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Dr. Tanwar

General Physician, Mumbai

Dr. Tanwar General Physician, Mumbai
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. Tanwar is one of the best General Physicians in Mumbai, Mumbai. You can visit him at Tanwar Hospital in Mumbai, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Tanwar and consult privately on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I will masturbate every day if not my pennis will be standing often and often there is any problem in it.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hello, Tk, plenty of water to hydrate your body. Go for meditation to calm nerve to check your urge for masturbation. Your diet be simple, non-irrtant, easily digestible on time. Avoid, junk food, alcohol. Nicotine & caffeine, watching porn. Tk, Homoeo medicine:@ Iodinum 30-6 pills, thrice. Tk, care.
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I am 25 years old, last night I was doing some work unfortunate I fell down on the ground I had some kind of illness like headache. Please advise.

General Physician, Delhi
Apply ice locally on head if swelling. Watch for vomittings, giddiness and severe headache.if occurs,needs to be further evaluated. Hope this helps u.
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I am 21 years old and suffering from headache and severe fever and not able to breathe properly and couldn't sleep properly from last 2 nights. Please suggest me some medicine or else other further suggestions.

General Physician, Mumbai
For fever take tablet paracetamol 650 mg and For cold take tablet cetrizine at night and Take Cp Amoxicillin 500mg 1-1 for five days and Get your vital parameters of the body checked from a nearby doctor and revert back with findings
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My penis is small can I use gel for enlargement or else suggest me proper medication for enlargement.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Jodhpur
Do not worry about penis size, no oils or pills ca increase size neither it matters. Women vagina initial 2 inches is sensitive so size anything bigger than 2 inch is sufficient. Important is good erection and timings. Consult to discuss if you have erection and timing issues, once treatment start you will see results within 10 days. Do not worry we will cure your problem.
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Hi, I have been suffering since one year from crack on entire foot and I have consultant doctor in Hyderabad they told dry skin they have medicine xerona, clonate-f for example if I walk 2 kilometers without shacks after that my foots itching.

Advanced Aesthetics
Ayurveda, Gulbarga
For best cream for that ayurvedic atrimed company velwak its result also good its take time minimum in 1month 40-50% reduce that cracks its apply externally on that place bed time regularly.
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I am a 25 yrs old and I have a stomach pain from last 3 months. please I heavy pain give me the suggestion.

General Physician, Mumbai
Get an usg abdomen done and Avoid spicy food in your diet and eat only curd rice or khichdi for few days and drink only boiled water
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Hi i am 22 years male and my weight is 65 kg and my height is 5 feet 6 inch please suggest me the right and effective treatment or home remedies to cure with early ejaculation and if I use any treatment then after how many days I can realize now I am better than before.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
There are numerous techniques in which one can stop premature ejaculation. However, it will be a gradual process and you should not expect immediate results. Initially, you may not feel or notice anything, but as time progresses you will observe that the premature ejaculation is slowing down and after few weeks or months it will stop entirely. One thing that is equally important is your partner’s participation in this process of stopping early ejaculation. In fact, she should be proactive enough to make you realize about the issue, otherwise your entire sex life can go for a toss. 1) Seeds of green onions are perfect to decrease premature ejaculation for all men. The aphrodisiac qualities present in the seeds of green onion can help you avoid this sexual problem. You simply have to crush the seeds and mix it well in water. Take this medicinal water three times a day before your meal. You can also consider using white onions and consuming onions can enhance your sexual stamina and control. 2) Aswagandha – the effective medicinal Indian herb is one of the most natural medicines perfect for treating the sexual problems in men. You can consult an ayurvedic doctor and have this herbal medicine as directed by the physician. This herb can increase the strength of the organs and increases the stamina and control in men. This can reduce the problem of premature ejaculation. 3) Ginger and Honey is another best remedy to avoid premature ejaculation in men. Ginger can help in increasing the blood flow to the penile area that helps in giving a great control to ejaculate. Honey is an aphrodisiac of strength and this can enhance the potency of ginger. So the best way to consume this is taking half a teaspoon of ginger and honey before bedtime. You won’t be able to feel the results immediately, but yes, in sometime you will notice the difference. 4) Another natural medicine is to consume garlic. Garlic can help in increasing the blood flow to the penis and it can also help in heating up your body. You can sort the garlic in low flame using cow’s ghee till it turns a golden brown color. Take this every day or you simply chew 3- 4 cloves of garlic to decrease premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. 5) Take a half-boiled egg and mix it with grated carrots. Take 3 teaspoons of honey and mix it will with this mixture. You can consume this mixture daily for about three months to get a great result. Once you feel that your problem has decreased, you can slowly stop consuming egg. Lady’s finger powder can be mixed with warm water and sugar candy. You can consume this powdered water daily as a natural remedy. This does not cause any side effects. You can also add lady’s finger to your normal diet in any means.
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Haven't been able to sleep since 2 days and I am having a severe headache, tried multiple home remedies, but didn't work, what to do? Please help me!

