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Dr. Sheetal Deshmukh

Psychiatrist, Mumbai

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Dr. Sheetal Deshmukh Psychiatrist, Mumbai
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
More about Dr. Sheetal Deshmukh
Dr. Sheetal Deshmukh is a renowned Psychiatrist in Kandivali East, Mumbai. She is currently practising at Dr. Sheetal Deshmukh@DNA Multispeciality Hospital in Kandivali East, Mumbai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Sheetal Deshmukh on

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Stressed - You Might Be Suffering From Depression!

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DPM Psychological Medicine
Psychiatrist, Kolkata
Stressed - You Might Be Suffering From Depression!

Most of us have faced the feeling of being weighed down by life's harsh realities and have been sad or low for a long while. It is very common to be upset for some time and most people recover from this feeling and start smiling again in a short span of time. But, if you or any of your loved ones are almost always very sad and this spirit is affecting your daily life considerably, then chances are you might be undergoing a phase of depression.

Here are certain signs to watch out for to determine whether you are struggling with depression.

  1. Cultivation of a pessimistic approach about everything in life - You feel a sense of hopelessness and that your situation in life will always be the same without any improvement is a sure shot sign that you are suffering from depression.
  2. Sudden variation in weight or appetite - If you suddenly find that you've lost or gained a significant amount of weight without any substantial reason, then chances are high that it is happening because of your depression.
  3. A significant change in sleeping patterns - If you've been experiencing insomnia lately or have got a habit of oversleeping, then these might be symptoms of depression.
  4. Feeling of guilt without any particular reason - If you have started feeling guilty or constantly blame yourself for everything you've done in the past then the reason behind this may be your state of depression.
  5. Anger or irritated mood - Having a low level of tolerance, getting angry quickly or always being in an irritated mood can be a prominent sign of depression.
  6. Displaying an uninteresting behaviour towards regular activities - If you no longer feel pleasure in pursuing your favourite activities or things from daily life like hobbies; socialising doesn't interest you anymore then it can be a warning sign for you. In such cases, you can consult a psychiatrist to get treatment for depression.
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How to increase weight? And how to increase eye sight? How to reduce stress? How to increase concentration?

PGDD, RD, Bachelor of Home Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
How to increase weight? And how to increase eye sight? How to reduce stress? How to increase concentration?
Hye, Thanks for the query. If you want to gain some weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn. 1.  Eat 5 to 6 meals a day In order to gain weight, you need to start eating 5-6 meals a day. However, it is important that you break these meals into parts, as eating a lot at once may result in indigestion. Also, be sure to include healthy foods in your diet for a healthy weight gain. 2.  Weight train at least 3 times a week When you train with weights, your muscles grow. 3.  Consume more calories than you burn. Eating calories more than your normal intake may not be easy, but you must do it if you want to stop being skinny. Make sure you don’t do it just by overeating at once, but instead do it gradually over the whole day.  4.  Work out your entire body A lot of gym goers usually train only the muscles on their arms, chest and shoulders and this is a grave error. Make sure you workout your entire body for a wholesome weight gain. 5.  Load up on protein As informed earlier, you have to consume more calories than your normal intake every day. You can do this by eating foods rich in protein like dairy, meat, eggs, nuts, dry fruits, pulses, sprouts, smoothies, milk shakes etc.  6.  Drink your calories It may be tough to meet your calorie requirements by just eating. Drinking milk, lassi, milkshakes or fruit smoothies with little or no sugar can be a great way to load up on the required calories. 7.  Try and eat fast (but don’t choke on it) Your body takes some time to give signals of satiety which is why eating fast can help you eat more. 8.  Focus on recovery after each workout Stretching exercises, foods rich in carbohydrates can help recover your body significantly. Also, you should aim for 8 hours of sleep as inadequate sleep can cause several problems. 9.  Be patient with yourself Hoping to gain weight quickly in a healthy manner is unrealistic. Even if you follow all the advice that is there, you may end up gaining just 1-2 kilos in a month. Every body is different, and just because you are not seeing results in terms of weight gain, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Living healthy by eating the right diet will make you feel better and more positive about life and increase your strength. 10.  Believe in yourself Following your regimen may seem incredibly difficult if you don’t believe that you will one day be able to transform your body.  Once your nutrition improves you will improve in all other aspects like eyesight, concentration etc.
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Top 4 Ways You Can Increase Your Willpower

MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MPHIL
Psychologist, Mumbai
Top 4 Ways You Can Increase Your Willpower
Top 4 Ways You Can Increase Your Willpower

There are days when you wake up but you don’t want to move out of the bed. When your alarm goes off and you open your eyes feeling groggy and disoriented.Times when you accept defeat and stop moving towards what you want to achieve in life. These are just indicators of being low on motivation and lacking will power to chnage things. It’s more psychological than physical. Follow these simple tips, to come out of your cocoon and boost your willpower.

