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Dr. Shashikant Shah

Gynaecologist, Mumbai

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Dr. Shashikant Shah Gynaecologist, Mumbai
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Shashikant Shah is one of the best Gynaecologists in Chembur East, Mumbai. You can meet Dr. Shashikant Shah personally at Shashikant Hospital in Chembur East, Mumbai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Shashikant Shah on

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What is the durability of a hymenoplasty? I mean an artificial hymen would be intact for how long? If anyone gets it done now, would it be intact for next 2-3 years at least? I've heard it stays intact for one year only.

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, M.Ch - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Gurgaon
Hymenoplasty is done to create a new hymen which lasts for one sexual act. However remnants of new hymen remain and can last for some years.
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Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant from the last two days I have lite bleeding which is continuous and dark brown in colours with lite clots I didn't have any severe pain is this a bad sign of miscarriage? r any problem need advice.

Gynaecologist, Thane
Please take tablet trapic 650 or pause 500mg 3 times daily to reduce/ stop bleeding and take gynaec opinion, do sonography at around 6 weeks to see if fetal pole and cardiac activity has appeared in it. If it is there, then no need to worry. Bleeding can take place in case of miscarriage or even in healthy pregnancy. Pain may not be there. Preferably do internal sonography.
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Super Fact of the Day: Phonophobia, fear of loud sounds is not a hearing disorder.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Super Fact of the Day: Phonophobia,  fear of loud sounds is not a hearing disorder.
Phonophobia, sonophobia or ligyrophobia are the technical terms for the fear of loud sounds. It is an
extremely rare phobia, and can sometimes also refer to fear one’s own voice or voices in general. This
type of phobia is usually a symptom of hyperacusis; health condition in which an individual becomes
highly sensitive to sound frequencies. It is an anxiety disorder.

Would you like to share this interesting fact with family or friends? Go ahead and Share!
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Calcium in your child's diet

BDS, Diploma in Hospital Administration, Diploma in Pharmacy
Dentist, Delhi
Calcium in your child's diet
Calcium is crucial for good health and development.Calcium is vital for building strong bones and teeth, promoting nerve and muscle function, helping blood clot, and activating the enzymes that convert food into energy. About 99 percent of the body's calcium is stored in the teeth and bones. And because children are growing new bone all the time, they need a steady supply of calcium to support healthy growth.

How much calcium does your child need?

Ages 1 to 3 years: 700 milligrams (mg) per day

Ages 4 to 8 years: 1,000 mg per day

Your child doesn't have to get the recommended amount of calcium every day. Instead, aim for that amount as an average over the course of a few days or a week.

The best sources of calcium

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are some of the best sources of calcium, but you'll also find it in some unexpected places. Here are some calcium-rich foods to try:

1/4 cup raw tofu prepared with calcium sulfate: 217 mg (The calcium content of tofu varies, depending on how it's processed. Check the label.)
1/2 cup plain yogurt: 207 mg
1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses: 172 mg
1/2 cup fruit yogurt: 122 to 192 mg
1/2 cup calcium-fortified orange juice: 133 to 250 mg
1/4 cup ricotta cheese: 167 mg
1/2 cup milk: 150 mg
1/2 cup chocolate milk: 144 mg
1/2 ounce Swiss cheese: 112 mg
1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt, soft-serve: 102 mg
1/2 ounce cheddar cheese: 102 mg
1 slice whole grain bread: 24 mg
1/2 ounce mozzarella cheese: 103 mg
1/4 cup collard greens: 66 mg
1/4 cup homemade pudding (from mix or scratch): 76 mg
1 tablespoon tahini (sesame seed butter): 64 mg
1/4 cup turnip greens: 50 mg
1/4 cup cooked spinach: 60 mg
1/2 cup calcium-fortified cereal (ready to eat): 51 mg
1/2 cup calcium-fortified soy beverage: 40 to 250 mg
The amount of calcium a food contains varies somewhat, depending on the brand, the size of the fruit or vegetable, and so on. Kids may eat more or less than the amounts shown, depending on their age and appetite. Estimate the nutrient content accordingly.

