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Dr. Puneet Navaly

Cardiologist, Mumbai

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Dr. Puneet Navaly Cardiologist, Mumbai
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
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Dr. Puneet Navaly is a popular Cardiologist in Mumbai, Mumbai. You can visit him at Central Health Home in Mumbai, Mumbai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Puneet Navaly on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hiii doctor. This is Sarfaraz momin. I want to asked that am not feeling well since two or three day. AM feeling cough and my chest is paining.

General Physician, Cuttack
1. Take one tablet of paracetamol 500mg sos after food up to a maximum of three tablets daily 2. Do warm saline gurgling 3-4 times daily 3.. Take Viscodyne D syrup 2tsf thrice daily if it is a dry cough or viscodyne syrup if cough is associated with sputum 4. You may have to take antibiotic along with it if no relief 5. consult me for further advice
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I am now 62 years and on steroid 10 mg alternate days (Omnacortil or wysolone) for the last 15 Years, since suffering from Collagen Vasculitis Disorder (autoimmunity). Usage of steroid caused Diabetics, BP and cholesterol, hence taking insulin and other medicines. Any new development in the treatment towards the above by skipping steroid?

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
You can take Nux Vomica. 30 / 5 drops in little water thrice a day for one week. Revert back after one week with feedback.
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Shortness of Breath - What Are The Causes Behind It?

MBBS, Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD)
Pulmonologist, Nanded
Shortness of Breath - What Are The Causes Behind It?

One of the essential chemical processes within the human body is that of the oxygenation of the blood. This needs to be done to carry oxygen to the various vital organs and also continue with many of the essential functions within the body.

The lungs are responsible for transferring oxygen throughout the body, and the malfunctioning of lungs may cause many issues with the normal functioning of the processes. A common ailment that affects the lungs is pulmonary fibrosis, also known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or scarring of the lungs.

What is Pulmonary Fibrosis?
Pulmonary fibrosis is the scarring of the tissues inside the lungs of a patient. This scarring results in the development of excess tissue, which causes the walls of the lungs to thicken, giving rise to breathing difficulties.

Some of the symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis are-
- Shortness of breath
- Pain in joint and muscles
- Continuous dry coughing
- Inability to exert or take even the slightest bit of physical strain
- Lack of appetite which results in unintentional weight loss
- The rounding of finger and toe tips, which is known as clubbing
Pulmonary fibrosis has various stages and thus, it is important to detect it early or else it can put stresses on other vital organs.

Some of the causes for it are mentioned below:

  • Smoking - Cigarettes, cigars, and beedi are a leading cause of pulmonary fibrosis as they directly affect the lungs by depositing harmful chemicals and thus, cause scarring.
  • Environmental or occupational hazards - People working in a heavy glass or dust particulate environment such as in heavy industrial factories are also susceptible as they breathe in the particles, which may cause scarring.
  • Medicinal triggers - Certain medications can be a trigger due to hormonal or other physical changes and as a side effect may cause scarring of the lungs.
  • Genetic factors - Certain people are genetically predisposed to this condition if multiple members within the family have it as well.
  • Acid reflux diseases - Certain acid reflux problems may also cause scarring when drops of stomach acids enter the lung through the esophageal tract. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a pulmonologist.
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Hi * Suffering from High Blood Pressure for last 8 to 9 years. Taking medicine for last 3 years. B. P. Remains 100. - 160 (if medicine not taken). * cholesterol is also very high. Pl. Suggest.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Mr. Lybrate-user, bp reading is systolic 100 - 140 / diastolic 60 to 90 mm hg. This is normal range. But systolic (upper) 120 to 130 and diastolic (lower) 70 to 80 mm hg is generally considered normal range. I am not able to understand the sentence" bp remains 100 - 160 (if medicine not taken)" are you saying it 160 / 100 mm hg because higher number is above and lower nuber is below. Please clarify.
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Dear Dr, When I am raising right and side hand paining in right side chest. Need to know the reason and remedy for the same

General Physician, Aligarh
There should be some muscle spasm. Don't need to worry. Take meflal spas or spasmat two time a day for alteast three days. Insha Allah it will help.
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I am 48 Year Old Male facing ED problem since last 18 Months. I am taking Repace 25 for high Blood pressure and nupenta LS for Acidity in morning. Please advise cure or treatment to overcome this ED problem.

BHMS, MD - Acupuncture
Sexologist, Faridabad
Hello,lybrate user may i help you your ED problems is created by age factor,blood pressure ,constipation created by acidity,old age low produced semen can take his problems some medicine. 1.-KUSTA KALAI 1gm with MAJOON KHURAMA AARAD 1 TSF. 2.-Tab.HABBE MUMSEEK TILAI 1tab. b.d.with milk add 2tsf DHATU PAUSTIC CHURAN for a week.after a week shear me.
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Having nervous too much, heart and hands trembles. Unable to talk due to low confident, introvert,and inferior complexity of my facial birthmark what to do its create wrist to me.