General Physician, Nashik
Apply an ice pack to the painful area of your head. Try placing it on your forehead, temples, or the back of your neck. Take a warm bath or shower; take a nap; or take a walk. Ask someone to rub your neck and back, or treat yourself to a massage. Apply gentle, steady rotating pressure to the painful area of your head with your index finger and/or thumb. Maintain pressure for seven to 15 seconds, then release. Repeat as needed. Rest, sit, or lie quietly in a low-lit room. Close your eyes and try to release the tension in your back, neck, and shoulders.
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I am 50 yr/male having piles (hemorrhoid) since 10 yrs no bleeding just pain while passing stool. I am interested in conservative treatment of this. Problem. Of any regime. At present taking homeopathy medicine for a week (MY SELF NURSING PERSONAL IN GOVT. HOSPITAL)

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
avoid constipation, take fiber and green vegetables. take tab pilex one tab 3 times daily for one month. use pilex cream on anus. consult surgeon for detal check up.
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Sir I am 20 years old and I cannot old for 8to9 minutes sex position within 2 to 3 minutes hormones come out. Pls give me some good suggestions or medicine.

Dear lybrate user, kindly note that if you indulge in sexual relation after an interval of minimum 7 days then you are bound to discharge quickly during intercourse but that does not imply that you have any disease. It occurs due to loss of control of the muscles of penis. Normally it is seen that when a person does sexual intercourse daily he gains control over the muscles of penis & can stay longer during sex. You need to take homoeopathic mother tincture salix nigra q, 30 drops, thrice daily, after meals, in a cup of water to get rid of premature ejaculation. But before taking any medicine kindly notice whether you are having a second erection within 15 minutes of ejaculation for the first time. If you are not experiencing any erection within 15 minutes of ejaculation then you are surely suffering from erectile dysfunction. There will be a change of medication in this case. To get rid of erectile dysfunction you need to take homoeopathic mother tincture agnus castus q q, 30 drops, thrice daily, after meals, in a cup of water. Kindly note that this medication may not be sufficient enough to take care of your problem. These medicines are based on the symptoms of your diseased condition & these medicines need to be complemented by further deep-acting remedies in order to permanently eliminate the underlying cause of the disease. So I would suggest you to consult me privately via lybrate as it is very necessary to diagnose the proper underlying cause of your problem if you are wishing for a permanent relief from your problems. A permanent annihilation of the underlying cause of the disease will not only provide you relief from your troubles but it will also cease any chance of further relapse of that particular disease condition.
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Is it good to have sex with as many girls without condom. Only if they do not have any diseases.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
if they have not any disease you can not suffer with hiv but may be other STD disease. avoid sex with more girls. use protections.or regular checkup for girls and you like vdrl, hiv,
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Hiiii. I am a 23 year boy. I have a problem of stammering since I was in class 8. At that time problem was not big. It ends up when I reached my class 10 and I doesn't face much problem since I reached 22. But now it has again aroused since last 8 months and I am not able to communicate properly. Feels shy and less confident. Please help.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Hello, This problem can be solved by Collection of Exercises, Speech therapy, treatment and home cure 1.Exercises are effective in treatment of physiological causes of stammering. In general, exercises are meant to provide strength to the organs associated with speech including tongue, lips, jaw, trachea and lungs. Consult to good speech therapy clinic 2.Deep breathing exercise are very effective 3.chewing Indian gooseberry, Almonds, Black pepper, Cinnamon and dried dates are known to clear speech congestion 4.This problem can be solved by Meditation i can give you address of rajyoga meditation center near your house (this is free of cost)
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I have headaches in my back side. Pain happens in some interval of time. Having some stress in my life.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Get your stress evaluated by a psychiatrist, and find it s relationship with the headache. A course of pills if needed, might solve the problem.
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I'm 26 years old, I'm suffering from lower wisdom tooth pain from past two days. The wisdom tooth is covered with gum tissue over it. doctor told me that it would required surgery. I wanna know that there is any painless technique to remove tooth without pain. I'm getting stiffness too on my face and headache with pressure like sinus.

