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Dr. Subhash Pawar


General Physician, Mumbai

22 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
Dr. Subhash Pawar BHMS General Physician, Mumbai
22 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
More about Dr. Subhash Pawar
Dr. Subhash Pawar is an experienced General Physician in Navghar Road, Mumbai. He has been a successful General Physician for the last 22 years. He is a qualified BHMS . You can meet Dr. Subhash Pawar personally at Akshay clinic in Navghar Road, Mumbai. You can book an instant appointment online with Dr. Subhash Pawar on has a nexus of the most experienced General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 36 years of experience on Find the best General Physicians online in Mumbai. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


BHMS - Panchcheel Medical College,Khamgaon - 1995
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I'm 21 year's old. I am suffering from stomach problems. Please give a solutions. I'm also suffering from headache problem.

Acupressurist, Chandigarh
You may take nux vomica 30 thrice a day three drops in water after every meal. Avoid spicy junk food. Drink plenty of boiled water.
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I am a 25yr old female and have constipation problem for last 2 years. What should I do?

General Physician, Gurgaon
Hello, I am giving you some tips to prevent constipation: 1. take 6-8 glass of water in a day 2.Regular Physical activity Keeping mobile and active will greatly reduce your risk of getting constipation. Ideally do at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week. 3.You should have about 30 g of fibre a day. You can increase your fibre intake by eating more: I am giving you list of some fibre containing food fruit vegetables wholegrain rice whole wheat pasta wholemeal bread seeds oats 4.Toilet habits Never ignore the urge to go to the toilet Consult Physician for further Management
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My baby is born on 24thdecember 2015. He got a disease. A whole body have allergy. Doctor said its because of decrease of immunity. For increasing immunity for my baby what I have to do?

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
Pediatrician, Ponda
Immunity transferred from mother is highest in initial months. As baby grow the body starts own defence system. Breastfeeding feed is the best feed for immunity without any side effects and infection. You have to take care of infection by avoiding top feeding, avoiding cotract with sick persons particularly young children.
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She has Excess Uric Acid in her boby. Is there any connection between uric acid and protein? Is Protein rich diet ok in this situation?

General Physician, Bangalore
yes it is true increase in protein intake whether from animal origin or from plant origin or even after excess break down of your own muscles ( because of fasting and exercising) will increse the uric acid.
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Eating a fruit called peach, does increase the sugar level in the blood. Is good or bad for diabetes.

M.D. - Ayurveda, B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine& Surgery), N.D.D.Y(Diploma in Naturopathy,Diploma in Yoga)
Ayurveda, Pune
Yes it can be taken but in moderation. Take 2-3 servings in a day if you are physically active as they are a good source of antioxidants, vit a, b, c, calcium, phosphorous, iron and potassium.
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I am laxmi I am suffering from huge stomach ache now can l prefer antacids I have consumed puri.

MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Bikaner
Although it may acidity so avoid spicy oily meal and tea coffee start Cap. Acilock rd 20 mg od morning empty stomach for 10 days if not relive than go for USG whole abdoman review me personally.
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I have sex problem my penis is very small please tips me sex power increase and tips me diet plan.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Male concern about whether penile size lives up to the desires of females seems to be Largely misplaced. One study suggested that while the majority of women, some 85%, were satisfied with the size and proportion of their partner's penis, men were less sure of themselves. 1 Almost half of men in the study (45%) believed they had a small penis - yet the researchers reported that small penis size was actually rare. The average penis size to be as follows: Average length for an erect penis is 14.2 cm (5.6 inches) Average circumference of an erect penis is 12.2 cm (4.8 inches). Men who want surgery to increase the length of their penis should try non-invasive methods like penile traction devices or extenders first, and in some cases, even try therapy to make them feel more confident about their bodies. There is no proven scientific method to increase size, girth or grip of penis although many false claims have been propagated by advertisements. The size is determined by an individual’s genetic build and length actually has no relation with sexual pleasure or satisfaction as many wrongly believe. Be happy with your individual qualities nature has bestowed on you.
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I am feeling headache daily it suddenly starts what should I do please say doctors. Feeling very hard. please advise?

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
There can be many causes of a headache such as physiological changes in the head, constriction of blood vessels, abnormal neuron activity, genetic causes, excessive smoking, excessive drinking, lack of water in the body, oversleeping, overuse of pain killers, eye strain, neck strain, and others. Ginger ginger can help reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in the head, thus providing relief from a headache. Mix equal parts of ginger juice and lemon juice. Consume it once or twice a day. Another option is to apply a paste of one teaspoon of dry ginger powder, also called sonth, and two tablespoons of water on the forehead for a few minutes. You can also boil ginger powder or raw ginger in water, and inhale the vapor. Chew one or two pieces of crystallized ginger candy.
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I have loose motion from last 2 days and so much pain stomach when motion was happen and motion and not complete done it onces I will want at least 5 times in a row for 10 mins and for last days before I had continue eat chicken.