M.B.B.S. , PG Diploma In Clinical Cardiology
Cardiologist, Delhi
To relieve your anxiety hand trembling and social anxiety Propranolo should be started for 3 months Its highly effective in treatment of social anxiety disorders Thank you Please attach a photo kf your birth mark, asthetic surgery can be done to remove marks.
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What is meant by heart stent? Is there any precautions need to be taken after heart stent done?

MBBS, MD Internal Medicines
General Physician, Lucknow
Stent is place in narrowed locations of blood vessels so as to resume the normal blood flow through the narrowed portion of arteries and thereafter a person can lead a normal life with few medications.
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Hello doctor. I am sudip sarkar from ranaghat dis-nadia. I want some advice related to my father. He is a heart patient. But now he is having some problem of swelling of the feet. And he is now under medication also. Nw what I should do to overcome this swelling problem?

Homeopath, Delhi
Hi Sudip Following things needs to be done:- 1. He needs to go for a thorough check up by a qualified physician, for that you should consult the doctor who is treating him for the heart problem. Blood pressure should be monitored regularly. 2. Routine blood tests are required to rule out any advanced pathology which may be developing in some organ. 3. Assuming that he is under medication for his heart problems there are some medicines which are known to cause swelling of the feet if taken for long; in that case the medicine needs to identified and replaced by a suitable one. 4. Other than these he should maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper physical exercise; in his case walking is best. 5. Diet should be maintained properly with a balance of all nutrients.
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My father is approx 42 years old. He has problem of high blood pressure. Suggest me some ways so that he may keep his bp normal. I shall be thankful to you for this act sir. Thanks.

Ayurveda, Ambala
Dear, To control or maintan BP normal there are some instructions are given below: •Do not take salt in high amount or try to avoid it because high sodium level increase BP. • Eat less amount of pickle and fast food, fast food contain high sodium. • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. • Take less amount of coffee and tea both increase BP. • Drink 8 to 10 glass of water daily • Do exercise daily, running and long walk. • Take 6 to 8 hrs of sleep daily. Do not take too much stress. • Do long breathing pranayams daily for 10 - 15 minutes. It will reduce your stress level in your body. • Avoid taking too much fat foods such as butter, cheese, ghee. • Eat healthy diet such as green leafy vegetables, fruits. Eat an apple daily.
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I am 28 years old Male I have a back problem for last 2 month, also a chest pain.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Local application of Relaxyl DA ointment twice a day for 2-3 day Avoid Prolonged sitting Further treatment can be done after physical examination
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Dear Doctor, I am suffering from high blood pressure and my family doctor prescribed Zilos 25mg tablet. I am using it last 2 years. Now BP is under control. I can continue using this tablet no? Doctor please advise?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hi, once allopathic medicines r administered, it should b continue without enteruption. However, if you so desire to switch over to homoeopathy, take the following medicines, without breaking the course you r taking at present. It will be withdrawn, gradually. Both medicines will continue, simulteneously, taking a gap of an hr homoeo-care*: @ rauwolfia q @ crategus ox q @ avena sat q @ arjuna q mix all the medicines together, take 10 drops of d mixture with 1/4 cup of water, thrice/ day. # go for a walk in the morning for an hr. # take plenty of water # sit for meditation for 30 mnts # avoid, fried, junk food, ghee, butter etc. # take, apple, orange, garlic, green leafy veg. # skimmed milk is preferable # monitor your bp weekly. # report after 15 days. Take care.
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I have cholesterol problem but I luv to have spicy food. Is it ok to have spicy food daily please help.

Ayurveda, Ambala
To reduce cholesterol in body: * avoid butter, ghee & cream in your diet. * eat five leaves of kari patta and five leaves of neem once in a day. * avoid non veg (chicken, fish) food because it contain high fat content. * do running and jogging daily for 15 minutes. Start with 5 minutes then increase time period slowly. Do morning and evening walk daily. * do not drink alcohol it harmful to your liver and disturb your metabolism causes increase in cholesterol. * add kali mirch (black pepper) in your breakfast. * drink 6 to 7 glass of water daily. * take sound sleep in night of 6 to 7 hrs. Do not take stress. *take one tablet of guggalu of himalaya company once a day.
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I am 53 years old and feel weakness and restlessness most of the time. I got my lipid profile done 5-6 days back. Total cholesterol was 244 and Triglycerides were 453. My cholesterol level is high for the last 3 years. I took ayurvedic medicines for 3 months in 2014. The cholesterol level falls down but didn't come within normal limits. My BP remains around 130/90. What medicine should I take.