Calcium content isn't affected by fat, but the dietary fat in dairy products plays an important role in your child's development. Children younger than 2 need to get half their calories from fat for healthy growth and brain development, so they should eat only full-fat dairy products. But unless your doctor advises otherwise, children older than 2 need to get fewer calories from fat, so they should eat low-fat or nonfat dairy products to maintain a healthy weight.

Tips for maximizing your child's calcium intake

Some experts believe that many children are falling short of their calcium requirement. This could be partly because juice and other nondairy drinks are so popular that kids are drinking less milk. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your child gets enough calcium:

Use milk instead of water when preparing cereal, hot cocoa, and soup.
Use evaporated milk in place of regular milk in recipes – it has twice the calcium of regular milk.
Add yogurt to fruit salads; nonfat milk powder to pancake batter, sauces, and smoothies; and cheese to vegetables, sauces, and mashed potatoes.
Buy calcium-fortified juice, bread, and cereal.
Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, so make sure your child gets enough vitamin D – about 600 international units (IU) per day.
Can your child get too much calcium?

An extremely high level of calcium in the blood is usually due to an underlying medical condition rather than consuming too much calcium in food and supplements. The Institute of Medicine recommends that kids age 1 to 8 get no more than 2,500 mg of calcium daily – that's roughly the equivalent of eight 8-ounce glasses of milk. While it's a good idea to keep an eye on how much calcium your child gets from her diet, it's unlikely that she will get too much calcium from food alone.

Calcium supplements, on the other hand, can sometimes be a problem. For instance, taking excess calcium supplements has been linked to a higher risk of kidney stones.

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Healthy Mind

BDS, MDS Oral Medicine, Diagnosis & Maxillofacial Radiology, Ph.D - Ph.D in Oral medicine & Radiology
Dentist, Ahmedabad
Healthy Mind

Keep your mind healthy. Rest all will be taken care by on its own.

Hi myself manju. Am. On follicular study now n my husband is in dubai will be visiting jamnagr for 10 days and woul like to conceive that time, also would request you to kindly help me and can I meet you that time in jamnagar.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FMAS, DMAS
Gynaecologist, Noida
Hi myself manju. Am. On follicular study now n my husband is in dubai will be visiting jamnagr for 10 days and woul l...
Hello, please follow your fertile period and time your ovulation and try for natural conception during your stay with yorupartner to increase chances of natural conception.
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Hi, I was using oviduct nc dc alone from 3rd day onwards. Today 13th day I went fr follicular study. Dominant follicle on l.o of 14 mm in length, endometrium 4.5 mm. So can I use estradiol valerate nw to increase thickness of endometrium. please suggest.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Agra
Hi, I was using oviduct nc dc alone from 3rd day onwards. Today 13th day I went fr follicular study. Dominant follicl...
Helo lybrate-user for improving the endometrial thickness you must start taking oestradiol from the 5 th day of the menses ideally
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My age 22 male I and my friend male we are best friends and from six months we used to have kissing Is this a wrong habit. We both are far away from hiv as we were tested in blood test. Please advice

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
Kissing does not spread HIV unless large amounts of infected saliva is transferred from one partner to the other. You both being males, kissing is a homosexual act, just a sexual preference , by law these days, as long as it is consented by both partners.
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Good and bad cholesterol.

General Physician, Kolkata
Good and bad cholesterol.
Good and bad cholesterol.
Cholesterol within normal limits is required for normal functioning of human body.
It is transported by lipoproteins, known asldl or bad cholesterol and hdl or good cholesterol.
Ldl is so termed because it narrows vessel wall by deposition of fat whereas hdl scavenges ldl.
Normal range

Cholesterol/hdl 4

I am 20 year female Looking for best contraceptive method If pills are preferred then which tablet I can take.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
I am 20 year female Looking for best contraceptive method
If pills are preferred then which tablet I can take.
Hi Ash... Pills is the worst contraceptive methods with tons of side effects including cancer in long run... The best is condoms... Followed by IUD...
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