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Dr. Rajendra Chokhani

Psychiatrist, Mumbai

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Dr. Rajendra Chokhani Psychiatrist, Mumbai
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Rajendra Chokhani is a trusted Psychiatrist in Mumbai, Mumbai. You can consult Dr. Rajendra Chokhani at Criti Care Multispeciality Hospital & Research Centre in Mumbai, Mumbai. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Rajendra Chokhani on

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I feel I am under depression. I'm always surrounded with people but I don't feel like laughing or even talking. My mind is never at peace and I always feel like crying. Can you please suggest me what to do?

MSC Psychotherapy & Counselling, CHt Hypnotherapy, MD Alternative Medicine, MBBS, Diploma in Public Health
Psychologist, Mumbai
I feel I am under depression. I'm always surrounded with people but I don't feel like laughing or even talking. My mi...
Depression can happen to anyone  and does happen to one in four of us over our lifetimes.  Different factors that make it more likely to happen include biological make up, upbringing, or reactions to life events. What keeps it going though is how we deal with those things. The way we think and what we do affects the way we feel. Thinking differently: * STOP take a pause, do relaxation breathing. And ask yourself. What I am racing to- is it fact or opinion? Or is it a negative thinking? * Do something different to divert mind from these thoughts * learn Mindfulness activity and breathing * Self hypnosis helps to reinforce positive thoughts and positive self image * Use positive self talk * Engage in a hobby. Most importantly even when one is depressed he is not always experiencing depression. No two moments are same. Look closely. Each moment is new. Focus and enhance happy peaceful moments. Mindfulness breathing helps to break the depressive cycle of thoughts by bringing our attention to current moment.
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My son is addicted to cannabis and is creating violence in the family what to do for his deaddiction.

M.Sc - Psychological Counseling, B.A ( Hons) - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
My son is addicted to cannabis and is creating violence in the family what to do for his deaddiction.
Hello Mr. Lybrate-user, sit down with your son and talk to him for 15 minutes, every day. Express your opinion about taking substances- what are your thoughts over this habit, not in a dominating way, but in a way how you would plainly express your opinion. When your son is ready to open up to you he will. Thereafter, try to understand what is bothering him. His world view might be different from your's don't counter his points, listen sympathetically. Ensure he does not take any other substances along with this. Adopt a non-judgmental and motivational approach. Don't counter his arguments. His anger will subside slowly, if you don't counter his arguments. Just lend him a patient ear. Motivate him. Remind him of the skills and talents he has. Most importantly give him hope- that things can get better in the future. When he is emotionally stable encourage him to see a counselor. Hope this helps you.
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How much hours do I sleep a day to get better result in working hours like I do jym and studying when I go to study I can not concentrate I feel like lazy and I can not focus on my studies.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
How much hours do I sleep a day to get better result in working hours like I do jym and studying when I go to study I...
Minimum 6 hours, Average 8 hours, Maximum 10 hours sleep, is required per day. Usually 7-8 hours is must for working people. All the best.
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Hello Doctor. My friend has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. What are the symptoms? is it hereditary? what treatment options are available? can a schizophrenic get married? how can conjugal relations be affected if one partner is schizophrenic?

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Delhi
Hello Doctor. My friend has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. What are the symptoms? is it hereditary? what treatmen...
Hello, welcome to lybrate schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterised by paranoia, delusional thinking, hallucinations, disorganised behaviours, conceptual disorganisation, increased aggression, lack of insight, poor judgement, speech disturbances, cognitive impairment, altered sleep-wake cycle and socio-occupational dysfunction. Besides this there are many other symptoms which can be there in patients with schizophrenia. Yes it is hereditary condition, can be transmitted from one generation to other. Schizophrenia is treatable like any other mental illness. Treatment involves pharmacological measures - antipsychotics such as haloperidol, risperidone, olanzapine etc; & psychological interventions such as insight oriented psychotherapy, cbt etc. A comprehensive approach is adopted for its treatment, personalised for the patient only, which would help in complete recovery. Yes a person with schizophrenia can be married. Conjugal relations between patient & partner would depend on the symptomatology of the patient; for example if patient have active paranoia against partner than this would result in increased violence & reduced sexual preferences. If you want to know more about schizophrenia, details about symptoms, management options; you can consult me in private.
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Symptoms of clinical depression

M.Sc Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, P.G.Diploma in pachakarma, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jaipur
Symptoms of clinical depression
Symptoms of clinical depression-

The symptoms of depression can be complex and vary widely between people. But as a general rule, if you are depressed, you feel sad, hopeless and lose interest in things you used to enjoy.
The symptoms persist for weeks or months and are bad enough to interfere with your work, social life and family life.
There are many other symptoms of depression and you're unlikely to have every one listed below.

