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Dr. Praful Vijay Kulkarni

DM - Cardiology

Cardiologist, Mumbai

22 Years Experience
Dr. Praful Vijay Kulkarni DM - Cardiology Cardiologist, Mumbai
22 Years Experience
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
More about Dr. Praful Vijay Kulkarni
Dr. Praful Vijay Kulkarni is a renowned Cardiologist in Jogeshwari East, Mumbai. He has been a successful Cardiologist for the last 22 years. He has completed DM - Cardiology . He is currently practising at Dr Kulkarni Hospital & ICU in Jogeshwari East, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. Praful Vijay Kulkarni and consult privately on has a nexus of the most experienced Cardiologists in India. You will find Cardiologists with more than 28 years of experience on You can find Cardiologists online in Mumbai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


DM - Cardiology - Mumbai University - 1995
Languages spoken


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

My bp is become usually low, rt nw it is 90/58 after break fast. Is it normal? Aur should I consult with Dr.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, Your BP is definitely low. Follow these tips to increase your blood pressure: 1. Increase intake of salt by adding salt to curds rice and taking pickles along with curds rice. 2. Drink plenty of fluids like Nimbu pani, tender coconut, water, buttermilk, fresh fruit juices,etc. 3.Drink hot coffee or tea when you feel dizzy. 4. Take sound sleep for 7-8 hours at night. 5. Avoid standing for too long hours. 6. Do yoga and meditation which helps to relieve mental stress and control emotions. 7. Avoid anxiety, stress and depression. 8. Perform regular exercises. 9. Consume lots of fresh green leafy vegatables, fruits, sprouts, high protein diet, etc. 10. Check your Hb% and BP with your family doctor and take their advise for further management.
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I am 20 year old. I have heart pain feel and also have stone. What should I do now? Please help me.

General Physician, Mumbai
Avoid spicy food in your diet and take tablet paracetamol and drink water regularly and please specify where is your stone located.
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My dad is 80 years old ,he has 03 blockage 80% and is ruled out for bi-pass surgery, can he be treated ,by Ayurveda ,how?

General Physician, Mumbai
I will suggest you to make him take allopathic medication and can take Panchkarma treatment in Ayurveda
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Hi What test is more reliable? conventional angiography or ct coronary angiography?

M B B S, M. D (Internal Medicine)
General Physician, Nellore
Definitely conventional angiography. Ct only shows any blockages but cannot show whether the blood is able to negotiate the blockages adequately enough to reach the heart. Hence, in order to know how critical the blockage is, conventional angiography has more utility and experience.
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My sister sometimes say tat she sometimes gets a pain in her heart. She tokd me as if a current passes through sometimes. We evwn consulted a doc. Bt he said that there's no problem she juZ needs to avoid tension. What do you suggest?

PGFCP, PGDEMS, Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery
Ayurveda, Satara
DEAR Lybrate USER. You have to follow some basic things so that you get better results in a short period of time. …. 1) take solid diet two times in a day and liquid diet two times in a day …2) drink only 100-150 ml of lukewarm water during meals …. 3) don’t drink water before meal for one hour and one hour after meal…4) avoid oily, spicy, junk, fermented and stale foods…. 5) avoid late night sleeping habits …6) avoid coffee and tea…. A) take 30ml of triphala juice and 10 ml of honey early in the morning on empty stomach and at night before sleep. B) take 10 gm of HARIDRA KHAND after meals…. C) take 2-2 tablets of arogyavardhini vati and chandraprabha vati after meals, D) take 30 ml of aloevera juice along with 30ml of lukewarm water. Do all things for 30 days. This formulation is effective. Consult to me for further suggestion. THANKS.
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Doctor. Actually I consulted. The cardiologist. In vellore, and also in hyderabad. They said that. My pumping is little bit low. Please help me with better solution!

CCP, MBA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Karnal
Mix arjuna & punarnava powders equally. Take 1 tsf in 1 cup milk & 1 cup water. Boil till 1 cup remains. Then strain & drink daily. Have 1 amla in the morning.
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Sometime My heart beat fast at night . Around 20 days gap. I consult Dr. . ECG normal Echo normal . Is it due to stress ? It do not happen whole day . Only at sleeping time .

