
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I did a detailed blood test which includes Thyroid, Cholesterol, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Proteins etc. And found some imbalances in all the mentioned list. What should I do? Consult a Physician or Endocrinologist?

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
you can go for tests 15.3 profile of thyrocare it includes thyroid profile,lipid profile,vitamin-D, protein in kft, calcium,iron, and you may consult to both physician and endocrinologist.
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Hi sir my friend have cholesterol problem and in last month he had pain in chest. Now he will try to decrease level of cholesterol from his body. What is your suggestions in this regards.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
High cholesterol can cause atherosclerotic heart disease or narrowed coronary arteries in the heart can cause the symptoms of angina, when theheart muscle is not provided with enough oxygen to function. Decreased blood supply to the brain may be due to narrowed small arteries in the brain or because the larger carotidarteries in the neck may become blocked. This can result in a transient ischmic attack or stroke. Peripheral artery disease describes gradual narrowing of the arteries that supply the legs. During exercise , if the legs do not get enough blood supply, they can develop pain , called claudication . Other arteries in the body may also be affected by plaque buildup causing them to narrow, including the mesenteric arteries to the intestine and the renal arteries to the kidney. Avoid fast foods,oily foods,junk foods,alcohol,smoking,fatty foods, non-veg.,avoid stress, take omega-3 fatty meal or cap., take .green veg., whole grain.garlic,. Take anti cholesterol medicines .
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How to reduce obesity, bp and sugar and what are the diets need to be followed? Please. Share.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
1. Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline Blood pressure often increases as weight increases. Being overweight also can cause disrupted breathing while you sleep (sleep apnea), which further raises your blood pressure. Weight loss is one of the most effective lifestyle changes for controlling blood pressure. Losing just 4.5 kilograms can help reduce your blood pressure. Besides shedding weight, you generally should also keep an eye on your waistline. Carrying too much weight around your waist can put you at greater risk of high blood pressure. In general: • Men are at risk if their waist measurement is greater than 40 inches (102 centimeters). • Women are at risk if their waist measurement is greater than 35 inches (89 centimeters). These numbers vary among ethnic groups. Ask your doctor about a healthy waist measurement for you. 2. Exercise regularly Regular physical activity — at least 30 minutes most days of the week — can lower your blood pressure by 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). It's important to be consistent because if you stop exercising, your blood pressure can rise again. If you have slightly high blood pressure (prehypertension), exercise can help you avoid developing full-blown hypertension. If you already have hypertension, regular physical activity can bring your blood pressure down to safer levels. The best types of exercise for lowering blood pressure include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing. Strength training also can help reduce blood pressure. Talk to your doctor about developing an exercise program. 3. Eat a healthy diet Eating a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products and skimps on saturated fat and cholesterol can lower your blood pressure by up to 14 mm Hg. It isn't easy to change your eating habits, but with these tips, you can adopt a healthy diet: • Keep a food diary. Writing down what you eat, even for just a week, can shed surprising light on your true eating habits. Monitor what you eat, how much, when and why. • Consider boosting potassium. Potassium can lessen the effects of sodium on blood pressure. The best source of potassium is food, such as fruits and vegetables, rather than supplements. Talk to your doctor about the potassium level that's best for you. • Be a smart shopper. Read food labels when you shop and stick to your healthy-eating plan when you're dining out, too. 4. Reduce sodium in your diet Even a small reduction in the sodium in your diet can reduce blood pressure by 2 to 8 mm Hg. The effect of sodium intake on blood pressure varies among groups of people. In general, limit sodium to less than 2,300 milligrams (mg) a day or less. However, a lower sodium intake — 1,500 mg a day or less — is appropriate for people with greater salt sensitivity, including: Anyone age 51 or older Anyone diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease To decrease sodium in your diet, consider these tips: • Read food labels. If possible, choose low-sodium alternatives of the foods and beverages you normally buy. • Eat fewer processed foods. Only a small amount of sodium occurs naturally in foods. Most sodium is added during processing. • Don't add salt. Just 1 level teaspoon of salt has 2,300 mg of sodium. Use herbs or spices to add flavor to your food. • Ease into it. If you don't feel you can drastically reduce the sodium in your diet suddenly, cut back gradually. Your palate will adjust over time. 5. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink Alcohol can be both good and bad for your health. In small amounts, it can potentially lower your blood pressure by 2 to 4 mm Hg. But that protective effect is lost if you drink too much alcohol — generally more than one drink a day for women and for men older than age 65, or more than two a day for men age 65 and younger. One drink equals 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor. Drinking more than moderate amounts of alcohol can actually raise blood pressure by several points. It can also reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure medications.
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High bp cause kidney problems. It may also cause diabetes. Which hospital in guwahati is better.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, please, search, on line the name of a good hospital at your place. Tk, homoeo medicine: @ rauwlfia q-10 drops, thrice, with little water. @ berb, vulg q-10 drops, thrice a day with little water. Tk, 3/4 ltrs of water to hydrate your body. Avoid, junk food, alcohol, nicotine, caffiene. Your feedback will highly b appreciated for further, follow up. Tk care.
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I am diabetic and high blood pressure patient From last one year I am unable to sexual relation to my partner Please help.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Mr. Lybrate-user, diabetes mellitus if not controlled properly affects small and large blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction (ed), is a complication due to microvascular affection. It is one of the most common condition reported in dm. If it has developed, it may be very difficult to reverse it. A strict blood sugar control is a must, plus some other medications may have to be used. So first step is try achieve fasting sugar nearer 100 mg and pp around 150 to 160 mg and hba1c <7%.
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Hi I am 68 yrs old male. I am mild hypertensiv and taking 1 tab atenol50mg daily since 7 years. Which is the equivalent medicine with no side effects?