1) Psychological symptoms include:-
# continuous low mood or sadness
# feeling hopeless and helpless
# having low self-esteem
# feeling tearful
# feeling guilt-ridden
# feeling irritable and intolerant of others
# having no motivation or interest in things
# finding it difficult to make decisions
# not getting any enjoyment out of life
# feeling anxious or worried
# having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself

2) Physical symptoms include:
# moving or speaking more slowly than usual
# change in appetite or weight (usually decreased, but sometimes increased)
# constipation
# unexplained aches and pains
# lack of energy or lack of interest in sex (loss of libido)
# changes to your menstrual cycle
# disturbed sleep (for example, finding it hard to fall asleep at night or waking up very early in the morning)

3) Social symptoms include:
# not doing well at work
# taking part in fewer social activities and avoiding contact with friends
# neglecting your hobbies and interests
# having difficulties in your home and family life

If you experience some of these symptoms for most of the day, every day for more than two weeks, you should seek help from your doctor.
See your doctor if you think you may be depressed

Depression can come on gradually, so it can be difficult to notice something is wrong. Many people continue to try to cope with their symptoms without realising they are ill. It can take a friend or family member to suggest something is wrong.

Doctors describe depression by how serious it is:

mild depression has some impact on your daily life
moderate depression has a significant impact on your daily life
severe depression makes it almost impossible to get through daily life – a few people with severe depression may have psychotic symptoms

Grief and depression-
It can be hard to distinguish between grief and depression. They share many of the same characteristics, but there are important differences between them.
Grief is an entirely natural response to a loss, while depression is an illness.

People who are grieving find their feelings of loss and sadness come and go, but they're still able to enjoy things and look forward to the future.
In contrast, people who are depressed have a constant feeling of sadness. They don't enjoy anything and find it hard to be positive about the future.

Other types of depression-
There are different types of depression, and some conditions where depression may be one of the symptoms. These include:

Postnatal depression-
Some women develop depression after having a baby. Postnatal depression is treated in similar ways to other forms of depression, with talking therapies and antidepressant medicines.

Bipolar disorder-
is also known as "manic depression". It's where there are spells of depression and excessively high mood (mania). The depression symptoms are similar to clinical depression, but the bouts of mania can include harmful behaviour such as gambling, going on spending sprees and having unsafe sex.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)-
Also known as "winter depression", SAD is a type of depression that has a seasonal pattern usually related to winter
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I am not able to concentrate on my goals. My mind is going too confused. Lacking motivation. Always distracted. Specially with girlfriend.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear , concentration on any job comes when you are passionate towards your job. Passion comes when you like your job. You like your job when your attitude towards life and career is right. When your attitude towards life and career is right, motivation always push you forward. See the point. You need to change your attitude. You need right attitude therapy. Please post a private question to me. I will help you. Take care.
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Can anyone help me to quit smoking. As I smoke about 30 cigarettes in minimum plzzz help me out quitting this.