Homeopath, Secunderabad
There might be some problem with the food quality. It can also be due to some infection. Get yourself checked by a doctor. Keep good hydration and eat very simple food for some time.
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I m 47 years old male having skin problem on tip of my penis. White skin comes out and have burning sensation. I have applied betnovate N.I am diabetic, sugar on little higher side and having medicine for same. Kindly advice me with some good skin cream.

B.Sc(hons), Physics, B.H.M.S., PGDIT (software Engg)
Homeopath, Delhi
No issue medicine german reckeweg apis mel 30, 4-5 drops orally, single dose morn, empty stomach mixed fruit juice daily evening. This is for 7 days. Pl continue for next course.
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I used to masturbate 4 times a week. I can not control it. Is that bad? I have a girlfriend (future wife, but we do not have sex regularly. Maybe once in a month wen we meet. Will this masturbation affect my sperm count and child birth? Please help.

Masturbation is normal and does not cause physical problems or sexual problems. Also do not give any importance to advertisement that mention that masturbation cause health problems or destroys life, and masturbation does not require any treatment. It will not affect sperm count and child birth.
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Are Detox Diets Good For You?

Certification in Diabetes Educators Program, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Are Detox Diets Good For You?

Given that detox diets won't rid the body of impurities or lead to real weight loss, are there any benefits of using them? The only thing one can say positively is that: 
A detox diet may encourage you to eat more nutritious foods. Some detox diets recommend nutrient-rich foods like:

  • lemons
  • green tea
  • fruit juices
  • colorful fruits and vegetables

All of these could, in part, increase your intake of certain nutrients. Some of which might help the body deal with incoming toxins or offer other health benefits.However, a three day detox diet won't move the dial on toxicity (or health) anywhere near as much as maintaining a healthy lifestyle the other 362 days of the year.

Disadvantages of detox diets: For most people, the disadvantages of a detox diet are much more numerous than the potential benefit.

Detox diets are often inconvenient: Any diet will take some effort to organize, and detox diets are no exception. Ironically, you'll probably never put as much work into eating less as you do into a detox.  People with limited time, money, and resources won't enjoy juicing seven kgs of veggies and fruits each day. Especially if they're feeling weak, listless, or dizzy, some of the most frequently reported side effects of juice cleanses.

Detox diets are often too low in energy

Most juice diets are extremely low in calories. In fact, some people argue that juicing is just a way to starve and feel good about it. With the low energy intake you'll often notice other things slowing down, you may feel colder, or sluggish, or notice digestion taking a while.

Detox diets may cause blood sugar swings that is cleansing built on fruit juices can cause major swings in blood sugar, making them downright dangerous for people with diabetes, and potentially risky for many others.

Detox diets can be tough on your GI tract: The fruit juices used for many detox diets contain very little fiber. Fiber is a cleanser. It's like a street sweeper for the GI tract; it slows down digestion and aids absorption of nutrients.

There is no credible information saying that the GI tract does better when it doesn't get solid foods (unless the GI tract is damaged). Instead, the gut does well with probiotics, glutamine from protein rich foods, and fiber. You'll struggle to get all of these on a cleanse.
Detox diets are often low in essential fats.

While some less extreme detox diets allow things like nuts and seeds, hard core cleanses typically eliminate most fat-containing foods, even healthy fats. Extreme variations in fat intake i.e. swinging from high (pre-cleanse) to low (cleanse) to high (post-cleanse celebration) to low (back on the cleanse train again) can cause trouble for organs that process dietary fats, like the gallbladder.

Detox diets may cause electrolyte imbalances: Many cleanses involve drinking a lot of liquid (such as water, herbal teas, and/or juices) while removing many foods that contain salts. Some "detox diets" also suggest using diuretic supplements. This can cause potentially dangerous imbalances in your electrolytes, charged chemicals found in fluids throughout your body. The imbalance is even more likely if overhydration is combined with low energy intake.

In fact, there's a name for this phenomenon, well known to health care providers who deal with extreme anorexia, malnutrition, or any medical condition with severely restricted food intake that is refeeding syndrome.

To keep operations running when nutrients and energy are low and electrolytes are disrupted, the body may adjust its metabolic environment (for instance, it may deplete cells of minerals to keep blood levels of those minerals stable).

Not only can this affect health during the detox diet, it can cause potentially cause serious problems when a person on a detox diet (especially a longer-lasting one) starts eating normally again.

Detox diets can create a cycle of restrictive eating and deprivation:
Detox diets, the entire concept of "cleansing", in fact can enable feast-or-famine style eating patterns:

  • The detox diet starts tomorrow, so I'll eat a bunch of "toxic" foods tonight.
  • On the detox diet now. Not allowed any stuff I enjoy.
  • The detox diet ends tomorrow, so I'll get set to eat all those "toxic" foods I missed! And so on.

