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Dr. Seema Garje

Ayurveda, Mumbai

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Dr. Seema Garje Ayurveda, Mumbai
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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them....more
My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to develop professional and personal relationships with them.
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Dr. Seema Garje is a renowned Ayurveda in Mumbai, Mumbai. You can visit her at Dr. Garje's Ayurved Clinic & Panchakarma Centre in Mumbai, Mumbai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Seema Garje on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

How to prevent excessive hair loss and tell about any product or diet to get rid of hair fall.

Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine (H.M.D.)
Homeopath, Dhanbad
First of all; you don't take oily & first food atleast 1 month. Nat. Phos & nat. Sulf. 6. Three times a day regulr for 1 month.
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I Have multiple gland swelling under my left ear. A small swelling was there from last 15 years. But it has increased to 4 numbers which his left side of gland. I have continuing with homeopathy treatment from last 4 years. A Doctor advice me to do FNAC but I didn't do the same. Please suggest.

Post Graduate Diploma in Echocardiography, Mbbs
General Physician, Ernakulam
Dear Mr. lybrate-user. It is better to find out what it is. Please do ultrasound guided FNAC. You may continue homeo. But let us know what's it. Then take appropriate actions.
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I am an often victim of mouth ulcer, facing this problem once a month. May I know what would be the reason for this and any solutions for it? I think it may be due to sweet tea or coffee, but am not sure about it. Can you please tell me what is it exactly?

Dentist, Madurai
Hello lybrate-user, occurence of a mouth ulcers can be due to hundreds of reasons. Do you know, mouth ulcers can be due to stress. A very little change in your food habits can cause ulcers. Everyone is the only good physician for one's own body. You have to watch you and you have to find the cause. Once the underlying cause is removed you can be free from ulcers. For now the solution may be taking B-complex supplements for a minimum period of 7 days. Rinsing your mouth with a prescribed oral rinse and topical application of some gum paint.
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The two canine teeth of my son have not grown from their proper slot but have come out rather awkwardly.Kindly advice whether they have yo be taken out of they can be set right in some way.My son is twelve years old.

Oral Implantologist (New York University), Advanced Aesthetic Oral & Dental Surgeon. BDS (India)
Dentist, Mumbai
Wait for a couple of years till all permanent teeth erupt & the jaw bones grow completely. Take a call for ortho treatment that time.
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I am 29 years old , I have back pain from 3 months , I work in a IT industry , please suggest me any thing good.

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Bangalore
Back pain is common if you are unaware of the ergonomics and maintaining proper posture while working. Always maintain the back rest and straight posture while working. Take frequent breaks for a min or two to walk around and stretch your back.
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Hello sir I am manpreet singh I am 22 year ol d I have backpain from 2 months I used manny pain relief creams bbut no one give good result what should I do.

MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Surat
Pain releif creams are meant for temporary relief only (2-4 hrs), the cause has to be found and treated. Avoid bending forwward and sit straight, do hot fomentaion but best is to consult an orthopedic surgeon.
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I have lot of pimple in my chick, for that problem I can not attend any function or office party because of ugly face. So please help me and give me solution how can I improve.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Acne usually subsides after adolescence, but may last into middle age. Scarring may occur if severe acne is not treated. Some people, especially teenagers, can become significantly depressed if it is not treated. Homeopathic treatment has very encouraging results in acne and pimples and gives relief in long term. Moreover all medications are natural, safe, gentle, effective, easy to administer and without any adverse effects. With homoeopathic medicines, also take the following self-care steps to lessen the effects of acne: clean your skin gently with a mild soap removing all dirt or make-up. Wash many times a day with plain water. Try not to squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub the pimples. Although it might be tempting to do this, it can lead to scarring and skin infections. Avoid touching your face with your hands or fingers. Identify and avoid anything that aggravates pimples. Your triggers may include foods, lotions, or make-up. Avoid greasy cosmetics or creams. Look for water-based or" non-comedogenic" formulas. Take make-up off at night. Homeopathic treatment is strongly recommended for patients who are desperately looking for an effective remedy. If you have any specific question about your condition, consult for treatment.
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My nose is bleeding, it's only from 1 side and its like ulsur kind of become inside nose please give suggestion for it I have been taking medication, but it comes again.

General Physician, Mumbai
We need to treat the ulcer with antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs after local examination and dont touch it directly with fingers.
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Hello Doctor, I am 35 year old. I have belly fat other than my body is slim. How to remove belly fat.

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Best way to reduce fat is exercise and diet control....take pranacharya medohar rasayn twice a day....medohar guggul 2-2 twice a day....and pranacharya slim capsule 1-1 twice a day...avoid junk food...oily food...fermented food..alcohol consumption..sugar....milk products and sweets....take oats and cereals more..and do pranayama early in the morning and walk for atleast 45 minutes a day...and do exercises....dont sleep immediately after taking meal....
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I have neck pain since 2/3 days. I am a teacher. I don't know what happen to it .why it is paining. Pls help me.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, apply rumalaya liniment and massage for 10 mins and give hot water fomentation. This can be done thrice daily. If the pain is severe, take tab. Yogaraja guggulu 1-1-1 with hot water after food. Use soft medium sized pillow while sleeping. Perform neck exercises for 10 mins in the morning and evening regularly.
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What medications are best for the treatment of asthma? What are their side effects?