M.B.S.(HOMEO), MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Visakhapatnam
You’ve decided to quit smoking. Congratulations! Your first day without cigarettes can be difficult. Here are five steps you can take to handle quit day and be confident about being able to stay quit. 1. Make a Quit Plan Having a plan can make your quit day easier. A quit plan gives you ways to stay focused, confident, and motivated to quit. You can build your own quit plan or find a quit program that works for you. Check out SmokefreeTXT, QuitGuide app, If you don’t know what quit method might be right for you, visit the Quit Smoking Methods Explorer to learn more. No single approach to quitting works for everyone. Be honest about your needs. If using nicotine replacement therapy is part of your plan, be sure to start using it first thing in the morning. 2. Stay Busy Keeping busy is a great way to stay smokefree on your quit day. Being busy will help you keep your mind off smoking and distract you from cravings. Think about trying some of these activities: Get out of the house for a walk. Chew gum or hard candy. Keep your hands busy with a pen or toothpick, or play a game in the QuitGuide app. Drink lots of water. Relax with deep breathing. Go to a movie. Spend time with non-smoking friends and family. Go to dinner at your favorite smokefree restaurant. 3. Avoid Smoking Triggers Triggers are the people, places, things, and situations that set off your urge to smoke. On your quit day, try to avoid all your triggers. Here are some tips to help you outsmart some common smoking triggers: Throw away your cigarettes, lighters, and ash trays if you haven’t already. Avoid caffeine, which can make you feel jittery. Try drinking water instead. Spend time with non-smokers. Go to places where smoking isn’t allowed. Get plenty of rest and eat healthy. Being tired can trigger you to smoke. Change your routine to avoid the things you might associate with smoking. 4. Stay Positive Quitting smoking is difficult. It happens one minute. One hour. One day at a time. Try not to think of quitting as forever. Pay attention to today and the time will add up. It helps to stay positive. Your quit day might not be perfect, but all that matters is that you don’t smoke—not even one puff. Reward yourself for being smokefree for 24 hours. You deserve it. And if you’re not feeling ready to quit today, set a quit date that makes sense for you. It’s OK if you need a few more days to prepare to quit smoking. 5. Ask for Help You don’t need to rely on willpower alone to be smokefree. Tell your family and friends when your quit day is. Ask them for support on quit day and in the first few days and weeks after. They can help you get through the rough spots. Let them know exactly how they can support you. Don’t assume they’ll know.
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I live in hostel in Chandigarh. My age is 20 and my weight is 57. Sometimes I got breathing problems. From last 3-4 days I am not able to breath properly. I am able to inhale breath but not properly exhale. Sometime in a day or after one day. My body becomes hot but my hands nd feet are normal. And after sometime my heart beats also become fast and sweating is also there. Nd mind become numb like there is no soul in my body. I become so lazy. On Tuesday same thing happened to me. I went immediately to College's dispensary. I was not able to breath properly. Then doctor in dispensary check my BP. It was normal 122/82 but my pulse rate was 112 at that time. After sometime when my body stops warming up. My body starts shivering. I feel cold. And after sometime it becomes normal. At that time doctor checked my body temperature it was normal 98. No fever nothing. Same yesterday also happened the same. I was in my hostel room. Certainly my ears nd body and face become red nd hot. I put my hands on my heart. It was pumping high heart beats. Then I went to doctor again. He checked my BP it was normal 117/83 and pulse rate was 85. Today I went to dispensary again they checked my BP it was normal 122/87. But my pulse rate was 98. At that time I also feel the body becomes hot. I don't know what is happening with me. On 19th Jan. Consult a doctor. He gave me some test. Next day I went for those test nd reports are: 25-OH Vitamin D (Total): 17.68 nd range is 30-100 units Thyroid Stimulating Hormones (TSH): 1.875 and range is 0.35-5.50 hemoglobin: 12.6gm/dL and range is 12-14 TLC: 6000/cumm Total Cholesterol: 153.30 mg/dL and range is 123-200 Triglycerides: 326.10 mg/dL and range is 50-165 HDL: 49.8 mg/dL and range is 40-79.4 LDL: 129.3 mg/dL and range is 0-129 Total Cholesterol Ratio is 3.1 and Range is 0-4.97 VLDL: 65.2mg/dL and range is 7-35 LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio is 2.6 and range is 0-3.55 What should I do? I am not able breath properly. I am very worried abt my health. Please help me out and tell me abt my short breathing.

Hypnotherapist, DCS, BSIC, Advanced Trainee of Transactional Analysis, Advanced Skills in Counselling
I live in hostel in Chandigarh. My age is 20 and my weight is 57. Sometimes I got breathing problems. From last 3-4 d...
You are very tuned into what is happening with your body. But you need to tune into how the mind affects your body as well. If you are undergoing through any tension, stress, anxiety or fear, your body can react in a similar way (your body is showing symptoms of" flight" mode which is a natural body reaction to stress). You need to learn to manage stress effectively so that you can be productive and healthy. Please see a counsellor and discuss your problems with her to learn how to deal and cope with whatever is your problem.
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M.D.( Pediatrics), DCH
Just like passive smoking, self criticism is injurious to people around us (our dear ones). It is very demoralizing, keeps happiness at bay in life. Our subconscious mind doesn't differentiate between us and our loved ones. It doesn't accept any failure, which is inevitable part of life.

I am 25 years old female. I am having anxiety for last 2 years. When I got these anxieous feeling, there is pain in upper side of my neck and back side of my head. All these thing are started when I heard that one of my 25 year old friend facial paralysis. I wad very upset when I heard this and from that day continously negative thoughts are coming in my mind. There is sight tingling my left hand and leg also when these thoughts comes in my mind. I have don mri and ct scan, and reports are normal. I am sick of all these things. It is affecting my personal and professional life also. Please help me.

DNB in Psychiatry, completed course from Asha Hospital, Hyderbad
Psychiatrist, Salem
Hello madam. Your symptoms have been considered and investigations are within normal limits. Its better you start having some relaxation excercises or some behavioural therapy, which will help you in getting rid from these complaints. If still persist then consult a psychiatrist.
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