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Dr. Swapna Munagekar


Physiotherapist, Mumbai

16 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic
Dr. Swapna Munagekar BPTh/BPT, MPTh/MPT Physiotherapist, Mumbai
16 Years Experience  ·  200 at clinic
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
More about Dr. Swapna Munagekar
Dr. Swapna Munagekar is an experienced Physiotherapist in Kandivali East, Mumbai. She has over 16 years of experience as a Physiotherapist. She has done BPTh/BPT, MPTh/MPT . She is currently associated with Rehab World Physiotherapy Clinic in Kandivali East, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Swapna Munagekar on has an excellent community of Physiotherapists in India. You will find Physiotherapists with more than 31 years of experience on You can find Physiotherapists online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


BPTh/BPT - School of Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Center, KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, - 2001
MPTh/MPT - Physical Therapy Teaching & Treatment Center,LTMG Hospital, Sion, Mumbai , - 2005
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am unable to breathe sometimes and I am getting tired easily. I am also having joint pain and bad breathe what should I do?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic medicine adel-4 (adel) drink 10 drops in 20 ml fresh water 3 times daily nux vomica 30 (dr reckeweg) drink 2 drops direct on tongue twice daily rinseout (sbl) gargles 20 drops in 20 ml luke warm water. Gargles 3 times daily while holding water for 20 seconds in mouth immediately after meals. Hekla lava tooth powder (wheezal) scrub teeth daily night haemocal (sbl) chew 4 tab twice daily vitamin-d plus (bakson) chew 1 tab daily exercise-20-30 minutes standing cycle report after 30 days.
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My father is having severe pain in one knee that sometimes it gets so worse that he is unable to walk and the x-ray report says there is no injury. What is it and what is its cure? he has mild prostate problem.

FRHS, Ph.D Neuro , MPT - Neurology Physiotherapy, D.Sp.Med, DPHM (Health Management ), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
It might be of osteoarthritis of degenerative changes in knee joints for this you can have ift physiotherapy treatment for 10 days followed by static quadriceps exercise from the therapist regarding prostate problem kindly seek urologist opinion as it is not going to affect his knee joints
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My wife is suffering pain in her right elbow since last 2 months. The local Doctor says- it is Tennis Elbow. Advised wear a belt in his right arm and not to do any heavy work from right hand, no medicine is prescribed. Still no recovery, please advice.

Physiotherapist, Delhi
Tennis elbow is easily curable. Just make sure she avoids wringing of clothes, lifting of heavy frying pans or cooker in kitchen. N take some physiotherpy sessions. You cn visit me for further treatment.
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I am suffering from hair fall. I am using head and shoulder damage therapy. Pls suggest me to how to stop this.

Homeopath, Thrissur
Hair fall cannot be cured completely with any shampoo or creams which will give temporary relief. You need to go for the treatment of the cause with homoeopathic method.
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I feel pain in my back and legs. I take my meal regularly but still facing this problem?

Ayurveda, Mumbai
Hello, back and leg pain may be due to many reasons like sitting position, heavy workout, improper rest, any injury, calcium deficiency etc. You can apply ayurvedic oil like mahanarayan oil gently on back and legs followed by hot fomentation twice a day. C that your bowel is cleared everyday. Start doing yoga and pranayam under guidance.
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I am feeling pain in thigh always there is muscle pain in my thigh from 2 month sometimes it is too much more sometimes less taken vit d capsule from 1 month total 4 capsule I taken but not any relief wht to do now is it due to masturbation becoz I masturbate daily I also feel weakness in my whole body.

Homeopath, Kolkata
stop masturbation, it is not good. take kali phos 6X and mag phos 6x four tablet each with like warm water thrice daily for 15 days and revert back,kindly revert after taking medicine
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I have been told that cartilage is weak but I am still brisk walking and also run 20 km a week. I am 47 yrs. I take arthojoint supplement tablet daily for the last 1 year - Lupevestin500. Pl advise if Incan continue both - medicine and running.

D.A.M.S( A. M.), D.AC/B.E.M.S
Acupressurist, Mumbai
You should take Acupressure therapy and take Biochemic Mag phos 200x + Nat mur 200x, 4 tab each thrice a day with warm water and take it 5 days than consult private online. U can take medicine with this med .and half an hours gape that medicine.
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I am 42 years old male I am suffering from leg back and knee pain and high blood pressure about 3 year. What should i do? please advise.

Physiotherapist, Mumbai
Hi *take rest *increase fluid intake *gently stretch or massage your lower leg muscle. * apply heat to tight muscles or cold to tender muscles. * start physiotherapy sessions. Do reply for detailed treatment plan. Best wishes.
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I am suffering with back pain. Doubt on Kidney stones. Last year detected stone and it gone with medicine. Now again it started. I am drinking splendy of water even though the urine is in yellow colour.