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
1. Keep yourself hydrated. 2. Get extra rest for some days till you feel more energetic. 3. Avoid watching television for long hours. Indulge in relaxing activities. 4. Avoid stress and too much physical exertion. 5. Take a nutritious diet with more protein items in homemade food like soya, sprouts, dals, paneer, milk, seasonal fruits. 6. Do light physical activity, meditation and yoga. 7. Take one good multivitamin tablet after food for 7 days.
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My mom age 45 years old. Frequently complains that she feels as if something is pinching in her legs. She is heart patient. Thank you.

General Physician, Mumbai
Dear Lybrateuser, -Get her blood sugar done & also Doppler test for any problem in blood vessels of the limbs -she should do regular exercises like walking for 30 min a day if it is not painful, avoid sitting for too long in one place, mobility will help in better circulation in the legs -consult a doctor for proper medication.
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Have Total Cholesterol of 256, LDL - 170, HDL - 56, Triglycerides - 156. AST -20, ALT - 18, Bilirubin - 0.5, Total Protein - 7.4. Ultrasound - Grade 1 fatty liver with foci of benign calcification (? Granulomatous) in the right lobe Got these results as part of fully body checkup. Other tests are normal. Should I take cholesterol lowering medication? And be worried about the fatty liver? Other tests like your.

MBBS, DM - Cardiology, MD
Cardiologist, Hyderabad
if you are a Diabetic,certainly yes...if you have high BP probably yes....if you have neither your risk of heart attack in next 10 years will determine if you need a cholesterol pill or not
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I am 57 having since last 20 years, using telmisartan 40 mg with amlodipine 50 mg now added with minipress 2.5 mg (prazosin with hcl)-what's purpose, how much safer, getting heart sinking feeling but now bp is 135-85 previously 160-105, any reason of such feeling?

Certificate in Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic Surgery, Fellowship in Paediatric cardiac Surgery, M. Ch. (CVTS), MS, MBBS
Cardiologist, Calicut
Dear sir, I can see you are under the care of a good doctor. Please continue his treatment. But for the sinking feeling in your heart, I suggest you ask him to try changing some medication. Exercise and yoga also help in reducing bp and giving a sense of well being. But first, take the cardiologist's opinion regarding exercise.
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Hi, I am Alex. I had undergone an URS surgery for kidney stone on 2nd Mar, 2016. There is a stent in kidney- bladder. And I would like to know if I can have Sex? Also, how to avoid kidney stones from reappearing in future? Is der any side effects of stent?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), PG Dip Panchakarma, PG Dip Ksharsutra for piles,pilonidal sinus and fistula management , Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Administration (PGDHA), Certificate in Diabetes update
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai
Hay, user, its good you managed your k stone well, usually I advice to space 15 days for normal healthy person for sexual relationship in summer, you can engage but with care you may notice pe i. E. Early premature ejaculation, and urgency in urination, soon your surgeon ask you to withdraw d stent, ayurvedic approach by avapidak sneha pan will resolve your issue of recurring k stone. And trust n have faith in your Dr. Stents are very safe under dr's advice.
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I am 22 years old and once had small pain in chest and fast heartbeat that usually passes away in few seconds. My B. P is 130/80 And probably on those days I suffered from eosinophilia. My doctor said it is due to anxiety, And till now I haven't noticed any symptoms around a month and feeling healthy. Also I had habit of smoking in past but quieted since 1 year. Please say me whether it is a problem due to smoking or any other and what should I do?

General Physician, Gurgaon
CHEST PAIN in your case may be due to 1.acidity. 2. severe anxiety 3. muscular problem But in your case it seems to be due anxiety Is history of any trauma / breathing difficulty also is pain only at one point? is burning chest also + i need to take detail history for further management This problem can be solved by Meditation i can give you address of rajyoga meditation center near your house (this is free of cost) you can call me for its Detail consult Physician/me for further management
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Hi, I have done some investigations were in my lipid profile is little raised total cholesterol is 230 mg/dl Triglyceride is 216 mg/dl HDL is normal LDL is 147 mg/dl and HBA1CO (glyco HB) is 5.9% in Liver function test LFT there are enzymes which are little raised like AST is 54 U/L ALT is 94 U/L total Bilirubin is 1.19 Mg/DL direct Bilirubin is 0.49mg/dl total protein is 6.15g/dl. Kindly suggest me what should I do? Regards.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
according you have also jaundice.. pl. avoid fat/oily food. stop milk products. low protein diets. you can along with your tab. hepamerz thrice a day. for 15 days. take green veg., lquid diet. or may be consult with your doctor.
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