M.D. (Ayurveda )
Ayurveda, Patiala
Medicines like Shwasakuthara rasa, kanakasva, dashmoola katutryam, nayopayam, elakanadi, vayu gulika, dhanvantara gulika are few Ayurvedic medicines prescribed for asthma. If used judiciously they have no side effects at all.

My mom has a diabetes from past 2 years. She take medicine named as glucomet gp2 daily for diabetes. 2 days ago her blood glucose level shown as 340 after meal. So my question is whether this glucose can be controlled by tablet or insulin should be taken. Her physical activities is not much as she feels dizzy while walkingher diet is :- sabji and chappati (sabji mostly includes karela) Doctor asked her to take glycomet gp2 tablet along with tablet jalra 50 mg daily till next sunday But my question is whether such level of sugar can be controlled by above tablets or insulin injection should be taken.

Diabetologist, Bangalore
Hi Persistent very high blood sugar values may need short intensive insulin therapy. Bring the blood sugars under good control with insulin and then put them back on oral medications. You must understand that diabetes is a progressive disease and all patients require insulin at some point in life to control diabetes when multiple oral medications do not help.
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How can I put on weight? As I am 24 years old, weighs 51kgs, height of 167cms. What diet should I follow?

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
Hi lybrate-user some points will help you to gain weight. 1. Soya bean:- Meeting your protein requirements every day can be tough when you are trying to gain weight. Soya bean which has as much as 36g of protein per every 100g serving, can be a great food that’ll help you meet those targets. 2. Noodles:- Even though a lot of people think they are unhealthy, eating noodles can be a great way to add some calories and carbohydrates in your diet. Also, you could mix it with a lot of vegetables which will give them many essential nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants too. 3. Chicken:- A lot of bodybuilders don’t forget to include chicken in their diet. Not only is it extremely delicious, a 100g serving contains as much as 25g of protein. Include it in your diet for a month, and you are likely to see quick results. 4. Whole Fat Milk:- one simple substitution you can make when trying to gain weight is swapping your skim milk for whole milk. It’s only 60 calories more a glass as the fat is left in. 5. Fruits:- An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but tropical fruit can help you gain weight. Fruits like mango, papaya, bananas, and pineapple They are full of natural sugars and can give you great energy. Thanks.
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My friend has recently participated in sex with her boy friend, she has 17 years old and her hymen was ruptured there is any problem with that to her and her husband after marriage.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Karnal
Don't worry .great number of virgins do not bleed when they have sex for the first time. Moreover hymen can break during other activities like playing cycling etc. But one thing is sure that if she wants a smooth married life she should marry a broad minded person. Best of luck.
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Hi I am 22 year girl. I have a puffy face and double chin. I always try to keep my neck straight and look but unknowingly I bend neck little down and look. Please sugest me the solution for how to have a slim face face and keep my neck straight.

General Physician, Nashik
Following these simple tips for reducing flab from your face. Keep yourself hydrated. A bloated face might be a result of dehydration. Plan a diet low in fat and sugar and high in fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to eat breakfast to boost up your metabolism for weight loss. Say no to alcohol and smoking. Keep yourself active and perform 30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis. Don’t compromise on your eight hours of restful sleep.
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I use betnovate-c regularly before sleeping as it suited my skin because it makes my skin Softer and lighter. So is it safe to use it regularly?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Betnovate-c is a steroid preparation and over use of it is harmful and is not prescribed or making skin Softer and lighter.
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Mucous cyst is on my lip since last 20 days. I have visited many doctors .they prescribed for surgery. Is there any medicine for same. Is it dangerous?

ENT Specialist, Guwahati
This is not a dangerous condition. Mucus cyst if lip needs surgical removal mostly done under lical anaesthesia.
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I am 17 years old but there's not a single hair on my face what should I do to grow full beard and moustache?

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello, You should take a homeopathic tincture called Arnica Montana and mix 1 tsp in 1/2 cup of water and apply upon the face on the beard and the mustache area with a cotton swab. Then use the razor movement technique. Take Sulphur 200, 5 drops once in a week. Take pituitarinum 1x, 1 tablet daily for 15 days. Repeat the process every third day . Revert me after 1 month.
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My face has become much more darker then rest of body as if other persons head placed on this body. What to do.

Ayurveda, Ujjain
Take hemocleen sy 2 spoon add 2 spoon lukewarm water mor end eve after meals. Wash your face assure face wash than apply assure sun screen lotion.
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My father is 60 years old. He is suffering from gum bleeding problem from 3 years. He have consulted dentists many times and followed what they suggest. But still his gums continue bleeding. What to do?

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
We need more investigations with clinical examination to decide upon treatment. You may need deep cleaning along with surgical, gum strengthening procedure. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mouth wash after every meals. Use pepsodent tooth paste & gum paint for 2 to 3 weeks. Advance procedures can be done with laser. Dental tips: - visit a dentist every six months for cleaning and a thorough dental check-up. Limit sugary food to avoid tooth decay. Gargle your mouth thoroughly after every meal. Scrub gently to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss all your teeth inter dentally & brush twice daily, morning & night, up & down short vertical strokes, with ultra-soft bristles, indicator brush. Tooth brush to be changed every 2 months.
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