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Dr. S.V. Maknojia

General Physician, Mumbai

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Dr. S.V. Maknojia General Physician, Mumbai
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I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care....more
I'm a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.
More about Dr. S.V. Maknojia
Dr. S.V. Maknojia is an experienced General Physician in Yari Road, Mumbai. You can meet Dr. S.V. Maknojia personally at Dr. S.V. Maknojia's Clinic in Yari Road, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. S.V. Maknojia and consult privately on has a nexus of the most experienced General Physicians in India. You will find General Physicians with more than 27 years of experience on Find the best General Physicians online in Mumbai. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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My lower of tongue is full red pain also dere problem in eating food or spices. Tell me what to do?

General Physician, Nashik
Take tab cobadex z once daily after food and drink plenty of fluids and revert back to me for further assistance.
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My father has an asthma. What is the effect of using an asthma preventer for long term?

MD - Alternate Medicine, PGDIP.IN Geriatric Care, Post Graduate Diploma In Holistic Healthcare
Ayurveda, Balasore
Hi, asthma preventer long time use has some drawbacks for which you are to be cautious about it. As long time use may cause bone shrinkage with immune power loss. Time will come you will be resistant. Try to increase your autoimmune power.
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I'm a male approaching 19 years .I don't have any gf. I only masturbate. I masturbate at an average of 3 times a day on a regular basis .when I masturbate, it takes only 1 minute to ejaculate. Is it normal.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
I'm a male approaching 19 years .I don't have any gf. I only masturbate. I masturbate at an average of 3 times a day ...
You are suffering from premature ejaculation disorder. It is a common problem among men in the present times. There are many Psychological factors like anxiety, guilt or depression can also be the cause of premature ejaculation. First of all start eating a healthy diet like green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale etc contribute in male enhancement. Also citrus fruits like avocado, orange, and lemon that are rich in Vitamin B9. Avoid junk foods, smoking, alcohol consumption, avoid dairy products and sour items. Try some tips like think about something else during intercourse or use thicker condoms (Thicker condoms can reduce sensitivity and helps you last longer during intercourse). Take more time in foreplay and try some oral sex, gentle sex, slow sex Don't copy porn star Do YOGA and breathing exercise and running will give much of benefits. Also you can concern with us, if you want fast result. We provide therapies as well as ayurvedic medicines. You can also go through our courses regarding your problem. You can contact us on We will concern and later on we can deliver medicines.
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My Vitamin-D is 4 ng/ml. The reference range is more than 30 ng/ml. What are the causes of vitamin-D deficiency? Is low vitamin-D related to cancer?

PhD, Human Energy Fields, Diploma in PIP, EFI, Aura scanning for Health evaluation; Energy field assessment, Fellowship Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, MD (Ayur - Mind Body Med), Mind Body Medicine
Non-Invasive Conservative Cardiac Care Specialist, Pune
My Vitamin-D is 4 ng/ml. The reference range is more than 30 ng/ml. What are the causes of vitamin-D deficiency? Is l...
Dear Vitamin D is the rood food. It comes from Sunlight and can only be replenished by natural normal Sunlight. Poor nutritional condition, and deficiencies of Vitamins in the body and poor immunity can cause diseases and disorders like cancer. Get the adequate quantity of Vitamins from natural wholesome foods. You can remain healthy withour medicines and supplements. Regards.
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Hi. I'm 22 years old female. Recently I got my blood test done. CBP was normal and serum homocysteine was 13.6. Is it normal? Whom should I consult? My doctor dint care about the reading much as limiting range was up to 13.9. Please do suggest.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Hi. I'm 22 years old female.
Recently I got my blood test done.
CBP was normal and serum homocysteine was 13.6.
Is it...
Please don't worry Please Wake up early go for morning walk in greenery daily Do yogasanas and pranayam daily Avoid oily spicy and fast food Avoid outside food totally Take salads and fruits more Take one beet root daily Take Tab neurobion forte 60 1 1 Tab folvite 30 1 Check homocysteine levels after 1mth.
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Outer Ear Infections - Tips To Deal With Them!