Recognize that thought pattern? It's the classic dieter mentality. On the wagon, off the wagon, on the wagon, off the wagon. It's always more harmful than helpful. When you think and eat this way:

  • You never learn to find the sane middle ground.
  • You never learn to prepare real food and real meals that are both nutritious and delicious.
  • You're always in "all-or-nothing" mode. (Usually getting "nothing", because "all" is really, really hard.)

Worst of all is you never feel truly happy with any of your choices.
Fortunately, the body "cleanses" itself, if we can't ever avoid toxins, doesn't it then make sense to do some sort of detox? Not really. That's because our bodies have very robust detoxification systems. Our major organs of detoxification include are:

  • Digestive tract;
  • Kidneys;
  • Skin;
  • Lungs;
  • Liver,
  • Lymphatic system;
  • Respiratory system;

These systems break down chemicals (toxic or otherwise) into other form, which we can eliminate via the toilet, sweat, or breathing. And the body seems to do a pretty good job of this when placed in a balanced (i.e. healthy) environment.

Take Home Message:
The idea that you can speed up and improve your body's detox pathways by drinking detox water is nonsense. That said, it is still a healthy drink with a few health benefits. Nevertheless, you could probably get most of these benefits from drinking regular water. However, people often find plain water boring. If infusing your water with fruits and vegetables means that you drink more water and less sugary drinks, then it can only be a good thing.

Related Tip: "The 4 Essential Constituents of A Detox Diet"

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I am 20 years old and I take about 5-6 hours sleep daily but I feel very sleepy all the day. Suggest some days to make my days active.

General Physician, Cuttack
You need 7-8 hours of sleep to remain healthy. You are feeling tired because of inadequate sleep. check your hemoglobin and Bp. Take good nourishing diet and drink plenty of water. consult me for further advice
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Sir want to increase sex power and more time during sex. Because sex krna jb shuru krta hu. Usi time ho jata. Want increase power.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
If you do for a second time you can get more time to do and by diverting mind in between you can do for longer time
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I am 28 years male and have little problem with my throat. Specially when I wake up in the morning.I start sneezing and there is a lot of sputum in my throat. I have been facing this for very long.

MS - ENT(Gold Medalist), MBBS
Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Delhi
That means u r allergic to something. Start tab. Allegra-m at bed time and do warm saline gargles in the morning.
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I have red eyes and hot body, itching my whole body surface, red dark spots on my face. What should l do?

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic treatment SULPHUR 30 ( Dr.Reckeweg) Drink 5 drops in 1 spoon fresh water today night 30 minutes after eating or drinking anything at bedtime. Nw forget about Sulphur 30 after this nd just keep it in your refrigerator.No need to further take this medicine.I will let u know what to do with this medicine afterwards. FORMULA-D TABS ( BAKSON ) Chew 1 tab 3 time a day for 1 month DERM-AID SOAP ( BAKSON) Use only thiss soap on body OINTMENT TOPI SULPHUR ( Wilmar Schwabe India) Apply locally twice daily Report after 1 month Eat nutritious diet Avoid nuts,chocklates,dry fruits,fasst,fried food.
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Hello Doctor, I am 25 years of old observer blood in after passing stool. I haven't felt any pain or burning at that time. I have haemorrhoids from 2 years. And its first time I experienced such symptom. What might be the reason for it? And will this be repeated again tomorrow?

General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Respected lybrate-user hi bleeding in haemorrhoid depends on constipation & straining at stool. Avoid hard stools so far as possible to get least bleeding avoid oily spicy nonveg stuffs thanks regards.
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Penis ka forskin remove karwana hai to kitne din mai sahi ho jayega or admit hona padega jo ek din me hi sahi ho jayega please help.

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Haldwani
Hello, Foreskin remove karwane ki surgery bht he choti aur kam samay mai ho jati hai. Isme jyada se jyada bees minute ka wakt lag sakta hai aur apko admit b nahi hona padega.
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My father`s heart valve is blocked. He has no other issues in anything. No pain also. Can it cause any problem for him in future? is this valve block is dangerous for him? his age is 57.

MD - Consultant Physician
Cardiologist, Kolkata
What type of block? write proper diagnosis. Heart valve block is a vague noting. It is either arterial block which requires treatment or nerve block, if symptoms then pacemaker. Valve never blocks it is narrowed due to stenosis.
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I am always horny and I masturbate everyday but its not enough for me. And I have urges to have sex but I can't coz I don't have any girlfriend. What should I do?

You can take homoeopathic mother tincture origanum q, 10 drops, thrice daily, after meals, in a cup of water. This medicine will help to control your excessive sexual desire. However, you can masturbate for twice in a week.
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