Try these four ways to up your willpower.

1) Meditate - Meditation is the key to unleashing your powers, especially willpower. Practicing mindfulness, even for few minutes a day can help in boosting your willpower.

2) Exercise - The magic pill of exercise is another best way to boost your willpower. It is recommended that you exercise for 30 minutes, at least three times a week to ensure that you feel fitter, reduce your anxiety levels and boost your overall willpower to achieve bigger and better things in life.

3) Hold yourself accountable - That’s one of the best ways to boost your willpower. If you hold yourself accountable in your own life, if you know that those reasons of not getting out of the bed are mere excuses, then you would certainly increase your willpower.

4) Set Goals - One of the reasons why people experience a faltering in their will power is the fact that they don’t set their goals. Setting definitive targets is a must.You must ensure that the goal is set with measurable quantities, is specific, attainable, relevant and timely. All of this will certainly help you in enhancing your willpower.

If you have any further questions, ask me by clicking on 'consult'.

From Lybrate: If you found this tip useful, please thank the doctor by clicking on the heart icon below. Also, spread good health by sharing this tip with your loved ones over WhatsApp, Facebook and other media.
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I am 34 yrs old male. I have Impulse control disorders from last 3 months. Please help me.

Homeopath, Faridabad
I am 34 yrs old male. I have Impulse control disorders from last 3 months. Please help me.
Hello, any kind of obsession (whether good or bad) is not good for us as it creates problem not for us but for our near and dear ones as well! you need to consult a psychologist for counselling sessions apart from intake homoeopathic medicines. Both together can give you the best results. Adding meditation and yoga will accentuate this effect. Medication: silicea 200/ twice daily, bacopa monierri q/ 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water/ thrice daily and kali phos 6x/ once at night. Take all of them for 1 month. Revert me back there after. Take care.
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I want to give up smoking, I tried nicotine chewing gum bu could not help. Doctors also advised to stop smoking. Nothing helps me can you suggest something plz.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Nicotine gums can help reduce withdrawal when you slowly want to give up smoking. There are medicines which reduce craving per se. You can consult a psychiatrist, get evalauted and get the same. All the best.
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Hi I am unable to remember things in daily life. I usually forgot something which is not good. Can you please hell me for that. Please help me.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd
Psychologist, Bangalore
You could be under some stress that you are not aware of. Meet with a counselor and sort that out for better memory. In the meantime do some of the following meticulously: Daily exercise of at least half an hour is a must. Even if you go to a gym, ask for aerobic and/or callisthenic exercises with whatever else you are doing. A healthy body harbors a healthy mind. With regard to memory, it is very important that your brain and body is ideally rested to be able to recall whatever is required, rather comfortably. Puzzles pose problems to the brain that help it to use new pathways and neurons, which give the brain considerable exercise. It taxes the left brain to use logic to solve the myriad possibilities which other activities do not stimulate. Crosswords are excellent for vocabulary learning and use. Jigsaws and Rubik cube stimulate different permutations to finally settle on the most likely one. Picture completion and anagrams help approach problem-solving from several angles. Do Sudoku, and memory co-relation activities and skills. Have a good night’s sleep, have a good breakfast of more proteins, meditate often, remain free of stress, eat a lot of fiber (whole grains, fruits and vegetables), nuts, avocado, eat dark chocolate, consume less of fat and use olive oil instead, do Yoga meditation exercises, etc. You need to check out if you are stronger visual or auditory. The visual is a better mode than the auditory. However, if you combine the two modes, you will get the best concentration. Have a special place of learning, which should be well lit, with soft painted walls, well-ventilated, with no distractions. When you get bored, study by writing. If you repeat learning, at least, five to seven times, you will apparently remember for a longer time. Sit comfortably but do not slouch. The reading material should be of a fairly large print. Study at small intervals of about 40 minutes and then take a break or change the subject. Short-term memory is a faculty of the left brain, and long-term memory is a feature of the right brain. When people are stressed, they tend to favor the right brain and abandon the left brain, where short-term memory resides. So, it is really very simple: deal with the stress and activate left brain functions. Here are a few suggestions to activate left brain function: shut your left nostril and breathe, move your eyes from right to left and vice versa for at least half a minute at a time, and do callisthenic exercises with some form of counting, regularly. There is a new exercise called Super Brain Yoga, which is done by holding the right earlobe with your left thumb and index finger, and the left earlobe with your right hand’s thumb and index finger. In this position, you must squat down and rise up and do this for five minutes every day. There is some memory enhancing techniques and study methods that your teacher will be able to guide you with. If your home life is full of distractions and stress, it is likely to affect your memory, adversely. Blueberries, walnuts, turmeric, Spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, acorn squash, green tea, oily fish, boiled egg, turkey, apples, oatmeal, leafy greens, lentils, pumpkin seeds, avocado, cinnamon, thyme, sunflower seeds, and red wine. Avoid sugar and junk food.
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Sir. We are suffering from head ache and stress. We can not handle the problems due to stress. When we are in stress we start shouting on others. We can't sleep at night even took tablets. We get fear a lot and we can't able to take right decision on our future. We can't believe anyone. We feel lonely and get hungry also but we can't eat. How to forget our mistakes or bad events done in our life, if we tried to forget. It gives more frustration and simply cried. And we can't able to share those events to others. If we close to a person after some times we can not able to leave but that person don't want to be with me so now how to avoid that person. How to destroy our negative thinking? Please answer our problem we are waiting.