General Physician (AM)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Chandigarh
Crataegus q (homeo) 8-10 drops in little water twice a day, kali iod 12x (biochemic) 4 pills 4 times a day.
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Before 4 day I was feeling a pain in heart and in my left arm. I consult a doctor he recommended me to take RANITIDINE 150 mg. I feel relax I heart but my the pain in my is still. What to do now.

Physiotherapist, Delhi
1. Get cervical spine X ray done 2. Start with Physiotherapy treatment 3. Learn cervical exercises 4. Check b.p 5. Do hot fermentation twice a day 6. Apply volini cream before sleeping 7. Take calcium vitamin D 3 and Methylcobalmine supplement for one month minimum.
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Cholesterol Level - Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Lower It!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma in Piles Treatment , MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Cholesterol Level - Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Lower It!

High cholesterol has become a very common phrase nowadays. With excessive consumption of fast foods and sugar, lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and high cholesterol have become very common. In order to know what high cholesterol is, you should first know about cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a type of fat present in the body which is needed for regulating hormones in the body. It also plays an important role in Vitamin D production. Though you get cholesterol from food, the body has its own supply of cholesterol as well. Excessive cholesterol in the body can lead to cholesterol build up in your arteries, resulting in blood circulation problems. The arteries tend to narrow down, not allowing the blood to flow properly. High cholesterol levels are linked to heart problems and strokes.

Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine, the treatments of which are based on natural ingredients. It is very effective and free from side effects, unlike conventional methods of treatment. Ayurvedic remedies for high cholesterol levels in the body aim to bring down the cholesterol level and improve your overall wellbeing.

The Ayurvedic tips to lower cholesterol levels are:

  1. Eat healthy: Diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, so eating healthy is of paramount importance. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet to get the required amount of Vitamins and minerals in order to keep your body healthy. Avoid refined grains as they spike your blood sugar levels. Instead opt for whole grains such as brown rice.
  2. Eat healthy fats: Eat healthy fats such as unsaturated fats present in foods such as almonds and olive oil. Keep saturated and trans-fats at bay as they increase cholesterol levels in the body.
  3. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise keeps your weight levels optimal and also brings down your cholesterol levels. Simple cardiovascular exercises such as running and swimming can be done on a regular basis.
  4. Avoid smoking: Smoking causes your blood vessels to constrict, thus hampering the flow of blood. In addition to accumulation of plaque, this can further hamper blood flow.
  5. Maintain optimal weight levels: Following healthy eating habits along with regular exercise will allow you to maintain optimal weight levels. So if your weight is on the higher side, then re-evaluate your eating habits and make the necessary changes. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ayurveda.
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My father (age 69) has just detected that one the valve of his heart has been increased in size. The doctor we have consulted says it has to operated either to repair or change the valve. If the diagnosis is correct than what would be better to to do? whether to repair or replace? what shall be the expences for the surgery. Presently he is admitted in pune.