MS - ENT, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
ENT Specialist, Ghaziabad
Outer Ear Infections - Tips To Deal With Them!

Outer ear infections can be caused by bacteria, virus, or yeast. Also known as swimmer’s ear, as it is very common in swimmers who keep their ears immersed in water for prolonged periods of time. It can also occur when the skin in the outer ear gets infected due to regular use of cotton buds to remove wax. Though it is very common in children, it can be seen in adults too.

The first step in managing an outer ear infection is to identify it.

  • A dull, nagging pain in the outer ear is one of the first symptoms of an outer ear infection. Worsening of the pain when the ear is pressed is confirmatory of the infection. In some people, the pain could even spread to the rest of face, along with the cheeks or down the neck.
  • Foul-smelling, yellow or green drainage is an indication of outer ear infection. The person could feel that the ear is constantly moist.
  • This can be along the ear canal or in the outer ear skin.
  • Mild hearing loss, which if untreated, can be progressive.
  • Redness of the skin around the ear(s).
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes at the base of the jaw.
  • General symptoms of an infection including fever, lethargy, reduced energy levels, and overall tiredness.


Do not treat ear infections on your own. The actual agent causing the infection needs to be identified and treated accordingly. A bacterial infection may require a course of antibiotics, a viral one should be watched and allowed to run its course.


  1. Visit a doctor: They will check and confirm the infection.
  2. Ear cleaning: Cleaning the ear with either a suction or a curette. In some cases, there could be hardened wax which needs to be removed to get relief from the infection.
  3. Antibiotic drops: Either neomycin or ciprofloxacin is used in most cases.
  4. Acetic acid drops: This helps in keeping the bacterial population intact in your ears.
  5. Antibiotics: In severe cases, oral antibiotics may be required. Painkillers like ibuprofen may be also taken if the pain is unbearable.
  6. Saltwater: A home-made solution of vinegar and water or diluted saltwater provides great relief from ear infection symptoms.
  7. Heat pads: A warm, wet cloth applied on the cheek near the ear can provide great relief. It is advisable to sit when the heat pad is being applied to avoid burns.
  8. Preventative ear drops: When going for swimming long duration, OTC ear drops can be applied to provide relief.
  9. Avoid swimming: When the infection has set in and you begin to notice symptoms, avoid swimming for a few days.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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I have a cough from yesterday. As I visited water park on 23rd December 2017. But yesterday while sitting on Bench in the tution I started feeling like sick. But today morning I was having fever and cough I do not have cold.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
You may take homoeopathic medicine... Rhus Tox 30 tds for one day... see if it helps.. Or consult for accurate treatment..
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I have psoriasis since many years also I practice yoga regularly. My psoriasis is on scalp and 2-3 places on body only. I do apply Aloe Vera gel all over scalp often but completely it doesn't cures. Is there any permanent cure of this disease. Please suggest Ayurvedic medicine if there is and also some proper yoga for this. Thanks.

MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Mumbai
I have psoriasis since many years also I practice yoga regularly. My psoriasis is on scalp and 2-3 places on body onl...
Alovera will not control psoriaisis. Psoriasis is a Chronic condition which has to be kept under control. Just like diabetes can be controlled but you cannot remove diabetes after you have it once. We can treat psoriasis effectively. But we cannot predict recurrences. From your description you have very limited involvement. Some a tablets and lotions are enough you. Some lifestyle modifications and diet changes are also very helpful in reducing recurrences. Please send photos using online consult option for proper examination and treatment advice.
5 people found this helpful
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I am 62 years old. I am feeling complete impotence since last two years. No erection at all. What herb / medicine should I use.