Nephrologist, Chandigarh
Sir. We are suffering from head ache and stress. We can not handle the problems due to stress. When we are in stress ...
You are suffering from stress related headache with chronic anxiety with depression and panic attacks. Need to distress yourself by life style modification. Join some art of living courses. Be positive. Do yoga and breathing exercises. As they say don't worry, be happy though easy said than done. Seek some professional help from a psychiatrist if above measures do not help you.
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The pain in my back and side was so bad that I scheduled a doctor's appt. After speaking with a nurse and determining it may be gas, I cancelled apt and purchased GAS-X. The gas moved around and that is it! The pain is amazing. GAS-X provided NO relief as of yet. What should i do now?

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
The pain in my back and side was so bad that I scheduled a doctor's appt. After speaking with a nurse and determining...
ultrasound must to see stone. gastric problem also a reason but only in back and side so not proper gastric problem. do hot fomentations and rest avoid long sitting toward bending lifting weight if it work then OK otherwise physiotherapy treatment. if stone is there then tk treatment to remove stone
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Today I have smoke cigarettes more then 100pcs, I have pain in chest and adam's apple So please help me what can I do.

General Physician, Bangalore
Today I have smoke cigarettes more then 100pcs, I have pain in chest and adam's apple So please help me what can I do.
That is too harmful to smoke so many it may affect your health and particularly heart and lungs, quit smoking and consult a physician.
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8 Risk Associated With Attachment Disorder!

MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry)
Psychiatrist, Thrissur
8 Risk Associated With Attachment Disorder!

While most children share a strong bond with their parents, especially the mother, some infants are unable to establish lasting relationships with their parents or caregivers. This is known as attachment disorder. It is a rare yet serious condition as it affects the child’s relationships at a later stage and also triggers delinquent behavior. Children, who have been abandoned, orphaned or are victims of abuse are the most vulnerable to this condition.

What causes attachment disorder?
The exact cause for attachment disorder is not yet understood. However, researchers have put together a number of viable hypotheses for this. One such hypothesis suggests that when needs of a child are ignored or when he begins to feel unwanted, the child begins to expect hostility, negativity and rejection. This is a learnt response and the child begins to feel that his needs are unwanted. With time, these responses make the child untrusting and he withdraws into himself to avoid social contact. This affects the development in the brain and causes attachment problems that affect the child’s personality and future relationships.

Risks associated with it
Some children are at a higher risk of attachment disorder than others. This includes

  1. Children living in orphanages or other such institutes
  2. Children whose caregivers are changed frequently
  3. Children who have had prolonged hospitalization
  4. Neglected children
  5. Children who have suffered from physical, sexual or verbal abuse
  6. Children living in extreme poverty
  7. Children born to parents with mental conditions or anger management problems
  8. Children born to a mother suffering from post partum depression

There are two types of attachment disorders; inhibited and disinhibited.

  1. Inhibited attachment disorder: Children suffering from inhibited attachment disorder are likely to be:
    • Detached
    • Withdrawn
    • Unresponsive to comforting ie. they shun all types of relationships and generally do not get along with their peers or caregivers.
  2. Disinhibited attachment disorder: On the other hand, children suffering from disinhibited attachment are likely to:
    • Seek attention
    • Display inappropriate behavior
    • Frequently break social boundaries
    • Be inappropriately familial and attached to selective figures.