General Physician, Mumbai
Dear lybrateuser, -the fast heart beat is due to stress & anxiety -to reduce stress do regular exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, outdoor games for 20-30 min a day, also do yoga, meditation & deep breathing for 10-15 min in the morning, you don't have to do these at a stretch, even short periods of 10-15 min spread over the day is beneficial -other than work occupy your mind by reading, listening to music, following a hobby, socializing with friends as these have a calming effect on the mind -eat well balanced, nutritious, home made food, avoid spicy, fried & junk food, more than 2-3 cups of tea, coffee if you take, also avoid alcohol & tobacco -have a good restful sleep for 7-8 hrs at night, for this eat your dinner 2-3 hrs before bedtime, avoid watching tv & other gadgets 1-2 hrs before bedtime, read a book or listen to music before going to bed -if still not much improvement then consult a doctor as you may require medication.
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I'm having 155/80 BP n I want to control it within a week. So how can I control it to normal pls suggest it's because if I don't control I may loose my job. Pls help.

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Banana is a good fruit for controlling bp so to add 2 banana daily in your diet or in your life style and cut down salt, pickles, chutney, table salt, sauces, meayonees, papad, artificial juice or spices also. If you follow this and control on them so you can rid off from your bp problem with in a days ok and be happy always.
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When I lay on bed left side angel. I feel pain in my chest. What is lesion please give suggestions me.

General Physician, Cuttack could be myalgia chest due to muscle pull 2.Apply volini gel 2-3 times daily 3.Give warm fomentation. 4.If no relief ,consult doctor for advice
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Why cholesterol & triglycerides increase in blood of human body what is the precaution to maintain it.

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Because of taking oily and junk food...avoid oily food..butter...junk and fermented food...walk for atlease 45 minutes a pranayama and yoga...
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Sir I have pin in my heart for some time. And I feel very nervous what should I do please.

General Physician, Mumbai
For pain take tablet paracetamol 650 mg with rantac and get your vital parameters of the body checked
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Now days frequently I am getting Hugh BP 150/100 OR 140/90. KINDLY ADVISE ME HOW TO OVER COME ON THIS. Due to this I am getting saviour headache.

DM - Cardiology, MD
Cardiologist, Ghaziabad
You may need to start on bp drugs if it is persistently high. Diet low in salt and rich in fruits and vegetables is useful but not a replacement for drugs if they're required.
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How to avoid hypertension, my body start shivering while I am getting angry on quarrel.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
Hi, practice yoga and meditation. Although you could technically consider yoga your daily exercise, practicing the deep stretches and slow body movements will help you to clear your mind. Meditating - clearing your mind - while practicing gentle yoga will give double the relaxation effect to ease your stress. Use guided imagery to imagine a place that makes you feel at peace. Imagine somewhere that you feel happy; focus on the details to fully remove your mind from the present. Do yoga alone or in a group setting to help you learn new poses. As you advance in your yoga, you will be able to form complex stretches that force you to focus and take your mind off your stress. Practice deep relaxation by doing progressive muscle relaxation. This is when you work through your body by tensing your muscles, holding the tension for ten seconds, and then releasing it. This will soften and relieve all the muscles in your body. Exercise more. To help lower your blood pressure, you should incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. You can try both aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, or swimming and resistance or strength training. The american heart association recommends that for overall cardiovascular health, adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity at least 5 days per week for a total of 150 minutes. You can also get at least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least 3 days per week for a total of 75 minutes and moderate- to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity at least 2 days per week. If you feel that this is more than you can manage, the aha insist that you do as much as you can to start. Any activity is better than no activity. Do your best to get as much exercise as you can. Even if it is going for a short walk, that is better than sitting on the couch. This can have the added benefit of helping you lose weight. Both a healthy diet and exercise should result in weight loss, which can lead to significant falls in blood pressure. Cut down on alcohol: heavy drinkers who want to limit their alcohol intake should slowly lower intake over the course of several weeks. Heavy drinkers who suddenly cut back alcohol intake put themselves at risk to develop severe high blood pressure quit smoking and limit caffeine consumption. Use herbal remedies. Although not scientifically verified, there are several herbal remedies which are thought to help hypertension. As a rule, however, don't substitute these unverified herbal remedies for proven scientific advice. Instead, supplement your diet with them if they are approved by your healthcare provider. Try holly leaf extract, which is used as a tea in china and is supposed to help blood vessels enhance circulation and blood flow to the heart. You can also try hawthorn berry extract, which is supposed to improve the supply of blood to the heart and help to support the metabolism of the heart. Taking garlic extract is supposed to help prevent heart disease. High blood pressure and cholesterol are also rumored to be somewhat controlled by garlic. Hibiscus, which you can get as a supplement or drink in tea, can act like a diuretic and may have actions that mimic medications such as ace inhibitors and hypertension medications. You can also try ginger-cardamom tea, which is used in india to naturally reduce blood pressure. Drinking coconut water, which contains potassium and magnesium, can help with normal muscle function. Taking fish oil, which is a concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, may help with fat metabolism and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke include lots of fruits and seeds in your diet. All the best.
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I am 46 yrs old. My recent diagnostic report shows low Vitamin D, high Cholesterol & Triglyceride & Metamyelocytes levels. Suggest appropriate medicines.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
Hi. Your vit. D level is low. And high cholesterol, triglycerides,& metemyelocytes. You can take calcirol pouch 1 once a week. X 6 weeks. Cap. Ecosprin gold-10 1hs.
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I have high LDL cholesterol and know if you can suggest any homeopathic medicine.