BHMS, Diploma in Dermatology
Homeopath, Hyderabad
I am 62 years old. I am feeling complete impotence since last two years. No erection at all. What herb / medicine sho...
Following home remedies can also be taken to control or prevent the situation: Bottle gourd has a cooling effect thereby cools the system which is responsible for nightfall. It can be used in two ways, either by drinking bottle gourd juice before bedtime or by mixing the juice with sesame oil and massaging it. Gooseberry or amla helps in increasing the immunity of the body. It is believed that drinking a glass of gooseberry juice can help get rid of nightfall. Onions and garlic are known to cure many health related conditions. 3-4 cloves of raw garlic and onions in the form of salads should be had to cure nightfall. Milk, when combined with pre-soaked almonds, banana, and ginger, helps to eliminate this problem. Banana has a cooling property which helps to control the problem. Also, eating curd is beneficial as it has healing properties which cool the system and increase immunity. Juice of celery and fenugreek are very helpful in nightfall as well as premature ejaculation. These juices can be mixed with honey in a ratio of 2: 1. Aswagandha This medicinal Indian herb is an effective remedy to treat sexual problems in men. Ashwagandha improves your brain power and also increases libido in the body. This allows men to better control their ejaculation and prolong their sexual intercourse. The herb increases stamina, and it is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Ginger and Honey Eating ginger increases blood circulation in our body and it specifically increases blood flow to the penile muscles. This gives men greater control to ejaculate. Ginger is also helpful in retaining the erection as it heats up the body, causing faster blood flow. Honey is an aphrodisiac of strength and this can enhance the potency of ginger. The best way to consume this remedy is to mix half a teaspoon of ginger with honey and eat it before bedtime. Garlic has aphrodisiac properties and it can aid you in elongating the duration of your intercourse without ejaculating prematurely. Cloves of this anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory plant improve blood circulation in your body and also heat it up to enhance copulation. You can chew the cloves or fry them in ghee and then eat them every morning, on an empty stomach. Asparagus Roots of this plant greatly benefit in avoiding premature ejaculation. You can boil the plant roots in in milk and drink it twice every day to strengthen your control over the penile muscles. You should kick foods like chocolate, chillies and caffeinated beverages out of your diet to control this sexual dysfunction. Your diet should be rich in Zinc, Selenium, Calcium and Iron for better control and strength. High carbohydrate and low protein food is also good to release serotonin and ease anxiety Lady finger is also an effective remedy for premature ejaculation. You can include this vegetable in your everyday diet or consume its powder. This powder can be consumed in regular basis. Carrots Carrots are more than just a tasty vegetable. This can be used to treat premature ejaculation quickly. Carrots have a libido-improving quality that can greatly help you control your ejaculation. For best results, eat boiled carrots with egg and honey regularly. Spinach is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and this food is needed for the production of testosterone. Besides, spinach is also a great source of folate, which is known as an essential sex nutrient. Actually, this is one of the natural foods for erection that you should know and then try to consume more as soon as possible for a powerful erection. When it comes to foods for erection strength, you should not forget citrus fruits. Actually, these fruits are great sources of vitamin C. Some studies found that men who take in at least 200 mg of this essential vitamin daily can have better ability of producing sperm than those who do not. Salmon contains arginine, which is an essential amino acids required to release the hormone. Also, this food helps increase the blood flow to the penis; therefore, you can improve the erection power. Actually, this is also among best foods for erection power that a large number of men in the world love and have been consuming for good. Oatmeal According to a study about top foods for male performance [4], oatmeal has lots of beauty and health benefits and sexual power is one of these benefits that human beings can reap from consuming oatmeal regularly. Actually, it is known as one of the best foods for erection power that men should try. Adding oatmeal to the daily diet is a natural way to boost the levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. This male hormone is very important for orgasm strength and sex drive in both men and women. Similar to Viagra, oatmeal can be effective in relaxing the muscles in the penis and keeping males stronger and getting more energy. Strawberries Strawberries can help with the erection strength by keeping the arteries clean. They make sure that the blood flow is smooth without getting any obstacles. Water melon This fruit is used to increase sexual desire and power. So, men can add it to their diet to help them last longer in bed. Actually, this is one of the best foods for boosting erection that you should know and then add it to your diet for good. One of the best foods for erection power that men who want to have harder erection should consume more for good.
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