Dentist, Sangli
If these problems are bothering you repeatedly, then you must opt for removal of wisdom tooth. Get it done under local anesthetia or sedation, procedure will be painless.
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I have a very hard bowling session from past 1 year and there is also blood on it and there also a pain after the bowling session and irritation in ass.

General Physician,
Use cremaffin plus at night 3 teaspoonful with a cup of milk Take fruit and vegetables in diet and drink sufficient water per day Use Ano bliss cream at night Use xylocaine5% before going to toilet As pain is there it is called anal fissure so nothing to be worried about it. THANKS.
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I have a habit of masturbation since 15 years. My penis size is looking small, and it is not strong, ejaculation is in very small time, and I am feeling very weak and tired after ejaculation, and also I am having more back pain. Kindly provide me good suggestions.

BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Sexologist, Lonavala
i m recommending you an following remedy which will surely help you Natural home remedy using asparagus powder and milk: 1. Take 2 tsp Indian asparagus powder 2. Add 1 cup milk 3. Boil the mixture for 10 min 4. Drink 2 times every day This remedy will be helpful, if it dosent work then you must consult ayurvedic doctor.
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My mother have pain in her left hand. And it increases when she goes for walking. She doesn't have any chest complaints. ECG and echo results are normal. Cervical xray was done and it also came out to be normal. What should be done now?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Her left hand pain may be due to strain, sprain, weather change etc.*some times left hand may be used as support of head in lieu of a pillow. Soft bed will not give proper support to back bone. Hard bed with thin mattress and thin pillow is better. Homoeopathy has a good treatment for this without adverse effects. Take bryonia 200--once daily in the morning for 6 days.
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I have irregular sleeping time. Sometimes I wake up 4 in the morning or something at 8. Also sometimes I go to sllep after just few minutes in bed or sometimes I can't sleep at all.

Sleep Medicine(Training), Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), MBBS
Somnologist, Delhi
Depends if it is related to any anxiety issues or temporary stress. If there is some stress you can take anti stress medication along with healthy habits of sleeping at regular time, morning walk, pranayama etc.
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From past few months I am suffering from hair fall problem. Specially in the front of my head. Its really very depressing. I need some good suggestion, tips ,oils & medicine.

MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Aurangabad
Hair fall, dandruff and tendency for gray hair are dependent on several factors. From stress anaemia to thyroid we have good treatment in homeopathy without causing any side effects. Homoeo medicines are given internally to restore healthy growth of hair and prevent hair fall. Precautions for care of your hair -take nutritious healthy high protin food -have regular vigorous physical exercise so that blood circulation reaches hair follicles and nourishes the hair. -avoid mental stress and smoking and such unhealthy habits. -use warm or cold water for bath and not very hot water. - hard water is harmful. Boiling and cooling will reduce hardness. - when the hair is wet, it is weaker and don't rub too much with towel. - use wide toothed comb so that there is no pulling pressure on the hair.
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I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis I'm taking creon 10000 but after taking some heavy diet at home or eating outside I'm always suffering from loose motions.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Avoid oily spicy and fast food, non veg food, maida containing items like biscuits toast bread khari, heavy diet for 6 mths Consult nearby MD AURVEDA physician in person for good treatment.
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