Additionally, children suffering from either type of attachment disorder are manipulative, destructive, moody and lack compassion and remorse.
Effects of attachment disorder
If not managed properly in its early stages, this disorder can continue into adulthood. This leads to:

  1. Relationship problems with peers, friends and family members
  2. Low self esteem
  3. Depression
  4. Anger management
  5. Academic problems
  6. Unemployment
  7. They are also at a high risk for drug abuse and alcohol addiction. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Psychiatrist.
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How to become a positive person. My mind is full of negativity in case of my carrier that no this is too tough to qualify I can not do it even I can not try. Because of others saying on this. It makes me so depressed. So please suggest me what should I do.

M.Sc - Applied Psychology, Guidance &Counselling, B.A., Psychology, Pharmacy
Psychologist, Theni
How to become a positive person.
My mind is full of negativity in case of my carrier that no this is too tough to qua...
It seems to me that you lack self- confidence and in need of proper career guidance by a qualified person who can assess your strength and weanesses, abilities, interests and personality characeristics by using psychometric tests and personalized interviews, and put you on the right track. Stop asking guidance from other people. If you can not find such a career guidance counsellor around your location, I can help you through paid consultation platform of lybrate.
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I am having dis realizations and it feels like I am in a dream. Please help me to get out of this disease.

B.Sc(Hons) Mumbai Univ., ND, MD - Alternate Medicine, Aroma Therap., Bach Flower Rem, Mental Health Cert.
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Mumbai
I am having dis realizations and it feels like I am in a dream.
Please help me to get out of this disease.
Hi I will prescribe some harmless but effective flower remedy available in homoeopathy shops. Try to buy original medicines. Mix 3 drops of Aspen + 3 drops of Scleranthus + 3 drops of Rock Rose + 2 drops of White chestnut. Mix these with 100 ml water and drink it every night. If any problems consult me online.
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I'm feeling very depressed because of the people's behavior around me. They are ignoring me and not concentrating to what I'm saying. Basically everyone will enjoy my partnership at the starting of the relationship/friendship but later on they are not giving value to me just because of my strict behavior.

M.Phil - Psychology, Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Mira Bhayandar
I'm feeling very depressed because of the people's behavior around me. They are ignoring me and not concentrating to ...
Change your perception. Think from both the angles i.e. Your perspective and friends perspective. May be they are not ignoring you but your own prejudgement about someone is bringing change in your behaviour and leads to change in others behaviour too. Work on yourself.
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Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission

Alternative Medicine Specialist, Mumbai
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission
To get the best results, you must make the best efforts!
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Hello sir. I am interested in CBT for my brother as he is mentally disturbed after being physically assaulted by some hooligans for no reason. He is in anger and distress.

Ph.D - Ph.D in Psychology, Ph. D - Education
Psychologist, Kakinada
That is a traumatic situation and he needs to analyse what happened how he could avert the situation in future and what he has learnt from the whole situation. He has realised that he is susceptible to being a victim at any time. He has to learn from experience and move on Consult n book an appointment if needed.
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I want to know about stammering. But every speech therapists reject my question now tell me what shall I do.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Hello, Stammering is a speech disorder This problem can be solved by Collection of Exercises, Speech therapy, treatment and home cure 1.Exercises are effective in treatment of physiological causes of stammering. In general, exercises are meant to provide strength to the organs associated with speech including tongue, lips, jaw, trachea and lungs. Kindly consult to good speech therapy clinic 2.Deep breathing exercise are very effective 3.chewing Indian gooseberry, Almonds, Black pepper, Cinnamon and dried dates are known to clear speech congestion 4.This problem can be solved by Meditation i can give you address of rajyoga meditation center near your house (this is free of cost)
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I am mother of 16 years boy. He is very distracted, careless thats why hez intolerable at school n home. He alwz does those things you do not want. He is failed in 9th for this reason. School says that he has no limit for his bad things and they are right as I am facing those problems 24 hrs and my husband has a project work so I am handling him alone and feeling that I am living vd an animal cuz I am in deep depression, I am living the life which I am really not. What should I do? He is not realising what he is doing with others. noon likes him. He has no aim. He is replying back all the time without any knowledge. You can not tell him anything as he is not a listener. My behaviour is also being very rude to him. He is not realising tht his mother is being sick now. Even I bite him to protect my self vd him.