PGFCP, PGDEMS, Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery
Ayurveda, Satara
Dear lybrate user. A) take 30 ml of audumbaravleha along with 30 ml of lukewarm water early in the morning and at evening before meal half an hour. B) take 2-2 tablets of sheetprabha vati along with audumbaravleha. C) take 1 tsf of black cumin seeds and 1 tsf of jaggery after meals. Do all these things for 15 days. It gives you good result. Thanks.
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I have back pain for last five days what should I do to get relief from this pain?

Physiotherapist, Surat
Nowadays back pain is a very common complaint in young adults. It can be due to various reasons any injury, muscle strain eg-sudden twist while lifting object, bad posture, overuse of muscle or any internal disease like spondylitis, infection etc after looking at your pain from last 5 days I can recommend you following: precautions: 1. Avoid forward bending, if required then bend your knees first and then bend forward. 2. Avoid weight lifting. 3. Sit in chairs or car seats with proper back support. 4. Try to sleep in a position that helps you maintain the curve in your back like sidelying. 5. Get enough vit d from sun as vit d keep bones strong including spine, 6. Drink plenty of water to enhance the intervertebral disks 7. Avoid standing in the one position for a long time. 8. Try to sleep in a position that helps you maintain the curve in your back. Physio care: I would recommend you for i-care treatment that is especially for back or neck pain. Rest required but it doesn't mean a complete bed rest. Do not over exert your body. Work take rest and then work so that you do not feel tired and started paining. Treatment- 1. Apply ice or heat which ever suits you directly to the area of low back pain will decrease swelling and inflammation, and ease your discomfort. Apply it for 10 to 15 minutes only. 2. Relaxing for 5 minutes after ice or heat treatment. Massage - ask someone to massage your painful area using fingers or thumb. Massage using kneading technique. Slightly press the thumb and start rotating as it helps to induce relaxation, relieve pain, and reduce levels of stress chemicals, such as cortisol and noradrenaline. It will give you pain relief for time being. 3. After massage again relax for 5 min and apply any pain relieving ointment eg - volini or oraflame gel etc. Make sure not to do massage with the gel, it should not penetrate the body. Just a topical application of gel should be done. 4. Again relax your body for 5 minutes and perform some normal back extension and hamstring stretching exercises to get relief from your pain. While performing exercises if pain occurs then would recommend you to stop doing exercise. Massage or slightly rub the painful area and consult your near by physio to diagnose the actual cause of the pain as he/she can guide you proper exercise plan which will be beneficial for you after checking grade of your back pain. If you did not understand or have any doubt regarding the i-care plan, please inform
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Sir I am 23years old. I suffered from back pain since 6 month. What should i do?

Doctor Of Physical Therapy (DPT), Bachelor of Physical Therapy
Physiotherapist, Bangalore
I can understand that its tough to do your daily chores living with pain. Try changing your posture when sitting for long periods, take a break and do stretching exercises when sitting for long time. Also hot and cold fermentation can help. Back pain and leg pain can be due to many causes. Hope you feel better.
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My wife is 29 old and having leg pain for last 3 years after the delivery. Consulted with gynaecology everything is fine. Please suggest

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Bundi
In short if there's no problem other than this, please start dashmularishta 15 ml + equal water thrice a day. Parijat leaves may be obtained through some gardener and boil about 10-15 leaves in a litre of water. When it remains 1/4, make it naturally cool and drink daily ( may be two times in divided doses). Taruni kusumakar powder 1 tsp at night. Keep for 2 weeks. For other queries and detailed info pleas come thru pvt consultancy.
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Head and limbs pain me so much pain that I do and sometimes the whole body is rigid, so all told me that treatment should be erased.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Keep your leg raised while sitting or lying quadriceps strengthening exercises- quad clenches: lie flat on your back or sit upright on a chair with leg kept horizontally on another surface. Now, tighten the muscle on the front of the thigh by pushing your knee down. You should feel your thigh muscles clench, hold for 3 secs. Repeat 10 times twice a day. Short arcs: lie flat on your back or sit upright with your leg placed horizontally on a flat surface like a chair or bed. Place a rolled up towel under the knee. Pull your toes towards you and clench you thigh muscles. Slowly lift your foot up off the bed until your knee is straight (keep your knee resting on the towel). Hold for 3 secs and slowly lower them on the chair. Repeat 10 times twice a day. Straight leg raise: lie flat on your back. One leg and knee will be straight and other leg should be bent. Pull your toes towards you and tighten/clench the muscle on the front of the thigh, locking your knee straight. Lift your foot up in the air, about 6 inches off the bed. Hold for 3 secs and slowly lower the leg. The knee must remain straight the whole time you are doing this exercise. Hamstring stretchingtowel hamstring stretch.
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My Mother 55 Years old has pain on right side, Please suggest as per following MRI reports: Spine shows degenerative changes C6-C7 disc show mild posterior annular buldge mildly indenting thecal sac C5-C6 Disc show diffuse posterior buldge indenting thecal sac C4-C5 Disc show asymmetric posterior buldge indenting thecal sac causing left lateral recess narrowing Bilateral facial arthropathy noted at levels C4-C5 C5-C6.