Homeopath, Bangalore
Increased cholesterol has to be addressed constitutionally. Take cholestrinum 6x 2 pills morning; It is better to meet a homeopathic doctor and take constitutional treatment. Take one teaspoon of flax seeds daily.
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My mother had got high blood pressure see can't put her head up see is having vomiting sensation.

Certified Diabetes Educator, Registered Dietitian (RD), PGDD, Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S), General Physician
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Dietary and other lifestyle changes can help you control and prevent high blood pressure. Eating a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products and skimps on saturated fat and cholesterol can lower your blood pressure by up to 14 mm hg. This eating plan is known as the dietary approaches to stop hypertension (dash) diet. Get plenty of potassium, which can help prevent and control high blood pressure. Eat less saturated fat and total fat. If you're overweight, losing even 3 kgs can lower your blood pressure. Strive for at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. I being a both a registered dietitian (rd) and doctor have been successfully helping patients with their problems through a holistic approach using customized therapeutic diet and medications. I will also suggest home remedies. Do reply back for private consultation for rx.
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Sir, i am lab technician, I meet customers per day 10 to 15, some patients ask how to improve hdl chol, and vit d3, please answer for me.

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Specialist, Faridabad
Hello dear High triglycerides and cholesterol can cause atherosclerotic heart disease or narrowed coronary arteries in the heart can cause the symptoms of angina, when theheart muscle is not provided with enough oxygen to function. Decreased blood supply to the brain may be due to narrowed small arteries in the brain or because the larger carotidarteries in the neck may become blocked. This can result in a transient ischmic attack or stroke. Peripheral artery disease describes gradual narrowing of the arteries that supply the legs. During exercise , if the legs do not get enough blood supply, they can develop pain , called claudication . Other arteries in the body may also be affected by plaque buildup causing them to narrow, including the mesenteric arteries to the intestine and the renal arteries to the kidney. Change life style .do meditation,yoga, Go walk daily, do any one physically activity daily any game., Avoid fast foods,oily foods,junk foods,alcohol,smoking,fatty foods, non-veg.,avoid stress,take plenty of water in day time. And 1 glass of water before bed at night. use flax oil, omega-3 fatty meal or cap., take .green veg., whole grain. Garlic,. Cod liver oil. Take anti cholesterol medicines .
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My cpk mb level rises and now it is 31.7 is there any problem of heart. Ecg report ok. I am taking medicne revilol xl-25, glyzid m 500 x 4 nd volibo 0.3 & ecosprin 75 before 06 month cpk level was below 24.

Diploma in Family Medicine, Fellowship in Diabetology, Diploma in Diabetology, FCCP, MBBS
General Physician,
Any inflammation of the tissue cpk level rises. You have conditions of artery block &diabetes that is enough for rise in cpk.
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Hi my mom is 50 years old she has bp and there is some kind of problem in her teeth they bleed tried medicine no use. Recently started using vicco powder to brush teeth bleeding is fine but the dirty smell from mouth is not stopping what to use to get rid of mouth dirty smell even after tongue cleaning there is smell please suggest something to get rid of the smell from mouth.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Dear lybrate user, she should consult a dentist, first to assess the problem. She might b suffering from pyorrhoea. Causing bleeding gums and foul smell. Her bowel movement be regular, hence she should take, plenty of water to eliminate toxins and to activate metabolic action, as well. Homoeo medicine. @ merc sole 1000-6 pills, wkly.@ echinaceaq -20 drops, mixed with 1/2 cup of water, rinse mouth, thrice a days, just after, intake take, tomatoes, orange, amla, cheese, curds along with easily digestible diet on time. Please, report, wkly. Take care.
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