MBBS, MD (AIIMS, Gold Medalist), Diploma in CBT (UWS, Glasgow)
Psychiatrist, Delhi
I am mother of 16 years boy. He is very distracted, careless thats why hez intolerable at school n home. He alwz does...
Dear madam, This is a complicated situation that has no simple answers. At the same time, it is also a very common scenario, and not all that unusual. Ideally, the both of you must see a mental health expert. However, I understand that he will not be willing to see anyone. Again, even this scenario is common and not unusual. The correct thing to do for you is to come over and meet a mental health expert to figure out the exact situation in detail. There are no short cut answers but at the same time it is also true that the situation can be improved gradually under expert guidance. Once you come over alone, besides figuring out the exact situation and future strategies, your own stress and depression, as a separate individual can also be understood and treated as necessary. It is a reasonable possibility that after a few discussions, appropriate ways of making your son interested in this process and making him attend sessions is also possible. I would see this as a temporary phase that can be gradually improved and there are numerous examples of such situations in families having gotten better over time with appropriate interventions. Take care! Do not worry! Things will definitely be better!
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I am a second year b tech student. But I am not interested to study nowadays. I was an above average student in my school period. But now I can't spend even a 10 minutes in front of my books. What happened to me? help me if you can.

Homeopath, Faridabad
I am a second year b tech student. But I am not interested to study nowadays. I was an above average student in my sc...
Hi, is there some thing which is bothering you nowadays? Or have you lost someone dear and near to you recently? Any disappointment in love? Or is it a simple lack of concentration? Answer all these questions for proper treatment. Relax, take enough of sleep & rest, eat healthy and nutritious food (very improtant as it helps in proper nourishment), avoid junk food, take plenty of fruits, water, salads (it contains anti-oxidants), nuts sp. walnut and almonds (it has omega-3 fatty acids), green tea...lead a healthy lifestyle basically! Take homoeopathic medication - Schwabe's Bacopa Monierri Q/ 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water/ thrice daily and Kali Phos. 6x/ once at night - for 20 days. Revert me back with positive results, all the very best!
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I lost my lover in last week so I am very depressed. I can't sleep very well. Please help me.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
I lost my lover in last week so I am very depressed. I can't sleep very well. Please help me.
in ayurveda there is mention panchakarma treatment ..... panchakarma means five procedure for detoxification of body in this five procedure for sleep you should do SHIRODHARA treatment will get good result so consult good ayurvedic doctors
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7 Homeopathic Remedies that Help Combat Depression!

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Pune
7 Homeopathic Remedies that Help Combat Depression!

Are you suffering from depression? Is it hampering your daily life and activities? Depression is a mental health condition, which is very common in people of all ages around the world. It is a serious medical condition which may occur for several reasons, depending from person to person. Depression should be treated effectively for restoring a healthy state of mind. Among the various modes of depression management, homeopathy is considered to be an effective remedy.

Here is a list of the top homeopathic medicines which are used for tackling depression, along with the symptoms when they are applied:

  1. Arsenicum album: This is an ideal homeopathic medicine for people who worry excessively. It is used in people who are extremely health obsessed. Such people get depressed about failing to reach personal goals in life. The symptoms of such a patient suffering from depression tend to worsen in cold weather, as pain sensitivity increases.
  2. Aurum metallicum: This medicine is effective for workaholic people who have a tendency to feel worthless, despaired and experience suicidal thoughts after failing to achieve personal and professional goals. The symptoms worsen during the night time and during cold seasons. Calming music is beneficial for easing these patients.
  3. Calcarea carbonica: This homeopathic remedy is commonly used in the case of people who become overwhelmed due to work, worry and physical illness of any kind. The development of fatigue, discouragement, confusion, anxiety and self pity are also indicated in such patients. This medicine is also good for depression patients who suffer from sleep disorders, or sweat profusely.
  4. Causticum: This homeopathic medicine is important for curing depression in people who due intense grief resulting from some kind of major loss. The patient may experience forgetfulness and mental dullness. The patient may tend to cry a lot and becomes extra sympathetic towards others.
  5. Cimicifuga: This effective homeopathic remedy is used for people who suffer from bipolarity. They may be quite energetic and talkative during good times, but during periods of depression, they become gloomy and dull. Neck aches, headaches and painful menstrual periods in women are also likely.
  6. Ignatia amara: This homeopathic medicine is used in the case of people who are very sensitive and tend to suppress their feelings of grief and disappointment. They do not want to seem too much defensive, moody, or vulnerable in the eyes of other people. They may burst into laughter and tears all of a sudden without a proper reason. Abdominal cramps, insomnia, and headaches are other symptoms.
  7. Kali phosphoricum: Another effective homeopathic medicine used in the management of depression is Kali phosphoricum. People who need these medicines feel depression after long periods of emotional stress. Nervousness, exhaustion, insomnia, anemia, increased cold sensitivity, and reduced concentration are experienced.
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