Fellowship in Joint Replacement, M.Ch, MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS
Orthopedist, Moradabad
Since you have not mentioned whether she has pain in rt. Leg or rt. Hand, I am assuming she has pain in her rt. Upper limb (arm+forearm+hand). As per her mri reports mentioned here she should avoid bending forwards and use a" soft cervical collar" throughout the day time. She must also take help of a physiotherapist for" intermittent cervical traction" also she must undergo a neurological screening at an orthopaedician or neurosurgeon clinic.
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My mother is suffering from knee pain since 6 months. Back pain. Low waist pain also. What should I do?

Ayurveda, Ujjain
She is suffring from arthrities. Give her 2 tablet R compound after breakfast 2 tablet after lunch end 2 after dinner for 15 days than 2 after lunch end 2 after dinner. Massaje Maha narayan taila on painful area. Consult me.
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I am 26 years old and I ended up twisting my knee 2 months back on 25th of March while dancing due to bad landing and since then I have been struggling to find what the injury actually is. I went for an MRI as advised which showed mild effusion in knee bones and no tears in ligaments and fracture in bones after taking rest for 3 weeks I consulted another doctor who asked to repeat the MRI as the knee was not healed and there was lot of fluid surrounding the knee due to which lot of swelling was there. In 2nd MRI it showed partial tear of ACL grade 2 and break of muscle fibres and mild joint effusion. Please suggest me the best option as the fluid has again surrounded after removing once by Doctor. Doing my exercises but hardly any recovery. Knee is quite stiff and pain is experienced only on the bones part so confused if it is bone injury or ACL injury. Moreover 2 doctors have advised for ACL surgery and 1 advised against it as it is more of a bone injury and a small partial tear of ACL.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, DNB - Orthopedics
Orthopedist, Pune
Hi lybrate-user Here is the answer to your query Any injury to knee has combination of bone and soft tissue (ligament/ meniscus /muscle etc.) Acute phase MRI has less specificity of diagnosis due to tissue swelling /edema. So we should rely more on second mri. Treatment involves two or three objectives First priority is for following Reduce swelling Increase movement to full knee flexion. Once you achieve full movement of knee U should be reassessed for ligament laxity clinically and subjective symptoms of knee instability that ie give away sensation If you don't have any evidence of instability you may just continue with agressive rehab If evidence points to instability then ACL reconstruction Hope this helps Get well soon.
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I'm 17 years old. Boy. For last days I'm having backache. What should I need to do.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
This treatment is being suggested on bases of the information provided. I would like to examine & investigate you in detail. Rule out diabetes. Any way it may be tried, --. Paracetamol 250 mg od & sos. X 5days. --. Caldikind plus 1 tab od x 5 days. --. Fomentation with warm water. --. Sleep on a hard bed with soft bedding. --. Avoid painful acts & activities. --. Do mild exercises for back. Kindly make sure, there is no allergy to any of these medicines. (contact family doctor, if needed). For emergency treatment visit nearest hospital. Do not ignore, let it not become beginning of a major problem. Do ask for a detailed treatment plan. If no relief in 2-3 days, contact me again.
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Hello doctor one of my female friend age is 21. She used to do stretch exercise and skipping daily from several days. But she is facing leg pain whenever she used to do skipping. After skipping she used to leg pain and she can't able to walk for 10 minutes.

Homeopath, Hyderabad
This might be because of calcium deficiency hence ask her to take diet rich in calcium like milk, it products, bananas, white of an egg etc. so that the leg pains will get decreased gradually.
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I always feel pain on my lower back bone. Normally I feel the pain when I sit or stand for a long time. Is there any solution?

Physiotherapist, Mumbai
Hi I can understand your problem. # relax & stay positive. # take hot and cold foementation. # learn posture care exercise. # use lumber support. # take break every 20 minutes. # do strengthening exercise of back and core muscles
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I have pain in my left knee what is the remedies for it how it can be cure please help.

M.S. -ORTHO, Fellowship In hip and Knee Replacement Surgery
Orthopedist, Surat
Lybrate-user, happy new year pain in knee have many reasons but most of pain will cure with proper muscle strengthening exercise like quadriceps and hamstring strengthening exercise. Please do cycling for at least 3 month do all stuff. Then if your pain not getting better please do mri and inform.
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