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
Please give him homoeopathic medicine - ph. 0/2 10 equal strenth strocks put 10 to 25 drops in one or two teaspoon of water thrice a day for one month. Revert back after one month with feedback.
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From last 2-3 days I am noticing that my heart beats suddenly increases for 5-6 seconds and then again come back to normal. Also, I feel a heaviness during that time. Please suggest.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
First of all you should follow some basic thing 1.avoid=hot and cold at time 2.less the sugar as much as possible if you want to eat sweet take juggery which is black not drink water after meal drink at the time of meal sip by sip up to 150 ml 4.avoid late night sleep 5.avoid to eat spicy food, besan, bekary food, overeating ,junk food. 6.every 3 day in month eat mung dal and rice for whole day.
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Dear sir/mam, I m 21years old and and my weight is only 45kg I i was used many weight gaining supplement but its works only up to the time of taking supplement and when I leave the supplement my weight getting lose fast and I m not able to purchase high rated supplement. So, please suggest me for gain weight permanently. I m very worried about my weight. Thank you.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Follow these best methods to easily gain weight and get a healthy body - 1. To gain weight, your digestion should work properly for proper digestion - take 10 gms powder of carom seeds (ajwain, 10 gm powder of cumin (jeera), 10 gm of rock salt. Mix them well and take 1/2 teaspoon (3-5 gm) of mixture daily after meal. 2. Take a diet rich with proteins and fats. You should take high calorie food that increase your muscle mass and induce growth in bones. Follow the diet chart in your daily life to fastly gain weight * in morning, take a glass of milk added with 2 teaspoons of protein powder with breakfast. * in lunch time, take 1 bowl of curd or 100 gm of cheese, a bowl of vegetable, with chapattis. * in evening, take 1 glass of milk (300 ml) with 2 bananas. * in night, take a bowl of careals (daal, a bowl of salad with chapattis. 3. In morning, get up early and take awalk for 10-15 minutes and exercise light weight exercises for at least 30 minutes at home or gym. 4. For proper weight, proper sleep is very important. So you should sleep for 6-8 hours daily. 5. Avoid smoking & alcohol drinkg completely. 6. You can try protein powders like milk powder, soya protein for weight gain by taking 1 tea spoon added in milk once a day. 7. You can take shatavaryadi churn (powder) of baidyanath company 1/2 teaspoon with milk once a day for fastly gain weight. I assure you that you definitely gain weight fastly by following them. Be healthy
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My friend's bp gets high very often, heart beats very fast, and then headaches and nose bleeds. It lasts for more than a day mostly. I need help that how can this be prevented. Or best possible lifestyle adaptations to avoid such situations. At such a young age is it really risky to hve such frequent high bp.

Homeopath, Secunderabad
It's well known that prevention is better than cure. A simple holistic approach towards life is required. Get your friend checked by a doctor and also do all the tests suggested by him. Exercise daily,(and add 1 hrs of yoga which will help harmonise all the systems of the body.) Eat in moderation and avoid all junk food and salty things (minimise salt intake). Let the doctor diagnose what exactly is the problem and start the treatment. Do not change the medications or alter them without his advise.
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I have little bit chest pain. Is it due heart. What's the precautions which food I should take and which to be avoided.

General Physician, Mumbai
Dear lybrateuser, your chest pain could be due to acidity - follow some dietary precautions: - avoid spicy, fried, sour & junk foods, also restrict tea, coffee intake to 1-2 cups per day, avoid tomato, raw onion, garlic, mint & chocolate, alcohol - do not skip meals, have meals on time, chew your food well, have 4-5 small meals rather than having three large meals, do not lye down for 1-2 hrs after a meal, have dinner 2-3 hrs before bedtime - have 7-8 glasses of water per day - do regular exercise - take syrup gelusil, 2 teaspoonful half an hour after meals three times a day.
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I have been suffering with high blood pressure problem. My age is 55 and weight is 85. Last time when I check my blood pressure it is 160. What can I do?

General Physician, Nashik
Take salt restricted diet and exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. You should also start medications. Kindly revert for detailed information and prescription.
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I am a blood pressure patient. Last week I went to BM BIRLA HEART RESEARCH CENTRE for some test. My echo, ECG, TMT report is normal. So doctor prescribed me CTDT-12.5 for blood pressure. But after take this from two day's feeling dizziness, sweat and nausea, vomiting symptoms. Feeling uncomfortable. Please tell me whats the solution for it.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
Beta blockers like metoprolol protect the heart and brain also from heart attack & strokes, good to know that all reports are normal. Keep it up.
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I'm suffering with heart problem. I have already 9 blockage what I do. Can go for by pass surgery.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS
General Physician, Delhi
By pass surgery is the only solution for multiple diffuse blockages in the blood vessels of the heart.
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